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Big Brother 16 – Veto Day Live Blogging


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Every week these veto decisions get larger and larger, and today as no exception.  Frankie has a huge decision on his hands today at the power of veto ceremony. First, he can choose not to use it and send either Caleb or Cody home. That likely won’t happen.  Second, he can use it, but has to decide between two people. Zach or Victoria (I know he can also put up Derrick, but he won’t).  Victoria is the safe choice, the easy choice, but as everyone has said, a ‘waste’ of a choice. Like the hall of fame floaters before her, you always need one around to beat sometime in the final 4.  Since I started blogging the show, you had Adam AND Porsche in BB13, JennCity in BB14, and Spencer in BB15 (many would consider GinaMarie a floater too).

History tells me Zach will go on the block and go to jury this week, but just as I started this thread, Frankie woke Zach up and hinted about the possibility of that not happening.  He had no reason to do that other than he’s seriously considering putting up Victoria, so with that said, I’ll bring you right into the feeds…

  • 10:20am – As mentioned, Frankie woke Zach up and chatted about who may be angry with Frankie if Victoria went up instead. Zach gave him a little plea, but said do what you gotta do.
  • Frankie then pulls Christine into the bathroom to tell her Zach begged him not to put him up. Christine said that’s so awkward. They laugh about it a bit.
  • Frankie said “I’m not going to do it, but I still have to deal with it” – So much for that. Sounds like Zach is going up. As I expected, history tells us that Victoria will be around for another few weeks
  • 10:53am – Zach is trying again and said he will 100% vote for Frankie to win if he makes the final 2. Frankie says ‘everyone will be coming for me’, Zach leaves with the guilt trip ‘that’s fine do what you gotta do’  (note, this is what Nicole should have done last week. Before veto was her only chance at staying)
  • 11:00am – Zach to camera – “Well, Big Brother. My Big Brother life is about over. The veto meeting is in about 10 minutes and Frankie of all people is going to put me on the block next to Cody, and I’m going to be going home. Really sucks, but what are you going to do. I already pleaded my case. I told him ‘dude, I will never put you up and never vote you out’. Please man, put up Victoria.
  • Feeds down, likely for meeting.
  • 11:45am – Feeds back. Caleb down, Zach up
  • Everyone hanging around, no drama atm. Some playing pool, I am pretty sure Zach went to bed.  I am going to get off the computer for a bit. Be back shortly
  • 1:30pm – Back from break. Zach was reading up on the rule book. I wonder if he’s going to stumble on the part about not telling people they’re being nominated.
  • He read a few pages and then put it back. Didn’t seem like he found anything of interest.
  • 3:10pm – A few people sleeping. Derrick, Donny and Cody are hanging out in the living room.
  • Slow day in the BB house. Then again, every day is slow.  It typically picks up at night, let’s hope it’s the same tonight.
  • 5:30pm – Frankie and Victoria having a bash session on people. Zach mostly but bringing up a lot of people.
  • 6:15pm – General chitchat.  Nothing happening. I feel like I write that often.
  • 6:30pm – Dinner time in the Big Brother house.
  • Btw, I am all caught up on True Blood, time to work on the rest of S4 Game of Thrones.  Is it me, or did True Blood get real soap opera’ish the last few seasons?

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  1. Comments (21)

    Why is Frankie not putting up Victoria? I mean does he have a deal with her?

    And it seemed that Zach and Frankie had a good thing going.

    • Comments (152)

      Derrick told him not to! It’s that simple. Whatever Derrick tells them to do….they do! Mindless people all being controlled by one individual thoughout the whole game. Except Donny of course, and they all think he is some evil person! UGH!

      • Comments (61)

        You just summed up this season in one paragraph.

      • Comments (1446)

        Actually, if Frankie had the guts he would put Derrick up next to Cody.
        Zach, although he is a bit erratic, is a much better ally in the house than Victoria or Derrick.
        I hate it when they all think…”Oh, we can get them out next week.” The game is getting down to the final eight – MAKE A BIG MOVE NOW!! It’s right in front of you – a chance to break up Derrick and Victoria or Cody and Christine!
        Getting Zach out is NOT a big move. It’s stupid.
        So tired of everyone doing “what the house wants” It’s really what Derrick wants.

