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Big Brother 16 – Saturday Afternoon Spoilers


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Brittany’s Big Brother 16 experience from hell will continue, and she knew it was coming the second Devin on the second HoH of the season. For some reason nobody is really quite sure on, Devin pretty much hates Britt. I’d love to give you a good reason, but I couldn’t figure it out. Something about disrespecting him, or being a brunette, a mom, or having big boobs. Really, your guess is probably as good as mine. Devin being Devin.


In addition to Brittany sleeping in the cold room once again, she will be joined by first timers Zach, Victoria and Derrick.  I am not sure what bothers Victoria the most, the food or being forced to sleep in a room with guys in it (yes, she’s made a stink about that this season. Apparently nobody watches this show before they come on)

Here is Victoria’s reaction to the havenot announcement…


With that out of the way, the Power of Veto has still yet to be played, but those playing are:


I will update this thread if anything exciting happens before the feeds go down for PoV. When they do, I’m going to try and bang out an episode or two of Game of Thrones, but I will give you the PoV results as soon as I know them.

Here are the updates….

  • 3:41pm – Brittany is not shocked at all about the decision to be havenot. She is dealing well and saying she can handle it because she ate a lot of regular food the past few days.
  • 4:10pm – Frankie, Vic and Brittany start talking about how Devin has a massive target on Britt. If Devin or Paola win PoV, she’s going home.  Britt said he just threw his best friend in the house under the bus (Caleb last night).
  • 4:14pm – The three talking about how scary Devin is. Vic wouldn’t be surprised if he gets violent and hurts someone in the house. Vic wants something to happen so he’s expelled.
  • 4:25pm – Christine, Cody and Amber chatting in the beehive room, mostly about how awful Devin is. I’m noticing a trend.. and that is, everyone bashes him yet they’re scared to get him out. If he doesn’t leave 3rd, the house are a bunch of wimps.
  • 4:43pm – Derrick and Amber say if they win PoV, they’re not going to use it. Brittany has to get the votes if she wants to stay, she’s not going to be saved unless she wins it.

Check back fore more!

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  1. Comments (1)

    Oh my gosh… Devin is like the Amanda of the season.. He is the biggest jerk in the house. He treated Brittany like hell. He doesn’t treat girls with respect. He is a bully. I will be happy to see him leave next week.

  2. Comments (182)

    Maybe Devin got rejected; him not knowing that a parent-to-parent connection isn’t enough for a pretty girl.

    So now we see the true Devin, one who is tangling himself in a web of lies. Not sure what will happen first, retaliation toward Devin, or Devin imploding on himself.

    One of my favorites in the beginning, is now viewed as a loose cannon, who needs to be rid of soon.

  3. Comments (682)

    Devin seems to get upset anytime someone tries to do anything he doesn’t approve of. He tells people not to talk game. Huh? We have seen this before when people get HOHitis but he was this before he became HOH. He tells people what to say and how to feel.

    And I heard him say to Jocasta to lock the HOH room door when she was done using the bathroom because “They told him he has to keep it locked”. Is this a new rule because I don’t recall ever hearing that before.

  4. Comments (682)

    I did not see America voting for the food the Havenots received today. Funny thing is I had a liverwurst sandwich for lunch today. I didn’t know they had liverwurst with bacon, I’ll have to check the grocery store.

  5. Comments (174)

    I bet when Devin gets out of the house and see people say he is a bully, he will say i don’t normally act this way. He will say he is very respectful of women. Deny Deny Deny will be his motto.

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