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Big Brother 16 – The Season Of Little Moves


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Something hit me this morning as I was thinking of my morning (afternoon) post. The ‘biggest’ move the cast has made this season is when they decided at the last minute to keep their alliance member (Zach) over a floater (Jocasta).  So basically the biggest move was a non-move because it didn’t happen.. the floater went home and Zach remained.  I suppose you can say Zach’s official elimination was a semi-big move, but that was more of a by-product of a plan gone wrong. The entire house wanted Donny out, but Donny won the PoV, so Frankie had to remove one of his closer allies (Caleb or Cody) and replace him with a floater, a shit-stirrer, or a mastermind. Frankie chose the shit-stirrer Zach.

I mention this because last night, Christine won the power of veto. She is going to remove herself and Caleb has a few choices as a replacement.  He could take the easy route of Victoria, or make a big move and backdoor an alliance member while they can.  So far most of the talk (of course) has been the easy route, but there has been some talk about putting Frankie on the block instead of Victoria, which would be fitting based on the current outrage going on outside the BB house.

Yesterday at 2:20pm, Frankie, Caleb, Christine, Cody and Derrick were sitting in the room taking about who will be drinking that night. When it was mentioned Victoria will be drinking as well as a few guys, Frankie made a tasteless joke about how the guys should pair up and take all of her virginities.  Frankie being Frankie continued the joke even after Derrick said her father probably just punched his monitor. As Frankie continued, some continued with uncomfortable laughs while Caleb sat stone-faced and when finished he said .. ‘ok.. a little inappropriate’.


Caleb’s face is the Mike Myers face during the Kanye West meltdown to President Bush.

Moving on to Caleb. With Donny out of the house, there is a void for a favorite player. Derrick is up there for me, but coming up behind him is actually Caleb.  Sure, Caleb may be a little creepy around Amber, and an extreme egomaniac, but compared to the rest, he’s actually not that bad.  Last night when the group was drunk, Cody continued on and on about how tough he is and how he was always the fighter out of his soccer player group of friends. Btw, try taking Cody serious when he’s talking about how tough he is looking like this…


Meanwhile, Caleb, the actual tough guy of the house just kind of sat and listened to Cody ramble on. Caleb is already a pretty intimidating figure, but when you add in his military background, he’s not someone I’d mess with – ever.  Being such an egomaniac, you’d think this would have been the perfect time for Caleb to talk about all his fights and wins, but instead he mostly let Cody ramble on and on while Caleb occasionally jumped in with ‘yea, I’m too old for that. When I go out I’d rather buy them a beer and try not to fight’.  I know this seems random and probably pointless, but to me it says a lot about Caleb’s character.  He may be an egomaniac, may be a hopeless romantic, but despite his physical presence, you’re more than likely to hear a story of him running into a burning building to save a cat than you are getting arrested over something stupid.

Sorry, I rambled on far too much about Caleb vs Cody.  Back to Frankie.  Victoria’s parents heard that and TMZ has an article this morning about it. They say Victoria’s family not only demands an apology from Frankie, but also his parents and his sister Ariana. This is where  I’m torn. I don’t think they should demand an apology from anyone but Frankie, but if I were Ariana, I would be tweeting out that she doesn’t agree with the stuff her brother said in the house yesterday. Basically, she should apologize on her own, but she shouldn’t be forced to.  Does that make sense?

Today is Sunday so there will be some chatter over what happens tomorrow.  Plenty of time for the backdoor Frankie plan to kick in, but just as much time for it to fizzle out into nothing.  We’ll see what happens in a few hours when the house gets stirring for the day.

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  1. Comments (722)

    I don’t think Ariana needs to apologize.
    For good PR she needs to separate herself from Mango.

    Mangos mama needs to apologize.. for having him …

    • Comments (692)

      Frankie is such an embarrassment to all gay men and actually to all good men who have morals. Frankies family should not have to apologize for him but they should have raised him better. he is an embarrassment to them also.

      • Comments (453)

        You can’t blame his family for the way he acts. You can raise them with morals and teach them right from wrong, it is them up to them as an adult to choose the right path to take.

      • Comments (692)

        I do agree. Apparently he learned nothing from his upbringing. He’s just obnoxious.

      • Comments (7)

        U do agree?? You just totally contradicted yourself in the span of 13 seconds. Because the replying poster was smarter than u u totally abandoned your assertion that his family should have raised him better. U being such a weak minded buffoon is far more offensive to me than words spouted by a Peter eater. Jackoff

      • Comments (722)

        Wow. Here we go Franko.
        Time for us to get berated online by complete strangers!
        Must be Sunday night!

