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Big Brother 16 – Power of Veto Meeting; Live Feeds


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Whew, home from school just in time for the feeds to turn back on. Let’s get to the updates….

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  • 12:10pm – Feeds return with a visibly upset Amber
  • Amber was the replacement nominee
  • 12:17pm – Frankie up in the HoH room blaming Zach for telling Amber not to trust Frankie.  Zach is denying it.
  • 12:30pm – After people have split up, Derrick and Cody were in the beehive talking and Amber joined.  Derrick and Cody both deny knowing anything about it. She thinks people knew about it in advance.
  • She is really confused about it all
  • 12:45pm – Caleb is sitting up in the HoH room telling people they need to tell Amber to talk to Caleb. He’s the only one who can save her (he can’t). Caleb is soaking this all in, he’s going to be shocked on Thursday
  • 12:47pm – Amber is in the bathroom talking to Christine. She said she knew something was going to happen because Zach was smiling before the veto was even used.
  • 12:50pm – Christine finally piecing it together.  “Every girl has been nominated this week”  DUH! You probably should have noticed that a few weeks ago
  • 1:00pm – Cody, Hayden and Victoria in the beehive room celebrating her being safe for the week. Also, more Zach bashing.
  • 1:09pm – Cody and Amber are in the bedroom chatting about her possibly going home. He assures her she is safe.
  • 1:24pm – Hayden enters the room and Amber starts drilling him on what he knew. She tries to make him feel guilty for using it despite pulling him into the alliance a few weeks back.
  • 1:39pm – Amber left the room and Cody/Hayden chat about how they’re all putting on an act for Amber.  Poor girl
  • 2:45pm – Sorry, had to make dinner.  Caleb is now chatting with Amber in the beehive room. His plan is finally coming together.  I’m sure she’s going to ask him to marry her in a few days…. especially after Caleb admitted he had a hand in putting her up
  • 2:55pm – Frankie enters the beehive after having a talk with Christine and Nicole about the situation (sorry was following Caleb/Amber, not sure what the other convo was)
  • Caleb has to stand up for this…. As he starts calling Frankie out, Frankie asks Amber if they can talk in private.  As soon as Amber leaves “Caleb, have you lost your mind?  I told you she was trying to form an all girl alliance”
  • Caleb goes on and on about it, while Frankie keeps reminding him that Amber wants an all girl alliance.  Frankie asks him what his goal with this is… silence.
  • Nicole is being called into the beehive now…
  • “After the meeting, did Amber come to you to form an all-girl alliance” (Caleb)
  • “She said she knew she was going up because it’s all girls and she said the girls need to work together to go after the guys.” (Nicole)
  • Caleb then asks Nicole about the date thing
  • “Well, she didn’t give a good impression and basically seemed like she went out with you because she didn’t want to say no”
    Nicole left, and Frankie is giving Caleb a real heart to heart that Amber is not the one to trust. Amber doesn’t like him like he loves her. She is going around trying to turn the house now.
  • 3:18pm – Frankie leaves the beehive to talk to Nicole…
    “Everyone wants Amber gone” (Frankie)
    “Why can’t we just tell her that?” (Nicole)
    “We’re going to have to” (Frankie
  • 3:29pm – Caleb finally goes to the DR and gives Derrick and Frankie a weird handshake telling him how he has their back no matter what. Caleb is a mess.
  • 3:41pm – Frankie retelling Christine about the situation and the beehive room.  He makes himself much more badass than what he was.  Hayden joins, Frankie tells him. Pretty much the entire house knows what’s going on right now. They seriously need a house meeting.
  • 4:00pm – Retells are going around the house. One thing is certain, Amber is going home on Thursday unless she can pull something off with the girls and Donny/Hayden/Caleb.

Taking a little break while the house does their evening/dinner thing.  I will likely create a new thread covering the night shift in a bit

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  1. Comments (22)

    Should have created an all girl alliance

    • Comments (274)

      Nah-get rid of the one who warned you right away and just sit back waiting for your turn, so much more fun! Lol

      • Comments (64)

        I was confused why the girls shunned Joey. They could have created it on the sly, even after it was found out. They could have denied its existence and worked on the downlow. That’s what the boys are doing.

        I don’t understand the fear. They have the numbers just as the boys do.

