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Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Live Feed Updates


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I say this every year, but one of these seasons I may actually go through with it. I need a way to create t-shirts. I had so many good ideas for shirts this year, but it’s obviously too late now. If anyone knows of a (non cafepress) place to easily make t-shirts, contact me!

If you’d like a recap of how Caleb killed his game, I covered it this morning, otherwise there isn’t a whole lot to talk about so I guess I’ll get right into the updates…

  • 11:45am – Caleb takes a dump
  • Just kidding, that’s not the only update, but don’t be surprised if the season slows down to that point in the near future.  So, after emptying his bowels, Caleb chats it up with Derrick in the bathroom.  Derrick mentions a 3 person alliance with them and Victoria. That’s actually a pretty decent idea for Derrick.  Should they make the final 3, he’s guaranteed final 2.  Even though it would be smarter for Caleb to take Victoria, he’d take Derrick. Victoria would also take Derrick.  His brain is always working.
  • Derrick about Christine – “She’s bad for your and my game because she’ll take Cody or Frankie over us. Victoria will take me or you”.
  • Derrick is scared if he puts Victoria and Christine up, Frankie/Cody may vote to keep Christine which is bad for them.  Cody also told Derrick he’ll put up Christine/Victoria if he wins HoH
  • 12:00pm – Caleb heads to the DR, Derrick walks up to Frankie to talk some game.  He is trying to secure Victoria over Christine if and when the situation comes up Thursday night.
  • Derrick is basically saying a lot of the same stuff to Frankie as he did to Caleb about Victoria. The two of them with Victoria make a good trio, Victoria will vote for whoever is nicer to her, etc
  • 12:55pm -Christine, Caleb and Frankie are talking outside. Meanwhile, I just got a look at my Eng Comp II syllabus and having a panic attack.
  • HoH photos will be soon… the moment people care about only slightly less than the HoH room reveal.
  • 4:30pm – Had to run out to a few stores looking for Sims 4 for the daughter.  Who knew it was such a popular game?  Anyway while I was gone, not a whole lot happened (shocker), but Christine was feeling a bit sad she’s being lumped in with Frankie lately.  She has tried real hard to distance herself from him apparently.
  • Meanwhile, a few are up in the HoH talking and Donny comes up yet again. Frankie said Donny had the worst social game in Big Brother history. Caleb will punch himself in the face if he wins America’s Favorite.  Caleb – “Maybe favorite person. but player? Of the game?”  Derrick tries to mention how Frank went out the same time, won about the same amount of comps and won America’s Favorite.  They’re still in denial.  I’ll be blown away if Donny does not win America’s Favorite.
  • Caleb – It’s crazy how in love with Cody that Christine is. That’s bad… that’s.. that’s bad.  She can’t stay away from him. She’s like melted to him.  Sign the divorce papers.

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  1. Comments (412)

    If I were Derrick’s wife, I would cry watching this.
    While it’s not as inappropriate as Christine and Cody’s relationship,
    If definitely doesn’t seem like a brother/sister relationship.
    When they are laying next to each other he has his leg on hers and the way they touch each other. I don’t touch my brother that way. Just saying.

    Victoria and Derrick Big Brother 16 tribute:

    • Comments (492)

      Hey Fruit Loop Dingus,,
      I love you!!!!!!
      You love Zach
      I love Zach

      I also am in love with my husband!
      But thanks for sharing your love for Zach!!! And keeping him alive!


    • Comments (24)

      I stopped watching the show weeks ago, only come to this site to get my BB fix. I had read that their relationship was borderline inappropriate but I had no idea it was that bad. After watching that video I would say it is completely inappropriate. If I was his wife I would be extremely hurt, no amount of money is worth having to watch my husband with his “girlfriend”. I know some might say it’s for the game but Derrick has had control over everyone else in the house with out having to practically make out with them. I know they haven’t made out but that’s what the next step would be. They look like teenagers in love. Not appropriate for a married father under any circumstance.

    • Comments (1092)

      Don’t know when that video was done, but without the audio of the many conversations, we can’t assume the worst.