      • Comments (610)

        I agree Peggy. He is an adult, especially at 31! His behavior makes me wonder if he was abused from a very young age and he’s never really dealt with it and just continues to act out. Then again, he could just be an ass.

      • Comments (722)

        Everything he does screams abuse.
        The promiscuity, the predatory behavior towards younger men in the house, the attention seeking behavior

        He comes from a Hollyweird family who sold the younger sister to the creeps at Nickelodeon (Dan Schneider- a bIgwIg at NIck- who is rumored to have gotten Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant at 16).

        Pedophilia is sooo rampant in Hollyweird. Think Corey Haim and Feldman.. hell, even Alison Arngrin (Nellie Olsen) and Paul Peterson (My 3 Sons) continue to be child advocates for those poor kids..

        I think Mango was taken to auditions, but they didn’t want him.. they wanted the younger cuter sister, yet he still had to endure the abuse.. and his mother allowed it..

      • Comments (1446)

        Wait – that makes me not only dislike him, but also feel sorry for him.

        You’re confusing me, Willie 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        Its the season of fine lines…

      • Comments (70)

        You are analyzing Frankie from your living room. That’s quite a story you have concocted without one shred of truth or fact mixed in. To me, he is just a spoiled narcissist. He seems more the abuser type than the abusee type. He has an inflated self esteem that is rare in abused children.

      • Comments (722)

        And where are you analyzing him from Freud?

      • Comments (1092)

        Touchee Willie

      • Comments (92)

        Thanks for the analysis Dr. Ray Parker Jr., oh I mean Willie Parker Jr. I didn’t know you went to Yale for psychoanalysis. Like Donny went to Harvard Medical. First, calling Frankie a psychopath and now this analysis. Very powerful stuff. This is a freaking TV show.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh another IllIterate and racist comment from BuffaloJill.

        Sociopath. Not psychopath. Pls learn to read.

        BuffaloJill doesn’t believe a black man could have an education past 8th grade thus all the comments about my degree and where its from.

        You forget I’ve analyzed you too genius.

      • Comments (92)

        All my God racist, really! You are a mad hatter. Sociopath, psychopath. I don’t care if you are orange. Your comments are to funny. Keep it up Willie Jones Jr.they are enjoyable to read. By the way the best business partner I have, other than my wife is a black woman. She is a genius, knows how to make money and is smart like Derrick.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh Jill. Pls step up your reading comprehension. I said black MAN not black WOMAN.

      • Comments (722)

        But he HAS to know they are watching.
        I know id be as mindful as I could, without being too mannerly where its fake..

        He knows better than to talk like that.

      • Comments (722)

        I feel bad for the gays who cringe when they see Mango.
        You guys go through enough as it is without him turning the calendar back 100 years..

  2. Comments (1092)

    Talk about a complete 180 degrees backfire !

    Frankie planted on the show for publicity for his sister is now creating a publicity mess.

    I love it !

    Steve is right. Frankie’s family shouldn’t have to do squat. But what if this metamorphs into something big ?

    The irony is just too funny !

    Karma, right Willie ?

    And if this turns into a real storm, BB will have to tell Frankie he has to appologize. Victoria will have to hear what was said, and the others mighf just do what Steve suggests and backdoor him as a peace offering to her.

    She will hate them all except Nicole who wasn’t there, now you have two chances for hoh to take down another guy.


    • Comments (722)

      Karma needs a raise its working so hard!
      Caleb has a real opportunity to make a statement and change the game.
      Will he do the right thing?

      I hear that last night during the conversation Caleb was called to DR…

      • Comments (1276)

        I hope something was said to someone about all of it. I didn’t get the feeds this year, so I’m just having to rely on Stevebeans (as always), BBAD and everyone on here to get glimpses of what else is going on.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah.. does Victoria even know?

      • Comments (1276)

        I haven’t seen anyone mention that she does. And lets be honest, who will tell her? I would think Derrick would, to keep her firmly in his pocket if nothing else, but I doubt he will (unless prompted to by DR) because then he’ll look like a huge jerk for not defending her then, and for still speaking to Frankie.

      • Comments (722)

        That’s gotta be awful having your family and the world hear such things and she has no idea. She’ll be really hurt because I know she thought they liked her. I’d be scared to be there actually and definitely hurt.

