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Big Brother 16 – PoV Results


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As I posted earlier, I have been super busy today, but wanted to make a quick post to let you know who won the PoV….

Hayden is the PoV winner

He is planning on using it to save Victoria.  There is still discussion on who will replace her.. Amber or Caleb, but either one would be fine with me.  I just want some drama!

Running out, I will post more later when I get home

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  1. Comments (1288)

    I had a scary thought. Jocasta’s poor performance may create a wounded animal vibe. They could decide it keeps things quiet to nominate Donny again and do the right thing to save Jocasta from herself. They could put off the self-destruction for a week. Again, not what I want – what I fear.

  2. Comments (45)

    This is off topic but why can’t houseguests sing?

  3. Comments (644)

    I feel sorry for Amber because she is going home on Thursday. She is one of my favorites along with Donny. I also like Zach and Frankie, they are very entertaining. Jocasta is really boring.

    • Comments (843)

      They should kick Caleb out!

    • Comments (412)

      Jocasta is so annoying. I like Zach. He’s the only one that’s not afraid of anyone.

      • Comments (224)

        I think Zach’s strategy is to try to be the jerk that everyone wants to bring to the final 2. Which has worked before (Chilltown), but I’m not sure that would work this year.

    • Comments (22)

      So if Amber goes no blood is spilled but if Caleb goes there are thoughts

      of Amber goes with Nicole, Christine and Jacosta , Donny and maybe Hayden

      goes after the detonators and then there are few making her one of the

      final 2. But with Caleb still here the continue their reign and there

      plan goes ahead and either Cody and Zach or Derrick and Cody make the

      final two. This has been alot better than the last 2 seasons i am

      thrilled i am not bored and people are not boring GO Detonators.

  4. Comments (92)

    Yesssss, of course anyone would ave my Jewish Princess. Hayden, Victoria will remember when she wins the next HOH. Victoria rules. I love BB16. Best yet!

    • Comments (692)

      buffalobill, are you really serious when you talk about Victoria? I have not seen any of the redeeming qualities you seem to see in her. She’s just there, period. she adds nothing to the game.
      maybe you should look her up when she finally goes home and profess your love for her.

      • Comments (644)

        Franko, I think I remember Buffalobill from last year, but maybe not on this site. He talked like that I think about Amanda and saying how much money he was going to make on bets he placed because she was going to win. He likes to stir up trouble.

      • Comments (95)

        I think buffalobill is either:

        a) an obsessed stalker of Victoria’s (why I don’t know, she looks like one of the witches from Hocus Pocus..and she said she was going to win this game on her looks! HA!)
        b) her dad
        c) a boyfriend/ex boyfriend from home

      • Comments (692)

        I kind of wondered this maybe he was one of the 3 that you mentioned also.
        thank you for the response and your input.

      • Comments (95)

        Thumb me down all you want, buffalobill. You’re still weird.

    • Comments (22)

      Yeah ! I love bb16 and people are not floating and there all playing a great game ! Victoria plays and wins !

      • Comments (95)

        Victoria usually wins by luck, IMO.

        However, the funniest thing I can remember is watching poor Paola try to swing in that one competition. She actually got stuck in the damn thing! WTF? She said it was because she hasn’t been on a swing since she was little. I hadn’t either until the first time I took my son to a park, but I didn’t get stuck and tangled up in it.

  5. Comments (692)

    does anybody have a clue what the competition was??

  6. Comments (843)

    Caleb explaining to Victoria in LR that he could’ve chosen the veto if he wanted. “So that makes me a double winner. I think the reason they put you here is to destroy us as people.” If that isn’t an anti-sematic statement, I don’t know what is!!! Caleb needs to go now. He should be called in by production and have his creepy, stalker, boastful, prejudiced a** kicked out.

    • Comments (274)

      Yeah that was a random thing he said and I couldn’t figure out what was he talking about or where it came from? He’s worse than I originally expected.

    • Comments (469)

      mouse – I didn’t see this – don’t have live feeds – but your explanation is a sentence from Caleb without any previous dialogue or lead up between them – don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t put anything past this guy – but since I will never see this segment i will ask if you could go into more detail – this has the potential of being anti-semetic for sure but I would appreciate the entire context. Thanks Bro

      • Comments (843)

        John, it was on jokers update today. I don’t get live feeds either. Caleb had been up in the HOH room, came down and sat in the living room with several HG. I don’t know what led up to the conversation, just what was reported on that site. The other HG were totally silent afterwards and got up one by one and left Caleb sitting alone in the LR.

