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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Feed Updates


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I have noticed a few people talking about Donny and his earlier rejection of the Team America task. Yes, Derrick and Frankie are using the excuse they don’t want to compromise their game just like Donny said when he rejected it.  The issue I have with it is that Derrick and Frankie are not really compromising their game. There is a very valid reason to vote Nicole out over Donny and Derrick and Frankie could have entertained the idea and even floated it by the other houseguests.  Donny even said you can vote me out next week instead, but they instantly changed it back to the play idea.

With that said, I did also think it was very weak for them to reject the 4th task as well. That decision made me lose respect in the whole Team America thing and I haven’t really taken it serious since then.  It was still more dangerous than this week, but the task they rejected wasn’t really too hard. Amber was on the block, so Caleb would have been a super easy target to blame, and they could have just picked another person.

The only real difference is I truly believed Derrick and Donny were just too scared to do the mission that week (Frankie couldn’t as he was HoH), while this week Frankie and Derrick just want to get Donny out.

Enough of that, time for updates…

  • 3:30pm – Photobooth time.  Meanwhile, others pop in and out to the backyard couch talking about various things. Cody and Donny are mostly chatting about the show they watched last night as a reward from the veto competition (Cody picked Donny and Nicole so they could eat snacks).  The show was Scorpion (which I kind of want to watch)
  • 5:00pm – Checking in on the feeds, Frankie is still prepping people for the dumb play or fake interview or whatever crap they’re planning for the non save-donny plan everyone wants
  • 5:45pm – Cody and Caleb are playing pool while Christine, Donny and Nicole watch. It’s absolutely painful listen to Christine pretend to be interested in the shots.
  • Time to watch the nomination episode on CBS. Probably more exciting than the live feeds right now, though it won’t be fun watching Cody win.
  • 6:35pm – Someone yelling over the wall again. Lockdown. First they think it’s a helicopter loudspeaker, but Cody said “Did you hear what they said?”.
  • 6:41pm – Caleb tells Derrick that Cody heard “Frankie is the saboteur
  • Meanwhile, here is the look Christine made when Derrick left her to go talk to Caleb in another room privately. Feeling a bit left out?  I wonder why..
  • 6:55pm – Think Caleb is cares about a saboteur?  Hell no.. Caleb cares about smashing those air drums.
  • And here is Frankie’s reaction
  • Cody asks about live feeds and if we can hear whispering. Christine says we can’t (we can) and then Caleb mentions how the person outside could have just been huge fans of Donny and wanted to flip the script.  Oh Caleb, go back to your air drums
  • Caleb joking about Amber’s story she wanted to tell everyone but never did. That was pretty annoying how she did that.
  • 7:30pm – The house is eating, so I am going to watch True Blood before I’m flooded with spoilers by the end of the night.
  • 9:15pm – The house is doing the play or whatever the hell it’s called where they’re imitating houseguests.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (1799)

    Early on when Brinty was voted out the production had her children their . Seeing that she was not going into jury but was going home it had no bearing on the game Yet when Frankie was up they had his sister in the audience If by chance he was voted out he would be greeted by his sister than go into the jury house No other house guest was given this option Just one more example of how things are tilted for Frankie
    How can Frankie and Derrick claim they do not want to go against the house THEY ARE THE HOUSE !!! If and when Frankie and Derrick are voted out please BOO loudly
    Congrats to Jackie Robertson West great try The beat the better team in Navada the night before Faught to the last out they showed a lot of class

    • Comments (75)

      Why would you boo them. They are playing a great game. Donny refused to do one of team American things and no one is pissed at him. You may not think getting Donny out is best for Derrick and Frankie’s game but they do. You people talk so much crap on here about the HG you don’t like. People are calling Frankie a whore and saying things about Christine and her husband. How are you any different than the HG’s. If you don’t like the people than don’t watch it!!

      I can’t image them coming out of the house and reading the nasty stuff you people write about them. So what if Frankie touches people they don’t seem to care. If it makes you uncomfortable than like I said don’t watch!!

