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Big Brother 16 – PoV Meeting Live Feed Updates


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It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, and it could be a big one, or could be a flat dud. That will depend on one person – Caleb.  Christine won the veto, and she is obviously going to use it on herself, so Caleb has the choice to either put up Victoria and send Nicole home, or put up a real target (Frankie) and send them home instead.  As of 10:30am, Caleb is still not committing to any decision and Derrick simply told him ‘whatever you do, we’ll be behind you’, so I guess this one will be a surprise.

Before I begin, I have to give a shout-out to a reader I found out I have, Jeanie Buss, who happens to be the part-owner and president of the Lakers! I’m from the Boston area, so I should say something dumb about the Lakers, but I won’t.  I have no real loyalties to any basketball team, so I may just find myself rooting for the Lakers this winter (I’m sure that will go over real well with my friends, but I don’t mind).

Also, I put a link to my facebook in the contact section. I’m not very exciting, but if you’d like to subscribe to my posts, you’re more than welcome!

Game Time –

  • 10:45am – Frankie has been shadowing Caleb all morning. I think he knows something could be up, so he’s been extra ass-kissy today.
  • I’m no expert at people reading, but I did notice Caleb’s voice drop a little when he told Frankie “I expect to be in the final four with you guys”.
  • 10:55am – Yup, Frankie is on to something. He said “If I go out of the house, I’d like to knife coming from the front. I want the chance to play for my life. I’ve earned that right”  (sorry Frankie, this is Big Brother.)
  • 11:10am – Caleb is still chatting with Frankie. He is certainly making it sound like Frankie is safe but we’ll see if Caleb is just acting soon enough.
  • 11:22am – Feeds down either for POV meeting or because Caleb and Derrick talking about production and wondering why they’re still on indoor lockdown.
  • Feeds on Jeff Loops, definite veto meeting.
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down for meeting
  • 12:10pm – Feeds back, Victoria replaced Christine.  Terrible. Terrible.
  • Boring week ahead.
  • I am so disappointed in this season. I don’t even know what to say. This week is going to be horribly boring yet again.
  • Go enjoy your labor day. If you have fireworks in your area, that’s probably the only you’ll see until next summer because I don’t see any coming in the Big Brother house.
  • 12:45pm – Nicole has been talking to Victoria and Derrick about the game. She said it’s pathetic, a waste of an HoH and wants to say that Caleb has no guts.
  • 4:00pm – Took a nap, checked in on house, Cody is making food.  I have a feeling that will be the theme of the week.
  • I’m guessing it’s hot in the BB house
  • 5:45pm – I’m checking in on the house periodically but taking a bit of a break today.  I will still update if anything exciting happens.
  • 6:15pm – The house is talking a lot about BB15. Caleb said if Jessie comes out to the finale, he’ll take her out for a drink (as long as there is nobody hotter available).
  • Caleb – I keep wondering who in this house has won America over.
    Derrick – I can think of one guy
    Caleb – If you’re thinking Donny, I don’t think so.  If you’re thinking Frankie, it’s probably because his sister.
  • Nicole – I definitely think Donny won over America.  Caleb – I don’t think so. He wasn’t a good game player.  Nicole – People like underdogs though.
  • Nicole – Frankie has a very good chance (hahahah), Derrick, Caleb and Donny have a good chance
  • Derrick thinks Caleb has a chance, and he does, but I think Donny has it locked down.
  • Now they’re wondering who’s house they went to this season. They think Frankie and Victoria. They’ll be surprised when it’s Cody and Christine because of their relationship.
  • 6:45pm – Derrick and Cody are in the bathroom talking about the Caleb to Frankie this morning.  Der is telling Cody that Caleb basically spilled most of the stuff they were talking about, but didn’t really say those two were involved. Either way, Cody is frustrated at Caleb and called him an asshat and said his game stinks.
  • Derrick said he knew Caleb wasn’t going to do anything when he said “and I’m the one who is going to have millions of people hating him”

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Comments (15)

    For the love Caleb!!!! Cowboy up and put Mango on the block!!!

  2. Comments (644)

    If Caleb puts Frankie up and he gets evicted, Caleb deserves a sit in final two next to whoever gets Derrick evicted (but I doubt they’ll evict Derrick).
    If Nicole stays, the 3 girls should make an alliance. Christine has to suspect she is leaving soon, but I’m not so sure Victoria would join. If one of the girls wins HOH they can put 2 of the boys up. That’s the only way any of the girls can win. But the only two people that really know what’s going on are Derrick and Nicole. The guys and the girls are blinded by Derrick, the boys think they are playing the game and they are making stupid moves. And Victoria thinks Derrick is the best thing since sliced bread, and Christine thinks Cody will take her to final two. She doesn’t see that once Cody and her get to the jury house (if they are both evicted), Cody won’t touch her again. The whole house at this time is playing for Derrick to win. I know it’s easy to see it from the outside, it’s a shame that the house doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it since Derrick seems to be such a nice guy.

  3. Comments (682)

    Caleb will put up Nicole. Bunch of wussies this season.

  4. Comments (25)

    I dont know wherelse to send this ideia
    But heres what i have in mind for bb17
    16 house guests
    The WINNERs of all seasons so far…. if the winner cant make it(thinking of early seasons)
    Take the second place or the fan favorite

    16 playe4s and the twist would be
    “America player” just a random(ninja type of guy) who would only show up to the house during competition, he would not talk only compete…… if he wins hoh…. we vote who to put up….. if he wins veto we vote who to replace…. we vote who to vote out when another player has hoh……

    And the reason we need all winners from previous seasons is because now is the perfect time for a all winners 16 house guest

    Can u imagen dr. Vs dan…..

  5. Comments (2)

    It just dawned on me why the HGs never even discuss putting Derrick on the block. Not just that he’s “a nice guy” but I think all of them (except Christine) think that even if they make it to final two with him and lose, they can live with DadBot with the sweet baby girl being the winner. Even Nicole Christine doesn’t care about anyone but cutie Cody (which is comical, she has to know he’d NEVER touch her in the real world). Love Derrick’s game…gained MUCH respect for Caleb (Amber leaving was the BEST thing that happened to him, he’s been focused ever since). The rest can take a hike, ESPECIALLY Christine and narcissistic Frankie (just get your sis to donate $500k to build schools in Africa….oops, that’s right…that’s not REALLY why you’re playing this game!). Cody, Nicole & Victoria…mere pawns.

  6. Comments (1276)

    That house needs to be paying better attention to Caleb/Frankie. Why are they leaving Frankie alone with him to try to influence him? If any of them had half a brain, they would be all up in Caleb’s ear, keeping Frankie at arms length. The easiest would be for Cody or Derrick to be Caleb’s shadow. I just don’t get what this house is thinking???????

    • Comments (644)

      Christina, most of the house doesn’t have a brain, except for Derrick and Nicole.

      • Comments (75)

        Who cares if Frankie shadows him Caleb does what Derrick tells him to do just like everyone else

      • Comments (2)

        It really mattered that Frankie shadowed Caleb. Caleb is so loyal that the idea of putting up a member of the original Bomb Squad before Victoria or Nicole goes out would go very much against his moral fiber. All Frankie had to do was keep reminding him to “do the right thing” … which he did by telling Caleb he’d prefer to take the “knife coming from the front.”

        Even though he knows Frankie has strategized to get him out in the past, Caleb is loyal to a fault. It is one of the reasons why he doesn’t have a chance of winning.

