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Big Brother 16 – Is It Thursday Yet; Live Blog

christine-victoriaPicture of Victoria if you forgot who she is

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It’s Monday in the Big Brother house, and it feels like it.  I didn’t even do an overnight report because nothing of interest happened. A lot of general chatter, but nothing exciting. The biggest thing that happened was the continued spreading of the Team America rumor (Zach related to BB15’s Amanda). Speaking of, what a lame mission. They totally should have had Team America spread the rumor of a houseguest related to someone famous. We would have been able to watch Frankie freak out because everyone already thinks he’s related to Ariana Grande (by everyone, I mean nobody). Shit, I bet 75% of the house wouldn’t even know who Ariana Grande is except for a name they heard in passing recently.

I hate to break the news to Frankie, but until only a few months ago, his sister was basically only known to kids, or parents with kids old enough to watch Nickelodeon. Also, even if people knew her, it was as the girl with the super annoying voice on one of those shows. I still don’t blame him for keeping it a secret, but let’s not act like you’re related to Tom Hanks.


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Here are the daily updates….

  • 8:55am – The house is sleeping, but I expect them to wake up relatively early today in order to prep for the veto meeting.
  • 9:15am – Feeds down for wakeup call.
  • 9:35am – The house is up and getting ready for the veto meeting.  Here is a picture of Cody for the girls
  • 12:40pm – I was out for a bit, veto nomination spoilers (if you call them that)
    Jocasta removed – Devin is on the block
  • 12:50pm – Zach is trying to form an official alliance with Derrick, Hayden and Cody. So many alliances. (calling quad kings)
  • 5:20pm – Went out for a bit, it appears Devin is not going to bother campaigning.  This is going to be a fun week
  • 9:00pm – Holy boring feeds. Devin, do something.  Are you going to go out quietly?

Feeds went down for a little while, when they returned, it must have been because they told Frankie the sad news. His grandfather passed away.  They returned with him sitting around the couch telling stories of his grandfather.  Very sad.


Note. Frankie said he is staying in the game. His family would have requested otherwise if they needed him to come home for this.  He is now playing for the memory of his grandfather.

Check back for more!

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  1. Comments (332)

    There seems to be an underlying feeling from the boys that they can be the brigade but not call themselves that. And they want one of the stronger men like Caleb or Devin out. But I am afraid Donny will say “I choose not to use the veto” but he might rally his own team and take Jocasta off and then he is sitting pretty with both sides of the house.

  2. Comments (1)

    Hi Stevebeans! I found your blog last year and became a fan. You always give the perfect updates. I can’t always watch BB but I know if I come here I’ll be updated and clued into more info than watching alone. You rock!

    • Comments (50)

      I agree! 🙂 I started reading last year and I really look forward to reading about what goes on in the house (that doesn’t get shown) and seeing what other people have to say too! So thanks. 🙂 I used to tape the BBAD and watch it sometimes but now I don’t have a PVR and I don’t really have time so this site it great.

      • Comments (4)

        I agree as well. I love this blog! Been reading it for the past three seasons and I find it super entertaining from stevebeans’ quirky and mostly dead on takes on the happenings inside the bb house to the hilarious bickering in the comment section. I find myself checking this site like a million times a day! Keep up the good work!

      • Comments (95)

        I agree you guys! I just found this blog, and I LOVE it! I love knowing what’s going on in that house! Also, I SO agree with Stevebeans about the Ariana Grande thing. I didn’t have a clue who she was until my son got into her stupid show, Sam and Cat. Her voice is SO annoying, I make him go to his room to watch it! I mean, it’s cool and all that his sister is famous, but it’s not like his sister is Britney Spears or something!

