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Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Feed Updates


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Here we go!  Time to recap all the amazing drama in the Big Brother house last night!  Just kidding. With Devin accepting his fate, this week is absolutely dragging. On the bright side, I was able to spend some time at the beach and went to the new Planet of the Apes movie (pretty decent). These slow weeks allow us bloggers to have a life because we’re glued to the computer during drama weeks.

We have had an influx of new readers and people commenting on the live feed threads, so I want to welcome everyone! Please stick around because it won’t be this slow all summer, that much is guaranteed.

Without much babbling, here we go with the updates to keep you entertained(?) during your work day…

  • 9:50pm – The house had their wake-up call, so it’s time to hang around all day!
  • 10:50pm – Britt and Jocasta are in the bathroom whispering about people potentially putting Donny on the block again (trying to figure out exactly what they’re talking about but the sound is bad). I gather Donny heard his name tossed around by Cody and has been upset.
  • 11:00pm – The whispering stopped, conversation over.
  • 12:25pm – Brittany is now getting some sun, but Devin is lurking around the house looking like he needs to talk to Cody (I’ll let you know if they do)
  • 12:37pm – Cody and Devin do go outside to play pool and talk:
  • Devin isn’t going out without campaigning.  He said the biggest threats in the house right now are Brittany and Amber (not sure why). He then starts talking about Caleb and Amber, so I assume he meant Caleb instead of Britt?
  • Cody tells Devin despite being 80x a better player than Caleb, he has stirred up quite a bit so it would be hard to stay.
  • Devin tells Cody he would never ever put him up (just like he said he would never put a bomb squad up)
  • Devin “By me saying I’m not going to campaign is me going to campaign”
  • Cody says he is going to think about keeping him (I don’t think he’s really going to think about it)
  • 12:58pm – Brittany talking with Hayden about Devin campaigning, although they keep going back to Nicole and Christine swimming to hear any details.
  • 1:16pm – Devin campaigning to Donny without actually campaigning.  He is giving the same speech he gave to Cody.  I think this is going to happen all day.
  • Donny and Jocasta then compare notes on what Devin said.
  • 1:52pm – Donny tells Jocasta he thinks Derrick is the brain of the operation.  So much for team america
  • 2:21pm – Amber and Jocasta now talking about how Devin is campaigning despite not campaigning. They’re also talking about how Devin kept mentioning the double D alliance.
  • 4:50pm – The prepping for Thursday is still going.  Now Brittany is just chatting with Derrick.  Nothing major. This week is basically in the books.
  • 5:12pm – Derrick reminds Brittany how much Devin wants her. She denies it, but it’s true.  They then make fun of Caleb’s obsession with Amber.
  • 5:30pm – Nicole asks about showmance names and if the guys name always goes first.  Then jokes how her and Hayden don’t have to worry because they won’t be together anyway.
  • 5:40pm – The outside crew (Christine, Nicole, Devin, Hayden, Donny) talking about Rachel and Elissa. Christine starts mocking Elissa’s fake surprise when she won MVP
  • 5:50pm – Christine is telling Devin how you can’t view stuff on the feeds unless it was on your computer (she’s wrong, flashback feeds work fine)
  • 6:10pm – Slow day, so here is a picture for the guys
  • 7:30pm – This week is painfully boring. Thursday needs to come asap.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (68)

    I’d like to believe that Devin accepted his fate and won’t be campaigning, but I’m afraid somebody else will campaign for him.

    I really want him out so that the house dynamic changes.

    • Comments (158)

      Honestly who would be willing to campaign for him?? Donny is probably the only one that might and he already showed his hand when he didn’t use the veto on Devin.

      • Comments (68)

        Last season when Elissa was on the block and pretty much guaranteed to go home, it was Amanda of all people to campaign for her. Those two were beefing for days if not weeks and one day before Amanda switched the script…

        i just don’t want that to happen again.

      • Comments (38)

        If Amber is angry at Caleb like Barbara posted below, then Caleb can be gone… Amber, Donny, Jocasta, Brittany, Nicole, and maybe Hayden or Christine…. Only need 6!!!

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah very true, and we all KNOW production had NOTHING to do with that one.

  2. Comments (332)

    Too funny all of them complained about getting up early so BB let them sleep 30 minutes longer.

  3. Comments (13)

    I love Devin I hope some how he stays
    But I wish he was fighting to stay

  4. Comments (19)

    I think it was Donny who said to Nicole “Right now it’s 8 vs 4, then it’ll be 8 vs 3, then 8 vs 2…” etc. If he really pushed that belief, he might be able to get enough people, a smaller bunch (But enough to rival the votes of the Firecracker Squad) to get Caleb out. If he can do that it would begin to blow up that alliance from the inside out as no one will trust each other, and naturally they’ll want to get each other out because they simply “Know more” about one another.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that type of thinking will be employed, and Devin will be walking.