      • Comments (1446)

        Ha! On another site they report that Derrick and Cody have agreed that if one of them wins the next HOH they are putting up Donny and Frankie.
        Frankie is an idiot for listening to Derrick and not getting the house to vote out Cody. He should not have used the VETO.
        Dumb Frankie is not the genius he thinks he is…

      • Comments (875)

        Its amazing that each and everyone of the HG, even when they are told that Derrick is making all of the decisions, and running the house “still” Trust him?! Frankie, Zack, Nicole, Donny, Victoria, Caleb, Cody, Christine have ALL said if Derrick is in the F2, they will vote for him to win!!!

      • Comments (400)

        Derrick is playing them exactly how they need to be played. Right now he helped orchestrate getting Zach on the block. But, last night he spends the evening hanging with Zach and giving him false hope thereby making Zach think he is still a good guy so that he can secure Zach’s jury vote. I’m so frustrated that they can’t see through him. Donny is the only one to see through him and he is outnumbered.

      • Comments (5)

        This is just like last season when Amanda had control. Must have been an assigned thing from production? My guess is Yes! Appears it Feels The same way. So they can act they way they want but there is assigned hidden Master of the house. Just saying so obvious. I think Christine will win or in the final 2. Shocker! Not that’s what I would want but this is a circus, folks!

    • Comments (1092)

      Who knows, they might try to backdoor Cody.

      Frankie is sly. He may be listening to Derrick now, but he will go against them sooner or later.

      He might feel the timing is not right yet.

      • Comments (1443)

        Timing is now,,, he may not get another chance. Derrick has more numbers. Frankie getting rid of one of his numbers and leaving Derrick with one of his. He screwed himself!! He only has Caleb now and Caleb also likes Derrick a lot

    • Comments (1)

      Yeah, sometimes I wonder about that. Is this strategy coming from Zach, or real??

    • Comments (1288)

      Frankie surrendered his HoH to the group when they came up with the Skittles draw. Derrick maneuvered Caleb into coming up with the Zack out plan. Caleb, deluded that he is still the founder/leader of the BombSquad, went to Frankie with the word that the BombSquad is ready to cut Zach loose for his past crimes. Presented with the group wanting Zach out, Frankie is powerless to say no and nominate Victoria.

      You watch, Caleb will claim the credit if Zach does go. However we have 70 some hours until the vote and that is an eternity in BB time. Derrick has had final 2 talks with everyone except Christine and Donny. He also has to bend to the will of a group decision. I believe he would be just as happy with Cody going as Zach, all but 1 of them has to go anyway. It would allow Derrick to tell every other potential F2 companion [Frankie/Caleb/Zach/Victoria] – “see I am with you, I helped get out Cody – he was to close to Christine.”

      Will they start worrying about what “America” will think if they evict Zach – America’s choice as saboteur[jow they see him]? Christine wonders already “does America hate them?” She also is dealing with the ZingBot situation. Voting Cody out would show Tim she has no serious interest in Cody. Derrick targeted Zach from the shadows to protect Victoria, let us see if Frankie can pull a similar move to salvage Zach.

    • Comments (6)

      If Frankie had put up Victoria, he would have gained a little more respect in my eyes since he was going against what Derrick wants. People mostly do what he wants and it seems that out of the 16 people in the house only 2 have a brain: Derrick and Donny. Maybe someone will grow a brain before it’s too late and Derrick wins it all.

  2. Comments (843)

    Victoria will be easy to beat in the final 4 plus she is a vote for them on anything they want. Obedient little child.

  3. Comments (8)

    Out of all the BB I have watch over the years. This season by far has sucked the most!!!! I do not like the double HOH and the 4 person block thing.. BB has really messed up how this game is played. There is no game play this season what so ever, I am sorry picking from skittles to see who goes on the block. That just gave their whole allegiance way to Donnie!!! Who by the way I hope gets HOH next week and make a big game play!!!That being said, it is time for Cowboy to go jury seeing how he thinks he is running things or Cody he has done absolutely nothing he is the floater of BB this season why nobody else has notice this is beyond me .I hope Hayden
    comes back and team up with Donnie and flips the heck out of this house!!!

  4. Comments (13)

    Frankie should take Caleb off and put up Derrick then he Donny and Zach should work to get Derrick voted out this week if they don’t Derrick will win and they will all look stupid

    • Comments (2824)

      They are playing for second place. Frankie will cull his phony “building schools in Africa” and take the 50k and settle for building a bathhouse in San Francisco.