        Nonetheless, I love Caleb, his naivete, even his HUGE ego. I think he’ll do very well outside the house in some sort of modeling/singing career.

  7. Comments (644)

    Read the following comments from Frankie and Cody. Notice how Frankie likes rape scenes, I got it from Jokers:

    Frankie talking about Showgirls: There’s a rape scene that ends up being so ridiculously graphic.

    Cod: There’s a rape scene? Fra: Yeah. Cod: Naw. I don’t have to watch that. Fra: You HAVE to watch it.

    Cod shaking head to Fra about rape scenes. Fra: Why? You don’t like rape scenes?!? Cod: They have no need to be in a movie.

    • Comments (328)

      Eww, gross!

      • Comments (610)

        once again Frankie shows his disgusting side.

      • Comments (426)

        Does he have any other side?

      • Comments (372)

        adjective: twisted

        forced out of its natural or proper shape; crumpled.
        “the crash left a trail of twisted metal across the highway”
        synonyms: perverted, warped, deviant, depraved, corrupt, abnormal, unhealthy, aberrant, distorted, corrupted, debauched, debased, disturbed; More
        informalsick, kinky
        “his twisted mind”
        (of a joint) injured by wrenching; sprained.
        “suffering a twisted ankle, he was carried from the field”
        (of a personality or a way of thinking) unpleasantly or unhealthily abnormal; warped.
        “a man with a twisted mind”

        hmmmm. is this what all the twisted promos really mean

    • Comments (722)

      Mango has no class and is a sicko.
      And the rest of the house must like it otherwise he’d be gone.

      Id be terrified to be in a house with him If I were female. Gay or not he still has the capacity and the equipment to do the things he talks about.

      Who likes rape scenes but deranged sick psycho! !
      Yeah now I’m calling him a psycho.. them I’m calling the SVU.
      Nice conversation sicko!
      Congrats on your first place win.

      • Comments (682)

        He was really creepy when Cody was drunk.

      • Comments (722)

        I read some of the recaps..
        He’s creepy all the time..

      • Comments (70)

        Frankie is so much older than Cody, which for me made it even creepier. But I think Cody is aware and playing along.

      • Comments (722)

        Ok Sigmund. Lets go.

        Would you say Frankie Grande displays predatory behaviour?
        Would you say said predatory behaviour was a learned behaviour?
        I heard “grooming” mentioned. Does Frankie Grande display grooming of said young men?
        Is this a learned behaviour?

        There is something … not right.. about how he acts.

      • Comments (328)

        He was proud of how his tongue could lay flat and you could see down his throat when he was showing Cody and Christine last night. He even made an inyawindow comment finished with a wink about well he can control his throat and tongue towards Cody lastnight. Hmmmmm what kind of behavior does that show?

      • Comments (722)

        Gross comes to mind…
        Ugh. Just totally TMI.

      • Comments (328)

        Yes, gross is exactly correct. I couldn’t watch anymore after that. Made my tummy all yuck.

      • Comments (875)

        Ikr…Even Derrick had to call Mango out on grabbing his D*ick the other day. Derrick & Frankie were in the Hammock, and Frankie was trying to get out of the Hammock, Derrick said “if you grab my D*ck one more time, that will make 5 times you have done it today…smh

      • Comments (722)

        I would have stopped him at one and the next time he would have been grabbing with a nub.

    • Comments (248)

      He really doesn’t like woman. Just can’t decide if he hates all of us or is it just he really resents the woman in his family and it overflows into the real world.

  8. Comments (843)

    If I had extra money, which I don’t, and was a betting man, which I’m not, I would put LOTS of money on Caleb putting up Victoria today. Pansy along with Cody.

    • Comments (644)

      I already read that dumb Caleb just told Mango that he thought about the scenario of sending him home but is not going to do it. He didn’t have to tell Mango that. Now Mango knows that if Caleb, who is his closest ally in the house, is thinking about sending him out, the others are too.
      Caleb wears baby Pampers, not man pants. I can’t believe he didn’t understand his brother’s letter. I have only watched about 4 BB seasons including this one. Can anyone tell me if there has been another season where most of the players are so dumb? Pleeeeease tell me I want to know if this happens often. Thank you.

      • Comments (70)

        Yes. All 16 seasons. Like most scientific studies, same test equals same results.

      • Comments (19)

        Lilly, dear, trust me, this IS the worst season EVER!!! Gone are the wild days of Rachel and all of the people who had big b–ls…to make huge moves…. this is the worst…I’d rather watch reruns…

      • Comments (644)

        Thank you for letting me know. Then maybe next year we still have hope. They should cast people who are stronger, no more Jocastas, Christines, Victorias, Codys, or Calebs, They are all sheep. But I know it would be difficult for CBS since the interview might go well, but they have a sheep in wolf’s clothing (instead of the other way around)! We need bold people in this game. I’m not saying Derrick is a bad game player. But because of him being such a good manipulator and the others being sheep, the game has turned to be out so boring.

      • Comments (14)

        Nope It’s gonna’ stay boring. They used to choose players from fans who auditioned. Now, they pick “pretty mactors” off the streets, who have never seen the show, and offer them an all-expenses paid summer with the possibility of winning big money. There is no longer any diversity, just the pretty girls in bikinis, the pretty muscleheads and the token gay man. Most of them are between 20-30 (although this year BB tried to get Ariana’s tween fans with Mango).

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually you are way overshooting the age there. Most are between 21-29, which is one of the biggest problems. There were only 4 players this year between 30-42 years old.
        I think if they even uped it a tad, and shot for 25 and up, it would make a difference. The younger casts usually end up being the easiest to manipulate. Making for a cast of Sheeps.

      • Comments (722)

        It should be 25-50, parents, grandparents, students, homemakers..
        Men women transgendered, any race any size.. a true social experiment ..

      • Comments (1276)

        Now that would be a great season. At least one season off of the fashion show shooting star casts, find people who love the game and go in ready to play it.

      • Comments (14)


      • Comments (224)

        What about the nerd-herd in Janelle’s first season? They were pretty dumb too. Although they did end up winning, so maybe not as dumb as they seemed.

  9. Comments (174)

    I have watch almost every season and I don’t think any of them have been this way. To me these HG have been the easiest to control and militate (sorry if spelled wrong)

  10. Comments (722)

    Stupid. Stupid bunch of dummies. You are giving away money. Hope he blows every dime of it.
    Sorry I’m already having a bad day and this is the cherry on top.

    • Comments (70)

      If everyone who thinks these people are dumb were gathered together to be season 17 contestants the results would still be the same. It is not about intelligence, it is about human nature. Sorry to hear about your bad day.

      • Comments (722)

        I suppose you’re right.
        Ppl are gonna do what they’re gonna do… layman’s terms.

        Thanks for the well wishes Freud.
        Ill be ok. I really don’t need to take this TV SHOW as personally as I do…but its like watching a really slow train wreck happening…

  11. Comments (644)

    Just confirmed: Caleb’s brain is in his Frankie’s ass. He just nominated Victoria to replace Christine.

  12. Comments (1)

    so annoyed with this season rite now, there have been no blindsides at all. I have never heard the phrase “don’t want blood on my hands” so much in bb. I know Nicole will be going home, bc caleb is a total wuss just like cody was last week. Christine is so deluded and shud hve stuck with Nicole from the beginning.

  13. Comments (628)

    I really thought Caleb was going to be the one that would follow his own drummer and do what HE thought was right. Turns out he’s a big wuss too. SMH.