      • Comments (469)

        mouse – thanks you very much – sounds like it may be as you stated – one thing for sure if it was – because of last year production will deal with it immediately – they can not have a repeat of that zoo – thanks again bro – you da’ man.

      • Comments (692)

        what about last year? Are you talking about Aaryn??

      • Comments (469)

        franko – the racist slurs and other inappropriate talk.

    • Comments (76)

      Not surprised , knew his true colors couldn’t stay dormant for very long …People on here disagreed with me when I said he was a racist & homophobe , I remember the nasty feedback Sadie received when she voiced her opinion on he has proven to me he is Anti Semitic ..who’s left for him too offend . Who wants to defend this cowpie now ?

  7. Comments (274)

    Okay Caleb who the heck do you honestly think you are? “I’m a beast, beast mode cowboy, beast beast beast.” Now he is baiting Zach to tell Amber to thank him not Zach for not being nominated, that Zach needs to go tell Amber to grow a pair & talk to Caleb. He is so twisted. He wants to keep ignoring her but have her come begging him for forgiveness and thank him for something he absolutely had nothing to do with. His actions would make me put him up and not her. He’s claiming he REALLY won twice at pov because he could have won it but didn’t so he is really good. He would drive me insane with all that ignorant arrogance. He is disgusting. I cannot handle his self absorbed ways and I think the others can’t either. They just started leaving him one by one to sit all alone. Please please please Lord make Caleb be voted off so he can see how little power he actually has. Oh yeah because he also told Zach that if she refuses to speak to him (Caleb) that she is going home! If I were Zach I would stop him right there and say “ah this is where you are wrong stalker, I am with everyone else and backdooring you!”

  8. Comments (83)

    Can someone please help me out. Why on earth
    Is Hayden saving Victoria??????? What about Nicole?

    • Comments (1288)

      Nicole and Christine as winners of BoB is safe from being put up. Victoria apparently chose Hayden to play so he is repaying the favor.

      Zach now wants to turn Caleb against Amber and take her out this week. Derrick is encouraging that as it looks to be a good premise for a fight at the meeting.

  9. Comments (83)

    Oh wow thank you. If zach can accomplish that,
    Caleb owes him a big favour. Get that distraction out
    Of there so we can see how Caleb can truly play the game.

  10. Comments (12)

    Did Frankie say he has never done drugs or drink tbe other night when talking to the camera? Thought I read somewhere that he was a recovering alcoholic. Not sure if I am remembering correctly.

  11. Comments (843)

    What is the HG’s problem? Caleb has no real friends in the house and no one will ‘come after them’ if he is voted out. Same goes for Amber. The only one who might miss her is Cody.

  12. Comments (383)

    I would be interested to see how Caleb would act if Amber left the house. Would he spend the rest of the season trying to avenge her eviction? Just keep planning their life together outside of the house? I hope she doesn’t have to get a restraining order against him after the show ends.

    • Comments (274)

      Yeah I guess I’m intrigued to see what he does without her around and how will he be backpedaling his “getting her out” rampage when he gets out and wants to pursue her even more.

  13. Comments (22)

    As long as Zack stays another week I’ll be happy. Must be one of the worst season ever. Without Zack I’m not sure if I would keep watching

  14. Comments (469)

    A little something on the lighter side – is it just me or has our resident cutie Nicole put on a couple of pounds – the walk away view in her germatard looked a bit wide in the caboose – and last night in her 2 piece bathing suit she looked like there is a bit more tummy – she my need to start accompanying Donny on his daily walks – remember she is a have not for being lazy last week.

    • Comments (191)

      She looks fine to me

    • Comments (644)

      It doesn’t matter if she gained a little weight. Who cares???!!! John Ruth, do you have an athletic body?

      • Comments (469)

        Lilly – did you read my lead in????? On the lighter side – and no at 71 I don’t have the body I used to – tho’ I have been an athlete all my life – it was just an aside Lilly – don’t get your bustle in a bunch lol – That means that was also on the lighter side – still love ya’.

      • Comments (692)

        that was funny! I’ve had a horrible day, John Ruth, thanks for making me smile!

  15. Comments (83)

    I have a stupid question to ask. In the have not room,
    The frozen beds are just fake material right?
    That isn’t real ice, right? lol ….don’t hate!

  16. Comments (83)

    Eww Christine is soo nasty with her tattoos all
    Over her body. Gross!

  17. Comments (1)

    Annette they are not real ice lol, no hate but it was cute cause my mom asked tbe same thing when she saw them. Also to everyone else I am not a fan of bashing people because of personal things like weight or tattoos… I always thought that it was about how people played the game not how they looked doing it. Just my opinion, cause if a HG would say something like that we would be jumping all over them. Ranted enough for one night lol.