      • Comments (1276)

        She really did care about him at the beginning of the season, and thought they were really close. Thankfully she saw how he really was pretty quickly, but I don’t think she has any idea how nasty he can really be. But honestly, I think she will be more hurt that Derrick mostly, and the others as well, didn’t say anything (what was said against it really wasn’t enough to merit) in her defence. It was just a low down dirty convo that shouldn’t have happened.
        I think some people think that they had been drinking already when all this happened, but they had not. They were talking about who would drink that night, this happend in the afternoon.

      • Comments (42)

        I was shocked at derrick, he was laughing the hardest.

      • Comments (78)

        Disgusting bunch of men !!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (75)

        I thought he said something too

    • Comments (1443)

      They won’t let the HG KNOW ANY OF THIS IS GOING ON. NOW WE DONT KNOW WHAT KIND OF HINTS ARE being given to HG In DR. But the scene involved was terrible. And all of them laughing about it. I thought Caleb was making comments also about blood being everywhere but maybe that was Cody. I’ll have to go back and watch. Know Derrick was laughing like crazy and did some humping movement himself. Frankie was terrible in what he said and his ling gross humping movements. I didn’t hear Caleb saw it was inappropriate but if he did he has my vote from now on. That was worse than anything from last year even when they were so nasty about Elissa. At least they were scared and intimidated by Elissa. Victoria is not a threat to anyone!!

  3. Comments (98)

    The entire group in the room should apologize. I agree Willie as a PR move his sister should separate herself from Frankie.

  4. Comments (412)

    Frankie would have fit in perfectly with the cast of Big Brother 15.

  5. Comments (412)

    I think the biggest move of the summer was getting Devin out. He was also the only one I really agreed with, but Devin did have me feeling sorry for him toward the end.

  6. Comments (182)

    We have become a meaningless apologetic nation, so with that, Ariana’s mother should apologies to Ariana for giving her a motor-mouth-moron of a brother.

    As far as Caleb, I have always liked him from the beginning he was and still is my favorite despite his misgivings and that embarrassing Amber crush episode, poor Amber. But I sense Caleb to be a very loyal patriot with honor, a little too much vanity, but he’s got your back. I would be happy with either him or Derrick winning it all.

  7. Comments (43)

    If production says something to the house, it might then be a sure fire way to back door Frankie. They don’t want him to win anyway, since he revealed who he was and where the money was going. It would also look good on BB’s part if something was said…that this kind of language will not be tolerated.

  8. Comments (610)

    I think we could all come up with many an entertaining endings to the “season of…” But please, please, please DO NOT call it “Frankie’s season”!

    Little moves, yes, HGs have you never seen BB? Big moves baby! That’s what it’s all about. Stop voting what ‘the house wants’; that’s not what America wants.

  9. Comments (412)

    If Caleb gets Frankie out, then I think Caleb should win the entire game. I am just so sick of Frankie.

  10. Comments (19)

    I definitely don’t think they should demand an apology from anyone but frankie, although an apology should be made from the family because, honestly, Frankie is representing them as a whole, and if they feel the representation is off (Or in this case WAY far off) then that’s their cue to make a move, not to be demanded of it.

    Granted, not everyone in a family is going to be careful with what they say, when they say it or even how they say it, so there’s only so much a family CAN be sorry for. Demanding them of an apology because their son wants to be an individual is a bit over the top.

    As a side note… that picture makes Victoria look like Snow White.

    • Comments (610)

      I didn’t think of that until I read your comment Ruse, Victoria does look like Snow White in that picture! Lol!

    • Comments (4)

      I am not a Frankie fan but I believe all of them in that room except for Caleb (who had the guts to say) it was ‘inappropriate” should apologize to Victoria and her family. Here you have Cody, Derrick (the cop) and Christine laughing their heads of over a sick and perverted “show” by Frankie. Does Derrick(the cop) make fun of all the women who reports a rape in his community. I will watch this show to the end of the Season But WAKE UP CBS each year Big Brother gets sicker and sicker

      • Comments (1276)

        Cody said something to the extent of “that’s messed up”.

      • Comments (61)

        Derrick made a comment to the effect of “victoria’s dad is probably pissed if he heard that”

      • Comments (19)

        I definitely agree, but the one thing people forget is their in the paranoid house, where almost every little comment can potentially put you in the grave. Sure there are things some of them could have said, but I bet in Derricks mind he’s just letting the behaivor be so that if it gets worse and worse, there’s more validation behind voting him, and less ‘bitterness’ in the end.