      Also, it is a long time to go without being with friends and family, and a significant other. A lot of people bond in social settings. Even at work, where you have professional colleagues, some bonding goes on. It doesn’t mean they are cheating on their spouse, or that their spouse should have anything to be jealous about.

      It just looks like these two have a good connection. Which is probably a lot more fun than her being yelled at continously by someone like Evil Dick.

      And besides, this may get her $50k for being his friend in the house, and it could get him $500k for picking a person that he can influence over.

      Maybe she has deeper feelings

      • Comments (1092)


        Maybe she has deeper feelings, but I don’t see him giving off any vibes that his wife should be worried.

      • Comments (469)

        dmc – what about the vibe he gives off when he is discussing and laughing about the fun it would be to see her raped – and destroying her virginity – with 4 other vile humans – including one female.

      • Comments (1092)

        Different topic of discussion.

        The video is trying to show that they have a relationship worthy of his wife being concerned. It isn’t about raping her.

      • Comments (328)

        As a married woman, I do not care for some of his actions at all. I would have sent a message to him a long time ago from the words of Ice Cube…

        You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • Comments (1092)

        At what point do interractions between two people become worrisome ? I am sure some couples have different levels of tollerance.

        They are in the Big Brother House. There is always interraction between the houseguests. There have even been competitions where during the competition, clothing has been removed. Does that now mean that married people should be prohibited from entering the house, because they might see a brwast or a butt ?

        There are times wgen guests are chained together for a day or two at a time. What happens if theuy have to shower or go to the bathroom. Again, is a spouse going to be at home pulling their hair out over that ?

        I would bet that any married person going into the house has had some sort of talk about boundaries, and what can be done in the house.

        In any case, it isn’t my relationship. I am not concerned.

      • Comments (328)

        Nor my relationship either, but my pointing out that some of his actions are not desired by me is how I feel. I have seen two instances with them close to that uncomfortable face to face moment where it looked as if oops, you’re not my wife I can’t kiss you. So yep, if my hubby was getting close as an emotional attachment as what is happening with Victoria, then oh heck yeah I would be uncomfortable.

      • Comments (328)

        Or I should say for allowing Victoria’s emotional attachment to escalate would make me a bit uncomfortable.

      • Comments (1276)

        While they do seem overly close, and I do think she looks at him in a way different way than he looks at her… for me, I wouldn’t be ticked off if I was his wife about anything shown in that clip video. Sure, they are a little touchy feely, but he is for sure playing the game. I think she has deeper feelings for him, but IMO, I think he doesn’t see her as more than a friend, and a golden ticket to win in the final 2.
        But that is just me, I don’t usually get too worked up unless some real lines get crossed. Christine on the other hand, is all over Cody, 24/7, that wouldn’t be ok with me at all.
        Like DMC said, Derrick not defending her, and even laughing about the tasteless jokes is a etirely different conversation.

      • Comments (722)

        Well the wife knew Derrick would be living in a house for 3 months with a bunch of models and degenerates …
        So did Christines husband..

        They signed up for this too.. some ppl will do anything for money

      • Comments (469)

        So in your world a wife should be totally unconcerned when seeing and hearing her husband act out a rape scenario and laugh uncontrolably about it while in a group of demented a-holes and in the presence of a female (who it turns out is also an a-hole).

      • Comments (692)

        nothing was right about the comments made about the rape of Victoria by anyone in that room and no family member of any of them should be alright with anything that was said. that whole scenario was just wrong.

      • Comments (722)

        No. Not at all. Its not ok.
        She knew what could happen
        She should not have let him go to BB period.
        She knew it wasn’t exactly a church environment with adults acting morally.

        The wife was wrong to let him go.
        Id never let my mate go. Its not worth the money to lose my marriage.

        Its different when you are single, you can do these games and shows.

        I question the wife. She knew this and worse could happen.. but ppl will do anything for money.