      • Comments (692)

        since Joey was only there for one week it was hard to get a feel for what she was actually like. I have a feeling though that she could have been a strong player and these women left playing had no idea how to deal with a woman like her who could probably have lead them closer to winning the game. I doubt seriously that Joey what has been afraid to speak her mind. I don’t think any of these guys would have intimidated her.

    • Comments (1288)

      Kind of hard with idiots like Nicole and Christine playing. If Nicole does share with Talkatoo Cockatoo that all the guys knew about them being nominated this week, instead of realizing her precarious position I think Christine would just run back to the guys and out Hayden as a tattletale.

      • Comments (1446)

        Christine and Nicole are the worst – so disappointed in them. I thought they would be likable, but not so much. Last night Nicole asked every guy what to say to Amber, like she couldn’t think for herself.
        And watching Frankie spoon Christine in the HOH?? Ewww….

    • Comments (2)

      Amber started off the game partnering with Devin and Caleb. She had no concern for any of the women as long as she was safe. Karma is a b**ch and now it is biting her in the butt.

  2. Comments (20)

    Blood is blood if you get it on your hands now or later. so your going to keep all these “big guys” in and let the girls go. granted some could probably beat the guys but in my mind i would want stronger players our ASAP.
    to help my game if i thought I wasn’t TUFF ENOUGH…

  3. Comments (20)

    Why not get out the “big guys” You are going to have blood on your hands either way it’s a game.

  4. Comments (528)

    Here’s a random question: do these people get booze, like, EVER? Why don’t they let them drink anymore? Do they not trust their OWN choices in contestants so much that they won’t allow them to get intoxicated? That’s a scary thought.

    Another reason BB Canada is better – they get those people loaded frequently which leads to much laughs. Less yawns.

    • Comments (22)

      They do give them beer and wine but very small amounts. I think after another week like last week let’s get them loaded. This season has to be one of the most boring in BB history

      • Comments (528)

        I remember last year they were given such a pathetic amount they were trying to play shooting games with watered down beer. Shots of beer. Sad.

  5. Comments (17)

    Off topic, I just finished watching bbad and did anyone else notice them shaking their wrist bands to get more steps?

  6. Comments (28)

    They are getting picked off one by one.. Open your eyes people. These girls are not as intelligent as they make them appear. Pretty soon all guys are left. If they would have followed joey suggestion

  7. Comments (130)

    Although this cask is one of my favorites from the past 3-4 years, this season is pretty predictable so far. Adding two more nominations hasn’t done anything other than make more people throw the comps. There’s also more backdooring, which is getting kinda boring.

    Clearly the top two players are Frankie and Derrick, which would be awesome if they were on opposite sides of the house.

    Here’s to wishing Donny or Nicole, or Caleb wins the next HOH.

    • Comments (130)


      • Comments (9)

        Yes I can see how some would find all the backdooring boring after awhile, but they don’t really have a choice when they want someone out, why would any HOH in there right mind give a target two chances to get themselves off the block.

      • Comments (1276)

        True, it is way to easy for someone to get off the block, I would put up some I don’t care if they leave or not, then back door the target.

      • Comments (130)

        The intention for CBS to have 4 people be put up was to build more revenge and hurt feelings from it. To build story lines and incite more battles. In actuality, no one really seems to care about it except Amber and Donny.

  8. Comments (43)

    It seems that after this week, Zach will probably be going home, especially with all his outbursts.

  9. Comments (16)

    Was there an argument at the veto meeting?

  10. Comments (34)

    I saw an update on another site that had Amber saying she didn’t want to give a reaction because that is what Zach & Caleb wanted. I heard she smiled through the rant. She was upset by it but didn’t want to show it.

  11. Comments (34)

    I hope TA doesn’t get the $5000 because of the cruel nature of the fight they tried to start. I think Donny could of thought up a more tame argument. Maybe over doing dishes or stealing make-up or something along those lines. Victoria is always bitching about Amber stealing her stuff.

  12. Comments (43)

    Just thought to say the same thing, gertibell.

  13. Comments (332)

    I guess the ones in the house just want to make it to jury. They want to then secure their votes on the jury. It sounds like they don’t care who goes as long as it is not them and they make it to jury.

  14. Comments (76)

    Big Girl Cody has no integrity ..

  15. Comments (332)

    Confused, like Caleb, is Amber supposed to come bow down to you and you then will protect her, there are other players, I think he lives in a world of ME! Dude, wake up from this trance, these people have to wake him up!

