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Big Brother 16 – The Twist Revealed

Christine Brecht


First off, apologizes for not posting since last night.  I had stupid stuff going on today and didn’t have time, but I have my coffee and I’m ready for the feeds to begin (at 1am!)

So the second of the two-part season premiere is complete, and Julie revealed quite a few things tonight. We now know all about the battle of the block and just how unsafe the HoH’s are. I had a few guesses, and was wrong of course, but I am not sure how I feel about the actual twist.  Here is how the HoH situation will work this year….

Each week, there will be two temporary HoH’s selected.  Those two HoH’s will select their own nominees which will lead to the Battle of the Block competition. Each set of nominees become a team and battle against the other team (I hope some knife fights!).  The winning team is removed from the block, the losing team remains, and the losing team’s HoH is no longer HoH. Julie mentioned how that person is back in the pool and could be evicted, and that is because of the PoV. The losing HoH will still have his guys on the block, and they will probably be bitter.  If they win, there is a good chance the losing HoH will be the replacement nominee.  Yikes.


This is definitely one of the most interesting twists I’ve seen so far, but it’s only a matter of time until the houseguests figure out some loophole to work in their favor.

Another note, we were told the first person part of the ‘Team America’ alliance, and that is…


Yes, Joey. America had to pick a person, and they selected a random cast member instead of the super famous singer’s brother. If only America voted for the MVP like that last season, perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a stupid twist.

Here are my notes about the episode tonight..

  • Caleb is one weird guy.  I don’t know if I really like the guy or hate him. I do know he’s going to bring a ton of drama, so I am certainly rooting for him to stick around.
  • Is it me, or does Jocasta have some serious skeletons in her closet?  She sounded like some sort of super freak before hitting the church.  She is going to be another interesting one to watch.
  • The rest of the cast tonight was pretty meh… Victoria has a Jessie thing going on where she thinks she’s the prettiest girl in a house full of pretty girls. Christine, Derrick and Brittany seem pretty vanilla.  Zach is a little weird, but they didn’t show much of him yet.

Not many notes because the episode was more about the twist reveal than anything else.

As I mentioned above, live feeds begin at 1am, and I will be blogging updates throughout the day all summer long.  Make sure to keep checking back of follow me on facebook or twitter.



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  1. Rita

    I like the HOH twist but I’m not sure about the Team America addition. I know they are trying to make the viewers feel like they are participating but after the Elissa fiasco I would rather just watch them play their game. If they want to do something like that they should not have put a relative of a famous person in the house. It’s sad too because I am really starting to like Frankie but if he wins in the end it may look like it’s only because of his sister.

    So far I like Caleb (seems real) and I am annoyed by Zach (complete douche bag).

    Victoria has the Kardashian whine so most of what she says I tune out and Paola is my least favorite HG so she will probably be there a while.

    I also think Donny isn’t as (for lack of a better word right now) “dumb” as he is letting on.

    It looks like it could be a good season. Thanks for being here again for us Stevebeans!!

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