        Just about everything can be a game move, and Derrick, I think, is holding back for that exact reason. If he tries to call out frankie, he might flip out, start getting paranoid, and want Derrick out.

        Not only that, but even though Derrick is a cop, he’s not playing as one, no one in that house knows he’s a cop (Not that I know of) so silence and patience is probably something he learned and feels is necessary at times like this. If he needs Frankie as a potential ally still, him speaking up at this moment could potentially ruin it.

      • Comments (42)

        He sure didnt have to laugh, im so disappointed in him.

      • Comments (1443)

        A real man would have spoken up and real men would then have supported what he said. Even Christine should have said something. Instead they laugh and encourage Frankie. There were no real men in this situation. Frankie’s family is not at fault but as parents they could say they don’t condone what he has said and done and are embarrassed and disappointed in his behavior

      • Comments (19)

        In normal circumstances a real man would have come out of that, but this isn’t normal, this is a situation where life changing money is on the line and a small moment’s pride could lose it all for you. A lot of people can be easily upset by it and by all means it makes sense, but if you were there and you stood up for it, and you had everything in your pocket, then that one moment suddenly puts you on the block and out the door. Well you just screwed yourself $500K and three months away from your loved ones for one prideful moment. It’s an exceedingly tough pill to swallow, but some understand the greater purpose behind it all.

    • Comments (75)

      I agree except Frankie isn’t the only one that made the comments. Derrick and maybe one other person said stuff too. They should all apologize!

  11. Comments (610)

    This kind of crap from Frankie should be told to the Jury House because it could very well impact how they vote for the winner. I think they deserve to know what kind of crap Frankie’s been pulling, and actually Victoria and Nicole need to know about it too, and the sooner, the better.

  12. Comments (22)

    After watching and reading all season, everything Frankie is doing (sexual comments, touchy feelie, lurking etc. etc etc) is sexual harassment. Last night on BBLN..Cody was drunk and the camera zoomed in on Frankie rubbing Cody’s upper upper thigh. This is grooming!!!! CBS wake up before you get sued!

    • Comments (11)

      sadly all the players sign away any of their rights to sue.

    • Comments (1276)

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Frankie is out of hand, however, the other houseguests don’t really seem to mind. Sure, some of them might be acting that they don’t, to advance themselves in the game, but they seem to be more than fine with his constant hands on vibe.
      But, I do think that to some extent, if anyone actually does mind what he’s been saying or doing, they should have brought that to Productions attention, or better yet, say something to him about it. The Victoria comments on the other hand, are another story all together. What he said they should do to her is vile, and she wasn’t even there to hear it. Oddly, I don’t think he would have said it in front of her, obviously, or in front of Donny, Jocasta, Hayden or Nicole… I think any of them might have said something to him about it.
      While I can see trying to ignore his comment, and not saying anything, like the others in the room did… well, one of my favorite sayings is “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”. I think it’s a shame that no one in there called him out for it the minute he said it, shame on the cast and on Production/CBS.

    • Comments (34)

      To me it looked like Cody was getting too touchy feely with Frankie. Even Frankie was surprised Cody grabbed his butt. It looked like if there were not any cameras around that Cody might have went for it. Cody was wasted & doing & saying a lot things he shouldn’t have.

  13. Comments (11)

    I am probably typing this all out more for myself than anyone else but……
    1) With football now airing on Thursdays and therefore leaving the BB show to aire at an ungawdly 1am which makes no sense to me when the network could simply choose a different night to aire BB ~ I am losing what little interest I had in WATCHING the show. I simply come here and read to catch up and I am good to roll for another week…so thank you SteveBeans!!

    2) The brilliance of gameplay by this season’s players leaves me in the dark. I found an LED light that shines a tad brighter than all the players shoved together.

    3) Let’s take bets on how many more seasons this show can go before being dumped by the network. (Survivor this is NOT)

    Okiez I feel so much better now that I have typed this all out. lol

    • Comments (610)

      Katey, I read within the last day or two that BB is going to be moved to a Tues/Wed night format so it won’t be up against Thurs night football. At this point, even that kind of move is probably bigger than any moves that have been made in the house this season.

  14. Comments (1)

    I agree that what he said and did is completely inappropriate, and I do agree that he needs to apologize to Victoria and her family, but I DO NOT think that Frankie’s Parents and Sister need to have anything to do with this!! Frankie is a grown ass man, and can take responsibility for his own actions.
    Victoria’s Family Demanding an apology from Ariana is just an attempt at getting something out of her fame. It’s completely ridiculous.