  16. Comments (83)

    I’m sure they do background checks on the people they put in the house.
    I’m sure they probably talk to friends , family, past employment, ex bf/gf to see
    How much of a liability that person will be and how dangerous. No? I think Caleb
    Is really full of himself and has a very big ego, but I don’t
    Think he’s a woman abuser or stalker because I’m sure if he
    Was that bad, he would of been arrested long time ago. I just
    Think he’s very old fashioned and from a different culture.
    Everyone has their own opinion on what abuse is and what
    Is right or wrong. Just different strokes for different folks. Some people may
    Find Caleb abusive and some women would love that kind of
    Attention and protection offered by a man. Let Amber speak for herself.
    If she scare, go to production an deal with it. Case closed.

    • Comments (528)

      God I hope you’re not old enough to date.

      • Comments (76)

        I know a dude she might like , but she will have to wait. He still has at least 5 more years on his sentence His GF thought he would change..she thought he was a good guy down deep , It was her that was almost down deep 6 feet deep… I knew he was a dick , but never thought that nuts
        I knew them both .small town

    • Comments (383)

      Annette, I can only assume you are a friend or family of Caleb. Or a teenage girl who doesn’t know the difference between respect and abuse. Just because he hasn’t been arrested yet doesn’t mean he isn’t a stalker and abuser. I dated a guy in college who was so sweet but extremely possessive about me. If I was talking to a male friend who I knew BEFORE we started dating, my BF would come over and put his arm around my shoulders to make sure everybody knew I was with him. I broke it off because I thought he was too controlling. The next girl he dated, he hit. And this was a guy who was on the surface very respectful and sweet, none of that strutting ego crap we see in Caleb.

    • Comments (1288)

      Caleb has admitted he has an ex-girlfriend that refuses to talk to him or have any contact with him but no explanation why.

      • Comments (49)

        I was waiting for some one to say anything about this guy’s past. I bet there is more than meets the eye here.

      • Comments (426)

        It is like the elephant in the room that no one will talk about because it helps their game. Shame on them for using it, and on BB, for subjecting Amber to that. Caleb is obviously a disturbed person. I have to wonder if that is how his father treats his mother, “I will treat you like a queen as long as your whole world is all about me, but you will be punished if not.” Really? Hitting her in the face with the pillow when she is asleep, watching her every move, putting her on the block to make her think she has to be dependent on him…..controlling, abusive… and there is no relationship there except in his mind. The guy needs some serious help. Would love to see his family interviewed and their take on things. But that probably won’t happen because either they have to admit they have the same attitude, or they would have to admit that he has a problem.

      • Comments (135)

        That right there says a lot, Dandaman. Things like this remind me of that robot from Lost in Space waving his arms wildly and saying, “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

  17. Comments (43)

    Lets say…..Amber does go home and Caleb does make it to the Jury House. That scenario would be good. The two, would no longer be together and eyes will be on Caleb during his transition(no Amber)so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.

  18. Comments (2)

    I think that this will be a double eviction, and that BOB ends this week.I don’t know

  19. Comments (83)

    I thought the whole point of team America was for them to stick together till the end.
    In my opinion, they are the best 3 players no the game and that way
    Donny will be safe. Production should give them an award if they all make it to final 3
    Together. If they are representing America, make America look good, not bad lol

    • Comments (832)

      There needs to be some kind of reward/incentive for TA to want to stay together to the end. I can see Frankie or Derrick @ some point deciding they made more than they ever expected & then throw Donny under the bus. Derrick & Frankie seem tight but they are keeping Donny on the periphery.

    • Comments (1288)

      Unfortunately the only objective for TA is the weekly missions, nothing requires them to work together to get further in the game.

      Perhaps that should be a paid objective, so much if they all make it to F5, F3 or whatever.

  20. Comments (5)

    I just had a thought. It’s a HUGE what if scenario. This season’s been so boring now I catch myself thinking of ways it could be more interesting. What if Caleb’s strategy was to have all the house guests think he wasn’t playing the game. No one considers him a threat because he’s focused on a showmance not the money. That would be genius!

    • Comments (152)

      That would imply Caleb has more than one brain cell, which I am beginning to think is an overstatement….lol. He just doesn’t have that kind of for thought! But what a funny thought!