  14. Comments (682)

    Wimp Mode Cowboy did just as we expected. Now I hope Frankie wins the DE and puts up Caleb.

    • Comments (644)

      Rita, I agree with you I’m so mad at Caleb for not putting Mango up that he deserves to be put up by Mango.
      Something funny would be if Cody, Caleb, and Derrick all get evicted and Mango and the girls make final 4, Mango gets eliminated first, then Christine, and Nicole and Victoria win #1 and #2.
      I’m really mad at the guys. I think they’re afraid of Frankie and to a lesser degree of each other. Yet they have no problem saying disgusting things about the girls. What a bunch of perverts/idiots/wimps. Sorry but I’m extremely disappointed in them.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah the females are a total disappointment.
        Starting with Joey. Cast some females with backbones who aren’t intimidated so easily…

        If my mama was there and Caleb told her not to start an alliance.. ha.
        She would have been sent home of course but I know he wouldn’t push anyone else around after that whopping! !

      • Comments (1276)

        I still can’t believe how Joey played, at first glance, I thought she would be better at telling which girls to go to, and then try to get an alliance. But instead, she just pulled them all together, without knowing a thing about any of them.
        Brittany could have done well, if she had just been better at faking her feelings. We saw how she turned Derrick from Total Hater, to a sappy little puppy in one conversation. The guys were actually smart to see her as a threat. If the females could have seen through the guys sooner, and recognized that Britt was reading all of them well, they could have pulled together and maybe gotten further.
        I adore Nicole, but again, she wants to trust people so badly, that she’s let it cloud her judgement.
        It’s so frustrating. I really wish Production would take more time to cast from the fans, that apply and quit this crap of scouting players.

      • Comments (722)

        I always want the outsiders to band together and win. Some of the women this season really could have done it.. Joey should have never backed down from Caleb.

      • Comments (1276)

        She was supposed to be all Girl Power, and she just caved as soon as a boy or boys called her out. I don’t get why none of the girls realized how easy to manipulate most of these guys (and all of the girls) were this season.
        Sure, Derrick stepped up as the perfect puppet master, but had anyone else really worked it, and tried to get some of the guys to see what was happening, they would have had as good of a chance as he does.
        Another thing I’m finding too funny is how just the other night, Caleb was saying that they might have to put up Frankie, and get rid of “the first bomb squad member”. Did you see that? I was sitting there about to fall of my chair laughing. Do they really have such weak memories that they forgot, Devin, Amber, Zach, and they had ended up pulling in Hayden.
        I’ve always thought that being in that house must really mess with how you see everyone. We know it’s a slow cooker, being in the same house with the same people, and recorded 24/7, but they seem to totally forget what happens in the game. It just amazes me.

      • Comments (722)

        Even Brittany could have led a few of these goofs..
        they seem easily influenced. I blame that generation in general…

        No, I missed that.. was that on BB or the feeds?
        Everyone was in that alliance.. catering staff, mailman..

        I can’t imagine being in there.. its probably harder than it looks.. and worse because you cannot escape..

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m pretty sure it was BBAD. It’s hard to keep it straight, since I spend half of my time fast forwarding to try to avoid Frankie lol

      • Comments (875)

        Willie last season’s female house guest would not have been s easily manipulated, only problem is that they were mostly unlikable!

        Couldn’t you just see GM going up against Christine, Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick…LOL! And of course Amanda would have chewed Derrick up, and spit him out, he would not have lasted in the house! Because there can not be Two Puppet Masters in the BB House…

      • Comments (722)

        GM and Amanda would have beat down Caleb.

        Christine would have been too intimadated. Victoria would have been ok.

        Andy would have outweaseled Mango..
        sounds like some good matchups for Season 17…
        Bullies vs sheep..

      • Comments (875)

        Wille….I have to say that I “love” your replies also, you always make me LOL! 😀

    • Comments (70)

      Frankie has a crush on Caleb. Caleb wants to remain friendly with Frankie after BB is over. And, I am sure that Caleb realizes that he has a better chance sitting in the F2 with Frankie than with Derrick or Cody. Nicole and Victoria will leave the house this Thursday. If Christine can’t save herself by winning comps, she will be next. The 4 guys will be left to fight it out, which has pretty much been the plan from the beginning. BB might not be proceeding to your plans, but is definitely unfolding to the plan of the remaining 4 men.

      • Comments (722)

        I suppose.
        Christine needs to go next then.. logically.
        I think Derrick still has a use for Vic and may not cut her loose til he has to…

      • Comments (1276)

        For sure, he will keep Vic as long as he can. Heck, all of the guys know she would be great to have in the end.

      • Comments (722)

        Id keep her. She has no idea what’s going on and wont even notice she lost!

      • Comments (2)

        How do you figure that Caleb has a better chance against Frankie? Cody has made zero moves in the game, has played it safe every step of the way. He’s practically a floater.
        Frankie has been a competition beast, and has had decent strategy, although nowhere near Derrick’s level. He’s also (creepily) entertaining.
        Caleb’s biggest selling point – loyalty – won’t buy many points with Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, Zach, or Victoria. I think Frankie would beat him with those players.

  15. Comments (610)

    Well Caleb, when you are sitting out there with Julie Chen & she asks you what could you have done better in your game, are you gonna respond with “I shoulda put up Frankie when I had the chance”?!

  16. Comments (722)

    I’M SO MAD I MAY CRY!!!!

    Its just blow after blow..
    Zach Donny now this..

    How much more can we take!!!!

    • Comments (722)

      Sorry about the negativity guys.
      Happy Labor Day everyone.

    • Comments (610)

      I know! I’m shaking my head along with everyone else…Caleb ya dummy!

    • Comments (266)

      We should just congratulate Derrick for winning now. These people are handing him the $500,000 on a silver platter.

    • Comments (644)

      I feel like you Willie, believe me. I want to scream. Here goes a silent scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….
      Thank you for listening to my silent scream. I needed to do that.

    • Comments (70)

      Zach and Donny did not have the fire in the belly that is required to win on BB. The fact that Frankie, an extremely feminine gay man, has been able to insinuate himself with the straight young men in the house instead of the usual gay man hanging with the girls scenario, is truly an amazing feat in itself. Frankie will be in the F4 because he earned it.

      • Comments (722)

        Mango promised his way to the final 4..

        Promising record deals and backstage passes and autographs..
        Stuff he can’t produce.

      • Comments (91)

        actually….yes he can. 🙁

      • Comments (14)

        He can ask his sister to produce those things, but Mango’s just an old chorus boy. He’s not broke, but he’s not playing for any charity other than himself. Caleb still believes he’ll record a duet with Ariana. Do you think Mango’s gonna’ arrange that?

      • Comments (266)

        His sister produces them. Not Frankie.

      • Comments (722)

        Because she lives to hunt down celebs for her bummy older brothers reality show friends.

        Because she has time to record songs for her bummy older brothers reality show friends.

        Because celebs just love reality show ppl and want to give them free stuff.

      • Comments (722)

        Mango = Tito Jackson

      • Comments (722)

        If Mango had these great connections, ya think maybe he’d use them himself and have that HollyweIrd career he feigns to have instead of being a reality and internet star.. ?

      • Comments (224)

        If there were rules against lying in this game, this show would have failed years ago.

      • Comments (722)

        But no ones ever told these whoppers to a bunch pf fame seekers..

        These lies are classic!
        Ill introduce you to Justin Bieber?!!

        OMG PLS!! Ill be willing to concede half a million for just that one opportunity! !

        Cmon dummies. Get him out.