      • Comments (10)

        y’all are spot on. This is the best BB blog that I have seen. I come here a few times a day to see what fun (OR BORING) stuff is going on in the house.
        moving on to other random stuff…
        – I am pulling for Donny to win it all this year. If he went home, Nicole would be my second choice.
        – a agree with toughs who have commented in the past that Devin looks like OJ.
        – I do not know if I want Devin to go home this week. the only reason being, that he adds so much entertainment value t the show. I do not know if anyone could fill that role. on the other hand I think he is an ass and a bad role model so, I would be sad to see him go. (and he probably will
        – Caleb has to move on from the whole Amber thing. for three reasons…
        1. she is only quite when her hair is straight.
        2. she does not like him back.
        3. he is going to roughen his game if all he cares about is trying to get her. I think it could kill him. (in BB)

      • Comments (1799)

        Nick at first I like Donny also but this week I saw another side of him When Nichole went to talk to him one of the first things she says is this needs to be kept between us She than talk about the nomination and explain what they planed to do with amber & Calab Next thing we see is Donny talking to Jocasta and others After he is put up and Nichole goes to talk he says well you never ask me not to say anything WHAT!!! Just makes me wonder about him I don’t understand this talk about getting rid of Calcab over Devin Stop out thinking your selves Get Devin than Calab will do something dumb

      • Comments (50)

        I totally agree!! I would love for Donny to win and to see him and Nicole in the finals. 🙂

  3. Comments (46)

    I notice Derrick was bashing Brittany with the comment “she is not very good looking without her make-up” I personally think she looks better without all of that make-up.

    What makes it so funny was when we see the picture of his wife and baby when they got in the HOH last night. She was pretty plain Jane and looked like quite the big gal! (not that there is anything wrong with that) I just found it funny that he can knock on a woman who has had 3 kids and looks that good.

    I see cody and Zach also bashing her looks and then saying she is hot. They can’t make up their minds!

    • Comments (68)

      I think when you are constantly around the same person you tend to change your perception quite a bit.

      When they first walk in the house everybody was all glammed up for their first tv premier. But as time goes on, people care less and less about the cameras and just dressed normally.

      • Comments (46)

        We only got a quick look at the picture of his wife but she is definately not winning any beauty awards! Which I don’t have a problem with. We can’t all be super models or guys out of GQ but don;t talk about her looks when she is 100 time better then the beast you left at home!

      • Comments (274)

        Well wait a second here-you say “nothing wrong with her being big” but call her a beast?
        Brittany looks amazing, I commented on it right away. Having kids is no small task on our bodies and it doesn’t ALWAYS go away right after having just 1. I have 5 and was able to keep the weight low for a good amount until just recently, so honestly you’re offending me. Plus something you should consider is that with everyone outside beauty fades and it is what’s in the person’s heart that makes them beautiful. Big or small.
        Just be cautious when you say something like “beast” because his wife could just have baby weight for one and for two she may be so amazing on the inside, that any woman who is beautiful on the outside doesn’t even compare on the inside.

        Brittany is a gorgeous lady and sounds like she was with the same guy from high school on. Hasn’t had a whole lot of dating experience. She isn’t “ugly” on the inside either but I think these guys are just being guys with their assessment of her looks. For instance, Cody could make the ladies upset that he compliments another…just look at the jealous venom against Amber. Plus he has already said she looks better without make-up, that her picture doesn’t do her any justice. Derrick has a whole notha agenda as to why he wouldn’t compliment another woman…HELLO he has a wife at home with a brand new baby, not gonna create unnecessary waves for when he gets home! Another fun fact about having kids is it really messes up our hormones, DO NOTHING to upset a pregnant/brand new mommy who is your wife and is watching YOU in a house with alot of gorgeous girls. Just saying 😉

      • Comments (46)

        Her being a beast has nothing to do with being a big gal. The beast was her face. Plenty of big women carry it well and have beautiful faces. This gal was not one of them. As long as he finds her pretty that is all that counts. Now today he is calling her a MILF. I am sure his wife wouldn’t like that much.

      • Comments (274)

        Absolutely true, all that matters is what he feels about her.

        No I wouldn’t think so! Lol I’d be waiting with my cast iron skillet for his welcome home party.

      • Comments (843)

        “Hog face” Derrick commenting on anyone’s looks is ridiculous. Can’t see anything but those two huge nostril holes when he faces the camera. GAG

      • Comments (379)

        Absolutely!!!!! Hog Face!!! Whenever the camera goes to him I look at my son and make pig noises.(Because my son likes him) Also I can’t get over Frankie calling his sister a big star. The nickelodeon kid life span in show biz is 2 tv shows 2 albums then they are done!!!