      Everyone has their favorites just because the HOH doesn’t do what you want doesn’t mean he is wrong. Derrick is playing a great game he has everyone thinking they are going to the final two with him. Ya I know you all think Donny is smart because he sees what’s going on but he hasn’t really tried to get anyone on his side. I don’t watch the live feeds but I have watch a little of the after dark. They never seem to be mean to Donny when I’ve watched.

      Ok sorry I’m just sick of reading all the negitive comments!! I think I’ll take my advise and stop reading them!!! I’ll just read the blog and watch the show!!

      • Comments (266)

        No need to scold us for talking crap. Find me a blog about a reality tv show where there are zero crap talkers. Take your own advice: if you don’t like it, then don’t look at it.

      • Comments (75)

        Yes this is true. That’s what these blogs are for. So I’m aloud to voice my option too! I already said I’m going to take my advice and stop reading.

      • Comments (266)

        ‘Voicing opinions’ is a fancier way of saying ‘talking crap’ in most cases. Thus, we have accomplished nothing. 😉

      • Comments (644)

        #11 You say: “Donny refused to do one of team American things and no one is pissed at him.” You forget to remember that Derrick didn’t want to do it either, but he threw all the blame on Donny.

      • Comments (75)

        I don’t have the live feed so I only saw what CBS wanted us to see. It looked like it was all Donny. That is annoying that Derrick refused to do it too.

      • Comments (644)

        The CBS show doesn’t portray correctly everything that goes on. Just like today’s show they portrayed Derrick saying that besides Cody, Donny is the person that he likes the most in the house and that he was willing to work with him. If you read what happens in the house from websites like this, and if you watch BBAD/live feeds, you’ll know that Derrick wants Donny out of the house, and he hasn’t been talking nice about him either.

      • Comments (75)

        Yes Lilly I noticed that last week. The way they made it look like it was all Frankie’s idea to put up Zach. I watched some of the after dark and it looked like Derrick had a lot to do with it too. Plus they left out the part where Zach Frankie he would be dumb not to put him up.

        Of course without the live Feed it could of been Frankie idea and I missed that

      • Comments (644)

        I know that on the show they don’t have enough time to broadcast everything that happens. But they should do a better job of saying why things happen because if not the people are misled.

      • Comments (722)

        We dont need to be mad at each other or the players. We need to be mad at producers!
        But we cant. If we did, wed have no show.
        They have to squeeze 1 week of exponential amounts of film footage into three 42 minute shows every week.

        And they have to form the story and place “interesting” dialogue together into mostly coherent, semi authentic conversations. We get what they want to give us.

        The producers are genius. I bet the show has more viewers now.. as much as we sit here and gritch.. I need to know.. who stopped watching? I havent. Ill see this (john tapper) sh*tshow.. sorry to cuss.. all the way to awful fruition!

      • Comments (1276)

        They actually have been pretty nasty to Donny, even saying that no one should talk to him (kind of like where they had a meeting saying no one was “allowed” to talk to Nicole one on one).
        Personally, I wouldn’t boo Derrick, while his judgement seems to be faultering as of late, I don’t think he’s as bad as most think. However, I would boo Frankie, and not due to him rubbing on anyone. I think if the houseguests actually minded (no matter what they’ve said in the past) they wouldn’t actively rub him back. I would boo Frankie because of the times he’s used his grandfathers death as a reason for him being paranoid. I would also boo Frankie because of him trying to use his sisters fame to advance himself in the game. I would also boo Frankie because of him claiming to need the money to build schools (I know he has helped with this type of mission work in the past, however, with his sister having the money she does, he doesn’t “need” this money to do it).
        And no offence, but while the personal attachs, talking about peoples looks, weight and such, I personally find vile, and don’t personally say/think, they have to know going in that they will be judged. They have all talked about what the viewers/bloggers think of them at some point. So to some extent, it is part of the price to pay when you sign up for a reality/game show. I’ve said it before, I love watching BB, but I can’t imagine I would ever go on it. I don’t want or need a camera on me 24/7, or every move I make to be judged.

      • Comments (75)

        Christina you make some good points they did sign up for this!!! I don’t watch the live feeds so to me it looked like it was all Donny. I guess CBS wanted it to look that way. Just like watching the show you never see them be mean to Donny either.