      • Comments (1276)

        I couldn’t agree more Willie. There is NO WAY I would even risk the grand prize for a CHANCE that I MIGHT get to meet someone. I mean even if he can pull off a meet and great, then what? I’ll tell you, I’ve run into Michael Jordan numerous times (way more impressive then a Justin Bieber), even talked to him a few times (although I mostly just turn red when I see him) but I’m not going to risk 500,000 just so I can do it again.

      • Comments (722)

        How did MJ come off?
        I know a student at a high school here who said he was so rude.. another student was receiving some sort of MJ scholarship, and the teacher in that class asked MJ for his autograph & he told her ‘No. You’re not get rich off selling my autograph’..

        Idk what the teacher said previously or how she was acting.. but its still rude..

        But its still really cool.. ive never met him or seen him. Ive met some NASCAR ppl because my mama used to work for an engine shop.. and you can always see someone at Concord Mills mall..

        But yeah these are some gullibles. So focused on what’s gonna happen after that they dont care what happens now…

      • Comments (1276)

        The times I’ve met/run into him he’s always been pretty cool. Once, when I worked at a golf Clubhouse here in town, he can im and was very nice to everyone. And my little sister actually ambushed him on a golf course when she was… I’m going to say 10 or 12, and got his autograph on a golf ball (I would have thought he would have ran someone off for jumping in his game like that).
        I also bumped into him a few times when I worked at Southpark in Charlotte (just saying the Mall name since I know you aren’t too far away). He would come in every so often, we saw Rick Flair a lot there as well, who actually was a really nice guy, very friendly and seemed pretty sweet.

      • Comments (722)

        That’s great.. glad he made a good impression…

        My friend saw Rick Flair too at some restaurant in Southpark last year.. Whooo!

      • Comments (1276)

        Yep, he’s there all the time. I’d say at least once every 2 weeks or so. He used to come into the store I ran with his GF. The funny thing is you never know which Ric Flair you’ll see. The one that is “stylin and profilin” or him in gym shorts and a muscle tee. lol

      • Comments (875)

        And….Derrick & Cody were setting Caleb up! If Caleb would have put Mango on the block, he would have had NO ONE!!! Derrick & Cody are one, along either their side pieces of Victoria and Christine.

        Caleb does not know how the game is played, and I want Mango outta of the house too. But…this would have been a bad move for Caleb’s game! Derrick & Cody were lurking, and ready to boot him out of the house during the DE.

  17. Comments (75)

    I wonder if Frankie wins. HOH if he will be smart enough to get Derrick out. Not saying I like Frankie better than Derrick I’m just wondering if Frankie knows Derrick is running the game yet or not. Now that celeb told Frankie they were thinking about it. At least Thursday will be fun to watch because of the double eviction!!

    • Comments (644)

      Sam, Mango knows exactly the game Derrick is playing. He and Derrick were in the hammock about two days ago and Mango was telling him how no one suspected Derrick’s hands were in everything, how everyone liked Derrick and how he had never been nominated, and was so well liked by everyone. Mango also said that no one had ever said anything bad about Derrick to him, that Derrick has a huge chance of winning the game.

    • Comments (3)

      if you all think Derrick is so smart why is he laughing about RAPE he should lose his job no question asked

      • Comments (75)

        No one is saying that was smart! He was just as wrong as the rest of them. Just saying he’s game play is good everyone does what ever he says! If he really wanted to keep Donny they would of!

      • Comments (328)

        Ehhh. That’s a thin line to walk when you are playing a game and I am sure he knew exactly what the stakes are because he has probably been in similar situations as an undercover police officer.

      • Comments (426)

        What an undercover officer has to do or say when trying to infiltrate criminals is a whole different thing.
        Here, he is representing officers in front of the nation.

    • Comments (42)

      NOT really , First Nicole then vic. OR christien

  18. Comments (453)

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • Comments (70)

      Caleb is young and immature but he is not stupid. People who get overly emotionally involved in strangers lives, now that’s stupid.

      • Comments (722)

        And where does that leave you Freud?
        You’re right here posting with us. Doing the same speculation and contemplation we are.

        “You’re one of us”… Rick to the Governor/Philip

      • Comments (70)

        I am not emotionally invested in the players. It doesn’t matter to me who wins. I just love the human foibles on display. These people are not a part of my life anymore than Pavlov and his dogs are, but I still find the reaction to the bell fascinating. Also, Freud and I do have a lot in common…most of his findings, especially about male and female sexual behavior, have been proven majorly flawed. I too am often wrong, but I try.

      • Comments (722)

        There is nothing wrong with rooting for or against a player In this game.

        In 4 weeks we all will have forgotten about all of this. Its more beIng “temporarily” overly emotionally involved.

        Then we all go back to our lives. Some of us enjoy the daily interaction with each other on the site.
        The game is almost secondary.

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, you constantly make me smile!! Thank you! I’m really feeling like crap these days and worried another hospital stay is coming up. Its nice to have someone whose comments make me smile.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m sorry to here that franko. Hopefully you’ll be feeling much better soon. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

      • Comments (832)

        Franko, I hope a hosp stay is not coming your way. You & Willie are my 2 fav guys here. You 2 are the ones I enjoy interacting with at this site! Take care my friend!

      • Comments (692)

        Christina, thank you so much. Please do keep me in your thoughts.

        kneeless, thank you! What a kind thing to say to me. I enjoy interacting with you. Christina, Willie and mom on here. We differ on some opinions but overall agree. Thank you again!!

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Franko! I think about you and hope your health gets better.

      • Comments (722)

        Hey guys.. Christina, Kneeless, Zachs mom!
        It makes me feel better that I have a few comrades too.

        Who will I post with when this is over?!

      • Comments (832)

        I know, Willie, once the season’s over I’ll miss everyone!

      • Comments (383)

        Franko, I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well! Sending good thoughts and virtual hugs your way. Hang in there!

      • Comments (1276)

        Willie, I have a feelig if Stevebeans lets us know what he’ll call his Walking Dead blog, we’ll be on there a lot as well.

      • Comments (224)

        Well, you did just post up above that you were so mad and upset and probably take this game more personally than you should. Of course there’s nothing wrong with rooting for your favorite player. But it’s certainly not worth getting so upset over it. It’s just a show, don’t let it ruin your day. 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        I take full responsibility for my emotional outburst online..
        My bad day had nothing to do with BB.. was my health etc..

        I liken BB to watching my favorite QB blow a pass.. I call them bums and swear off the team tip they start winning again..

        I armchair quarterback BB and think I could do it “so much better”.. realistically, probably not!!

        I also said it was temporary. On Sept 25, ll forget all about it… partly because a few weeks later I have Walking Dead come on.. now THEY never disappoint with the action!!!

      • Comments (1276)

        I can’t wait for Walking Dead to be back on. I’m still waiting to see how they get out of that trailor thing. 🙂 plus, I’ve missed my Darryl Fix.

      • Comments (53)

        Willie Jones Jr…….YOU are awesome.
        Your posts are always on point; — with the bonus of making me smile

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Sassy1!

      • Comments (383)

        I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, Willie. Hope tomorrow is better 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Jenny. Tomorrow is another day..

      • Comments (453)

        Very well stated, Willie Jones Jr.

      • Comments (492)

        Yes, I agree,
        I am wiped at times and can’t type too much, so,you guys say it the best, and I like to read it all.
        Back to full time work tomorrow … And real life!
        BB is a good “get away ” from real life for me. All your personalities
        Shine through. Thanks
        Franko ,…I wish you all the best. You are in my prayers. Get well soon. Recover fast.