    • Comments (224)

      Unfortunately, Donny doesn’t really fit in very well with most of the other house guests, so all that will do is serve to make him an even bigger target than he already is. Devin really needs to make a deal with Derrick to have any chance of staying.

  5. Comments (42)

    on last nights AFTER DARK, did anyone catch the tiff between Amber and Caleb,just showed the tail end , where she stormed out saying she was DONE, and him yelling after her?

    • Comments (13)

      BBAD has been so boring, that last night it actually put me to sleep.

      • Comments (875)

        Since BBAD left Showtime on Cable, it has never been the same… BBAD is “not” good on the current TV channel that it is on, imho.

      • Comments (1288)

        Exactly. TVGN is so worried about censoring the audio and video that it is very hard to follow the conversations. Losing a couple of words because they were proceeded by a f-bomb can change the content of what they are saying. I have even tried turning on the Closed Captioning and that is no better.

      • Comments (1288)

        We need it backon Showtime.

    • Comments (332)

      Oh I hope they reshow it, Caleb is pushing it being on the block. If he starts weird behavior, Nicole will feel sorry for Amber and send Caleb out this week. Devin will stay.

  6. Comments (38)

    Hey Steve, what is happening with the rumor? Is anyone spreading it? This TA is really lame; I thought they would be more active!

    • Comments (407)

      They were able to spread it a bit, but I haven’t really followed it closely because I think it was a dumb task. I think they may have completed it, but I definitely slacked on following that story

      • Comments (843)

        My understanding of the TA task is that EACH of them had to tell one other person and that person had to tell someone else. Frankie hasn’t told anyone. In fact, about all Frankie does is entertain the others. He is nothing but a glorified floater.

      • Comments (7)

        The TA task was that the rumor had to be told 3 times, regardless of which TA member sowed the seeds for that rumor, as long as the checked in with the DR before making an attempt to plant a seed for the rumor. Derrick told Frankie early on this week to lay low so I don’t fault him for not working on this task. It makes TA a smaller target. When Donny was speaking with Derrick in the HOH room after the Veto ceremony, Derrick mentioned that the DR gave them confirmation of the the tasks completion, so the method counted. I had initially thought that they needed a 3 person chain of re-tells, but they must have double checked possible scenarios with the producers.

    • Comments (158)

      From what I’ve heard, yeah, they did it. TA themselves are only aware of four people haven’t spread it, but pretty much the entire house is talking about it. It helps that Zach has embraced the rumor as true.

      Also (love this!), Victoria is claiming that Paola told her that too. Why would she lie? Who knows…maybe an attempt to seem relevant.

      • Comments (158)

        Sorry that should have been “four people having spread it”

      • Comments (274)

        That part kills me!

      • Comments (7)

        Well, once they told Zach they pretty much knew the whole house would hear it. The boy has an inability to keep his mouth shut. 😉 The reason they told him last is because they knew how big his mouth was and they weren’t certain that he would tell people on an individual level (which would spread the retells along the task parameters) or in a group ( which would stop house guests from retelling a rumor). He proved to be the latter of the two scenarios, but it was quite entertaining 😀

  7. Comments (83)

    I just find it so odd that Caleb, being as macho
    as he is and really intelligent, would put his game
    in danger, all because of Amber. I can understand
    him having a crush and flirting happening, but
    she doesn’t even like him that way and it’s
    Upsetting that she allows him to make a fool
    Out of himself. Seriously, all the guys should
    Like put Caleb in a room and say they will
    All vote him out if he doesn’t snap outta it. He may
    Be a threat but they guys can certainly use him for
    Now. I know they’ve mentioned it to him at some points
    But Caleb is still acting like he’s under Ambers spell.
    It’s really hard to watch.

  8. Comments (6)

    Just a random thought, the other night when I was really sleepy I saw Victoria and I thought OMG she looks like Kathy Najimy (from sister act and hocus pocus)… I’m not sure why I never saw it before. Interested to know if you guys see it to lol.

  9. Comments (843)

    I’m glad Victoria said Paola told her too! That should take some of the heat off Donny, but from what I’ve heard on BBAD, they are planning on putting him up again.

  10. Comments (135)

    Have people forgotten about Victoria when looking at housemates to put on the block?! What has she done? NOTHING.

    • Comments (7)

      You’re right,Deb. But that’s one of the reasons they’re keeping her around. She not much of a threat as far as her physical or mental abilities are concerned, and she’s an easily manipulated vote – which is more important at this stage of the game. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone carried that lump all the way to the end. Victoria doing nothing is a really good comparison argument to make in front of a jury. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be relieved to see her go – and soon.