    • Comments (274)

      Very true and they do. Frankie was going off last night about Brittany. They pic someone and just go on & on.

    • Comments (224)

      Agreed, I wish all comments about looks (both good and bad comments) would be deleted.

    • Comments (469)

      manda – concerning your weight bashing comment (I can’t believe i’m having to defend this again) – as I pointed out to Lilly – please read the entire post before you pass judgement – I said “on the lighter side” – I also said “our resident cutie” – meaning I like her a lot – I was merely interjecting a bit of levity into the conversation – I will also pass my final comment to Lilly on to you – still love ya’.

      • Comments (224)

        I might be wrong, but I think she was referring to comments about Christine. I don’t particularly care for her personality either, but what she looks like should be completely irrelevant to the game. Same goes for all houseguests. They can’t help what their physical features look like.

  18. Comments (83)

    Wow. Apparently Caleb is very upset at amber. He’s officially given up
    On her. He was saying he feels like an idiot and probably looks
    Like an idiot on tv when it comes to her. He also realized she
    Doesn’t have his back as he did hers. OMG. Has he snapped
    Out of it??? He did act love crazy but I think he’s genuinely a
    Pretty nice guy.

  19. Comments (83)

    Thanks for the answer John Ruth.

  20. Comments (34)

    Anyone see on BBAD, Caleb telling Jocosta that he didn’t want to boast to Amber how he saved her from going on the block this week. He was annoyed Amber didn’t thank the HOH for not putting her up. He assumed the HOH would tell her to thank Caleb. He is actually getting mad that Amber isn’t more grateful. Just another example of him being a bigger than life hero for his queen, in his own mind. It’s funny Amber has no idea Caleb is “saving” her so much.

    • Comments (274)

      He told Zach to tell her to! He is campaigning to get her out on a level and has no idea she is going to be back doored. It sounds as if he could come in her spot if he cops an attitude with Frankie over her being put up. But wow won’t his ego deflate fast when his stupid fantasy catch up with reality…his idiocy, ugh.

      Wonder what will be running through that head of his when he realizes they were planning on her going all along & he’s sitting there telling them to make her say thanks to him for not being put up!

      just so y’all know I got confused typing that-what a circus! Lol

  21. Comments (4)

    The new set up this year has caused no drama.

  22. Comments (274)

    So Caleb is vindictive, she won’t be his and do what he tried to manipulate her to do, so he now is constantly talking about her (while always mentioning he is over it) & ba da ding he wants to backdoor her.



  23. Comments (274)

    This guy is just so controlling. He is certain that he has the power and is clueless as to what is really going on here.
    Caleb is telling Derrick right now that he is sticking to his guns and “beast mode cowboy” isn’t gonna talk to her, then the next sentence is he is going to tell Amber I put you here & am the only one who can take you off.
    Abusive much? Slime bag! The ‘BEAT MORE COWARD” is more like it!

    • Comments (1288)

      Yep, Caleb wants her on the block just to scare her. Boy is he going to be surprised on the vote count. Bet they are hoping for a double eviction so they can try and catch Caleb while he is dealing with the twist.

      • Comments (274)

        Hahaha that would be great!

      • Comments (832)

        I think it spoke volumes to Caleb’s character when he was talking about scaring Amber to get her back in line. I would hate to be his girlfriend, of course that’d make me quite the cougar! Did anyone else catch it in BBAD last night when he said something about not being able to wait until he gets home because when he walks in the bars at home the girls are all over him.

      • Comments (5)

        His exact words were “can’t wait to get back to my old country town where I’ve got hoes all over me”. UGH, he’s so disgusting.

  24. Comments (274)

    Sorry everyone but this hits too close to home with his behavior. Lost a family member to her abusive controlling husband. He was extremely controlling just like this douche is. He wants Amber to come begging him and puffing him up to keep her safe. He wants nothing more than to have power over her. This is so disturbing. He even says that he will tell Amber to go talk to Cody because you were with him, another show of his insecurities and hope that he installs fear in her so she begs him even more. I feel sick to my stomach over this.

    He thinks it will only be a threatening move to scare the beep out of her, to let her know who has her back. His exact words. He doesn’t realize they have been planning this so when she’s voted off his plan will backfire and he will be dealing with a lot of anger. I am serious. You will all see how messed up he really is after she walks. His plan to make her his puppet is going to only prove he was played and looks completely stupid. That he isn’t respected by any of these people.
    Worse for him will be that she won’t be there. He is thinking it will all work out to benefit him and really have her give him what he wants in return for saving her and showing her how powerful he is. It will mess him up. He is narcissistic, they don’t do well when made to look foolish.