      • Comments (722)

        I figured it would go up his nose. ..
        Either way, its a total and complete crock.his siter/entire family has enough money from grandma on down to start and continue charityies..
        Hes literally taking food out of someones mouth and thats not very charitable..
        If he was a good guy, he’d leave and let someone else win…

        San Fran bathhouse!BOL!!

  5. Comments (266)

    Frankie needs to realize he will be out of the house before Derrick/Victoria/Cody. If he were smart he’d turn on them now and get out Derrick. Cody and Vic will NOT last without Derrick. They prob won’t even be able to wipe their own butts without him.

  6. Comments (1799)

    Donny is now planting the seeds in Caleb that he is not in charge . Also where he is in Derricks order. Donny ask Caleb how the decision to take Cody off happend. It has gotten the cowboy thinking Frankie goes out of his way to be cruel to people. Than he can’t help but run to tell someone how he made a house guest look foolish

  7. Comments (12)

    Noooooooo Frankie you cant put up Zach!!!

  8. Comments (13)

    If Zach Frankie Donny and Caleb team up they could take out Cody Derrick Victoria and Christine with no problem

    • Comments (875)

      I totally agree with you…the problem is that those people you mentioned all Trust Derrick, which is crazy!!!

      Derrick has not been on the block the entire season of BB, you’d think someone out of the group would notice that, and wonder why?! Donny has noticed it, but he is only one person…

  9. Comments (61)

    So Zach is up (and out). It is official that both Christine and Frankie’s game are done. At this point in the game, you should snub your alliances and play for yourself. These lemmings are just counting Derrick’s money.

    • Comments (487)

      I called the HGs lemmings last week and someone gave me a thumbs down. I’m glad to see someone agrees with me.

      • Comments (61)

        They want to help Derrick win money so bad. They’re even sacrificing their dignity and self respect. Nice folks to have on your side.

      • Comments (1443)

        We’ll they are not aware Derrick makes e good salary with great benefits cause they don’t know he’s a cop. But then again they would all take the money.

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t know how Rhode Island law enforcement does, but in the DC area, cops are not paid very well.

      • Comments (1443)

        But it’s decent salary. Don’t they think he’s a salesman

      • Comments (1092)

        I think he called himself a parc ranger.

      • Comments (224)

        Not compared to the cost of living here, it’s not.

      • Comments (6)

        I agree with you Hat. I think next year they should pick people who want to win first place, not second or America’s Favorite Player. If you really don’t want to win, don’t apply to be on BB.

      • Comments (137)

        I think the only thing with that scenario is the fact that they all do believe in the beginning they want to win first place. But once you get in the house, I am sure it changes you and you just settle for what ever. I remember last season they were all excited about just making it to jury so they got more money. I think maybe it is time to revamp this show and make some serious changes. Not this double HOH, and BOTB crap. In theory they probably thought this would be good, but in the end it failed miserably. I hope they shake things up and soon, this has turned out to be one of the best of the worst seasons ever.

      • Comments (469)

        Hat – you have to have dignity and self respect in order to sacrifice it – there isn’t an ounce of it in the entire Alliance- an honest-moral-kind and generous person does not need to say a word to make these kind of people uncomfortable and vindictive – this is what you are seeing in their behavior around and treatment of Donny.

      • Comments (1443)


    • Comments (2)

      I think Zach should have a house meeting and start telling it like it is, get it out there in the open about who’s promised who what. At that point start asking Cody and Christine etc. where they see themselves in their alliance, ask them if they really think that Derek and Frankie will take them to the final 2 or if they’re happy settling for 5th place? By doing this in front of everyone people can’t lie about what you said or twist what you said and you also paint Frankie and Derek into a corner because they’ll have to either state their position or they refuse and everyone starts asking questions.

      At this point you have the chance to get Donny, Victoria, Christine (I dislike her but lets be honest she’s the easiest to flip because she’s absolutely 5th in the pecking order of her alliance)at this point you’ve got a 3-2 vote and a chance to flip the house.

  10. Comments (487)

    Frankie went through with using the POV on Caleb and nominated Zach. Now everyone is worried about how Zach is going to behave the rest of the week because he is not talking to anyone. Zach is now a loose cannon who can explode any minute. Frankie will be shaking and worried until Thursday night.