      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Zachs mom..
        I’m also back to real life and work/school tomorrow.

        BB and this blog are a great getaway.. I feel like I have a whole separate network of friends…

      • Comments (492)


        Work/school. Thing…..


        Now that’s. A funny world

      • Comments (722)

        I go to school. I work from home.
        And I have a ton to catch up on– the semester just started!

      • Comments (492)


        Zach’s ( blog) mom


      • Comments (692)

        mom, thanks! It may be time to get myself on a heart transplant list and that scares the heck out of me.
        As for now, I will just take a day at a time.
        This is an escape. I love most posts, others not so much.
        Thanks again for your good thoughts and prayers!!

      • Comments (383)

        Oh, Franko… I don’t know what to say other than I wish you the best and I hope your health improves. Best of luck to you.

      • Comments (722)

        I worry about that heart and even though I don’t really know you.. I hate to think of the alternatives..

        Were such a great little family here. Thanks Steve Beans.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Peggy!

      • Comments (453)

        Ok, lets see if you can understand this, stupid as in stupid move on Caleb’s part, stupid does as in everyone makes not so smart moves in the game by nominating or not nominating.

  19. Comments (1)

    I’ve been reading and haven’t felt like commenting until now. I thought for sure that Caleb would have the cahonnes to make a move. Let’s just hand the cash and a few more hollas to Derrick now.

    Hope all is as good as it can be with your family!

  20. Comments (1)

    Caleb I am so proud of you son. You have made everyone proud with your service for our country. That being said your loyalty that has served you so well in combat will cost you the game. We all wish you would have chosen the obvious choice but you did not. We can’t wait to see you when you get back home.

    • Comments (70)

      If Caleb and Frankie are the F2 it is Caleb who will have a sure win. Don’t be disappointed yet. Caleb might be shrewder than you think. Nicole would be a much bigger threat to win if she was with him at the end.

      • Comments (875)

        Very true…If Caleb would have BD Mango, he would have absolutely no one in the game. Caleb did what he thought was “best” for his game. Derrick & Cody are together, along with their side pieces of Victoria, & Christine. Nicole would have been grateful to Derrick for saving her, so it would have also been another vote for him in jury.

  21. Comments (1)

    Bitchmode maybe you should watch your weight for the rest of the summer. That way come finale night you’ll be able to fit into one of Ambers skirts. Cause we all know that you don’t have a pair. #turninyourmancard

  22. Comments (15)

    This season has been such a big let down that CBS should put the 5K up for next season because no one deserves it this year in my opinion. Derrick and Victoria will be the final 2 and it will be because the bomb squad saved the seats for them. I sometimes think that Stevebeans did a better job of blogging in the past but BB16 has not giving him anything to blog about. This is pretty much the only show on in the summer with new episodes but I don’t even bother watching the live feeds or BBAD anymore, the edited version is a little more entertaining than the live feeds.

    • Comments (875)

      After last season of BB15, CBS/Big Brother imho has played it tooooo safe with the HG that were cast for season 16 of BB! They are absolutely awful, with the exception of Zach, Donny, Nicole, & Hayden.

  23. Comments (487)

    Caleb has a new nickname folks. Someone on the Big Brother Live feed has renamed him B*tch Mode Cowboy.LOL

  24. Comments (130)

    Well, goodbye feeds until Thursday night. Nothing more to know until Nicole leaves.

  25. Comments (2)

    I hope Frankie makes them pay for being that stupid. Not in love with Frankie but they deserve it. Hope he wins the next hoh.

  26. Comments (328)

    Well, at then end of the day…

    100 points for being chicken,
    And a big fat ZERO for big movers!

    • Comments (328)

      What happened last night that made them turn into chickens and throw away a big move to rid the house from Frankieisms?????

      • Comments (426)

        Don’t really know, but if I had to guess I would say Derrick happened.
        We all know he is the puppet master and have them playing his game, and that was not his planned pecking order. Plus I think he wants to keep Frankie there, hoping for more TA tasks.

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick and Cody were for Frankie going. Caleb changed his mind. Thought he’d get lots of haters from America for getting Frankie out cause of his popularity and his sister

      • Comments (832)

        They all talk about big moves but they’re too worried about blood on their hands than anything else. Bring back the days when getting some blood on your hands was a good thing!

      • Comments (692)


      • Comments (722)

        “Ditto ” as Franko says…

  27. Comments (1799)

    So now that Nichole will be going back to the jury house Big bad ass Caleb can breath easy that he won’t lose to her Way to go tuff guy crawl back to mango and bend over Once more what will your family and friends think about you after this game Here is an idea for a pay for view Lets watch what the friends and family think when they watch there loved ones on the show Talk about cringe worthy Watch the look of Cody’s dad as his son is molested Take your choice molested by Christine or Frankie Which would sicken them more Does Christine parents enjoy listening to here laughing during the talk of rape Or the way she back stab Donny a person who did nothing to her Just think what entertainment to watch them
    Frankie will now be so smug knowing the control he has over Caleb also that once more he was being targeted by Derrick and Cody As I said paranoia is setting in What will happen when Frankie wants to go after Derrick & Cody will Caleb keep his bros before hos credo

  28. Comments (182)

    Caleb this was your shot to cowboy-up like John Wayne, but you saddled-down like rodeo clown, don’t be surprise if Frankie comes back and bites you like a rattlesnake that he is.

  29. Comments (1)

    Congrats to the biggest bunch of pussies to ever run the big brother house, Frankie is the biggest piece of shit and Caleb Cody and Derrick all deserve to lose the game for blowing another huge opportunity, please let one of the girls win, they’ve got more balls then all of those guys, oh and thanks CBS for letting this nonsense continue, I won’t be watching anymore of this shit

    • Comments (19)

      AMEN! I’ll drink to that!!! Lets get it over with now…

    • Comments (18)

      This season has been so bad that I gave up watching a couple weeks ago. I only read the updates on this site every now and again. But I have been throroughly enjoying BBUK on YouTube. Those people know how to put together an entertaining show. So much happens that they have a full show almost daily. CBS should pick up some tips from them!!

  30. Comments (1092)

    Now we have to wait for the de.

    If Christine wins hoh, it will be interesting. She didn’t like getting nominated this week.

    Cody might even put up Frankie. That would be fun.

  31. Comments (492)

    Is Victoria sad?

  32. Comments (57)

    Remember past seasons players like Will, Boogie, Janelle, James, Evel Dick, etc… Players that actually made moves, deals, side deals, promises, and broken promises. When the game was fun. I would include Derrick with those people. Everyone else are sheep continuing the “what the house wants” garbage.

  33. Comments (3)

    BB16 what a joke!!!!!! I am sooooooo disappointed in Caleb! And Derrick TA is just sickening. The only thing that makes me smile is those two idiots still think they are 20,000 dollars ahead. And what ever happened to the days of making yourself a target when you go for the money. These people need to get a clue!!

  34. Comments (6)

    Well I think they should have a live feed at the wrap party. I bet that will be more entertaining then this season has every been. To see family’s face to face reaction to the house guest just might be very entertaing.

  35. Comments (644)

    I’m almost rooting now for Victoria to win this game. (Even though I think there’s 99% chance she won’t).

    • Comments (487)

      My sister and I have a $5 bet. My sister believes that Victoria is going to win the HOH on Thursday and put up Frankie and Caleb. Can you just imagine those guys faces if Vic did win HOH. That would be too funny.