    • Comments (75)

      I completely agree! If it was any other HG they wouldn’t be asking the mom and sister to apologize. I have two sister and they are not responsible for what I say and do!! Plus he’s a adult!!

  15. Comments (453)

    Just like last year, CBS will say they have no control over what the house guests say, blah,blah, blah. Which is a cop out.

    • Comments (722)

      Sorry but the disclaimers do not alleviate the responsibilty CBS has to its audience.

      However CBS cannot censor the HGs thoughts nor speech, theIr speech Is protected by the First Amendment. Mango has every right to say as much disgusting crap as he wants to..

      I hate it too. It’s probably not what the Founding Fathers had imagined when signing the Bill of Rights…

      • Comments (1276)

        I agree, as usual Willie. They can not, and should not censor the cast, even more so on the live feeds and BBAD (you know, your only source for live feeds from the house on TV, everynight LOL). However, I do think that CBS (and I think they took WAY too long to address the comments being made last year) should in some way shape or form, address the issue, and say that they do not agree with the statement.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Christina. It needs addressed but I’m sure Mango will weasel his way out of any punishment.

        He needs punished… even evicted.

      • Comments (1276)

        totally agree. If I had any control, then I would remove Nicole from the block, put Frankie in her place, then tell Caleb he had to replace Christine (when she used her veto) on one of the guys in the room when that was said. That will be the only way to “Vote” Frankie out over it.
        He’s a fame whore anyways, I’d blast him for it, call him out on the show and on his exit interview. You know what they say, any PR is good PR.

      • Comments (722)

        Its totally possible.. but will Caleb do it? Will Derrick authorize it?

        If he knew he was our (daily) topic he’d love it..

      • Comments (1276)

        I think both of them would pull that trigger if anyone puts it into their heads that they look bad for doing nothing at the time. I just know, it would take very few words from the DR, and both of them would be more than eager to use that as the reason to boot Frankie and save the day.
        We know they get asked questions, and prompted in there, why not ask “what did you think about Frankie’s comment about Victoria?” and “how do you think America will look at anyone in the room?” or “what do you think your family would say if they heard Frankie saying the rape comments, and you doing/saying nothing?” It wouldn’t be hard at all.

  16. Comments (43)

    Just looked for BB on Sept 11th, which is a Thursday. It is not in the line-up for Thursday.!!!?????

    • Comments (174)

      Someone posted this earlier about air dates and times:

      Big Brother 16 – September 2014 Schedule:
      Sun, Aug 31, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
      Wed, Sept 3, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
      Thu, Sept 4, 9PM ET/PT – Live Double Eviction show – F5 revealed
      Sun, Sept 7, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
      Tue, Sept 9, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
      Wed, Sept 10, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F4 revealed
      Sun, Sept 14, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
      Tue, Sept 16, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
      Wed, Sept 17, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F3 revealed
      Sun, Sept 21, 8PM ET/PT – Final Three episode – Final HoH Rounds 1 & 2
      Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minss

  17. Comments (43)

    Thanks….Marie 2

  18. Comments (316)

    Frankie was at times entertaining during this otherwise boring season. However, his recent comments about Victoria were thoughtless and mean spirited. It is time for him to pack his bags.

  19. Comments (1276)

    I have a bad feeling nothing will be done to or said to Frankie by CBS/Production, until after he leaves the game. But I do agree, something should be said. I don’t see them pulling him from the game, however, giving him the choice of either telling Victoria, in a group setting, not one on one (because I would not feel comfortalbe alone with him if he was telling me he said that about me) what was said, and appoligize for it OR he gets put on the block. I would like to see him put up in Nicole’s place, since Christine will already use the veto, leaving Caleb the choice of putting up Victoria, who is, lets be honest, the victim in this one, or one of the guys, which would gaurantee Frankie Leaving.

    As for Frankie’s family… They should not be asked to appoligize. However, if he was my son, or my brother, I would appoligize for what he said. Even more so, if I was a public figure, and up and comer, even if she didn’t mean it at all, not addressing it could hurt her career. Then again, how many people keep buying Chris Brown CD’s after his abuse came into light. Most people have a short memory

  20. wishingBBwasgoodagain
    Comments (1)

    I lost all respect for everyone in that room. Derrick being a cop and a father should have steped up and put an end to that conversation. Caleb did say it was inappropriate, but he sat there laughed and did nothing to stop Frankie. Such a shame that now their family’s have to deal with the embarrassment.