    • Comments (61)

      …and all he had to do was just think of himself, but he thought of his alliances. Because they all think they’re gonna get 500K each once they evict Donny.

      • Comments (487)

        that’s because they are so smart their stupid. It seems like only Donny has figured Derrick out. If Donny can win HOH on Thursday, I hope he puts both Derrick and Frankie on the block. Just blow up Team America.

      • Comments (61)

        Yup, I have my fingers crossed. Never underestimate a man who has nothing to lose.

      • Comments (412)

        It would even be cool if he mentions Team America to the rest of the house. I don’t really think anyone[america] would be mad at Donny, actually it might bring some excitement. Just blow up Derrick and Frankie’s game completely.

      • Comments (487)

        Wouldn’t bother me one bit, if he mentioned Team America. It would give the others a reason to think that they had a F3 deal. I would love to see Derrick and Frankie trying to get themselves out of that one. Just mention a couple of the TA goals and how he worked with Derrick and Frankie to accomplish the goals Derrick and Frankie will both be exposed for the liars they are.

      • Comments (426)

        I’m not positive, but I think I remember that they are not allowed to expose TA or they forfeit the $$. Anybody else remember something like that?

      • Comments (1)

        I remember watching joey open up her 1st team america card in DR, way back, and she read that she has a choice to keep it to herself or tell someone….remember she told Hayden and he didn’t buy it?

      • Comments (426)

        Oh yeah. You are right.

      • Comments (1276)

        I said that on here a week or two ago, and no one else thought that was the case. I’m glad someone else remembered that one.

      • Comments (1288)

        However Joey just said she was TA to Hayden and it was after she knew her coming fate. She had gotten no missions, won no money and had no idea who else was TA. It is a bit different with three knowing and cooperating.

      • Comments (38)

        I believe they have a choice to reveal or keep it secret if I recall…

      • Comments (1288)

        If TA agrees as a group they could reveal it, but if they use it against each other the person who reveals TA forfeits their TA money earned so far.

      • Comments (426)

        Ok. That makes sense to why I thought that.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick and Frankie were discussing the possible reaction of Donny to their playing loose and fast with his safety. They wondered if he would blow up TA but thought not since it would cost him his TA money.

      • Comments (1443)

        If he’s going home that what he needs to do in goodbye speech

      • Comments (426)

        Why would he do that if he knows he’s going? He quit his job to be on the show and that’s extra $$ in his pocket to get him through until he gets his every day life back in order.

      • Comments (1443)

        I am not sure there was any rule that you could not tell I remember it saying you could keep it seceRet or tell. Your choice. I know I never heard of any possibility you could lose what you had won

  11. Comments (412)

    Frankie just ruined his game. He was actually playing kind of smart up until today. Zach has a good chance of coming back into the game though. Especially if it’s an endurance, like everyone expects. Jocasta is out first, followed by Nicole and it will come down to Hayden or Zach. I’m Okay with either of those. Honestly, any one but JOKEcasta.

    • Comments (487)

      After today their worst nightmare is if Hayden or Zach gets back into the game. Donny will then have someone to work with to get to the final 3 at least. I also see Derrick switching his alliances if Hayden or Zach gets back into the house. Frankie is a goner next week.

      • Comments (1276)

        idk, Donny should have had Zach to work with, and for that matter Nicole should have had Zach to work with. And Caleb to be honest. It was brought to Zach and Caleb’s attention that they are constantly puttin themselves in harms way, and between Derrick and Frankie, they are able to convince both Zach and Caleb to stick with them.
        It wouldn’t shock me at all if they vote Zach out, he comes back in with a vengeance, and within hours/days is right back under the fog or mist that they cast to keep him working for them instead of against them.

      • Comments (1443)

        And they will kick him out again!!

      • Comments (426)

        That would be a dream, not a nightmare! But probably won’t happen. I think it might if Hayden or Nichole comes back. I think Christina may be right about them being able get Zack back in the fog. Plus Derrick does not want to let his Danielle (Victoria)go because he knows he can win against her, but would be taking chances with other strong players.

    • Comments (1092)

      If Frankie is smart, he will blame the evicyion on Derrick in his goodbye video message. Say he had no choice etc…

    • Comments (22)

      What they dont know is Zach is coming back and all hell we be when he comes back !