      • Comments (426)

        That would be hilarious. But Victoria will put up whoever Derrick tells her to.

      • Comments (36)

        And if she won, we’d just have to listen to her DR comments about how she’s gonna do what’s best for her game…blah blah blah. Notice how they all say that but none of them actually do it?

    • Comments (211)

      I think if the HGs allow Victoria to win this game – someone who has floated the whole game and can’t win a comp to save her life – both the HGs and BB should be ashamed of themselves.

  36. Comments (91)

    I am disappointed that Caleb didn’t take the opportunity of putting Frankie up. I really am hoping now that Frankie or Vic wins HOH next and puts Caleb and Derrick up.That’s how bad it is imo. I don’t even care…whoever… I want them to consider how they missed their chance this week. 😛 They deserve to be on the block or go home for serving up a miserably mediocre BB summer.
    and also…BB production. boring boring boring!! really. are you even watching the show? The megaphone guy across the river putting more game in the game than production. sad.

  37. Comments (528)

    This season needs more face-punching.

  38. Comments (78)

    At this point, I don’t even care who wins, I just want SOMETHING to happen!!! Can “the most twisted summer ever” get interesting please???

  39. Comments (644)

    There has been more drama in 3 days on the live feeds of the show Utopia (Fox) than in the 70 something days of BB. That’s saying a lot.

  40. Comments (682)

    On an unrelated note:
    Evil Dick will be on Couples Therapy on VH1 September 10th. He says we will finally find out why he left Big Brother mid season.

    • Comments (722)

      Ive never seen his season, just that season he and Danielle were there..
      Ill probably watch some of the Couples.. I usually give that show a few weeks..

      • Comments (682)

        The season he was in with Danielle is the one where he left early and we were never told why he left. I watch Couples Therapy depending on who is on the show.

      • Comments (1276)

        He and Dani were on both seasons together. The first season they were on, they hadn’t talked in a very long time, and she didn’t know he was going to be there. The second one is when they came back as a Dynamic Duo.

      • Comments (722)

        I saw the ad tonight…
        Deena from Jersey Shore, Jenna Jamison (maybe… all big breasted bleached blondest look alike!!), Too Short.. and a Bachelor couple… and Evil Dick.

        That’s right he did leave. They acted funky about it, like it was because of Danielle.. my memory gets sketchy..???

      • Comments (1276)

        I thought that it must be a health concern with a family member or something. He loves BB so much, I just couldn’t see him leaving without it being serious. I remember Dani was only able to confirm with Production that there wasn’t anything wrong with her Grandmother.

  41. Comments (843)

    I understand we know a lot more that’s going on than the players, but why do this ridiculous ‘vote with the house’ and ‘go with the majority’ thing. Use your brain and make your own decisions. No one is going to know how you vote unless you tell them. Last year was awful with Amanda, but this year they all act like they are on vacation with their best friends.

    • Comments (211)

      The alliances have served their purpose in getting some of these HGs this far in the game, but they really need to wake up and realize it’s time to make their own decisions now. It amazes me that players like Caleb are more concerned about offending their alliance this late in the game, than making decisions that would get them to the final two. (I read in one of the Twitter feeds that after he nominated Victoria, as expected, he actually said to Frankie, “We’re pretty tough.”) *rolls her eyes*

  42. Comments (61)

    If Frankie wins BB, I give up on people.

  43. Comments (644)

    I might be tempted to use the name “Gumby” for Derrick. He says he dressed like Gumby for Halloween last year.
    Evict Gumby and Mango.

  44. Comments (37)

    there going to have to do something after this week. I hope derrick or cody wins. or christene who would she put up with vic? even when vic goes up someone will have to sit beside her. its coming down to one of the four will have to go. as long as Frankie or calb don’t win it will be the only good part of the season. frankie is a doush. I would love to see vic beat all of them. but that would be dumb luck. vic family should sue franie pants off him if bb don’t kick him and get bb to for not handling him.

  45. Comments (266)

    Lol hahaha just read sb’s update “guessing its hot in the house.” Didn’t understand it at first… But then I looked at the picture. Ew.

  46. Comments (644)

    From Jokers:

    “Victoria telling Nicole that its frustrating how close Derrick is to Cody. Vic: If I win HOH I am breaking that s**t apart.”

    Yes, Victoria some of us wish that, but it’s unlikely you’ll win HOH and that you won’t do what Gumby wants you to do.

  47. Comments (1)

    Why do you all call frankie mango? I feel like caleb in his pseudo alliance the reason behind It lol

  48. Comments (1)



  49. Comments (1)

    Yes derrick is playing a great game in my opinion and Nicole is a way bigger threat then frankie also in my opinion nicole is really good at hoh comps and so is frankie but if they don’t get Nichole out she will win hoh and that’s not good for the bomb squad so caleb was being smart not backdooring frankie

  50. Comments (1)

    The recent multiple occurrences of despicable, vilifying behavior of BBHG Frankie Grande is over the top. His eagerly repeated graphic descriptions of raping a houseguest and his portrayal of the act of rape are NOT okay. Why is CBS looking the other way and not doing anything?
    What the hell is wrong with CBS? Where is the BB production staff? BB is supposed to be “expect the unexpected” which it no longer is–do what is morally expected and expel FG for his despicable, low life behavior on behalf of every female victim. The first time, FG was encouraging HGs to attack a female HG; the second occurrence was the rape of women in general, all the while laughing as tho it is funny.
    Around the world, little girls, young ladies, wives, and mothers are subjected to the unforgettable horror of rape…and CBS condones it? Why would Les Moonvse humiliate Julie Chen and have her interview this degenerate on his way out? Where is the Moral Compass? Every woman sb outraged and speak up.

  51. Comments (211)

    Just read stevebeans latest update with Caleb’s comment about not thinking Donny could be America’s Favorite. (He really needs to get a clue.) What does concern me, though, is his remark about how it could be Frankie, due to his sister. We all know, realistically, that there’s no way on his own merits Frankie would get America’s vote, but who’s to stop his famous sister from putting the word out to all her fans to vote for him?

    Now THAT would piss me off…

    • Comments (426)

      That might happen, but as I have stated before:
      If it does happen and BB is going to continue bringing in the Frankie’s and Elissa’s, they just need to do away with the America’s Favorite because it is not a true representation of how the viewers feel.

    • Comments (843)

      I’m hoping with the news coverage of Frankie’s disgusting remarks about raping Victoria, that his sister doesn’t encourage anyone to vote for him. Of course, these are people who feel they are ‘above’ the rest of us and entitled to do/say whatever they want.

    • Comments (211)

      Just wanted to clarify that when I said “He really needs to get a clue,” in my post, I meant Caleb, not stevebeans, lol!

  52. Comments (69)

    Babs – sorry that I did not give you the list of the sponsers of BBAD – I did write them all down – and was going to research who to contact but I got the feeling that it was a waste of time – why try to get rid of Frankie when you have the worthless people like Caleb with no backbone or Derrick who controls everything – just not worth it – just give it to Derrick. Sorry

  53. Comments (426)

    When does the voting for America’s Favorite happen?

  54. Comments (644)

    After Nicole leaves, I really don’t have anyone I’m really rooting for in the game. Just dreaming Victoria wins everything to show these sheep that they had to play better. My preference for first place in order:


  55. Comments (372)

    BBad …anybody else watching?
    …maybe the twist is starting ….finally ….come on BB …lockdown ….shake it up BB

    • Comments (843)

      BB doesn’t have any shake, twisted, or anything anymore. Beyond boring. I get my news via jokers and here. Don’t record or watch.

