Big Brother 16 – Saturday Afternoon Updates



The Big Brother 16 back yard is finally open which means the flood of bikini and shirtless photos will be hitting your twitter and facebook feeds shortly. It is 3:11pm, so I’m going to update here, but I will probably also scroll back some and look for any interesting moments that happened this afternoon and share the timestamp. Here go the updates….

  • 3:11pm – Joey in the kitchen making some food and many other houseguests hanging outside on the couch.
  • 3:20pm – Devin feels that the comps are pretty much the only real ‘game time’. Yes, definitely a recruit. For good players, competitions are just a safety net if their real game fails.
  • 3:23pm – After Devin and Joey leave the room, Caleb talks to Frankie about his feelings toward Amber. He is waiting for someone to pull them aside and tell them to just hook up already because everyone knows (he’s worried about the showmance threat).
  • 3:52pm – Britt and Victoria talking about who they think will be going up.  They feel if Caleb is really going by the house, Devin will be up. However, they are aware that Caleb has been pushing Joey on people and it’s because the joke of a ‘girls alliance’. Brittany says she will vote to keep Joey if that is the case because Paola will likely be on the block again next week (she’s likely right, if they keep putting weak people up).
  • 4:16pm – Brittany and Joey talking on the hammock. Joey feels she is going on the block because people have started avoiding her. They then talk about how cute Cody is.
    joey-brittThe two also talk about Devin and how he stirs the pot a lot (and how generally unstable he is). Hmmm… it is worth noting that baseballamerica has him listed as suspended for the 2009 season.  Another site said he missed the season for family reasons, so I can’t say steroids exactly, but he is a BIG guy…. just sayin.
  • 5:20pm – The evening settling has begun.  House starting to make dinner, so it’s boring time on the feeds.
  • 5:58pm – Joey addresses the house about who Caleb is talking about for a renom. She still really thinks that it’s a house decision, so she tells everyone to make sure they let Caleb know who they want up.
    (note: I realize I do a crapton of Joey screenshots.  That is because the feeds are on her about 80% of the time)
  • 7:10pm – Ate some dinner myself, back to the feeds.  House still sitting around outside. Fun stuff.  I am going to check to see if anything happened in the past 2 hours.  If so,  you’ll see it updated.
  • 7:34pm – Paola and Amber in the fire room talking about the Joey speech. Joey is really starting to lose her shit, she needs to stay. Drama!
  • 7:45pm – Vic joined Paola and Amber talking a little game. They’re just rehashing a lot of what has been going on. Trying to figure out who is going on the block (joey). Jocasta and Devin are upstairs talking to Caleb about the Joey announcement.  That little bit of drama caused quite a stir. I can only imagine when an actual fight happens.
  • 8:34pm – Joey pulls Devin into the beehive to tell him she is going to campaign to get him on the block.  Kind of a weird move.
  • 8:45pm – Zach, Derrick, and Cody are outside talking about how it would be nice to get Devin out, but they don’t think Caleb will be putting him on the block
  • 9:30pm – Tension is building between Joey and Devin, but so far no explosions yet. They spoke in the beehive room a few times, and he didn’t seem very amused.

With that, I am off to bed.  I will do an update in the morning if anything exciting happens overnight!

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