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually no, and I didn’t say that it was. However, while he did nothing to defend Victoria in the moment, and I would have prefered if he did, I have a funny feeling he, and the rest of the room didn’t jump on Frankie as a game move.
        To me, it looked like they were trying to ignore the violent part of what he was saying, and make it into more of a joke. I don’t agree with the joking, and haven’t once said that I did. But, it was Frankie that said the vile and violent comments about Victoria, not Derrick or the others. They did wrong by laughing it off, and not standing up for Vic, but they were not the ones saying it, Frankie was.
        The fact Christine was there for it, doesn’t reflect badly on the guys, if anything it makes her look worse. If I had been there, I would have jumped all over Frankie. It may have hurt my game to do so, hopefully the other houseguests would have then joined in and said he was in the wrong, but personally I would have risked my game to tell him how disgusting the comments were, and shut it down. But that’s just me.

      • Comments (1092)

        You really seem fixated on the rape discussion.

        Everyone on this site has found it to be disgusting.

        But the rape discussion has nothing to do with Derrick’s wife having to be concerned about a potential budding romance beteeen Derrick and Vic.

      • Comments (79)

        I saw the video. He didn’t discuss anything. Neither did Christine, Caleb, or Cody. Frankie was the only one talking about “taking her virginities” with the other houseguests either just laughing or trying to change the topic of conversation.

      • Comments (211)

        Wrong – Derrick did more than just laugh at the suggestion (which is bad enough in itself,) but then proceeded to describe (and act out) what it would be like if Zingbot did to Victoria what Frankie suggested, laughing while he did so.

      • Comments (426)

        Derrick joined in, even demonstrating Zingbot doing her.

      • Comments (328)

        And finished it with a big Ole ZING.

      • Comments (24)

        Idk, it is a fine line. I understand it is a game and he’s the only one playing this season but he knows that she is a little girl with a crush and he loving every minute of it. I just feel it is inappropriate for him to touch her like that. At work if another colleague touched me like that I would have a problem with it. An emotional affair is just as heart breaking as a physical one. A game is a game but keep it in perspective.

      • Comments (211)

        Totally agree. He’s not dumb – he can see how obsessed Victoria is with him, and still continues to lead her on for his benefit. As kneeless posted earlier, she’s already talked about how she wouldn’t let Derrick get voted out, and if he did, she would self-evict if that would keep him in the game. She talks as if she won’t be able to survive without the guy…scary stuff.

        Am really concerned about what’s going to happen to her after the game’s over, Derrick goes back to his wife and child, and Vic realizes she’s been played all this time. I don’t think she’s mentally strong enough to handle it at this point, honestly.

      • Comments (1092)

        On his part, I still don’t see anything wrong.

        But, with reference to your comment, take a look at Vic’s bio. She specifically says she will use her looks to her benefit in the game.

        I wouldn’t be worried about her. She knows what she is doing.

      • Comments (1276)

        I haven’t seen him touching her inappropriately. I’ve seen her rubbing on him, and getting as close as possible. I haven’t once seen him rubbing on her. I do think he lets her get way to close, but maybe his wife trusts him??? Maybe his wife wouldn’t have a problem with his actions in the house, because the win can make their families lives easier.

    • Comments (682)

      Maybe there’s something wrong with me but I don’t see anything wrong with Derrick and Victoria’s relationship. They look like brother and sister to me in that video. Yes, Victoria has a crush on him, that is very clear.
      Why do people look for problems that are not there?

      • Comments (151)

        98 percent of people get jealous over everything andit clouds their judgement. That is why

      • Comments (1276)

        That’s why I keep saying I don’t see anything wrong with the way Derrick is with Victoria. I can see his wife having issues with Victoria, since she clearly has much deaper feeling for him. However, while he could keep a bit more distance, I don’t think he’s crossed any lines.
        But again, it goes back to trust. If you aren’t secure in your marriage/relationship, and you are worried about what he’s doing, maybe there is a much deeper issue than who he’s close to in the BB house???

      • Comments (248)

        Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Comments (240)

    SB, Sent you an email regarding t shirts. letting you know in case it goes to SPAM

    Regarding BB, would never happen but, wouldn’t it be funny if Derricks plan to take Creepy Stare I mean Victoria to the end for an easy win backfired and jury voted for her just to spite him. People will talk in jury. You had a final two? I had a final two! Wait! You all had a final two!? Uh oh!

    • Comments (1092)

      I don’t see Victoria winning in a final two for many reasons. One of them being that even Zingbot called her out for not having any game.