  4. Comments (1276)

    Stevebeans, I couldn’t agree more. I had to ask my 8 year old Neice who Ariana Grande was. She played me her music, and I still have NO CLUE! lol

    Also Stevebeans, come on now, you can do better than that pciture of Cody. 🙂

    • Comments (692)

      Why did you say the picture was for the ladies? There are some of us guys that want to see much much more of Cody and Zach and even Caleb! Don’t count us out!!

      • Comments (274)

        Caleb? Really? Caleb gives me the creepy crawlies now but even before his crazy one sided love affair for Amber I didn’t think he was cute. I don’t care for Frankie, it could be his delusional theory his sister is so famous or that he acts like Andy or a number of things, and yes he is a goofball but I kinda think he is cute, has nice body etc.
        Caleb, no that’s okay, keep it all on, even Nicole’s frog suit.lol

  5. Comments (843)

    Devin, Caleb, and Derrick can’t vote. Cody, Frankie, and Zack want Devin out. Brittany and (I think) Amber want Caleb out. That leaves Donny, Hayden, Christine, Jocasta, Nicole, and Victoria—really not a clue what they are thinking. They would be smart to get Devin out now while they can. Caleb, as everyone knows, will do anything to keep Amber safe, so he can be controlled. This is BB though so anything is possible.

    • Comments (1276)

      Amber would be crazy to get rid of Caleb. Like yous said, he’ll do anything to keep her safe, even if it means him risking going home. There’s no way she’ll vote him out unless he does something horrible.
      Christine and Victoria have leaned towards getting out Devin out, they are two of the ones that have said they don’t like the way’s he’s strong armed them. Hayden will go along with what Nicole wants, which is to get rid of Devin.
      Donny, well idk what he’ll do, he’d be smart if he could keep Devin in, but he will probably end up regretting it if he does. I think Brittany will be the one the most on the fence. I think she’ll go along with Derrick and Cody, but getting rid of Caleb could help her game by making Amber easier to go after. We shall see. Heck, we don’t even know if Donny will end up using the POV.

      • Comments (274)

        So true.
        Amber would be shooting herself doing that. I just wonder if she’s going to be able keeping him at the right distance? He just said to her this morning that he doesn’t want to be “like her brother or any family, so don’t put me in that group” she said that all the guys in the house are like her brothers. He again says don’t put me in that category, she’s left to only say”oh Caleb” so this could get interesting fast. Plus the others who know that she doesn’t like him at just waiting to spill the beans to blow her game. Truthfully though I think Caleb is so in love it won’t faze him. Ahhh so funny.

        I agree with you with this Devin deal, it is best that Donny sends Devin out. Hopefully Donny makes whatever he decides work to further his game!

      • Comments (9)

        it’s like Caleb is a male version of GM, maybe they should hook-up lol

      • Comments (843)

        Donny used the POV on Jocasta and Devin went up according to another BB site. So hope Devin goes and finds out how hated he is outside the house.

  6. Comments (162)

    its sad that we have to talk about Derrick’s wife cause there is nothing worth talking about on BB. Why is everything so lame. BBAD is not even worth watching. Do something exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Comments (30)

    Let the meat-head campaigning begin. Devin or Caleb? I think Caleb can be controlled protecting his love interest. Devin is like a loose cannon. Never know when it will go off and where it will make an explosion. It’s time for Devin to go home. For a day I liked Devin….just a day!

  8. Comments (20)

    Veto meeting over. Donny took Jo down and Derrick put up Devin as planned. Caleb and Devin now on block.

    • Comments (274)

      Yes! Donny hopefully they’ll find another problem in the house and get you out of their crosshairs!

      • Comments (138)

        The more unattractive (yet vain) girls in the house– Victoria, Christine and to some degree, Brittney (I think she’s beautiful with her hair down)– will start gunning for Amber especially if Cody keeps paying attention to her.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah good point-does he even like her back? Or his he playing it cool to keep Caleb cool?

      • Comments (138)

        I doubt he likes her. He can get any girl on the outside and he’s in the house for money. But after a few more weeks I think he’d be opportunistic like most men would. If Caleb were gone and she put herself out there, why not? But no sense getting Caleb upset now.

  9. Comments (138)

    Me personally, I don’t know who has been the most delusional player this season– Devin for thinking he’s a good player, Victoria for thinking she’s good looking or Caleb for thinking Amber possibly has romantic feelings for him?