      • Comments (692)

        He has one functioning brain cell and that one brain cell is in the small head between his legs he thinks with because the one on his shoulders is empty apparently.

      • Comments (49)

        I wonder if he can even find it after all that doping WHAT! Yes I said it I said it loudly. I said it is missing in all those bulging hormones.

      • Comments (469)


      • Comments (49)

        Yeah he shoots up steroids. Hormones that make his man parts disappear

    • Comments (628)

      In reference to such a boring cast, I think after last season’s hot, disgusting mess the producers wanted a cast that was a bit, um, tamer. But this group is the extreme opposite of them. Someone wake them up already!

    • Comments (332)

      Well let’s say he learned from devin he better hush and lay low to stay. But being a loner and not learning about the players doesn’t get you the money. Right now Donny and Cody have tickets to the end.

    • Comments (426)

      And stalking and abusing a woman would be the way to do that? Please, he is just trying to save her to jury so he has more time.

  21. Comments (1)

    Caleb goes next if he doesn’t self evict. Good game play Derrick

  22. Comments (1799)

    Does any of the outsiders Hayden Nichole Victoria Donny and now Caleb have any clue that the have zero chance now Frankie is a weasel Zach is a pompous douche Christine is slimy backstaber Derrick is calculating Cole is playing all the angles Why do any of the remaining girls think they have a chance Is Victories rely voting Amber out because she is Jealous ? Sad and pathetic

    • Comments (1276)

      I have to disagree with most of that. The 5 that are in an alliance, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and even Zach are pretty loyal to each other. Yes, they have to play the rest of the house, which is part of the game, but to their actual alliance, they seem like they are pretty solid and upfront with each other. With somewhat of a side alliance with Nicole and Hayden.
      So Frankie is ratting people out to his alliance, Christine is not stabbing her actual alliance in the back, Cody is playing a smart game, the girls drool over him and the guys like him, and Derrick is calculating, which is why he should get far in the game if not to the end. Zach, oh Zach, bless his little heart, I honestly think he sees what he’s doing as being like an Evel Dick, but he is sadly not even coming close.
      The only one, IMO, that you could say is doing anyone wrong is Christine with Nicole, but I believe she really does want to go as far as she can with Nicole. But you have to look out for yourself first, if you want a chance at the 500k, and it just so happens that the alliance of 5 is stronger than one she has with Nicole.
      You don’t have to like which alliance they are playing with, but at least they are actually working together. If the other side of the house would even try, they would stand a chance.

  23. Comments (286)

    Off subject,listening to radio at work today herd Bruno Mars song GERNADE and thought it would be perfect for Caleb as a theme song LOL.

  24. Comments (76)

    What the show needs is some excitement ..How about TA has to get Joke costa to do a Excorcim , remove
    the Demons that occupy Caleb …want to see his head spin backwards. I also would love an encore of Joke costa speaking in Tongues.Think was priceless

    I apologize too anyone who finds this sacrilegious, but Caleb is a possessed mess.
    Joke costa is example of what would turn me off , if I didn’t know she knows nothing about religion

    • Comments (644)

      Jocasta being a minister doesn’t know much about religion. I was surprised by Cody and Jocasta’s conversation the other day. Cody said he is a Catholic and he has even done his confirmation,( but he is completely clueless about Catholicism). He asked Jocasta something like “So then Catholics are not Christians?” hHat kind of a question is that Cody, of course Catholics are Christians. And Jocasta is the one that started him doubting him being Christian. She told him he was probably a non denominational Christian. She is telling him what he is (and she is wrong) and he doesn’t even know what his religion practices. People like both of them, are what makes Christianity confusing to so many. If Cody doesn’t know anything about his own religion it will be easy for someone to persuade him to change. How sad.

      • Comments (1288)

        I find Jocasta’s ignorance more worrisome as she is supposed to be a preacher. I bet she would be surprised to find out her denomination grew out of the Catholic church during the Reformation. She probably has no idea who Martin Luther King was named after.