      The other reason being that: A true fan of this game once evicted and sent to jury, should have the integrity to vote for the best player. Even if that means sitting around juryhouse, and discussing how many ways player X manipulated, lied and basically screwed you, if you are a true fan of the game, you have to appreciate that. Why ? Because everyone going into the game knows it has to be done in some way shape or form at some time during the season.

    • Comments (843)

      You might try for the t shirt

  3. Comments (610)

    OK, SB brought it up, and I apologize in advance if this comment offends anyone, I truly don’t mean to, but I can’t resist this one… Caleb probably just made his biggest “move” in the entire game.

  4. Comments (12)

    @Marie2……glad you said it….I was thinking the same thing….good minds and all

  5. Comments (1799)

    Big move that sums up Galeb game All flush away
    Fruit loop dingus love your post Yes Derrick wife might want to screen Fatel Atraction for some tips on how to handle Victoria after the shoe That’s more than game play going on
    Mom we all wish Zach was still in the game

  6. Comments (152)

    Does anyone watch Survivor? Woo took Frank over the girl (don’t remember her name) and LOST! The person sitting next to you is AS important as you making all the way to F2. I am sure if Derrick makes it with Victoria…he will win. But it would be funny if the jury decided to give it to a floater this year just despite!
    I will be very disappointed in America if Donny doesn’t win Fan Favorite. No one else even comes close to him!
    At first, I really liked Caleb….then wanted him to just go home…but wait….then I actually started liking him again. OH but wait….now I just want him to go home again. He has no game play! Too worried about his outside social life.

    • Comments (207)

      well if Victoria makes it to final 2 it will really depend who she is with because if it’s Derrick; she might win because Jocasta doesn’t like Derrick, Hayden doesn’t like Derrick, Zach is a wildcard, Donny is another wildcard , Nicole doesn’t like Derrick, Frankie is yet another wildcard, and Cody is another wildcard. Victoria is basically an unsafe bet in final 2 because of the fact that she doesn’t do much with no blood on her hands and too many could vote her way. I’ll be surprised if she makes it beyond final 4.

      • Comments (152)

        They may not like Derrick but history has proven they will vote how the person played. Not if they liked them or not. So Victoria will get NO votes based on that idea. Derrick has outplayed her in every sense of the word. And I agree….she probably won’t make it past F4. Atleast, that is what I am hoping!

      • Comments (492)

        If it is Victoria vs. Derrick in the final 2. Frankie will pick Victoria
        Because , Frankie will bring Victoria
        To meet his sister.
        And now Victoria has money!!!!

        Won’t share with Frankie.

      • Comments (426)

        Not thinking Victoria’s family will be allowing her to have anything to do with Frankie or his family after the whole rape incident.

      • Comments (682)

        Do you really think you should refer to it as the “rape incident”?
        He spoke inappropriately. He didn’t rape her.

      • Comments (426)

        Sorry, bad choice of words. Should have said the whole issue the rape discussion has created.

      • Comments (426)

        I stand corrected!

    • Comments (98)

      Woo took Tony instead of Kass

      • Comments (152)

        crap….got the names all wrong, but it was the facts that mattered. lol He took the wrong person!

  7. Comments (27)

    To bad America/Canada cant vote to name the winner, I would vote for a floater because A message should be sent that this season was so boring and predictable that we wont tolerate a game with no big moves anymore. What a waste of a season. And I still wish that they would tell the HGs that Donny is doing a cameo on the Bold and the Beautiful. I want to see their true colors come out either that or hear Caleb and Frankie say “If Donny got a part in a Soap, were gonna be way much more famous”

  8. Comments (843)

    steve beans, don’t fret over Comp II. Just do it one lesson at a time and always ask for clarification or help when needed. Still praying for your family.
    In regards to BB, I’ve lost all interest and am just waiting for the end so I can cast all my votes for Donny on America’s Favorite.

    • Comments (492)

      Sorry I am voting Zach Americas favorite

      I just got to..

      Donny is being a ham , now on the interviews I think, now don’t hate me, I could be wrong.