  21. Comments (644)

    I think BB should say something to everyone that was in that room and participated in that conversation. Frankie needs to apologize to Victoria and to her parents. Ariana doesn’t have to apologize but if she is smart she will, to let people know that she doesn’t approve that type of behavior. Even Derrick participated in it and made some disgusting statements, that made me look at him in a different light. They were all laughing. I remember Cody making two statements against what these idiots said, but he still laughed at everything, Caleb and Christine were laughing too. Wonder how they would feel if people said that about their mothers and sisters, and in Derrick’s case his daughter. Not nice!
    Frankie needs to be evicted (this incident was too much on top of what he has already said and done), and Thursday would be a good time to do it. Especially on the second eviction since he won’t have time to harass the other players.

    • Comments (1443)

      Have to get him in first eviction. He could win hoh of pov if they wait

    • Comments (53)

      Christine was laughing too.
      But lets not forget that it was Christine who STARTED this whole vile conversation. “Please don’t make love to Victoria tonight…….”
      Watching Christine turn every mundane conversation into something sexual (and we aren’t supposed to realize its so she can show Cody how “sexy” she is…….ugh. ewwwww)
      But this was different. As a woman … can she sit there and laugh at something so vile.
      Derrick is supposed to be an officer of the law??? He not only laughed but joined in.
      I’m no fan of Victoria as a game player but as a person she is kind and has looked to Derrick as a friend.
      Frankie is a disgusting vile loser but Christine threw him this bait and they ALL rushed in and took part.
      I’m so sorry for Victoria’s family but they can be proud that their daughter has conducted herself with dignity

  22. Comments (843)

    The ONLY way to get to any TV station is to boycott a show. Better yet, call or email every advertiser and tell them you will not use their products as long as they subsidize a show that allows sexual abuse/harassment.

  23. Comments (1799)

    The fact that nothing has been done yet tells you so much about this production crew In years past it was delt with immediately This is the issue with the live feeds The producers sell you on seeing or hearing things unfiltered Well this is what you get Ask any bartender and they will tell you Add alcohols to find out someone’s true self Alchole often magnifies a persons faults No excuse for what was said Frankie should be pulled from the show In the past his family might have shield him in the past but in this case they gave nothing they could have done

  24. Comments (69)

    Well steve it got worse after you went to bed – Frankie played and I do mean played on Cody being drunk – fondling his chest and his arse as well as Cody fonding Frankie to Mangos arse – even Caleb saying Cody when you wake up tomorrow your butt is going to hurt – apparently Caleb does not know the definition of bottom vs top – but Mango did – he corrected Caleb and said that it would be his butt that would be hurting – Mango is doing exactly the opposite of what gay men have been trying not to portray over the last decade in order to be accepted by the general public that it is not all about being a man whore – hopefully the public will just look at it and think that Mango is a pervert and leave it at that. Wonder if Codys Mom and Dad were laughing over little Cody last night – bet his sister was not. Ok – send me the thumbs down over this post – off my soap opera and out of here. Just saying – and the comments about Vic does not help the situation either.

  25. Comments (182)

    Time for the big move. Blindside/Backdoor/Backstab Frankie Fairy, he had no problem doing it to Zack, so turn-around-is-fair-play, so he would say himself. Cheers will come loud from Victoria’s family and fans, and me too.

    • Comments (1276)

      Honestly, all it would take to “help” that happen is for the DR to tell Caleb and Derrick, that Frankie’s comment about Vic isn’t hitting the public too well. Or, even just bring it up, plant that seed that they might be looking bad in the publics eye (Caleb because how will he ever be a STAR if people think he’s not a stand up guy???).
      I bet a little seed would be enought to get Frankie put on the block, and a few whispers to say, Christine (since she’ll be a voter), and Vic, and boom, you have more than enough votes.

      • Comments (722)

        Im all for DR intervention and seed planting on this one…

      • Comments (182)

        We shall see who wins out, the outrage from viewers, or CBS latent promo mainstream intro for Araina via Frankie, for I believe there is a corp. relationship going on that benefits to keep Frankie around still.

      • Comments (832)

        Caleb would love to be viewed as the hero…he believes he is. If DR would feed his ego enough he’d put Frankie up in a heartbeat!

  26. Comments (6)

    Frankie is a disgusting PIG!!!

  27. Comments (1)

    Frankie: CBS need to REMOVE Him from Big Brother. Being abused is a life full of nightmares. CBS needs to do something about this. Frankie is a big boy and an idiot.