      • Comments (49)

        Sorry but that’s not accurate at all. Jesus is where Christianity begun, hence the Christ in Christianity. The Catholic church begun when Rome couldn’t get control over the Christians so they invented the Roman Catholic church/empire to control the masses. They then twisted & manipulated the faith so much so that it’s all about major things the first 3 of the 10 commandments are straight up against. Call no one else father, do not worship any other image (Mary) & do not make an idol…& don’t worship idols. Have you been in a Catholic church? Idols are everywhere. Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic church because of these reasons. He knew the truth behind the Catholic church & went out to tell the truth.
        In England the king wanted to keep changing the rules within the church to keep control & the Christians who wanted to be free from this are the pilgrims who came to Plymouth Rock.
        Jocasta is wrong in alot of her ways but this is actually factual information. To be really honest about her, she’s not even supposed to be a preacher over men. Women aren’t supposed to be leading men in the church. I’m just saying it how it is. Women can teach, preach, do all the things a man can but not overseeing a whole body (church), but can teach women. Women were the first to go tell after Jesus rose, women were very instrumental in the progression of the church.Women can prophesy & have visions but aren’t supposed to be leading men. Just another thing that has changed with the times. Sorry this doesn’t mean women are less then men. Both are equal, it is just a matter of order. God created order that as we can all see when we choose not to follow, our nation falls apart almost as bad as Caleb.
        Caleb is a prime example of what happens when you don’t follow God’s way. He claims to be a Christian but his actions say otherwise. God doesn’t allow men to be power whores. He is to treat women like fragile flowers. ESPECIALLY if he wanted her to be his wife, then she is more precious than rubies and gold. If a husband is harsh with his wife, even if he speaks in a tone less than becoming or treats anyone better than his wife, God doesn’t even hear his prayers. So women are very special to God & He doesn’t care for men that act like Caleb.

      • Comments (1288)

        Not accurate, pretty much what you said in short form. Martin Luther and John Calvin were two of the moving forces of the Reformation, also known as the Protestant Reformation – you know the 95 Theses nail to the Cathedral door and all. And as a non-practicing Catholic I have been in those places. Despite being different now her denomination traces its roots all the way back to those evil mackerel snappers. Just as Christianity arose out of Judaism which even earlier had a split with the Muslim faith. All those idiots are supposed to be worshipping the same God, they just all think their way is the only way. So sad.

      • Comments (332)

        Cody said he was not considered catholic because he no longer attends or does what is necessary to remain in the Catholic Church. So Jacosta replied if he was a believer he would be considered nondenominational. That is true!

      • Comments (274)

        That is true, thank you 🙂 ()

      • Comments (135)

        I thought Jocasta might have applied that term to him, because of his church PRACTICE (next to nothing-no judgment, just stating) instead of his THEOLOGY or IDEOLOGY.

      • Comments (76)

        That happen’s ,,as I said before I wouldn’t be surprised Cody doesn’t join the church of Scientology .
        He is prime picking for them they may be waiting for him ,when he gets out ..
        I’m over them all ,They are boring Whiny, cowards, phoney ,I could go on & on
        I only like Donny ..the rest are freaks
        Donny is my man..

    • Comments (274)

      That was hilarious! Caleb’s possessed, rofl!

      Sorry that people like her make you run, I can promise you it is NOT a circus and I don’t understand why people act like that. It’s for their own gain and not to bring attention to where the attention is due, to Jesus. I can’t imagine why she keeps doing these things, I’m surprised at her but not shocked. So many of the so called leaders are doing more damage than good while they’re supposed to be furthering the kingdom of God.

  25. Comments (76)

    I meant….That was priceless

  26. Comments (1)

    Donny, Hayden, Christine, Nichole and Jocasta need to get togather keep Amber and pick off the other alliance that’s the only way any of them will win.

  27. Comments (316)

    I want JoCasta to go home this week. Then I want two girls to win the next HOH and take down some of the huge male ego guys!

  28. Comments (130)

    Being a male viewer, I really don’t want to see 5 shirtless dudes at the end. Amber is fun to look at.

    But maybe when all the girls are gone, the testosterone will boil over and we’ll finally get some REAL fights and competitions…. fingers crossed.

  29. Comments (16)

    I have read around other places that Amber doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, not just Caleb, now bc of some loss she had. She said something like “I don’t want to start telling my sob story now, but when I get out of the house & tell my story, people will understand why I don’t want to be in a relationship.” Does anybody know what she is referring to??

    • Comments (426)

      I don’t think anybody knows, or if that is even true. But, either way, I have to give her credit for knowing what she does or does not want, and not feeling obligated when she does not feel it is right for her.