      Anyway, I just love. My Zach

      • Comments (644)

        mom, I think America’s favorite will be either Zach or Donny. But I think Donny will win because of the posts I read here. Zach will probably come in 2nd. I have my new Zach pink hat, but still haven’t found a shirt like the one he has. Since I live in Florida it should be easy to find but I just can’t find it in a store or online. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. It needs to be royal blue like Zach’s and have the big gator’s head in the front and nothing else. I think the material is some kind of polyester blend not cotton, but I’d buy a cotton one if I can’t find the polyester one. It would be nice to find it in women’s sizes. It would be great to find a stranger with a pink hat and that shirt, then I would ask them about BB.

      • Comments (328)

        Lilly, check out they do the blue Florida Gators tshirt. I saw an image of a female shirt. I think it has a Nike swoosh below the gator head though. It might even be a Nike dry fit shirt, so expect to pay at least 30 or more for it. Good luck and hope this helps!

      • Comments (492)

        Omg, and omg,
        You guys are the best.

        If I did celebrate Halloween
        I would go as Zach!!!

        But none of my friends would know who he was. I am the only one in m y circle who watched the show.

        Way too funny!!
        I LOVE it

      • Comments (644)

        Thanks Shoe Lover!

      • Comments (328)

        You are welcome, Lilly! If I don’t buy directly from Baylor bookstore, fanatics is where we shop for Baylor Mom and Dad shirts. Happy I could help!

      • Comments (492)

        You go Lilly girl!!!!!

      • Comments (1443)

        Heard they had the hats in Kmart cheap!!

      • Comments (14)


  9. Comments (843)

    Question–HG don’t know they have an extra week in BB house. Victoria has stated she HAS to be home by Sept. 24 for a Jewish holiday. How will that be handled or do you think she will actually leave?

    • Comments (492)

      I though in one of Victoria ‘s pre interviews she said she was this religion??? But didn’t practice it?
      I could be wrong.

      • Comments (843)

        I think she practices some but not all aspects of her religion otherwise she couldn’t be eating the way she does. The ones who practice it according to the law have very strict dietary rules about how they prepare food and what and when they can eat. She certainly wouldn’t be ACTING or dressing the way she does.

      • Comments (1443)

        She’s Jewish. They dress just like us. They might not eat kosher but I don’t remember them having pork in the house and that’s one of the biggest things

      • Comments (328)

        In our religion, pork is a dirty animal, and don’t chew their cud. So it isn’t kosher. When I was little I would ask and in the nicest way my sister said that pigs eat their poo and we don’t poo animals. I don’t keep a kosher home so yes bacon and dairy with meat is kept in my fridge. During holidays and especially during Passover, I keep kosher. She may follow the holidays and practice Judaism relaxed like. A lot of jews do.

  10. Comments (174)

    Derrick was just telling Vic to start sucking up to people. Kiss ass like Christine. He told her he wasn’t in a alliances but she wasn’t buying it. She still will try to suck because it is what Derrick wants but at least she didn’t buy the bs of no alliances.

  11. Comments (21)

    Hey SB, would anyone wear a “wimp mode cowboy” shirt? Or a Crustine? How about “I’m a cop, do as I say”?

  12. Comments (644)

    I found two t-shirts for Nicole’s fans:

    Steve, I think it would be a good idea if you started selling the BB t-shirts. Maybe for BB17 you’ll be ready to sell them and that would give you a little extra money. Click on the link, I like the t-shirt on the right, the one with the words “fruit loop dingus.”

  13. Comments (79)

    Why is anybody talking about liking Caleb? There hasn’t been a single moment in this whole game where I wasn’t frightened and/or repulsed by Caleb. I’m not sure what redeeming qualities he has.