      • Comments (14)


      • Comments (372)

        If JON Stewart was not a repeat …I wouldn’t be watching either …but I keep hoping for that megatwistiest twist
        …that I am still waiting for.

  56. Comments (492)

    I have to go to bed…. Christine is just watching Cody hit shots of pool. She can’t keep her eyes off of Cody.
    She is scary …..11:21 in New York
    Good night

  57. Comments (1799)

    Caleb is blinded by Frankie’s smoke screen of pseudo fame My sisters famous I’m famous I can make your dreams come true and you too can be famous So Caleb has pin his hopes that by helping Frankie people will like him
    These house guest are not only thinking of the end of the game but also how they will profit after I had to laugh when Christine said she Hasn’t done anything that would embarrass her parents Just what game has she been watching Talk about not in touch with reality

  58. Comments (32)

    Even though Caleb put up Victoria let’s not forget that it’s suppose to be a double eviction this week so hopefully one of the girls that our left will win and put up two of the guys. If one of the guys wins HOH again then it’s a pretty big bet Christine and Victoria will be up for eviction since Nicole will be going home first. If you really observe all the seasons most of the time the guys immediately form an alliance within the first few hours after entering the house while the girls just want to look pretty and make friends. Amber tried to get the girls together and all she got out of it was evicted because Christine is “one of the guys” and thought it was stupid to have the girls get together. Sadly, the end result is the girls in the house are getting pecked off one at a time. I’m guessing that once Nicole, Christine and Victoria are gone the guys will target the next closest thing to a girl which is Frankie.

    • Comments (207)

      Yeah but still Victoria is a waste of a competitor all she does is float through the game; she’s the “Brittney” of the house(can’t remember what season but she made it to final 4 with the All male alliance called Brigade)

    • Comments (1276)

      It was Joey that tried to get all of the girls together. And Amber and Christine that ratted her out to the Bomb Squad.

    • Comments (487)

      If Christine wins HOH she will definitely nominate whichever girl is left. Christine thinks she is one of they guys and that one of them will take her to the end. I think Christine would nominate Victoria and Frankie. JMO

  59. Comments (644)

    I feel bad for Victoria. I think all that crying (BBAD) is because she might be falling in love with Derrick.

  60. Comments (54)

    Oh Emm gee……Victoria is on my nerves again!!… (forgot about her for a couple days)…
    Please keep nicole
    Please keep Nicole
    please keep Nicole
    please keep Nicole
    please keep Nicole
    please keep Nicole

  61. Comments (207)

    Caleb is a chicken and a coward for putting Victoria on the block he should’ve put Frankie or possibly Cody get rid of the flirtmance or get rid of a power player instead of focusing on Nicole or even Victoria because they can pick off Victoria easily and Nicole though slightly more better competitor she’s all alone.

    • Comments (1092)

      When every player eventually left is a power ( except Victoria) then everyone is pretty much equal.

      Caleb did a Codie, and refused to be the one that pulls the trigger.

      I think Caleb is expecting the blindside. But he can handle the stress better than others.

      If he wins another hoh, by then he will have to targdt an alliance member.

      For now, he is passing the ball to someone else, and forcing them to make the move.

  62. Comments (266)

    Pandora’s box needs to happen. And America shoujd vote who comes back in the house OR who gets evicted next.

  63. Comments (832)

    It is sad to see how dependent & vested Vic is in Derrick. I hope she realizes when she gets out that Nicole was a better friend to her than Derrick ever was. Derrick has befriended her because she is the easiest of his minions to manipulate.

    • Comments (328)

      It drives me crazy how she doesn’t have a voice when they are together. He interrupts her EVERY TIME she wants to give her opinion about any and every thought she has in her head. Eck!!!!

      There is puppy love all in her heart and I hope Derrick doesn’t hurt her because he has that advantage over her.

      • Comments (1276)

        Sadly I don’t think Derrick realizes how head over heels for him she is. IMO I think he’s done really good at holding her hand, and listening to her for most of the season. She has been so whiney and clingy as of late, I can’t imagine it would be easy to not cut her off.
        Like last night on BBAD, the two of them and Nicole were sitting at the table, talking. All of a sudden Vic gets up and says that she needs to talkt to Derrick in the Fire room. Personally, I was happy to see him say to her that it was rude, and that he wanted to get back to talk to Nicole, so she wasn’t sitting there alone. It looked to me like Vic had nothing to “talk” to him about, and just wanted him to herself. Granted, I hated seeing her sitting there alone in the fire room pouting, but being that what she did was rude, and he is a married man, not her significant other, I think he did the right thing.

    • Comments (1288)

      Victoria is still in the house only because of Derrick. Early on she was loathed by the house over her attitude and lack of game skills. She compared the Big Brother house to summer camp, that did not go over well. Derrick diverted attention away from her and helped her get with the game.

      Nicole only befriended her when she had no one else left in the house, Derrick has been there for the whole game. Is she an advantage to Derrick’s game? Yes, but at least she is still in the game when she could have been the target in week 2 rather than Paola.

  64. Comments (59)

    Yeah my life is kind of boring at times. Here is what I came up with the last 24 hours.

    Frankie is still growing his “media empire”

    Over the last 24 hours he has gained 2103 instagram followers, 291 twitter followers, and 414 you tube subscribers.

    Who are these people? Can we hit the reset button on the internet and start it over?

    • Comments (1799)

      Blue blind that is so sad to hear that many brain dead people care what Mango has to say Please don’t let people that dumb breed more dimwits
      Derrick is laying the ground work for when Victoria finds out he has lied to her all game That he is a cop and has been playing with her He has said a few times now don’t be surprised when you find out things about me when the game is over I give him credit knowing Victoria will be devastated when she finds out he trick her Just wish he show as much compassion when Frankie was talking about having her raped a Than would had been a good time to speak up Instead of adding to the sick comments

    • Comments (372)

      Youngsters…ARIana groupies
      ,without any clue of what REAL life or aging is like …scarey cogs in the matrix

    • Comments (1276)

      I’d be willing to bet that all of those followers are not people who watch BBAD or the Feeds. They might not even watch BB. It’s just people who want to get an inside scoop on Ariana. It’s gross, but they are probably clueless.

      • Comments (211)

        I had a sick feeling something like this was going to happen (in respect to Frankie’s “popularity” through his sister.) As I posted last night, my main concern is if he and/or Ariana use these clueless fans to vote when it comes time for America’s Favorite – I would not put it past either of them, for a second. It would just tear me up to see someone like Frankie win that over Donny.

  65. Comments (343)

    Not surprising Caleb didn’t nominate Frankie. If he would have, Derrick and Cody would have scored a coup — Frankie is the closest ally to Caleb, not Cody or Derrick. While I wanted to see the “media mogul” gone, it just wasn’t smart for Caleb. Problem is, I don’t think Caleb even realizes he needs Frankie; he just thinks it would screw up his chances at becoming famous with “Grande” connections.

  66. Comments (383)

    OMG I hate Frankie so much. His stupid attempt at a British accent makes me want to punch him in his stupid face. GAAH!!! I HATE HIM!
    Also Christine’s stupid laugh… please make it stop. I think I am done with BB after this season if they don’t use Pandora’s box to bring Donny back or save Nicole. The remaining players suck.