  30. Comments (875)

    When Caleb, Amber, & Frankie were in the Beehive Room, and Frankie asked Amber to leave…I would have say “h3ll NO!” Amber should have stood her ground, and exposed Frankie & Zack, because Caleb had already exposed the fact that all the guys knew the plan about Amber going on the block!

    • Comments (274)

      I immediately thought that myself. Frankie is really annoying and I do not like him anymore but he is playing a tight game. Pun would’ve been intended but….hehe BUTT his BUTT is broken!

  31. Comments (1)

    Is it true Frankie told Jocasta to go kill herself?!?!? I don’t have live feeds so I just want to make sure somebody isn’t yanking my chain

  32. Comments (34)

    I was watching some clips of Amber & Caleb talking after the POV meeting. I noticed that Caleb didn’t have the guts to tell Amber the real reason he wanted her on the block. He mostly said the guys have heard things & can’t trust her, etc. The closest he came was to say she wasn’t talking to him. Neither one of them brought up Zach’s rant. Strange…

    • Comments (49)

      Amber: “I’m probably already home, because you put me on the block.”
      She said it over and over how he is the one who did it. He just keeps down playing it.
      Scary, when the were talking today 5:25, she said she is going home and the panic was in his eyes, actions, the way he way breathing.
      Caleb: “I don’t want you close to anybody else.”
      That wasn’t even the start of his panic. He ran outside and was going ballistic about her not being in judgment Caleb”I want her in jury” to “I need her in jury” to “I’m here for you and have your back Derrick no matter what happens” and heading into the diary room after repeatedly ignoring their calls.
      One thing that was really screws loose was when Caleb sat sat sat in the sliding glass door to the backyard just waaaatching the houseguests. Most of the time Amber. As when he was outside staring holes in her head. Better hide all the pillows, lamps, mattresses, shoes because tonight Amber is a prime bullseye for his mighty wrath. What a pencildick prick.
      Dear Mama Beast
      You need to get your son much needed help. We Americans implore you & your family to get Caleb help. This is what scares us when pos’ lack insight they go killing innocent people. If it sounds harsh it’s the truth. Get your son or sons help.

  33. Comments (182)

    Amber keeps saying she will not self-pity campaign, in the middle of her ‘self-pity campaigning’, boring everybody in the beehive room, having to listen to her ‘self-pity campaigning’, with non-stop double-talking in action

    • Comments (49)

      Blagh they all do this dance routine about this time. Can’t fault her for trying. Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Things can change just look at Brittany or all the years big brother past.

  34. Comments (3)

    Long time reader. First time poster. Amanda would dominate this house. Why did big brother fill the house with alpha males and (for lack of a better word) weak ass girls

  35. Comments (110)

    Well really how dare Amber consider an all girl alliance. How did Joey ever dare think about it and how did Brittany dare figure out there was a guy alliance. That was all sarcasm btw. The girls figure things out in bits and pieces with poor execution on what to do about it and not enough strategic thinking.

  36. Comments (469)

    Christine and her husband may have an open marriage or an “agreement” – which of course is their business – but if not she has a lot of explaining to do when she gets home.

  37. Comments (469)

    Frankies’s grandfather taught him how to play pool – never give up etc. – but he failed to teach him how to chew with his mouth closed. This boy is absolutely disgusting in everything he does and says.

  38. Comments (469)

    BB has seen many different types of players over the years – smart/dumb – strong/weak – nice/mean – good/bad – kind/bullies – honest/liars – they all were part of the drama and the best of them all stood out to us – although they didn’t always win. In the 16 seasons that I have watched – 2 have stood out as the most adept and prolific liars – Andy BB15 and of course Frankie BB16 – most all the HG’s lied – some just more than others – they usually struggled with it but justified it as part of the game and of course they were correct – but Andy and Frankie are able to take it to a whole new level – out in the ionisphere – and as you watched/watch them you begin to understand why – it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are. Of the 2 – Frankie has one upped Andy – he is proving to be a cold – heartless – and spineless lecher willing to decieve-hurt-crush even destroy anyone who find themselves between him and his greedily ambitious goals. He has no concern for those he leaves in his wake – to him it is simply – shame on them for getting in my way.