  28. Comments (71)

    I think Frankie’s comment was inappropriate & out of line. BUT during the course of BB’s long history, a lot of distasteful foot in mouth comments have been made & aired . Maybe Victoria’s parents should not have allowed their sheltered & pampered Victoria to be on the show? Surely they were aware of the potential for embarrading behaviour & raunchy remarks? Especially after last year’s controversies. To me, it appears as if Victoria receives special BB treatment & I get the feeling that strings are being pulled in Victoria’s favor & probably at the request and/ or demands / threats of Victoria’s family? Again, I feel that Frankie should apologize for his crude comment & I feel that Frankie is soley responsible for his comments. Next, we’ll probably see Victoria’s parents bringing charges / legal retribution against Frankie & his sister in retailiation for his remarks. BB is a game that is infamous for crude & inappropriate remarks. Lots of inconsiderate & inappropriate comments have been made by & about the majority of all the players of BB this year & all the previous years. Insensitive remarks is a sad part of the game. Maybe BB should discontinue production in order to appease Victoria’s family. After all, she is a princess & she deserves immunity from any harsh treatment that has & is endured by her cast mates & previous BB cast. Again, I feel Frankie made a serious mistake with his words.

  29. Comments (1)

    BB Production – the house guests are not allowed to sing, but production remains silent while Frankie makes inappropriate sexual comments about Victoria? Wakie, wakie. What is wrong with picture? Maybe BB needs to hire a new production staff!

  30. Comments (3)

    I am a fan of BB and have been watching since season 8. I have never been so appalled by comments made by house guests as I was last night. I e-mailed CBS to let them know just how disgusting it was that not ONE word was said to them as they (and I do mean ALL) were partaking in the conversation. Even Caleb said something about blood being everywhere!!!!!!!! If they are in that house and they are following the rules as far as not eating anything but slop WHY could there not be a rule or punishment for behavior of this kind. Just disgusted!!! Save Nicole! Leave Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Comments (2)

    I have a suggestion for Thursday’s double eviction: Sometime during the airing of Wednesday’s show, have an announcement that America will vote for the second person to be evicted on Thursday evening. If the person with the most votes is already gone (probably) then the person with the second most votes goes home. How fun to watch their faces when they realize any one of them might be next to go. Even funnier, announce it to the HG’s this week so the cameras don’t miss any one of their expressions when they find out what is going to happen. Just my thoughts on how to shake things up.

  32. Comments (1)

    CBS is just going to turn the other way. That’s what they did last year with all the bigotry and they will do this year with the bullying. They already got the money from the sponsors and they can care less. I stopped watching the show the moment Donny was eveicted. If CBS “Cares” like they said they will apologize to America and make a statement, but they will never do that

  33. Comments (34)

    CBS cannot control a horrible comment. They should step in if it is a continuous thing. Evil Dick said much worse to Jen’s face over & over including comments about rape & murder. I was angry they didn’t step in & put a stop to that abuse.
    It does make you think if this was said in front of cameras, what does Frankie talk about when millions aren’t watching.

  34. Comments (211)

    Although Derrick did make a comment about how Victoria’s dad was watching and how he can only imagine how mad he would be – shortly after saying that, he (Derrick) starting joking about what it would be like if Zingbot did what Frankie described to Victoria…he was actually acting it out, laughing. (God help this girl when she finally realizes what this guy who she’s been treating like a king, is really like.)

  35. Comments (644)

    Look at Wil Heuser’s latest video impersonating some of BB16’s character, very funny:

    • Comments (644)

      I was just reading that Caleb was saying that he might want to back door Mango. Then Derrick shuts down the idea. He says it’s too soon. Even though I like Derrick much better than Mango at this moment I feel Mango should leave after Derrick, so Derrick will see that it’s never too soon to get Mango out. Mango should even leave before Christine, he’s more of a threat.
      How I wish Nicole could stay and change the course of the game…………….

  36. Comments (21)

    Idk why Caleb is getting any praise at all..just b/c at the end of the convo he said it was inappropriate? I believe his exact words were “we would ruin her..there would be blood everywhere”. That was the worst comment of all!

  37. Comments (83)

    If Frankie needs to apologize to Victoria
    For his comment, then they need to watch
    Every minute if each day in that house and
    Write down everyone else’s insults to eachother
    Such as when Cody wanted to punch out
    Donny or when Victoria did a very violent act
    By ripping and cutting up her pink hat towards
    Zach, suggesting violent behaviour towards him?
    Seriously, this is getting out of hand. I bet you
    If Victoria was in the room when Frankie made that
    Comment, she probably would of just laughe it off.
    Her family just wants attention for their daughter.
    If I was Frankie’s mother or Ariana, I would tell
    Her family to go fly a kite and let Victoria and
    Frankie be adults and work it out themselves.