  10. Comments (110)

    That was so true SB about Frankie’s sister. When he came on the show and said she was the most famous woman in the world my husband and I were like who is she? Too funny.

    • Comments (843)

      LOL I STILL don’t have a clue who she is and don’t really care. I also don’t think Frankie has a disease/illness preventing him from being a Have Not. He’s used to being loved and catered to and believes it should still happen there and they are all falling for it. Wish they would have contests, treasure/scavenger hunts or something during the week for prizes or prize money.

      • Comments (274)

        So glad someone else sees his neediness! He has the mindset that the world revolves around him! Ugh

        Sometimes I think it’s funny and other times straight up annoying.

      • Comments (692)

        Frankie has some kind of disease/illness that keeps him from being a HAVE NOT?? when did this come up? I have not heard this before.

      • Comments (843)

        Supposedly Frankie has arthritis and “some other” disease—unnamed of course, that he brings up every week when it’s time for the Have Not decision. Christine also has some kind of dietary restriction that prevents her from being a Have Not. If they can’t participate fully, they shouldn’t be allowed to be in BB. It isn’t fair to the others. The only disease I can see that Frankie has is “ME” itis.

      • Comments (383)

        I heard someone asking Christine about what she can’t eat besides gluten…Gluten allergies/intolerance can cause some pretty nasty problems, so I get that she may not be able to eat a lot of foods, but I’d think they could adjust the have-not diet to allow her to participate. A few years ago there was a Jewish guy (podiatrist, can’t remember his name) who could only eat Kosher, and he was a have-not.

      • Comments (692)

        I totally agree. If they can’t participate in the entire game as it is supposed be played which includes sometimes days a have not then they should not be on the show. Surely, what they have to eat can be adjusted.
        Also, Frankie wanted to be on Survivor and tried several times to be on that show. How in the world was he supposed to make it on that show if he has dietary restrictions? What a joke! Sounds like crap to me.

      • Comments (198)

        Big Brother should go back to comps for HN.

      • Comments (692)


      • Comments (1288)

        How about if the HoH is an endurance comp and the first four off are designated have-nots, that should force some to compete when now they give up so easily if they feel the cannot win.

        I really like the losing HoH from the BoB getting a humiliation punishment, hope it continues.

      • Comments (110)

        lol exactly I have no idea who she is either and great idea,it would be more interesting and maybe bring back pandora’s box too

      • Comments (9)

        Does Fankie remind anyone else of the guy who did the leave Britney alone video

      • Comments (34)

        Tracline, Your comment made me burst out laughing. Good one!

  11. Comments (57)

    Maybe last season’s eviction interview with Aaryn was the most anticipated but I’m looking forward to Julie interviewing Devin. She’s publicly blasted his gameplay. I can see a “What were you thinking” exchange between them.

  12. Comments (138)

    Ariana Grande’s TV show got cancelled yesterday so Frankie’s going to find that she’s even less famous when he leaves the house than she was going in.

  13. Comments (182)

    The good news Devin, gets to go home to his daughter, the bad news, Devin has a personality disorder that needs a professional opinion. 🙂

  14. Comments (25)

    Did anyone see the feeds yesterday when Cody was wearing women’s high heels? No blog has even commented on it. Was that a penalty like the Frog Suit or something?

    • Comments (692)

      maybe he was trying to get Frankies attention since Frankie and Zach don’t seem to be cuddly anymore. Lol
      of course I would think Frankie would be wearing the high heels in any relationship he would be in, probably is famous sisters hand me downs.

  15. Comments (25)

    Just watch Victoria eating an apple and her appeal goes away quick.

  16. Comments (198)

    Did TA accomplish there mission?

    • Comments (7)

      Yes they did. Here’s how it broke down:

      1.) Donny told Nicole – Nicole told Christine.
      2.) Derrick told Caleb – Caleb told Amber
      3.) Derrick told Victoria – Victoria told Brittany.

      For added security they had Donny tell Brittany after the Veto Ceremony.

      After Donny confirmed to Derrick that Brittany was told, they let Zach in on the rumor – which he has been playing up with the other house guests for the past few hours in a “maybe I am, maybe I’m not” manner. It was quite entertaining 😀

      • Comments (198)

        Why is Frankie not pulling his full share with this?

