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Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Feed Updates

brittany-victoriaSay “Duck face!”

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Well, it’s quite a different day today than it was yesterday, but sometimes I’ll take it. Yesterday was so crazy, I really couldn’t keep up half the time (read my recap of it here). Today is much more slow paced with the biggest story being Brittany still awake for I don’t know how long now. Seriously, it’s crazy to turn on the feeds and constantly see Brittany, even in the morning. I think Big Brother should hire her to live tweet the first 16 hours next year, she’ll rock that (certainly better than Jeff did this year, that’s for sure).


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Enough begging, time for the feed updates:

  • 1:40pm – It’s HoH day. Devin wrote his blog and went around the house taking pictures of the mostly sleeping houseguests.  As you can see, he let his new girlfriend have the camera for a bit.
    side note: I don’t see the big problem everyone has with Devin. He’s a terrible player and horribly annoying by mentioning his daughter 1,000x a day, but he doesn’t seem that bad. He is certainly intimidating because he’s a monster, but I’m so small, even Donny is a bit scary. Nobody can match the douchery (yes that’s probably made up) of Willie Hantz. 
  • 2:40pm – People are starting to wake up, but still very slow afternoon.
    Note: I just realized the contact form wasn’t working.  I put my email on this page if anyone has been trying to reach me.
  • 2:56pm – Devin retelling Jocasta about his conversation with Brittany last night.  Devin likes her… he “like likes” her.  He apparently sits in the HoH room and watches her on the monitor. People will call him creepy, but there isn’t a whole lot of entertainment in the house.  I’d probably watch that monitor all day if I won HoH
  • 4:18pm – Feed check.  Christine and Nicole are in the bathroom getting ready and some in the kitchen making dinner.
  • 5:45pm – Brittany is still going strong. Any predictions when she’ll actually sleep?
  • Seriously slow day.  I don’t think I wanted it THIS slow.
  • I will say this, every time a pair break off into the pantry, they do quick game talk. Caleb told Amber he thinks Hayden and Cody are going to vote to keep Zach. She is confident they’ll get Donny.
  • 6:05pm – Frankie up in the HoH room with Devin. Devin is bashing Caleb on how much he talks about himself, how he doesn’t really trust him, etc.
  • Devin is giving Frankie a really nice talk. I stand by what I said, Devin is a horrible player, but he’s nowhere near as violent and mean as he’s being made out to be.
  • Random note: They got the grill! I’m not sure why that is exciting to me. Perhaps that’s sad I get excited about that?

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Comments (46)

    Yea I agree he is just a paranoid jerk. There have been plenty worse. He makes a nice target and keeps the focus off of others!

  2. Comments (46)

    Victoria has a smoking body! She is a butterface though. A nose job is badly needed. I would put a pillow over her face and tear that ass up though!

    • Comments (26)

      You really don’t have to comment about every woman in the house, no one cares. Also, check out the comment policy:

      “Use common sense and talk to people like you’d talk to your grandmother who is a Big Brother fan”

      • Comments (46)

        Grammy said she thinks Vic needs a nose job as well but agrees she has a nice ass! Thank you for your suggestion. I won’t repeat what SHE said about some of the guys. No one cares either. If you give me your e-mail I will preapprove all of my comments with you prior to posting. Since you are a “black cat” why not make it about race as well and we can get everyone fired up!

      • Comments (26)


        If I gave you my email I’m pretty sure you would become obsessed with me much like Caleb is with Amber…

      • Comments (46)

        I doubt it. that is not how I roll.(literally, I have been in a wheelchair since 2006) I will just make sure I consider what you would think before I hit the send button. I am sure you will let me know if something doesn’t fit your moral, ethical or political views. we are lucky to have you as a moral compass. Keep up the outstanding work!

      • Comments (26)

        Don’t consider what I think of you because I literally don’t. Consider the fact that you have been asked by others including “john ruth” who you seem to have more respect for. Consider the fact that “stevebeans” thanked you for saying you would “try to more considerate with my comments”. You seem to be angry at me for telling you what everyone else was thinking. You were more than happy to accommodate others who challenged you, idk why you are giving me grief. You were inappropriate and it has been pointed out. Correct yourself and move on.

  3. Comments (692)

    have Frankie and Zach made up? I want them to be back to cuddling!

  4. Comments (692)

    What’s up, nobody is commenting tonight!?