      • Comments (487)

        So you are saying it would be okay for Donny to expose his game in order to protect Frankie and Derrick’s game. BS. I’m glad that Donny didn’t rollover and bow to those two jerks.

      • Comments (75)

        Juarez are you responding to me? Cause if so I’m confused I said nothing about Donny exposing team America. If there is no rule about it that they loss the money, than hell ya Donny should do it!!

      • Comments (13)

        They have all been rude to Donny and they started talking crap about him. Do your research before you talk.

      • Comments (1137)

        Wow where do I start?! Let’s see yes Frankie and Derrick were mad about Donnie not wanting to do the mission and that’s when they started campaigning for him to go up every week. People might be saying something about Christine because like me they may be put off by the fact that she actually slept between Cody and Caleb I believe. To top that off let’s talk about Frankie saying he has had every veneral disease known to man and not only that I’m tired of it being the Frankie show every moment of BBAD. I could go on but I’ll just top that off with the fact that I have mute the t.v every night when Frankie, Derrick eat and that should give you enough reasons but I have suggestion for you quit reading the blogs.

  2. Comments (1276)

    I agree with you Stevebeans. How they are using making a play, as completing a task is beyond me. If they have ever watched the show, then they know that the fans HATE this kind of crap! Plus, like so many have said, we are watching the Frankie Show 24/7 as is, we really don’t need to give him a platform.
    So how on earth could they think that America would support them and give them the win on this one? Do they really think that because they got picked for TA, that we will just blindly vote for them?
    What is really going to tick me off is when however many minutes of one of the CBS show is wasted on this crap (when they haven’t been showing so much this season). They already cut the hour long show, how many minutes short? I am pretty sure it ends at either 5 or 6 till every episode, and now more time wasted on this? grrr

    • Comments (53)

      a play? Starring Skankie????

      Who will play Christink and talk about making her husband lick the dog
      –fondle some dim witted muscle head
      Wank under the covers (youtube should Really remove that clip)
      and who will play Skankie
      talking about how his butt hole is so loose he needs to wear panty liners
      his having had every std known to man
      NOBODY wants to see this play
      even if they decided to dig deep and do some real acting and play actual human beings…….

  3. Comments (644)

    Frankie is putting on this show so everyone will see it and he’ll make it a part of his resume. He feels entitled to everything and this is his house. Hey, he even thinks he owns the HOH room.
    But first, (like Julie says) does anyone remember the show The Glass House, about 2 years ago? It was like BB. The winner was Kevin who was a police officer in Toledo, Ohio. That man really had class. It was so easy to root for him. He is so different from Derrick. I liked him, Andrea and Mike.

    • Comments (1276)

      I actually did like Derrick, and on most counts still do. I just don’t like the side of him we are seeing that is just making mean hateful comments about the other side of the house. I can see not liking someone, and even voicing that opinion, but I don’t like leading the team on the trash talk. I remember at the beginning of the season, he would actually be pretty quiet when others were doing that.
      I am trying to keep in mind, that being in that house 24/7 would be a strange thing, and would probaly bring out qualities that usually aren’t so obvious. I still don’t think he’s a bad guy, or a “crooked cop” like some have said, I just think he’s letting the game, and certain others in the house influence his behavior. Just my opinion of course.

  4. Comments (182)

    “I am Frankie the ‘Wonderful Frankie’, good thing I have a famous sister, otherwise I would be just Frankie the ‘Wonderful Nobody'”

    Photo looks like Victoria is still hoping and hovering over Frankie to promise maybe some Adrianna backstage passes after the season ends. Of course that is a presumptuous carrot he might dangle from time to time, at the right times.

  5. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, how are things with your mom??

  6. Comments (644)

    Watching today’s episode, it’s funny how Cody and Derrick are talking and saying Christine is playing both sides of the house. That she “is at this moment talking to Frankie.” Don’t they realize that they themselves talk to Caleb and Frankie also? And to Zach when he was there too? I guess girls aren’t allowed to talk to everyone in the alliance, but the guys are. Anyway I don’t like Christine. Donny and Nicole for the win!!!!