    • Comments (1276)

      There is a big difference between tacky comments and saying someone should go rape someone else. You have to see the difference. Yes, Vic ripping up the hat was childish, but it was her hat, so no harm no foul. I don’t at all think it’s a matter of Vic’s family trying to get attention when they are appauled by the comments made, they have every right to demand an apology from Frankie. Saying his sister or family need to appologize is dumb, they didn’t do anything wrong, but Frankie, a full grown man should know better than to EVER say something so vile and hateful.

  38. Comments (83)

    They are guys stuck in a house without
    Having sex. It just innocent guy talk by watching
    Too much porn in their lives. Victoria’s family
    Should be lucky she is even still in that house.
    I may be insensitive but I don’t like Victoria at all.

    • Comments (1443)

      You are insensitive because if you like someone or not this was extremely inappropriate. You act as if since you don’t like her it would be fine if they went thru with what they said. How would you feel if it was your sexually innocent daughter they were talking about?

      • Comments (644)

        Trudy, by the way Annette thinks, she wouldn’t care if they said that about her daughter, or mother, or sister, or any woman.

  39. Comments (59)

    At least in the UK version of BB they air big brother telling the houseguests that they are going over the line. I love the way UK BB handles their game. they show other housemates what others are saying about them, they make them talk and bring up their differences. it’s a show about the players changing and growing in this house of strangers. with that being said. here is an example of how they handle inappropriate behavior..and they actually air it. and enough warnings will get a person evicted.

    Yesterday, bosses gave Stephanie a dressing down about her conduct in the Diary Room.

    In footage aired in tonight’s highlights show, Big Brother told her: “Before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour were explained to you.

    “Big Brother understands that it’s inevitable that not all housemates will get along, and that disagreements will happen in the house. “However, Big Brother will step in when it’s felt the behaviour is escalating, and there’s potential for individuals to be excluded and become the subject of more persistent ridicule, which could be perceived as bullying.”

    The voice added: “Big Brother thinks that your treatment of Gary could be perceived as unacceptable and Big Brother doesn’t tolerate unacceptable behaviour.”

  40. Comments (25)

    Frankie is an embarrassment to the gay community. He always flames up when the camera is on him and it’s no fun watching. His sister shouldn’t be too happy about her bro being so obnoxious and grossing the viewers. America’s favorite player….never Frankie ever. He should get the most grossiest player award. The more I see him, the less I like and at this point, I dislike him completely.

  41. Comments (25)

    I’m new to this site. It’s awesome to get an advance sense of the show before episodes are aired! So thank you.

    This is also the first time I’m commenting. I watched a clip of the entire group laughing at Frankie’s rape comments and am outraged. It isn’t only Frankie who takes part in this conversation. Christine, Derrick the police officer who bears extra responsibility (in my opinion) because of his profession, Cody, and Caleb laugh and do the absolute minimum so as not to rock the boat. Or perhaps they really think talking about physically harming someone sexually after getting her drunk is funny. CBS has no right to ignore this conversation. CBS is condoning views that it’s okay to joke about raping women, to degrade women, and that rape itself is funny. I’m a guy, by the way, and can’t imagine how it would feel to be a young woman watching this. I just found a petition that’s calling for CBS to actually take a stand. CBS can take a stand about Aryn last season and condone this? Doesn’t seem okay to me. Please consider signing the petition. 1000 signatures will get the attention of the network.

    Here’s the petition:

    Thank you for calling attention to it as it would be easier for CBS to ignore and not air. CBS should not have a choice in this matter. CBS should act and make a clear statement to millions of viewers that rape is expressly wrong and not to be tolerated in this manner.

    Sorry for the tone here! Impassioned because I care for better. If only there were more of Donny in the world. CBS should evict everyone and just give him the money.

  42. Comments (28)

    I hate Victoria, the girl is an absolute moron and people who act like her are a waste of flesh and bones. Id say the joke was funny but I wouldnt stick my (cough) in her if my johnson was made of water and her snatch was on fire. This is PG compared to how MOST men talk. Okay, maybe not the ones on a BB fan site or even watchin BB for that matter but the reality is this is how we shit talk… If he said it to her face and intimidated her that would be fucked up or if they actually did that to her id say arrest them all. But it was a joke about someone they dont like behind her back, get over it.

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