  5. Comments (22)

    What a horrible cast

  6. Comments (1)

    I’m seriously considering finding another website to get my big brother news from just so I don’t have to see this Dan person’s nasty raunchy comments about every female’s breasts and graphic descriptions of what he’d do to them. Have a little decency, Dan.

    • Comments (469)

      Cee – thank you for pointing this out – I couldn’t agree more – although I do enjoy this site and don’t intend to change – I see many post from Dan that are excellent on the game play etc. – but his comments on the ladies anatomy and what he would like to do with and to them are entirely are out of place here IMHO.

    • Comments (46)

      Please reconsider! We would want to lose your thoughtful comments and wonderful insight. I didn’t think mentioning seeing someone breasts and that they were perky was considered “graphic detail” I will be more considerate in the future.

  7. Comments (469)

    I’m sorry but i must respectfully disagree with you about Devin. Aside from you saying he is a poor game player and a self absorbed moron – he has also done things that are not acceptable or qualities of a nice person. Intimidation of the women – bullying tactics -fear tactics and as I said in a previous post the using of his little daughter to try to gain believability and trust – that is not a “nice guy” in any world.

    • Comments (138)

      Exactly how has Devin intimidated the women??? I’m tired of these baseless, unsubstantiated claims (especially the ridiculous one about him being cut from baseball for “aggression”). Give us some examples. Has he threatened to physically harm any woman or for that matter any man? Is he not allowed to threaten to have someone evicted if the person doesn’t vote the way he wants? That’s what 75% of the people in the house do. That’s the point of having power in the game.

      • Comments (469)

        WOW – pull in your fangs and claws little lady – I don’t watch all day feeds but I do watch the episodes and BBAD – I depend on you excellent synopsis each day to keep me filled in on the daily actions- but to the point – I have heard Victoria -Nicole_poa-and even Amber say they feel threatened by Devin. Stop and think, the ones that don’t cow down to him (case in point Brittany)feel his “wrath”. Yes players are allowed to threaten other players with the possibility of eviction it is certainly part of the game. But there is a point of crossing the line. When a 250 pound muscled up guy gets a person alone in a room – flexes those muscles get’s a menacing scowl on his face and won’t back down 1 inch even if he is Obviuosly wrong – or prowls about at night waking people out of a dead sleep to “talk” – or traps a young girl in a shower stall and goes on a rant (look at the picture)and threatens her with eviction – these are a few examples of – going to far. And as for him being a threat of becoming violent (perception is reality)and he has given every guest that perception – hell according to you a group was plotting to get Zach to confront Devin and coerse him into a fight (to find his switch) – which says to me they all believe he is capable of violence. The baseball story I have not heard – but that would be a rumor I suppose – but the few examples I have given above are not rumors – we all have seen them.
        I have always seen you a non partisan moderator on this site – that is why I came back this year – and this is why I was shocked at your aggresive reply to my post. You seem to be breaking your own rule – “we all have a right to our opinion and no one should be attacked for that opinion”. It appears you have taken a liking to Devin and his game (though you have typed some pretty scathing remarks of your own about him). If this is true I respect your right to do so – but please respect the majority’s right to not appreciate Devin’s “game”> And as I began my previous post I respectfully disagree with you.

      • Comments (138)

        1. “Me” is not SteveBeans, the moderator. Me is a guy bored at work.
        2. No one attacked you. I’m attacking your presumptions and your baseless judgments about Devin.
        3. I believe 100% that all of those sheltered women felt threatened by Devin, but it’s not because Devin threatened them or did anything wrong. It’s because of their (and your) personal hang-ups. Devin shouldn’t have to behave differently than any other player has simply because of his physical appearance and other people’s prejudices.

      • Comments (158)

        Lighten up John Ruth. And also learn who you are talking to. “Me” is not the site owner. So take that chip off your shoulder.

      • Comments (469)

        Kevin – for starters you are correct – I ass/u/med – and I appologize to Stevebeans especially. With that out of the way I am light as a feather and there isn’t a chip within miles of me. I was merely responding to an angry comment of my post. I will again respond to both you and “Me”. In me’s response to my response it is obvious me did not read or comprehend it. He asked for details I gave him fact based details, he apparently doesn’t like fact based details. He said I have passed baseless judgement on Devin, again he doesn’t like fact based data. Then he goes on to accuse me of unwarranted predjudice because of Devin’s size. Of course size should not preclude a person from playing the the same as anyone else UNLESS you use your size to bully-badger-browbeat and intimidate your fellow players. And I believe the facts I tendered prove this is exactly what Devin is doing.
        So Kevin thank you for your comments, and your concern for my mental well being but not to worry I am at peace with the universe.

