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Big Brother 16 – Thursday Night Happenings


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I’m blogging blind right now! Not literally, but some small real life issues came up last night, so I didn’t get a chance to watch the feeds.  I’m trying to piece together events from last night, but as far as I can tell it was mostly uneventful anyway.

I do know around 1am, Cody gave Amber a long, long massage in the living room. Long enough where it had Caleb pretty heated, so he went upstairs to vent about the situation (1:15am or so).  Use the flashback feature here to catch anything missed.

caleb-frankieFrankie offered to be Caleb’s wife

Poor Caleb. I am putting it out there now, Amber is going to be the reason he goes home, but it will be all his fault. His crush on her is making him do stupid things over and over, like throwing himself on his sword to defend Amber’s position in the Bomb Squad. Another example is what is expected to happen sometime today…

Nicole and Derrick were working on nominations and they were having a real hard time trying to figure out who to put up. The main goal is to send Devin home, but they do not want to give him a chance at winning PoV, so he can’t be nominated today. This means they have to pick four people to potentially piss off despite none of them being the real target (why didn’t Derrick throw the HoH?  So much easier). Their current plan is to have Nicole nominate at least Amber (since she nominated Nicole), but make sure Caleb is on board.  At around 2am, Derrick pulls Caleb into the HoH room to make it happen, and it does with ease.

Here is the current plan:

Derrick puts up Caleb and Jocasta, Nicole puts up Amber and Donny. Caleb throws the competition to ‘save his queen’ (his words, not mine), and he’ll remain on the block with Jocasta. This will remove Nicole from HoH and give her a chance to play in HoH competition this week (which would be good if it’s endurance).  The next part of the plan is to hope Devin doesn’t play in PoV (or win if he does get selected), and then remove someone from the block and put Devin up.

It’s a pretty well thought out plan that has a strong chance of working seamlessly, with as little blood as possible for Derrick and Nicole. With Caleb, Amber and Donny’s blessing, those two won’t be targets next week and they’ll still be able to remove Devin from the house. Of course, this IS Big Brother, so it probably won’t work out that smooth, but it appears to be the current way things will go this week.

Another note – Team America was given their first mission. That is to spread rumors about a houseguest being related to a former houseguest. I’ll likely create a new post explaining this in more detail when I get more information.

Check back later for some feed updates.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report as the day goes on and the nominations / botb are revealed.

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  1. Comments (274)

    Well I hope Caleb goes to be honest. He actually seems more unstable than Devin (even though he has his moments too) but Frankie reminds me of that annoying rat-tattling red head from last year. ‘Zip I’m in this room, zap now I’m in that room.’ I keep forgetting Victoria is even there!

  2. Comments (162)

    If I was Caleb I would not risk going up and throwing the comp.. That’s crazy did he not just see what happen to Paola???? There are to many floaters in there to risk it all right now. I still think Devin will turn out to be one of the good ones as the games plays along. Take out Victoria!!!!!!

  3. Comments (332)

    OK there are way to many houseguests, last night in the game, I was like how many more get to hit this ball. And why with so many would they have trouble with nominations, duh to big of alliance with to many people sacrifices YOUR chance to win.

  4. Comments (68)

    The plan is good but the nominations aren’t.

    Derrick should nominate Brittany and Amber.

    Nicole should nominate Victoria and Jocasta.

    This is good because Nicole’s nominees probably won’t win the BofB because let’s face it, they seem weaker (physically and mentality) when compared to Brittany and Amber.

    Once this is done Victoria and Jocasta won’t be threats in the POV as well and unless Devin is chose, Derrick can probably win it and use it to backdoor Devin.

    This plan is good also because the 4 nominees won’t mind and even if they did, they are weaker players.

    • Comments (1288)

      Having Victoria/Jocasta in POV as weaker players is a bad idea because Devin could be drawn as one of the random players. In that case it would be best to have as strong of players as possible so anyone other than Devin wins and Devin can then be backdoored.

  5. Comments (316)

    I think Victoria will come out of her shell soon and surprise us all. Watch and see

    • Comments (191)

      I would be shocked. She is a floater now and for as long as she stays in the house

    • Comments (332)

      Now come on, the girl wore and evening gown with pearls on live TV for eviction night. She is so out of touch and pampered. She has no brain. She thinks her beauty is all she needs to succeed.

  6. Comments (843)

    The plan could work—if they kept it to themselves. Caleb tells Frankie, who immediately runs to Devin. Now they have two people possibly playing in the POV who won’t use it. Frankie and Devin have both said they don’t trust Caleb. They also know if they take someone off, they could be put up. Zack finds out and he can’t keep his mouth shut about anything. I don’t think Jocasta is going to like the lying part either so she may blab.

    Steve Beans, isn’t there a rule about telling nominees before the nominations? If there is, why is it not being enforced?

  7. Comments (198)

    Whats up with TA? I don’t see them talking to Donny at all. just derrick and frankie.

  8. Comments (3)

    This is the week strong players should nominate themselves. Caleb, Hayden, Zach and Cody should have flown up to the HOH room. Ask to compete! If they do that they win points with the HOHs and all the other houseguests. If Amber and Donny lose BOTB and Devin somehow gets picked to play POV, his competing would be much weaker than two strong dudes. Just a thought. These people should realize that being nominated isn’t that bad this year. This is totally a Backdoor season. Step up people!!

  9. Comments (111)

    Does Amber remind anyone else of Kristin from BB12?

  10. Comments (3)

    I think Donny has stepped up his game a little bit since the beginning of the game. I just hope that he stays and goes along ways. He needs to win a few competitions but I think that will come.

    • Comments (332)

      I think getting the Americas player helped boost his spirits. It has to be tough to be an older person with so many young folks, especially young men.

  11. Comments (274)

    Donny is my favorite and now Derrick is making me not like him. Frankie you’re just Andy Herron the second.

  12. Comments (49)

    I don’t like how Derrick flopped on Donny, Donny is by far my favorite. Frankie is just Andy Herron Jr. Rat-tattling and zip zap here there everywhere. Caleb, yuck. Victoria who? Devin doesn’t appear so bad after all this happened. Nicole has lost my respect or any feelings after she targeted Donny. He hasn’t done a single thing to be targeted but to these guys, being weak and getting no blood on their hands is honorable. Derrick-YOU are digging your own grave going against TA. Alas, all their twists turn into a hot mess anyways so it goes with the territory I guess. Btw-having the initials TA really looks really bad… just saying.:-P

    • Comments (343)

      Ya, especially since the are no Ts in the bunch. Anyway, I’d say that with Derrick campaigning endlessly to get out Pao (Because he was so DANGEROUS! lol) to keep Zach (god knows why), and with him getting HOH and obviously pulling the strings — he will not be under the radar anymore and will become a smart player’s target soon. His game was going so smooth under the radar, he should have kept that going for awhile.

  13. Comments (143)

    Agreed Derricks days are numbered, he has exposed so much power its will only be a matter of time before others want him gone. He saved Zach, got out Poala, won hoh and pulled all the strings upstairs. I think Nicole is highly underestimated, her and Hayden might win. I’ve also come to learnt hat Derrick talks way too much, I still don’t get how they haven’t figured out he is a cop because he has a cop voice.

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