  14. Comments (92)

    Previously on Big Brother Spoilers and More: All Hands On Deck, All Hands on Deck we have another Blog Guest (BG) who is jumping off the BB ship. The BG stated she will only read the blog to get her information (but we all know once that remote is in her hand it wll click on CBS. This leaves me with a great idea, but before I discuss it, I like all the BG’s to shout out a big Happy Birthday to fellow BG Brandy who will be turning 24. Let’s start singing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you – – – STOP STOP. I have a better song – Brandy you’re a good girl, what a good wife you would be, But my life , my love and my lady is the sea (much better). O.K. here is the idea – After each BB eviction show CBS would have a new show called BBB (no not the Better Business Bureau – The Big Brother Blog Show). The host, of course would be Steve Beans. The 5000 bloggers would vote out eac week one of their BG’s who would go to the BBB Jury House to eventually vote for their favorite BG. This week we have BuffaloBill going against Willie. Steve Beans: OK BuffaloBill why shoul you continue blogging? BuffaloBill: Well Steve, I first want to say hello to my beautful wife Inga. I just want to say I love all my fellow BG’s. If you keep me I will try to keep my comments about Christina to a minimum. It looks like Derricks marriage could be on the rocks and this could be Christina’s chsnce to hook up with him at the after party. Please keep me. Steve Beans: OK Willie, it is your turn. Willie: as you all know I am an angry man, that being said I’m not anti-gay, in fact Franko and I are friens. I have a gay friend. You also know I’m a Good Ol Boy like Donny and you all loved Donny. Steve Beans: well BG’s it’s time to vote(voting occurs and after 18,000 commercials the results are announced).steve Beans. By a vote of 4,999 to 1 (BG’s on the block are allowed to vote),BuffaloBill you have been evicted from the blog. Steve Beans: Weicome BuffaloBill. BuffaloBill: Hi Steve, you are one handsome man. Steve Beans: why do you think you were voted out. Well, I think Christina is runnuning the blog and has grat influence on the others. She is a brilliant blogger. I also think Willie will win America’s favorite blogger. He can type faster than anyone. He is very smart, witty and a Good Ol Boy. Well in case of eviction your fellow BG’s had messages: Willie: you sicken me you racist pyscho. Christina: you just rub me the wrong way. Franko:: Willie never thought gays were sinners. Steve Beans. Steve Beans: Any last thoughts BuffaloBill. BuffaloBill: I wish I rubbed Christina the right way.

  15. Comments (266)

    While we are all sharing YouTube videos….

    (Only watch if you have absolutely nothing else better to do. Apparently that was me just now. And wow, looks like Christine’s husband is slacking on the house chores.)

    • Comments (118)

      He looks like a bug with glasses

      • Comments (137)

        this poor guy already has it bad enough with his wife acting the way she is in the house. stop the bad comments on the guy. Let him be him. I think he sung that song great and plays very well on the guitar.

    • Comments (843)

      That’s just sad.

    • Comments (1443)

      I feel sorry for him. For them both really. He is hoping that her name from bb will get him somewhere in his singing career and so is she. It’s pitiful really. She works in Starbucks supporting them and he sings in a band making very little trying to make it big. That’s why he’s only family member tweeting etc with bb watchers to get the attention. She’s been clinically depressed on meds, had a miscarriage, he’s an alcohol abuser. It’s just a sad story. And I don’t like Christine at all. It’s just so sad

  16. Comments (77)

    I like how Nicole is trying to help Victoria’s game by campaigning for her.
    Well, except when she blabbed the best scenario, where one of the idiots takes Vic to the final & she wins. Nicole is right, it’s a bitter jury. Here’s hoping, Vic for the win.

  17. Comments (644)

    Wil Heuser’s latest video. He even impersonates Christine’s husband.

  18. Comments (118)

    Wil (ain’t nobody got time for two L’s!) Heuser is brilliant, gr8 videos, last year also

  19. Comments (426)

    I read on Jokers earlier that Caleb shouted out to Tim to just go ahead and sign the divorce papers, that even inside the house they can’t figure out how to break them up. Evidently Cody is now running around wearing Christine’s wedding rings? Did anyone else see that? Did I misinterpret it?

  20. Comments (118)

    Chrody unbelievable… Anyone see the pic of the banner plane on Morty’s from twitter?

  21. Comments (1799)

    Yes I did read that the house guest are saying Cody’s wearing Christine’s wedding rings Funny thing Christine now gas started to give shout out to her husband Tim Only problem she is still pawing at Cody
    This year we got very little about the house guest family’s The show with Donny’s family was great Christine’s parents and husband were a bit odd Cody’s family was just happy that he was doing well Also beside the Bachelor set up kiss with Hayden and Nichole we have not seen much of the jury house Interested to see how Zach is doing He is much more naturally entertaining than most of the remaining HG !