    He also said something along the lines of “I can’t believe this romantic cowboy is nominating his girl”
    Nothing in that sentence was correct! He’s not romantic and she’s NOT his girl! Oh and spoiler Caleb, you’re not the one nominating her but YOU will be taking the blame for her walking Thursday! Too bad it happened this way, I wanted him to blow up and be the one leaving.

    Now he’s bragging outside in hopes Amber may overhear I’m sure, that back home “all the hoes are ALWAYS hanging all over me”…

    Derrick, Frankie, and Zach, are all so proud of what a genius Zach is for planting the idea for Caleb to put Amber up to scare her. She is leaving Thursday and I was sad for many reasons, one being I wanted her and Cody to start something but he is a selfish wimp now imho. The girls are so insecure that they all want the beautiful lady out just out of jealousy. Victoria is non stop about her hair and how Amber mentioned her extensions. I must of missed the conversation where Victoria told Amber about them because Victoria is claiming Amber is being catty and just mean regarding her hair. She wants Amber gone because she doesn’t want anyone to know she has extensions. Won’t share why she lost all her hair either. Claims close friends don’t even know but here’s the thing. She confessed to Frankie right away like she needed to get it off her chest asap. It was so dumb. I remember it clearly and even remember another person commenting about how dumb that that was he biggest secret. Which Victoria I have a secret for you, extensions are pretty obvious to most. I would guess even Donny would know. Now she’s playing this game. She wants sympathy and she can’t let any of it go, just like Christine & Caleb, repeatedly repeating themselves with their annoyances thinking if they keep saying it, others will agree and/or feed into their issues by gossiping/backstabbing their source of issues. She is unbelievable. Why are all these people so insecure!

    I have a question in all of this too-is it the norm to cuddle with everyone? If I had started dating a guy or kissed him but went and cuddled with another in a bed under the blankets no less, I’d feel pretty low about myself. That is just me though so I am curious if others feel differently?

    • Comments (1288)

      I think they don’t feel bad as it reinforces that the cuddling is “friendship only” and not some romantic prelude.

      • Comments (469)

        Jill – come on girl – don’t beat around the bush – tell us what you really think – LOL – i’ll bet you feel better now – venting is a good thing – helps us regain balance – now breath in – breath out.

      • Comments (274)

        Right? 😛

    • Comments (198)

      Jill you are right about Caleb. I was married to a control freak and if things did not go his way (either at home or elsewhere) I paid the price. I was to work full time come come home take care of our child do the cooking cleaning. I also had to do yard work while he did what he wanted.
      To him men own women. Caleb has the same traits has he did. Very dangerous.

    • Comments (224)

      It’s probably better for Amber to leave this week. You probably wouldn’t want her stuck in the jury house with Caleb!

      • Comments (692)

        How long before people start going to the jury house? I really hope that those two don’t end up in that jury house together.

      • Comments (224)

        I think just 1 more. I thought last week they were saying only 2 more til Jury, so this should be the last one?

  25. Comments (143)

    Hayden, another bad player, there goes any hope for this being a good season. Hayden should leave noms the same. He might need Caleb and Amber, along with Donny and Jocasta and nicole and christine, and they could get out the players who are running away with the game, cody, zach and derrick and frankie. But looks like those will be the final four.

  26. Comments (76)

    At this point I hope Fakey back doors Amber .All this tough talk Caleb is spouting about sending Amber home,is all B.S. if she goes , fasten your seatbelts .His head is going to explode & he will go bat shit crazy on the house .

  27. Comments (25)

    I’ve been watching; BB USA, BB Canada, BB UK, BB Australia and BB South Africa. If I were to create my dream Big Brother it would look something like this:

    1) House guests should enter BB like they do on BB South Africa (one at a time).

    2) BB Australia and BB UK pick the best and most interesting people by far. Watch BB Australia 2013 if you don’t believe me.

    3) BB USA has the best HOH and POV’s. While BB Australia offers the best and worst food choices (and best parties).

    4) BB Australia has the best Big Brother voice, best Diary Room and best punishments (by far). Some are just crazy funny and will have you laughing hard. BB South Africa has the dumbest missions (like chewing gum as a mission, come on!)

    5) BB Australia has the best creatures (Surly [the talking fish who makes fish jokes], Mr. Clooney [the house dog]), although Marsha the Moose on BB Canada is pretty funny too.

    6) BB USA votes people off the best. BB Australia the worst (with viewers doing the voting) and the same with BB Canada.