    • Comments (1446)

      And how annoyed they all were that Nicole and Donny were (god forbid) whispering to each other – apparently THEY are the only ones who are allowed to whisper and talk game.
      And How Cody was mad that, with Nicole back, Donny has someone to talk to – he would rather Donny be alone in the game. Cody’s a scumbag.

  7. Comments (1)

    I’m so upset with this season. Derrick, Frankie, and Cody are being jerks to Donny. Where’s Pandora’s box?!? Where’s the twists?!? And why was the HOH comp about dates??? How is that fair to someone that’s been in jury? Urgh it makes me mad >:/

  8. Comments (487)

    These DFRs have been interesting tonight. Maybe Cody will grow a pair and get Christine out of the house.

  9. Comments (1)

    Even if Derrick wins this game, he will lose. He can not be an effective Police Officer again. When he is called to testify in court they will use how easily he can lie to further his case. I bet he will not be a cop in 3 years.

  10. Comments (8)

    I maybe wrong but…I think Frankie will win hoh an make his big move putting up Cody & Frankie…

  11. Comments (8)

    Cody & Derrick

  12. Comments (8)

    I maybe wrong but…I think Frankie will win hoh an make his big move putting up Cody & Derrick…

  13. Comments (1799)

    I hate how the producers manipulate me Those DR confessions are pure BS Cody never thought twice about putting Donny & Nichole up Derrick talk with Donny was so disingenuous . Any thing Donny has said or done Derrick has done to others The one interesting segment was the one showing how Derrick has changed himself to be less throating to the other Just like any good undercover cop blend in He has made everyone not even question who he REALY is Yet he always reminds the other house guest how old Donny is
    This point that Donny is not sociable is interesting He seems to have long one on one talk with everyone but was never big on game talk Than again all these people were in an alliance They were always talking and screaming That was what pass for being sociable to them
    Props to production for mixing Frankie’s voice with someone else and feeding him all the one liners Great lip synch by Frankie

  14. Comments (6)

    I think Derrick would genuinely like to work with Donny. But Donny is too stubborn to accept the olive branch. All Donny would have to do is tell Derrick he wants to work with him and that if he wins HOH next week, he won’t put him up. I think Derrick would save him. But although I like Donny and I hope he wins AF, I don’t want him to win the 500k. I want Derrick to win.

    • Comments (61)

      You’d think twice about taking any olive branches from Derrick too if you were the ONLY person in the house that knows he’s running things, and knowing everybody else is on his side.

    • Comments (644)

      Derrick has a final two with Cody, Caleb, Victoria, and Frankie. So where would that leave Donny? Having a final 2 with Derrick means nothing. And Derrick is smart, he knows that in the final he can beat everyone but between him and Donny it would be a tough fight. But I feel in the end probably Derrick will win because he has the votes of his loyal alliance members.

    • Comments (1443)

      Donny has told Derrick many times he would work with him. Derrick made final two deal with Donny. What u see in DR is not what is really happening. Derrick does not want to work with Donny cause he knows Donny knows everything and he thinks Donny could beat him.

  15. Comments (92)

    Well since Donny didn’t win Pov it will take a miracle for him to stay. I hate to say this but Derrick is playing a great game. Cody is to full of himself and in the eend he will not win. This game is Derrick’s to lose.

  16. Comments (17)

    Its not gona be interesting until all gone but them.then mabey the sheep will see the wolf(derrick)for what he is.I asl hate they talk crap all day about donny,to being mean.but when he says somthing they attack him.want nicloe to win.don’t see that happening.all following derrick!hope not to close or all up his butt when he stops.haha long live queen mango(not)haha

  17. Comments (487)

    Ariana just won best pop video and didn’t mention dear Frankie or her family in her thank yous. Interesting.

    • Comments (722)

      Hey Juaelz.. I didnt see your post. I posted the same startling news!! Thats just so funny.. I wonder how he will spin that.
      Ive never heard her or seen her perform but oh dear is she terrible live! Nice body, nice face, but pls stop that noise!