      • Comments (110)

        Why can’t you just google it and see that I infact do know what I am talking about? Do I have to do it for you and give you all the sites personally?

  8. Comments (469)

    Having said that – I watched BBAD and lost my groceries several times with the constant feed on Zach and his campaign to keep himself in the game. I have thought from the beginning he has been a loose cannon (remember his pre entry blurb “I tell it like it is to anyone” – he is a coat tail rider (Frankies) – and in my opinion he sh*t in his own post toasties with his out of control rant (even with people before hand advising him to chill) – so in my opinion he should be the next one out the door.

  9. Comments (110)

    I don’t like Devin because he is a liar and a drama queen and I am not sure he should be locked in a house with people with whatever mental issues he has going on. He may not have been physically violent yet, but according to online reports 1 of the reasons he was let go from the Cardinals was his aggression. So it is entirely possible he could be.He lied about why he left baseball and does not treat people with respect. I just can’t stand to listen to him talk anymore. He is not the first player to be a bully but I don’t have to like it.

    • Comments (138)

      “According to online reports” means that you’re making it up (aka lying your butt off). Either that or you’re repeating the lies some other moron told on their blog. So far, there hasn’t been any reason for anyone to think that Devin’s a violent person.

      • Comments (46)

        use the ol’ Google and you can see the reports on him, why he was let go (he did not quit as he stated) He was suspended and in treatment for taking a PED (performance enhancing drug) based on his pictures from then and now it is not much of a leap to assume he has been taking roids. I find the reports to be more then some moron on a blog. College coach (who also mentioned at that time “aggressive behavior”) sports reporters and members of the actual teams he was drafted by, let go from.

        Just the facts

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – once again thank you – as you saw In my earlier comment to “me” I hadn’t heard of the baseball story – but you have also given fact based proof of this incident. I have been an athlete all my life and it is quite obviuos when people are on PED’s just by their physical appearance – it can’t be hidden. And no it is not just the muscle mass.

      • Comments (110)

        Thanks Dan. I figured everyone could just google him themselves and I did not have to list every source personally but I guess that wasn’t the case for “me”. I appreciate you giving more facts.

      • Comments (110)

        Me don’t accuse me of being a liar. Do your research your own self.

  10. Comments (1288)

    I biatched up a storm last year over CBS’s abortion of a twist by including the Rachelganger, but I am very pleased by this year’s switch up. I was away from the game for 48 hours and return to find it all higgledy-piggledy. What fun is it when everyone acts predictably?

    This year’s gyrations will hopefully ensure the winner is someone who had to work very hard to get there.

  11. Comments (1)

    I just got caught up on the last 3 episodes that aired cause I was on vacation. I have a question. Why did Joey get in trouble for the alliance she tried to start? In other words, why are Caleb and Devin allowed to make alliances but Joey isn’t? Is this more of the same bullying that keeps going on? I thought it was so stupid that Caleb and Devin acted like she committed some kind of mortal sin for trying to make an alliance when they formed their own alliance right away. Why are they allowed to do it and no one else in the house is allowed to make alliances? That’s bull! Big Brother is all about making alliances so, yes there are supposed to be more than one!!

    • Comments (110)

      Oh exactly right. I have said the same thing. I think it is just chauvinist bs. The men can have alliances of course, cause they are men but the women, they can’t. It’s just sad to me how women in the house can’t work together and make alliances and talk strategy and do it well. Joey had a great idea, poor execution.

  12. Comments (68)

    I think Paola will leave. She doesn’t have an alliance and is a weak player. If she stays in the house she will constantly be on the block. On the other hand, if Zach stays, he can create some drama because he seems like a guy who can win competitions and he seems like a guy who would go against Devin.

    I think what the producer didn’t expect was the Bomb Squad. I mean, they sort of separated the house in 2 groups of 8, hoping that it would create 2 alliances that fight each other each week. What ended up happening was pure paranoia regarding the power of the HOH which made Frankie and Caleb create and alliance that got too big too fast.

    As long as the MVP twist isn’t introduced I’ll be happy. However, i find that if the MVP twist is inserted, most likely Donnie would win and who knows what he would do at this point.

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