      • Comments (469)

        That is an excellent question – maybe his illness prevents this also LOL.

      • Comments (692)

        Connie Sue, I was wondering the same thing. is Frankie going to let the other two do all the work? Did he not tell anybody? Maybe he was putting a new color his hair and didn’t have time.

      • Comments (843)

        I thought they only received the money if EACH of them told someone and that person repeated it. Frankie hasn’t told anyone so it shouldn’t be finished. Even if they do count it as done, Frankie shouldn’t get the money. He’s a user! They are using Donny as a scapegoat.

      • Comments (692)


    • Comments (274)

      I was wondering that myself because it sure seems like it. They’re actually getting heated over it! Zach further added fuel by confusing Nicole and Christine? about it. Saying he is her cousin then he went back to saying its not true. It was funny! Kinda weird how it’s making the house right now. I know enough people have said the rumor. It’s even better how they’ve given Paola the credit.

      • Comments (7)

        Oh I know – I was DYING when Victoria chimed in during the group discussion “Yeah! Paola told me that too!” My hubby and I burst out in unison “OH REALLY?! DID SHE NOW?!” I don’t know how Frankie kept it together. I know if I was in his shoes I would have blown my cover by laughing.

  17. Comments (158)

    Heh SteveBeans, remove that Chances of Elimination graphic if it’s not going to get updated occasionally.

  18. Comments (130)

    How come every week they can’t seem to think of anyone to nominate. Do THEY not even know that Victoria is in the house?!

  19. Comments (3)

    I just can’t stand listenning to somebody eating an apple and make so much noise like Victoria on the live feed. My god the bites she took were so big. Please don’t forget the mic are so close to the mouth we ear everything.

  20. Comments (3)

    In the history of eating apples I don’t think anyone has ever been more annoying. If I was in the house I would vote Caleb out, so what you have to deal with Devin more. If he were to somehow make it to te end no one would vote for him. Get out Caleb while you can. As a future HOH you can always plan to target Devin again leaving less blood on your hands when your HOH.

  21. Comments (78)

    It appears that BB is showing less of the competitions this year. I feel I are missing a lot of the show.

  22. Comments (198)

    Who has not been a HN yet? Besides Frankie.

  23. Comments (875)

    I usually have more than one, or two HG that I root for during a season of BB. But on this season I am only rooting for Donny & Jocasta to do well. Donny is such a kind man, and Jo has a good spirit about her.

    Devin “IS” the entertainment of the BB house, and its a shame that he is leaving Thursday. What is puzzling, is that Zach asked Devin to put him on the block, and told him that he wanted to go home, he missed his little Brother. All of the HG saw, and heard this from Zach, but they flipped back to evicting Pow Pow.

    There are “some” folks who do want to keep Devin tho, Hayden, Cody, and Frankie, but we all know Frankie’s decisions blow with the wind. But the main thing is that there are some HG who would flip, but they always run back to Derrick to get his blessing to flip…Thats not what the game is about. If Devin would only talk to Hayden & Cody, it could possibly be a go to keep him in the house.

  24. Comments (15)

    I’ve got to say something to defend Frankie’s little sister. I’m sure most of people have heard her song this summer, Problem by Ariana Grande, you tube it’s been at the top of the charts. No, she might not be a Brittney Spears but she was recently compared to the voice of Mariah Carey, and she did do the nickelodeon show with a silly voice but that’s where a lot of famous people start. I’ve seen some people bashing her on here a bit and it’s not deserved.

    • Comments (95)

      I wasn’t bashing her, I was simply saying I didn’t know who she was, and only found out because my son told me who likes her show. I didn’t compare her singing to Britney Spears, I compared her fame to her. You say the name “Ariana Grande” and not a lot of people (adults anyway) have heard of her. They may have heard the song, but the name doesn’t ring a bell.

    • Comments (339)

      Mariah Carey?! Sorry…no way. The song is catchy, and she sings it like a Disney/Nik kid, but that’s about it.

    • Comments (110)

      I haven’t really seen anyone bashing her. Just because we don’t know who she is is not bashing. The comments are really more directed at the fact that Frankie thinks she’s some huge mega star but a lot of us had no idea who she even was.