  39. Comments (1799)

    Frankie goes out of his way to show how smart and sneaky he is His DR confessions show how he enjoys playing with people Andy admired to having trouble playing the game of lying to HG Yet Frankie sees this as his being smarter than any of these people I understand this us BB and lying and backstabbing is part of the game The difference is you don’t need to take so much joy in it

  40. Comments (64)

    I liked Christine at first. But now she seems so impressed with herself, to a fault.

    • Comments (274)

      I see her being a pawn for BOTH Zankie & Coderick. Cody’s buffering her up (it is working because she IS jealous of the other girls. Nicole watch your back! (Nicole just cuddled with Cody) Christine said she’s jealous of Cody&Brittany’s non existent relationship & attacks Amber every breath she can) Frankie thinks he has Christine in his pocket. Sorry Frankie…prettyboy….pretty boring Cody is gonna win this one.

  41. Comments (68)

    For all the grief the girls are getting for not being aware of this secret men alliance, i think Caleb is blind to. I mean, the whole to backdoor Amber was done without Caleb being part of the initials discussion. He should be aware by now that there were game talk between the alliance without him being involved. This means that he should know that there is a subgroup within the alliance.

    I really like Caleb; i think he is being a genuine guy. I really can’t stand Frankie. I don’t mean to sound discriminatory here, but i think the reason why Frankie and Andy were such good liars and even took pleasure in it was because they had to lie their whole lives about who they really were to their friends, family and themselves. You would think that after years of living a lie not only would you would be great at it, but wouldn’t you want to start a honest life going forward?

    • Comments (1446)

      If Caleb is a “genuine guy” then I think I best be switching teams!

      • Comments (68)

        Caleb has been playing this game with a lot of integrity. He hasn’t lied to people’s faces, he made deals with people and kept them, he always considered himself part of an alliance and never the leader of it and he is being himself.

        The only knock you can give him is that he brags about being a beast mode cowboy and the whole Amber thing. The bragging about the east mode doesn’t bother me because he seems to say it playfully doesn’t really live by that philosophy.

        I still think CBS is manipulating the footage to make Caleb more obsessed with Amber than he really is. Also, can you blame a guy for being love-struck? It happened to all of us, the difference is, he has to live with his crush with cameras around. Also, in a lot of the footage, Amber is the one going towards Caleb, jumping in his arms, flirting with him and gravitates towards him.

        If most people had to live with their crush, I’m sure they would do far more stupid things.

      • Comments (332)

        Excuse me, Caleb thinks he is in control of the alliance, he thinks they won’t make a move without his permission. He will find out on Thursday that he is not in control. He is self centered and self serving and self absorbed. He has not played the game at all.

      • Comments (68)

        I don’t think he believes he is in control. He just doesn’t think he’s outside looking in or that he is at the bottom of the totem pole within the alliance.

        He did do a lot for the alliance, he was HOH in the beginning, and he volunteered to go on the block and has always voted accordingly. His only blemish was taking the money instead of the veto but i highly doubt anyone can blame him for that. Who knows what goes on outside the house and $5,000 is a lot.

        He will realize on Thursday that he is outside and will create one of two things. Either he will no longer be blinded by his love for Amber and start the play the game properly by becoming a better alliance member. Or he takes all of it negatively and decides to go against the alliance.

  42. Comments (1799)

    Johnnÿ than how do explain Derrick being so good also? His police training? Yes Unfortunetly many gay teens feel forced to hide there true identity So yes they do learn this as a coping mechanism Not sure if this is a big advantage Perhaps next season have more than one gay player Or what about lesbians Are the as good of lyres ? Can’t remember how openly gay women have been on the show

    • Comments (68)

      I don’t remember many lesbians in Big Brother history, I’m sure many applied.

      Lying is part of the game and you have to be good at it to win. What i find horrible is when people find pleasure in lying and deceiving people.

      Dr. Will was different because he seemed like a guy who did it for the dramatic TV effect, Dan did it because he knew that past winners usually get axed early because most houseguest don’t want them to win twice. Andy and Frankie however seem to do it as second nature and find it fun.

      Maybe I’m looking too much into in and I’m trying to connect dots that don’t exist, but you have to admit that pathological liars are good at big brother.

  43. Comments (1799)

    Good point about people taking joy in the lying This is the impression I get from Frankie Just as I find it hard to believe Zach is as big of an ass as he is trying to be

  44. Comments (3)

    Soooooo how come there have been no posts lately? Very annoying.

  45. Comments (1)

    Zach is really pissing me off lately

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