      Donny , Victoria , Zac, maybe Caleb will see whats going on and get Frankie, Christine , Cody so that leaves Derrick maybe hes in the f2 but i feel caleb/ Zac and Derrick will be in the final 2

      • Comments (1092)

        There is still a lot of game to play. Anything can happen provided some hgs decide to actually play instead of playing dead.

        I hope Frankie has the balls to try and sway Caleb and Christine. Not because I like Zach, which I don’t, but because it will stir things up.

        Cody has not done well in comps, so if those four play to come back in, then it would favor Hayden and Nicole. Bring one of those two back, who have had a week to discuss what went wrong. Team them up with Donny, Frankie and Zach, and you have a strong alliance to knock off Derrick or Caleb.

  12. Comments (22)

    At first I thought Zach was obnoxious and I wanted him to go the week they saved him. But now it feels more like he’s just having some fun and messing with people. I sorta feel sorry for him now and wish he was staying. SO tired of Frankie & Caleb. Would love to see Zach or Hayden come back, pair with Donny, win the HOH and put up those two. At least with Derrick, he’s actually playing the game and winning. Lying is part of the game. Derrick isn’t a jerk though. He’s just a player trying to win. Caleb thinks he’s the greatest gift to mankind ever. Frankie just needs to be quiet and go.

    • Comments (487)

      took a look at the other site. Frankie and Caleb are picking at Zach trying to get him to react. Frankie called him a fruit loop dingus to his face, but Zach did not react. Hey Frankie payback can be a real biotch.

      • Comments (95)

        WTH did I miss? I thought Frankie and Zach were friends. Umm..hello..saying they love eachother and cuddling? From the tip of his stupid pink frosted tips to the bottom of his twinkle toes, Frankie is FAKE!

  13. Comments (3)

    Everyone talks about Victoria being a floater, but Cody is the same. He doesn’t make any decisions. Doesn’t make any game moves. Doesn’t win anything. Does anyone agree with me?

    • Comments (42)

      YEP! He’s just a pretty boy, Christines toy.

      • Comments (722)

        Cody and Victoria are floaters.
        Christine is a vile lost mutt following whoever gives her scraps.
        I have to disinfect my TV after gross Frankies scenes.
        Calebs a loser but he at least stood up to Frankie.. once.

        Derrick is a typical pig cop.
        Poor Donny. Hope he wins.

      • Comments (1092)

        And besides how annoying you find them, what do you think of everyones game ?

      • Comments (722)

        Derrick seems to have a solid strategy.
        Frankie, Cody and Caleb are following Derricks strategy
        Donny playing by himself is smart. At least he can trust himself..

        Zach formed the wrong alliance. A “bad guy” needs to play with a “good guy”… him and Donny teaming up would be great.. 2 outsiders can take over the house with the right move.. and i doubt theyre are gonna be scared moving forward to do so…

  14. Comments (400)

    Let’s face it, even if Zach gets evicted, he now has his own fan base. He is going to be no different than some of the past guests that get to do paid appearances for years to come. He definitely has been the only one that has kept this season entertaining consistently with his Zack Attacks and then turn around with his tender moments with Donnie talking about his brother. He has allowed us to see all sides of him, so I think we will see him for years to come. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him this season though, because if so, I will be done watching and will be strictly reading the blogs. I hope Zack and Donnie can pull out some sort of miracle and stir up something to save him.

    • Comments (152)

      TEAM DONNY with a side of Zach Attack! man that would be so awesome!
      I would love to see them to the end. Derrick and his dominoes need to go!

    • Comments (1092)

      That is a tall order.

      Caleb might go for it, but it would be tough to convince Christine to knock off Cody. Victoria won’t bump off Cody withought clearing it with Derrick first.

      But who knows, Caleb can be pretty convincing when he wants to talk game, so who knows ? Maybe Donny could suggest it to Caleb, and let Caleb convince Christine.

      • Comments (266)

        Christine won’t vote off Cody. She needs someone to fondle. Unless Zach plays with her emotions and says “do it for your husband” “prove to your husband by voting him out”

        If I were Zach I would totally give Christine the guilt trip!!

      • Comments (2824)

        Have you seen her husband? She doesn’t care about him other than giving giving him the occasional anal.

      • Comments (722)

        Thats going too far.
        I was going to eat. That meal is now ruined.
        Ill have to gouge my eyes.. how will i type?
        Im sure she even smells bad. Shes very oily or greasy.