    7) BB Australia shows the most nudity and people in tiny bathing suits, while BB UK is so politically correct you can be thrown off the show for making even the slightest racist or gay joke (it has something to do with UK speech laws). No first or second strikes, one time and you are gone!

    8) BB Australia has the best outdoor area. BB Canada the worst.

    9) BB Canada has the best costumes during HOH or POV. BB Canada also has the best TV host (Miss Cox). BB Australia the worst (Sonya comes off as a slightly creepy cougar).

    10) BB USA has the best money prizes and offers the most money in the final. BB Australia the least (less than $100,000, before taxes) and nothing to second place. BB Canada the dumbest. Part of the BB Canada prize is in a $25,000 gift card from a furniture store.

    Put all of those together and you could make the best Big Brother possible.

    • Beast Mode Poser
      Comments (2)

      @James, alot of Australia on your list. I also highly recommend their version. I find their version very refreshing to watch, alot of fun. I thought 2012 was an awesome season and block watched it, started 2013 not liking the halfway house. [email protected] Big fan of season 1 of Canada, haven’t watched season 2 yet. My opinion Jillian deserved to win Canada 1 not in the manner that happened on finals night though(that had to sting knowing you won because of someones voting mistake), had that error not been made I DID NOT think Gary deserved to win. I found him to be the house annoyance.

  28. Comments (843)

    I don’t think he will go crazy in front of them. He will brag about how it was all his idea and he’s the one who got her out because she wouldn’t treat him right. Inside he will be seething with rage.

    • Comments (76)

      Mouse agree..he twists everything
      .My prediction was he would lose it ,Caleb is the best player ( in his own dillusional mind )
      He could prove me wrong , & instead of Going Bat Shit Crazy . He might take credit for her going , because she didn’t realize that only for the Caleb , she lasted that long ..Now Amber will have plenty of time to plan the wedding ..:-)

  29. Comments (191)

    I thought this season would be unpredictable but just the opposite is true. Unless someone does something stupid you can bet on Derrick holding the check at the end.

  30. Comments (843)

    10:36PM BBT: Caleb says they should take this opportunity to scare her to death. It will be a chance to pull her in and remind her who she is supposed to be with.

    10:42PM BBT: Caleb tells Frankie that it will scare Amber back into place where she is supposed to be. Frankie says he thinks Hayden will use the Veto.

    10:47PM BBT: Caleb says that at the end of the day the romantic cowboy puts up the girl. Frankie tells him he is so glad the beast is back. Caleb says that it will give her three days to straighten up.

    10:49PM BBT: Caleb says he doesn’t want Amber to go home but he wants her to remember where her place is in this house.

    • Comments (191)

      Caleb is an ass

    • Beast Mode Poser
      Comments (2)

      There is not one thing redeeming about this tool. Guys in the house don’t seem like they’d be friends with such a douche outside the house. I certainly don’t know of any guys who would hang out with such a narcisstic asshat. He turns off both males & females.

    • Comments (76)

      Caleb is so in touch with how women think & feel ,He is so intuetive of what women really need & want , but not aware of it themse .He absolutely missed his calling .What an amazing relationship therapist he would be .Dr Caleb He would follow that cutting edge School of Stone Age therapy

  31. Comments (95)

    Caleb should be everyone’s first priority to get out of the house. But, they’re all scared of beast mode cowboy for some reason. I don’t think he’s all there, with his Amber obsession (she doesn’t like him and has told him for the love of God!), and the way he’s always sneaking around to see if Cody’s messing with “his queen”..creepy!

  32. Comments (35)

    they are scared of Amber, NOT Beast Mode Douchebag…that is why she goes first…hope she has a lawyer and a restraining order waiting for her at home.

  33. Comments (1288)

    Now we see if they can make it through Sunday without Amber or Caleb blowing up or twigging to the real plans. I bet they are wishing the Veto meeting was today so they can get past it.

    What is going to be sad is Amber might think she has to mollify Boast Mode to save herself and that will do nothing to help at all. Let’s hope she leaves with some dignity intact.

  34. Comments (9)

    It looks like the guys, minus Caleb, Donny, and Hayden really know how to play this game. Derrick hands down being a cop will walk away with the check. I’m just curious who will be with him.

    • Comments (1288)

      Yes, as long as the Detonators keep winning the HoH. But say if they do send Amber out this week and then the two HoHs are say Caleb and Donny the D squad is in trouble and you will probably see Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie as the initial nominations.

      Donny has a good idea of where the power lies he just has not been in a position to do anything about it.

  35. Comments (266)

    Can someone recap all the alliances for me? I feel like there’s been talk of pairing up or final deals but no follow through.

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