  67. Comments (832)

    I wish on Thurs Julie would throw a real twist. “Frankie, because of your inappropriate rape comments, you are evicted from the BB house!” After that, Nicole wins HOH & sends one of the other bafoons home.

  68. Comments (92)

    Previously on Big Brother Spoilers and More: Wow the Blog Guests (BG’s) are in the Biggest Unrest of the year. BG’s are bouncing off the walls. Frankie is staying another week. What will happen to the BG’s if he stays another week after this one??? Are resident BG Willie even called Frankie a “Pyscho”. Will this result in a new nickname by the BG’s of Frankie with “Norman Bates”? Of course Willie will be saved by his BG Christina. Who will provide denials that Willie never even wrote that. Is there something going on between these two BG’s. Some have heard Christina yelling, “No one gets between me and my man”. What Christina doesn’t know is Willie doesn’t believe in marriage of any kind. Will her heart be broken? Caleb who went from a war hero to a zero by the BG’s because he didn’t put up Frankie as a replacement. Until later from the Happy, Happy BG and a big Halla to Connie Sue. We Love You!

    • Comments (59)

      First post of yours I have actually found entertaining. BuffaloBill moving up in the likability ranking tonight.

    • Comments (692)

      Go back to sleep. We haven’t missed you. Why do you have to try to pick a fight with willie and christina all the time?

      • Comments (92)

        Actually Franko I hate fighting. I actually like Willie and Christina, but don’t understand their hatred. To tell you the truth I think both should apply for BB. They would be very entertaining. I really believe Willie would be a fan favorite like Donny. Christina would probably win it all. Again Franko this is a TV show. I always get a chuckle out of BG’s thinking the game is fixed or they will never watch the show again which will only last at the most until Thursday. Every House Guest on BB can’t be like Donny. How boring would that be. We need HG’s like Frankie or this would be a very boring blog. That’s why SB has the best BB blog on the net. Peace and love my friend.

      • Comments (487)

        BuffaloBill — I agree with most of your comments. However, yes the show must be entertaining, but Frankie is no more talented or entertaining than Aaryn and Amanda from BB15. His actions are contemptible for any grown man gay or straight. If he was not the BB House Derrick would have to arrest him for making threats and molesting people.

      • Comments (1092)

        Hgs like last Amanda, Rachel, Frankie are akin to when Howard Stern was getting popular.

        They hated him, but had to listen to find out what he would say next.

        When Rachel was on bb, I really couldn’t stand her. But still watched to the end the season that she won. Not because I wanted to see her win, but because I was hoping to see her get torpedoed.

        As much as a lot of people don’t like Frankie’s character, yours truly included, there is no denying he has played very well so far. Maybe a little lucky when it counted, but still a great player.

      • Comments (487)

        I would not call Frankie a great player. He has saved himself but both him and Derrick have been playing the part of puppet masters. At this point, the F2 could be Frankie and Derrick. Derrick would probably win in a split vote. the first split vote of the season.

      • Comments (1092)

        Getting there to the final two is stil not a certainty.

        Lot’s of game left to play, and after the first eviction this week, only two true floaters you would want to be sitting beside you so you win the $500k.

      • Comments (19)

        As much as I dislike Spankie Frankie I must agree with BB he is entertaining and look at all the past posts (including mine) we all rant and rave about Spankie and that is what CBS counts on. It’s all about ratings and if we dislike him enough we tune in hoping a house guest will zing him or evict him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Donny but a house full of Donnys would get boring (sorry I had to say that) As I said before I want cameras on Christine when she goes home and faces her husband and parents. ENTERTAINMENT at its best. Better yet a camera on Spankie Frankie when he sees how America feels about him

      • Comments (1288)

        BuffaloBill deserves to have his say in our playground as much as anyone else. Commenting on the commenters commenting about the game is in the purview of our discussions. BuffaloBill is not vulgar, not off-topic and not just engaging in personal attacks. Avert your eyes if you must but I will be reading his daily digests.

      • Comments (1092)

        When I read his summary posts, I hear the voice of the mc doing the ” previously on Big Brother…”

      • Comments (1288)


      • Comments (722)

        Hey Franko! Hope you’re doing well.
        With posters like BuffaloJill I now know how Mango feels..

    • Comments (722)


      “My blogmate BuffaloJill has been following me around the blog. He is starting rumors of a blogmance between Christina and I. She’s a great blogger but we’re not headed for marriage. ”

      “Yes I called Mango a psycho and a sociopath. And a pedator. He’s been chasing me and trying to touch me and saying gross things to me personally!”

      “I wanted to fry some chicken, so I cut off Calebs arms. I needed some cookIng grease, so I squeezed Christine and got a full gallon.”

      • Comments (1276)

        Oh Willie, say it aint so. I was about to get down on one knee. Of course, I know you aren’t pro-marriage, so my plan is to propose to Franko, if/when you turn me down 😉

      • Comments (692)

        You made me smile. Thank you but I don’t think it would work with us, I like guys.
        I do appreciate the thought even if I am second choice to the great man Willie Jones Jr. at least if I’m second choice, I’m second choice after a good man. 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Franko!
        You’re a good man too. I like you.. Glad I met you..

        All this “lovespreading “.. my brother always says “get a room “!!

      • Comments (1276)

        Well Franko, you being gay well, that’s half of the appeal. I did the married thing, it didn’t go well for me. So you might be much more my type.

      • Comments (692)

        Well, Christina, maybe I’d better reconsider.
        I am very single. I’m having major heart issues, Maybe I need you! Lol

      • Comments (722)

        I wouldn’t turn you down..
        I’d most likely lead you on for years and years until we’ve both exhausted all our other options.. I’m very non committal..

        Franko is such a good dude.. Much better than I..
        BuffaloJill needs to scratch “matchmaker ” off of his list of talents!

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, thank you, buddy! You know according to buffalobill you don’t like gay people, nice of you to say that about me. Lol

      • Comments (1276)

        LOL, I think I would do the same thing Willie. Don’t feel bad.

  69. Comments (59)

    love this tweet I just saw
    Retweeted by Jill Rance
    #TEAMNICOLE @hashtagbb16 · 16h
    I hope the mega-phone guy gets them Locked down again! He is the only one making big moves on #BBLF! #BB16 #RIPBB16

  70. Comments (487)

    I have watched every season and made through BB15 with the hopes of enjoying BB16 again, but CBS once again has given us a cast of clueless or scared sheep. Maybe a crash course for BB contestants should be to study BB seasons 1-14 to get a true depiction of how to use their own personalities to play the game and not imitate Evil Dick or Dan or Jeff or Jordan.

  71. Comments (412)

    I miss Zach Attack!

  72. Comments (25)

    Derrick will win it all and he certainly earned it.
    Donny will be America’s most favorite player.
    Victoria will come in second.

    Frankie gets nothing, but publicity …some of which turned many viewers off.

  73. Comments (8)


  74. Comments (487)

    Does anyone know why Nicole was going through the play dough last night? It looked like she was looking for something.

  75. Comments (3)

    I think this season is lame, no one will make good moves, I am just about done, i cant stand Frankie…… Why are they keeping him, And Caleb is not very smart….. Just not happy about this season

  76. Comments (492)

    Hey. Franko,

    Hope all is well,


    • Comments (692)

      Thanks for checking. I’m so so today. I have an appointment next Monday for an echocardiogram. The next Monday I have an appointment with A pulmonologist and then and having a bunch of blood work done.
      just trying to keep a positive attitude. 🙂

  77. Comments (492)

    Sounds like you have a good heart to us!

    But seriously
    Hope all goes well

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