        But guess what.. Cody likes it. Cody, whos got sugar in his tank too. His dad was kissing him all inappropriate in the premier.. ugh..

      • Comments (137)

        that is not necessary to say. If I remember you are suppose to keep this clean, there are kids who read this. Look at stevebeans rules and lets try to follow them please.

      • Comments (1288)

        Donny is even poking at them, Christine and Cody were hugging and Donny said “be careful guys, ZingBot is watching”

      • Comments (1092)

        I like that. It is quiet gamesmanship, but effective nonetheless.

        They might start to feel more like they are being watched, and start to get frustrated.

    • Comments (22)

      They will because zac is coming back And Derrick changes tactics says it was Frankie that was at fault and He wants Christine out Caleb stays for his honesty then theres Zac, Derrick, Donnie, Victoria, Caleb, and Cody getting frankie and Christine out one too three !

  15. Comments (78)

    The HG know someone is coming back this week right??? I feel like they completely forgot that during their decision-making process. If Donny was the target, I really don’t understand why you gave him two opportunities to get off the block when you’ve been backdooring people all season? (I love Donny, so glad they didn’t play this week smart.) Now no matter who goes on Thursday, (90% sure it will be Zach) a strong player will be coming back who will DEFINITELY be working with Donny against the house. I’m hoping it’s Hayden. I would love to see what he does with Nicole. We’ve already seen what she does without Hayden- stupidly trusts the person who just betrayed her. Donny needs to win HOH this week though. He’s the only person who has nothing left to lose, so he can do whatever he wants. I would love to see him put up Derrick and Frankie, and then Christine if veto gets played. Honestly, I’m just glad the 2 HOH twist will be over with. Good in theory, but it went on way too long, and it allowed a huge alliance to constantly have control of the house.

    • Comments (5)

      I don’t think the house guests know about the twist that they can return. Julie has been telling each evicted house guest that there is a chance to return to the house and they all look surprised (and pleased).

      • Comments (224)

        It wasn’t spelled out to them, but they do know. Julie told them as a group the night that jury started that just because they go to jury, that doesn’t necessarily mean their game is over.

    • Comments (487)

      No they don’t know about the returning HG. I’m hoping that they don’t know until someone rings the door bell.

      • Comments (2824)

        Baloney, Chen-bot has told the entire house that there will be a return…several times.

      • Comments (1288)

        So when the group was speculating about a buy-back, Zach was calling Julie a liar when he [wrongly] insisted there was not enough game time left for BB to put an evictee back in the house?

      • Comments (487)

        Julie has never said WHEN it could happen!

      • Comments (18)

        Julie has not told the HG, but she told everyone else on Thursdays show that the 3 previous and this weeks jury member will get to compete to return on Thurs. She also told everyone except the HG that this week was the last of the double HOH’s.

      • Comments (1443)

        No she didn’t tell. She hinted that just cause you went to jury did not mesan your game was over. Some in house think someone coming back when there are 5 in jury. Others think no one coming back. They don’t know when show ends and most think latest date is sept 18 some think earlier. Doing numbers they think no time for someone to come back. Or if they do it’s when only4 ppl left. Some wondering if there will be another double eviction. No one thinks show ending as late as it actually is so that throws all their thinking off

    • Comments (722)

      Zach is a fighter. The other 3 arent.

  16. Comments (843)

    Haven’t seen or heard anything about the message TA was supposed to write on the BR mirror. Anyone know if it was done?

    • Comments (2824)

      Who cares. TA should be done away with, totally.

      • Comments (843)

        Since I asked the question, obviously I care. This is a site to exchange thoughts and ideas, not bash others opinions or questions.

      • Comments (1288)

        I do not think the message was integral to the plot and they never got to it. The items were taken but the message was going up the next morning. The missing item were noticed and discovered before then. Suddenly Zach was the suspect and arranging the neighborhood watch for 24 hours was an easy task.

        Early this morning Caleb on watch said to Derrick “this is probably a stupid idea” and Derrick said “yeah but let’s do it for one night just to make sure”. Easy for him to say as that will fulfill the mission. I think that is all it takes for a successful mission.

      • Comments (1443)

        I don’t think they had to do that. I think they were just talking about doing it

    • Comments (426)

      I think that was the plan to get them to notice things were missing, but Cody noticed it first.