  11. Comments (162)

    Victoria is trying to leech on to Derrick and ride that cost tail.

  12. Comments (13)

    How about the losing HoH has to become a HN for the rest of the week? it would give more incentive to NOT lose or have your nominees throw the comp!!!!!!!

    • Comments (692)

      I have yet to understand why the two people who win HOH decide who’s going to stay as HOH and who’s going to be dethroned. It is no competition so far, they just decide that wanted staying and one is it going. it’s lame!! Each one should pick whoever they want to be their nominees not confer with each other. .I don’t think that’s the way big brother intended it to be. It seems that this twist in the game is a flop!

      • Comments (68)

        So far i think it’s going on that way because the majority of the house seems to be on the same page.

        All it takes is an alliance to be formed and discovered. Then the houseguests who aren’t part of that alliance will create an opposing alliance. At which point, if one member from each alliance becomes HOH, you will get your wish.

        At this point it is way too early for that to happen because the whole house seems to agree that Joey, Paola and Devin must go.

  13. Comments (343)

    Devin is gone this week because he is such a lethal threat. Everyone hates him, and avoids him like the plague. He’s big, so I guess that means he’ll win every competition and avoid being voted out for months at a time because he will win everything and can’t lose ever — again, because he is a big galoot. Better to vote out Pao and him, and keep Zach and Caleb, because Zach and Caleb are wallflowers who have no friends or alliances, and don’t play the game hard at all. Pao would be a terrible threat to everyone’s game right now because she’s just so good at BB. Her and Devin are a scary scary duo that just has to be removed from the house because they threaten everyone. Yes, that was sarcasm — Wow, really dumb gameplay.

    • Comments (143)

      I have to wonder what role race plays in this…Paopao had to go because she does nothing, Devin must go because he will win everything and does too much. Jocasata must go because she doesn’t know what show she is on. Victoria is next because she is a snob. But Nicole, Christine and Brittany are all cool.

  14. Comments (383)

    Hey Steve… or anybody… why are Amber and Hayden’s pictures framed in pink/purple? What does that mean? Forgive me if I just missed the obvious.

  15. Comments (138)

    The casting for this season was absolutely terrible. People like Donny and Jocasta may be the salt of the earth but a reality tv show composed almost entirely of social misfits (Joey, Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Frankie, Hayden, Paola to name a few) makes for extremely boring television. There were at least 4 show-mances this time last season. Say what you will about the kids at the cool table, they at least know how to have a good time. These people’s conversations are soooo boring, I prefer to read the discussion boards than listen to them. Poor Steviebeans can’t even find enough to blog about.

    • Comments (1446)

      Right? And Frankie has GOT to go…he has become so annoying with all of his touching everyone and constantly acting like he’s in a movie. Liked him at first, but he has to go – there is no way America would have voted for him now…

  16. Comments (1288)

    Caleb’s bout of unrequited love may be coming to an end, he spent a lot of time quietly watching the house and not looking happy. Add to this that he has decided the best way to prepare himself for the next HoH is to fast – that is helping his mood none at all – and it appears the house is headed for a kerfuffle in the near future. He will probably subscribe to the “bro’s before ho’s” mentality and entirely blame Amber. If it comes today it might alter Devin’s fate.

    Another interesting nugget is Nicole and Christine seem to be planning to secretly vote to keep Devin and then blaming some combo of Donny / Jocasta / Brittany for those votes. Normally I like the idea of cooking the vote to sow dissension but this could backfire.

    To start Donny and Jocasta may vote to keep Devin on their own to honor their connection the way they did with PowPow – thinking it is not goingto alter the outcome. Nicole and Christine might have some ‘splaining to do if there are 4 votes to keep Devin.

    It would be epic if another scheming duo (Zach/Cody perhaps) comes up with a similar secret plan and they end up keeping Devin by accident.

  17. Comments (143)

    The only way for devin to stay would be for caleb to slip up and say something dumb. But Devin cannot be worked with so the season is destined for boredom. Bare in mind many of these people have been trying for 5-6-7 seasons just to try to be casted. There is a reason it took them so long to get on the show.

  18. Comments (2)

    I don’t understand why Devin came into the house to play a two-week game. Big Brother is a three month game, Devin should be thrown out for just being an idiot. Also, if I never have to see Victoria’s face again, it would be too soon.

    • Comments (143)

      Devin had a decent gme but he rubbed people the wrong way. His big downfall was putting up Zach, AFTER zach told him to do it. It was a trap and he fell for it.

  19. Comments (83)

    In reference to “manda” comment about Victoria
    Looking like the overweight witch from hocus Pocus,
    OMG you are 100% right!!! Have you noticed the way
    Victoria just stares at people? It’s really freaky and her eyes
    Get bigger and she just looked evil.

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