      • Comments (487)

        I would rather seen Lordes sing Royals (again) than see Ariana Grande’s performance. So I didn’t even watch her. I was watching “Rising Star” and voting for the winner Jessie, the blues rocker from New York. I love the concept of this show. Entertainment and real time audience participation in choosing the winner. Maybe that is something BB could use next year, real time audience voting on who gets voted out of the house. Let the HOH choose, have the POV comps, but we decide who actually leaves the house.

      • Comments (722)

        I havent seen that show.. i prefer dancing than singing shows..
        But i think viewers need to do more than vote for food. Viewers voting would really mess with the game.. i think thats how the first season went..

  18. Comments (372)

    It seems the TA mission will be each HG impersonating one evicted HG …that might be entertaining …but still not a mission in my book.

    • Comments (682)

      Right. Evicted HG. I’m sure so they don’t offend any existing. Lame, Lame, Lame. Derrick told Frankie production said they don’t think it will work. Derrick responded saying Ariana’s fans will vote and it WILL get approved. 5:20 PM Camera 3/4

  19. Comments (266)

    It would fire up Frankie if he found out Derrick is lying about his career. I remember when Frankie revealed his lies to the guys and Derrick standing there acting all pissy saying “I’m just disappointed and I feel like I’ve been betrayed blah blah..” So that could possibly be what turns Frankie against Derrick. But most likely Derrick will not crack.

  20. Comments (1288)

    Will the TA mission success be known before the eviction vote? I think so and that means we HAVE TO VOTE NO ON THE TEAM AMERICA MISSION QUESTION. If Frankie and Derrick think they have a success and then are told America says “no money for you” perhaps they will rethink how America sees Donny. Small chance but it is the only chance Donny has left. I don’t think he will mind losing the $5k if he is in next weeks HoH comp.

  21. Comments (372)

    this just came over jokers site …house guests on lock down

    Apparently a fan yelled that Frankie is the Saboteur according to Caleb

    this could get interesting

    • Comments (722)

      In waiting to hear “Derricks a cop”, and see everyone scatter!!

      • Comments (372)

        also from jokers … (Reply) When Caleb was telling Derrick, Derrick asks ‘and I was a cop?’ and Caleb says ‘no’. NT

        Is Caleb smart enough to pick up that Derrick just kinda blew his cover …lets hope

      • Comments (682)

        This is misquoted. Derrick said “I thought it was a cop”. Because they were saying it was a mega phone from a police helicopter at first.

      • Comments (372)

        Caleb believes Donny’s fans want to flip the vote and that’s why a fan yelled what they did earlier.

        …wow REALLY cowboy …so no …cowpie didnt pick up on Derrick slip …$h!t4brains

  22. Comments (8)

    Frankie’s more of a gamer than they think he’s won when his backs against the wall I think it will be Frankie & Victoria final 2…I’m no Frankie fan but big brother always hints expect the unexpected…

  23. Comments (1)

    After tonight’s show Cody is useless!! His first HOH he didn’t have the balls to do what he should have and same goes for his second HOH! What a waste!!

  24. Comments (722)

    Love the screencaps!
    Id love to see Calebs “shredding”! Wonder if he really plays? Im sure he says he does.. however the ninja kicks were pretty cool.. Id love to see his reaction when he sees himself fall!!
    Frankie looks more jealous than impressed.

  25. Comments (843)

    How is putting on a play staring freaky Frankie a mission?
    Cody heard what the fan said. Hopefully this will rattle his brain enough to use the veto on Donny—-oh, who am I kidding, he doesn’t have a brain to rattle.

  26. Comments (487)

    I just read a great article about the downfall of Big Brother. Article called it, bad casting and BB Production favorites vs the fan favorites. Production has gotten wrong the past two years and have interfered to much in the game play. And not enforcing the rules unless it’s convenient. Maybe if BB Production and casting spent sometime reading the various blogs they might realize that they are ruining the franchise. It’s time for a new US BB Production team and casting. More diversity, across ages, sex and race, etc. And one more thing, let’s not tell anyone’s occupation or sexual orientation. Frankie is a acting like a stereotype gay man, which for me, who had a gay cousin and friends who are gay, I find insulting and so do they. Thank you for letting me vent.