  22. Comments (1)

    re: tee shirts, you could try teespring

  23. Comments (492)

    Yes, yes, ” Interested to see how Zach is doing He is much more naturally entertaining than most of the remaining HG ! ”
    Thank you!!!


  24. Comments (492)


    Oh! I forgot to say , have a nice day! You are part of the family too. Play nice now.

    I am off to work. Be home for dinner.

    • Comments (692)

      Have a great day!! You are too kind to all of us!!
      Btw, I’d love to see how Zach is doing in the jury house, too. I bet he and Donny have enjoyed some good relaxation. I’ve heard he wants to leave, tho. He just wants to go home. I hope he can stick it out and watch as the others who were mean to him file into the house one by one.

  25. Comments (4)

    I cannot say Derrick has played a good game. Yes he has done everything he is supposed to do being a bb hg. However no one else has played the game. Would like to see how his strategy would have worked had he been in the house with someone else who was also playing hard.

    • Comments (692)

      I think derrick has played a strategic game. He has manipulated the entire house throughout the whole season. he is not my favorite person in the house by any means. I do have to give him credit for his game he has played, though. I doubt that he would have done so well in a season with a Dan, Amanda or even Rachel.

      • Comments (487)

        Derrick would not do well in a season with Dan and Amanda; they would have targeted him early. Rachel would not have seen him as a threat and would have formed an alliance with him to get his jury vote.

      • Comments (400)

        I would have liked to seen how Derrick’s personality would have been with at least one week on the block. He doesn’t like not having control, so I would have really liked to see how he would have handled that situation to be able to have more respect for his game. He definitely has more strategy than anyone else, but really, look who he is in the house with.

      • Comments (692)

        I would like to have seen how he would have handled being on the block also.

        has there ever been a season where one person never went on the block and won the game?

      • Comments (1443)

        His game has fallen apart now and influence is game. He was too scared to do the big plays and it’s put him even with other guests. Cody wanted to make big move last week and he talked him out of it and when Caleb wanted Frankie out this week he was too afraid to make sure it happened.

      • Comments (487)

        Derrick is playing more like Helen than Dan. Big moves are necessary in the game.

  26. Comments (137)

    I just have to say this before the end of the season. Every year I look forward to when Big brother is on. We have a rule in my house, that when BB is on, there is no talking. And this year just disappoints me beyond words. I am so crushed at how this season was played out. There was no thrills, no excited, hardly any endurance comps, people yelling over the fence, one person controlling all the votes, and I could go on and on. But I am sure if you are a fan of BB you know how disappointing this season as been. There was hardly any mention of “have nots” and the food they will be eating. I have not seen Pandora’s box in a long time and this season would have been the time to use it. This summer was just a big let down for me, the on thing I look forward to all summer was a big bust. I started out disliking Zac’s, but once I realized he was going to be the only excited of the whole season, I started to enjoy his comments and the way he played the game. There were no big moves, everybody is just trying to make it to 2nd, 3rd or 4th place to win some amount of money. What ever happened to trying to win the big jack pot. Maybe it is time to increase the jack pot CBS. I think it has been that same amount since season one. Lets try and model BB USA after BB Canada. What ever happened to cold showers outside in the back yard, now they get to go inside and take it. Try introducing a little more alcohol to get these people aroused a little and moving instead of just playing along with one person. WHAT A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! I wish there was something to do to get a new season on before next year.

    • Comments (1443)