  17. Comments (316)

    I hate to say it because I am huge fan, but I’m losing interest in Big Brother 16. It bores me this season. Big Brother was always my Summer guilty pleasure. Not anymore…..

    • Comments (332)

      Doesn’t it seem like it is rerun of this and that. Like, Zach was already up how many times, make another choice. And Frankie just bowed down (odd) and I truly think Frankie will be up and out next week. Something has to give or BB is losing viewers. I already quit watching only reading. I am like been there done that house vote. Yeah we get it, they all want Zach out.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah I forget its even on most nights…

        Turns out, hate spewing biotches make better TV than scared girly boys.

    • Comments (14)

      I think the loathsome cast has something to do with it (Frankie’s threats: “My half-sister’s fans will beat you up …” and his sexual harassment, “Let’s have sex,let’s have sex, let’s have sex”; and Christine’s blatant disrespect for her marriage, and those are just the most obvious. They seem to enjoy being cruel more than playing the game. I guess I need something else to do with my summers.

    • Comments (875)

      Honestly speaking, BB has gone down hill, and has become sooo predictable since Producer Allison Grodner has taken over the show. Allison & her staff rig, & manipulate for the folks that she wants to win, i.e., Jordan & Rachael.

  18. Comments (9)

    At this point as long as Victoria doesn’t win and maybe Cody since he really hasn’t done much, I would be happy with any of the others winning the 500k because despite how underhanded their game plays might have been no one can deny they have played the game and I respect them all for that.

    • Comments (332)

      At this point I want none of these jerks to win only Donny. So get it over with if one of them is winning, Derrick is awful. He is like totally bold face lying now. That is not Big Brother. And this whole house movement stuff with no free will is too much. It is like no one can make any decision so they follower the leader who is at least doing something but not much. Sleep, wake up, eat a bit, sleep, wake up, eat a bit.

      • Comments (1092)

        Bold face lying is how most, not all but most contestants have won the show.

      • Comments (1288)

        This brings up the core difference between the US version of the show and those in other countries. Originally the Dutch show was about a group of houseguests entering the house and competing against the evil Big Brother. The one who survived would be the winner.

        This was the premise in the original season of Big Brother in the US. Big Brother was a right mean bastard to the players the first year. Like the group having to win what categories of food the whole house would have that week – oh sorry you have no bread or dairy products this week house guests. Harsh penalties and punishments, that was designed to force all players to work together.

        But along in the second season CBS realized they were being associated as the “bad guy” in the show. CBS did not like that, they are our friend and they would like us to watch all of these other shows they have. If the audience became upset at CBS for something they did to the house guests it might hurt their ratings and advertising revenue elsewhere.

        So the decision was made to change the premise of the show from Orwell’s Big Brother to a Zach type big brother. The house guests are now simply pitted against each other. A range of personalities are loaded into the house and they will self-identify into “the good guys” and “the bad guys”. Big Brother is just this nice guy who invites a bunch of people to come hang out in his house for the summer a play a bunch of games.

        Any negative impact of the show is placed squarely on the shoulders of the players. We saw this last season with the KKK poster girl and assorted bad acts. CBS clearly did not try to hide the issues and did meet it face on. Perhaps this is the reason behind the highlighting of Christine’s situation. ZingBot hit a tender spot and it sounds like we are going to get to hear about it.

        In any event the US version has developed into the cutthroat game it has become. Unfortunately many people identify with certain players and are happy only if they are doing well. I find it fascinating and a fun game to follow. I appreciate skillful play [as called for by the US version] no matter where it comes from.

        Frankie, Derrick and Donny are the three players I am most interested by. Those three have the greatest game awareness in the house and two have exerted control on the game. Zach has had flashes of insight but lacks the self-control to use them. Caleb, Cody. Christine, Nicole and Hayden have game knowledge but little depth to their strategy. Victoria and Jocasta are babes in the woods swept along and at some point spit out by the game.

      • Comments (1092)

        Thanks for the history lesson. I have only been watching for a few years.

      • Comments (224)

        “He is like totally bold face lying now. That is not Big Brother”.

        Um….yes, it is!

    • Comments (1092)

      That’s it.

      It might not have beem the best season so far, but most of the players left have at least played.