    • Comments (692)

      Not alllll gay men are like Frankie. There are some like him but not ALLLLL are. Also, just as in the straight world not all straight people are like some of the ones in the house. Most gay men are very reserved and know how RESPECT others. Frankie shows signs that he just a spoiled brat who has been pampered his entire life.

      • Comments (383)

        Frankie is just a horrid human being.

      • Comments (722)

        Frankie is a class all by himself.. low class.
        Im hoping that Christine gets backdoored this week.. and not in the way she is used to..

      • Comments (469)

        franko – if you can think back when Frankie got the news and the letter of his grandfathers passing he went on a 15 min. gratuotous expose’ of his family – some of the things he said were very telling – one in particular – he was talking about what his GF thought of he and Ariana – he said GF liked Ariana better – but not too much – then he started on a list of things his GF liked about him – he clearly has sibling jealousy – and he shadows Ariana in an attempt to literally absorb (steal) her success. And interestingly enough – it has been pointed out here that when Ariana won an award (I am assuming tonight) she made absolutely no mention of family in her acceptance speech – sounds like she may be just as self absorbed as Frankie – interesting family dynamic – looks like we can see where Frankie’s obsession with being the center of attention stems from.

      • Comments (722)

        Frankie is the less talented, wayy older brother. He surely has deep seeded resentment and jealousy because “she made it” and he didnt.
        Talent is totally subjective, btw. I use that term loosely… shes an awful singer.

    • Comments (875)

      I agree with you juaelz, after last season, BB15 I emailed CBS & asked them to please cast African Americans that actually know how to play the game!!! Remember Candice was recruited, and Howard never saw, or heard of the show until he was on it?!

      Fast forward…Jocasta, was a weak competitor, and Devin was was recruited, I think. But the facts are still remain the same in the 16 years that BB has been on no African American HG has ever came in 1st. And a lot of Black folks are viewers of this show ever year, I don’t get it?!?!

      Anybody remember Luwon…enough said, smh.

      • Comments (266)

        Haha good point there, mello. My favorite player was probably Kaysar (who wasn’t African American but also wasn’t Caucasian…) He was an excellent casting choice. If Kaysar was in the house this year, all these loser followers would be OUT by now!!

      • Comments (875)

        Stemmie, absolutely “LOVED” Kaysar, he and Janelle rocked in that season that they were on BB, along with Howie!

      • Comments (266)

        Agreed! Too bad BB seems to be turning into a frat house with people who seem to have no brains of their own :/

      • Comments (722)

        The best black player was Danielle. From season 2(?). She had someone do her all her bidding.
        We blacks/ Hispanics are never represented. And we will never win… the rest of the cast usually are too racist or sexist to actually let a good black player advance. Pls remember the majority of the cast is hetero white males who feel threatened by anything not like them.

        Caleb and Joey. Got her out immediately when she dared to start an alliance. Last year with Howard. He seemed like a nice guy but the cast was extra racist, so it didnt matter.

        The gays may be represented poorly, but at least they are represented.

        With Luwon, they killed 2 birds…
        And Devin, Candace, and Amber do not count. Sorry CBS. Although I am mixed as well, its not the sameas being black.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think Candace could have done much better, if she hadn’t been so broken down by all of the horrible racist comments she had to hear. Just my opinion, I just believe she had potential go have gone much further if she had been in a different cast.

      • Comments (722)

        Candace seemed smart and found an ally in Howard.. too bad everyone was so racist and didnt give them a fair chance.

        Id love them to bring back ppl who didnt get a fair shake and were evicted too early. Jen the sabateur, Joey the cute girl… NO DUDES!! Too many dudes in one house is boring, the conversations are crude. I know women can “take it there”, too, but stereotypically women would be keeping up the drama and make the show interesting…

        Sorry.. i didnt make up the stereotype, just repeating it…

  27. Comments (875)

    Ughhhhh….The Six people that I loathe the most on this season of BB…smh?!

  28. Comments (5)

    You would think derrick would want to keep donny over nicole with how freaked out he is about people talking to her alone “behind closed doors”

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