  25. Comments (143)

    I will always never understand how players can conclude it is good to get out big targets. Be prepared for another crummy season guys. Devin made the feeds interesting, now we will be watching nicole saying the same 5 things over and over. There is two sides of the house and everyone not in with cody and zach seems to be going home. And the other side of the house is too dumb to rally. I suspect this will be a season with a final consisting of two do nothing house guest like nicole and victoria in the finals. BB needs to stop casting players like this.

    • Comments (339)

      Exactly true about Zach. So why just why did the houseguests vote to keep him? How did that possibly help anyone?

      • Comments (143)

        It really made no sense Jimbo, but derrick and cody went around and saved his butt by saying that he’d get out devin and since devin was hated…

    • Comments (50)

      I wouldn’t consider Nicole a “do nothing” player.. she’s laid low so far on her gaming in the house but she did win a comp and I feel like as the show progresses she will make moves. It’s only week three.

      • Comments (143)

        She admitted she won by accident and then she let Derrick pick her noms for her. She does nothing on the feeds, she is a do nothing house guest. She is not even entertaining to watch. |The most entertaining house guest,as the only ones who say anything new or original are devin and donny.

  26. Comments (68)

    I really hope we don’t see the house flip. What really pissed me off last year was when Amanda and Elissa decided to join forces. It ruined the game and i think that is when everyone in the house decided to go against them.

    This year i think this is that moment so far. The entire house (and America) wants Devin out and most likely he will be out. They planned for this with the nominations, with Caleb throwing the BofB, the pov win and the backdooring of Devin. If they decide now to reverse it and keep him i will be really pissed.

    I think Caleb has more to offer, i mean yea he will always be gaga over Amber but that isn’t a bad thing. It makes great tv and it might create problems in the house. Those who say amber is creeped out by him are totally wrong. She gravitates towards him as much as he does towards her. She likes the attention; a girl like that probably has a bunch of guys craving for het attention so i think Caleb makes her feel right at home.

    • Comments (138)

      What? Amanda and Elissa joining forces was the only way either one of them could’ve won because the exterminators had the numbers. The whole point of the game is winning, not holding grudges. If Amanda and McCrae had kept their end of the bargain, it wouldve been Elissa, McCrae and Amanda.

  27. Comments (25)

    I just finished watching the newest Big Brother Canada and I loved it. Now I’m watching the newest Big Brother Australia. Big Brother USA has better challenges, but if they would just use a few small things from Big Brother Australia or Canada it would be even better. Like the funny penalties for cussing or doing things wrong (like taking all their clothes away). The secret Moose and the talking Fish (from a previous season Big Brother Australia) were hilarious.

    • Comments (6)

      James, I too watched bb Aus 2013 amd was hooked, never laughed so much as I did with any of them as I did with that one. Besides Surley the fish and Mr Clooney the dog its quite entertaining with how Big brother interacts with the housemates, that was the season that did it for me which made go back and watch other seasons of bb Aus. now I am into bb U.S when thats over the Australis one will have started which I am looking forward to.

  28. Comments (103)

    This blog is actually more exciting than the house this year! Last year this blog was even more fun with all the Amanda hating and such going on. Boy did we love to hate THAT girl, lol. I kind of liked her though. ;). At least she made moves.

    • Comments (692)

      I loved Amanda last year, I didn’t want her to win, but I loved her. she brought excitement to the house. I don’t see any of that this year with these people.
      what we’re seeing on TV this year on the shows seems to be lacking any excitement at all.it is actually kind of boring.

  29. Comments (135)

    Somebody mentioned Derrick’s pig nostrils. I thought he was half-cute until I noticed his MONSTROUS nostrils. OMG! How did I miss those?!

  30. Comments (13)

    The “live” feeds on BBAD are not live here on the West Coast. Many times I’ve heard someone ask “what time is it” & the time is always 3 hours earlier than it actually is. Also, there is a lot of “bleeping” of the f-word. This is cable, so why are words being bleeped? It’s on late enough for adults to watch & nothing we haven’t heard before. I’ve watched BB since season 1, & always remember late night being “live” from CA, not NY time zone. It just annoys me when in the upper right corner it says “LIVE” when it’s recorded and censored. Just my opinion!!!! Thank-you.

  31. Comments (412)

    Does anyone know who that blue hat belongs to? Just curious..

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