      I started watching bb season I only because nothing was on but reruns. Seldom has the person I wanted to win has one. I am an idealistic person and tend to like the nice person who plays the cleanest most honest game. So of course my fav does not get very far. I loved Jordan, got used to Rachael, liked Elissa loved Donnie and Nichole. Liked Hayden. So all my favs are gone this season at least I thought like everyone else that when they got down this far at least it would be entertaining to watch the guys go against one another. But no. No big moves. I’ve even stopped really watching BBAD. SO BORING. LAST THURSDAY WE WATCHED COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND ONLY TUNED IN TO SEE ABOUT PLAY RESULTS. Can find out everything from online and it’s better than the real show which does not portray as guests really are. I don’t think it was right to bring on Frankie because I think it gave him big advantage in game. He could get votes from sisters fans who probably do not even watch show plus he used his sister to save himself on show. It has only helped him not hurt him any. What has hurt him is how he really is a scum all but only viewers know that Elissa had Hugh disadvantage when HG found out who she was and even lots of viewers did not like her because they did not like Rachael but I don’t think that really helped her get Americas favorite. If she did get votes because she was Rachael sister at least those ppl were bb watchers or they would not know who Rachael was otherwise. Donny getting my vote for Americas favorite as did Elissa. Have no idea who will win bb this year. I don’t like any of them. Just hope it’s not Frankie first or second. The first two weeks Frankie appeared funny and nice and entertaining. After that he showed his nasty real self and he’s really not that talented. Maybe he can dance but his broadway experience he was just a back up and didn’t get in show. And he’s getting little too old for career dancing. His play part was not even funny or entertaining. Showed no talent. Donny’s was the best and he didn’t even have to say anything. Ok. That’s my soapbox and I am now off it!!

      • Comments (137)


        You have hit the nail on the head. I agree with all of your statements. I have also stopped watching BBAD, even more so since it left showtime. This show is really going down hill and fast and it saddens me a little. I think it could be turned around if the producers would listen to some of the viewers and what their desires are. I know you cant please everyone, but it seems from what I have read on several blogs, websites we are all complaining about the lack of game play. Frankie did have a huge advantage with his sister being who she is, but it has hurt in for America’s favorite player. He will not win that, but I am worried he is going to go further in the game than I wanted, which is a chance for more money. On past seasons there were several people I did not like because they played mean, (EVIL DICK), but in the end I would have voted for him to win because he did play a good game. I am not a fan of Derrick only because he controls the house and he has made this game boring. But I do get the other people still get to decide in the end, but Derrick has played them all like a fiddle (Donny excluded). I would still give Derrick the vote in the end if I played because he has played the better game out of all of them. But with that being said, he has had an upper hand being a police officer. Not a fair game if you ask me.

  27. Comments (69)

    You see what I gather with this show – we – on the blog – well – just say me – can not speak for everyone else – get so involved and upset that they play the game by back stabbing and the stabee finds out that the stabber is stabbing them but turn around and smiles and hugs each other and plays pool and runs around with each other – we stay mad – they bond – or something – they get put up on the block and the person backdooring them hugs them like they are the best of friends – I would never do well in that kind of atmosphere – just saying and ranting and off I go.

  28. Comments (6)

    SB I tried ur contact page but it was not loading, you can make tshirts at I used them b4 and they were great. Also on a game note i am so upset that Christine is not leaving 🙁

  29. Comments (1)

    I think Big Brother should do a thing where America votes someone out for eviction.

  30. Comments (487)

    I just participated in the voting on Rising Star. Next BB Production and CBS needs to look into letting the real Team America, US, vote using our phones. The response would be immediate and game changing. We could veto nominations, or just decide who gets evicted from the house. Keep the competitions, HOH, HN, Pandora’s Box, whatever, but we decide who goes and who stays. No more floaters, no bullies, no group thinking, no one person in control. The HGs would still vote, but a precentage of the vote comes from us, Team America.

  31. Comments (25)

    Derrick has played the best game and should win.
    Donny should be voted fan favorite.

    Nothing for Frankie please. At first he was fun and entertaining but as the BB game continued, Frankie just became nasty and mean to watch. I can only imagine what the house thinks of him. He has his hands all over everyone, man or woman. He’s gay, so what, stop the flaming up to the cameras, it’s not good viewing.

  32. Comments (137)

    especially when Frankie said f*** you america. I think his feelings were hurt because America showed him we didnt like him or his play.

  33. Comments (832)

    In order for BB to be successful going forward, CBS needs to either have a big shake up with the producers OR read some of the comments on these sites & take some of the suggestions us ordinary folk throw out. There have been really great ideas people at this site have shared. Can you imagine how much better this season could of/would of been if they had actually made it as “twisted” as they lead us to believe. So much hype, so big of a let down, and yet I continue to watch!

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