    • Comments (137)

      I think we need to remember the point of this game is to lie and make alliances and do what you can to win the money at the end. You have to keep this in perspective, who played the best game. I hated Evil Dick, but he played the game well and deserved to win the money and the entire house thought so as well. I dont remember the final count on votes, but I think the got all but one. Like or hate the person, look at how that person has played the game. That is what really counts on BB. I do not care for Derrick, but he has played a very good game. He has everybody in his back pocket, he has figured out a way to manipulate everyone into doing what he wants and they think it was their own idea. That is how big brother is played, what is sad is the fact that these other players are not seeing it (besides Donny). I fault Donny some because he is not even trying to go and talk with Zach about any type of an alliance, he is just sitting back and taking what comes his way. I do get that there are not many players left in the house to even try and get an alliance with, but time will tell when the player reenters the house this week. I do hope that BB throws Donny a bone and they do a competition that there is a way to have Donny win the HOH (timed game, where nobody else is watching what you are doing) BB could make up Donny’s time and have him be the HOH this week, thus causing a big stir in the house and putting up some key players. We can only hope that BB does this to spice up this game a little.

  19. Comments (19)

    Said it before and will say it again. Anyone (Derrick) who can control the other people while not looking like he is deserves to win. I really want Donny to win and hope the miracle we are all hoping for with the hope of Hayden coming back and waking the house up will happen. If not give the money to Derrick he has played the game. For the rest of the house that proclaims I am the biggest fan of this game and I know it inside and out they are not as smart as they proclaim and Derrick is

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick really not that smart. Plus think about how easy it’s been for him. He started week one with large alliance to help him. He’s not had to make any big moves at all. You put Derrick in Donnie’s place with no one and no alliance and Derrick would have been gone long before now Donnie has saved himself with compd Derrick very weak comp player

      • Comments (875)

        Policemen are just very, very good at manipulation, getting you to believe that they are on your side, & trust me, and that is what BB is ALL about. It was REALLY unfair for Allison Grodner to cast a Cop as a HG on BB.

      • Comments (1288)

        How about an “all cop” season?

      • Comments (130)

        DanDaMan, I suggested that a couple days ago! Imagine what kinda scheming and gameplay we would have then!!

        I think you need the bad players and floaters in every season. It allows the good players to have pawns and people to work with. It also surprises us when one of those weaker players makes a big move.

      • Comments (1288)

        Exactly. The competitions are meant to randomize the game some but many of the lesser players can do that as well.

  20. Comments (28)

    I see zack is reading the rules..hmmm.. All of a sudden.. Who told him to look in the rule book? maybe someone behind the scenes.. They have to be doing this. well what a twist this could be? Lets hope for zack to stay and rile up the house.. Drama baby…

    • Comments (332)

      Apparently Derrick knows the rule because when Frankie said it, he was like are we talking about the missing items deal, he was not about to say anything about Zach going up.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yeah, kwat – that does seem a bit fishy. But nothing and no amount of rule breaking would surprise me anymore.
        Karen, did Frankie say something to Derrick about the “renom rule?”

      • Comments (28)

        So would you all be surprised if this happens and zack goes to dr and throws a fit and ends up staying? It would make for good tv. And Cody the floater would go home.

      • Comments (487)

        If the Renom rule is enforced Frankie will be expelled from the house. There may be another DE. I think if Frankie gets expelled he can’t go to jury, he’s done.

      • Comments (2824)

        Or he was just trying to fool Zack that this wasn’t pre-planned.

    • Comments (1276)

      either the DR must have said something or Frankie did. or he was trying to figure out how far he can press one of his Zach Attacks, without getting thrown out of the game all together.

      • Comments (1288)

        He has looked into it before. Earlier Zach talked about how he found out that if he purposefully harassed someone to the point of self-evicting he could get in trouble even if he hadn’t hit or threatened them directly. I think he was considering how far he could push Victoria a couple of weeks ago.

      • Comments (1092)

        Wasn’t he also trying to get Caleb to self evict when he was obsessed with Amber ?

  21. Comments (843)

    Donny told Cody to think about the pecking order in the house and little pansy floater ran tattling. Caleb is annoying, Victoria is nothing (a little creepy), cannot stand Frankie, Christine, and Cody. Zach is like a little puppy dog wanting to play and chew things up. Can’t help but love him. I don’t think, IF he won the 500k, he would have it over 6 months. LOL Squander and play!

  22. Comments (2)

    Haven’t they told eachother before they we’re getting put up on the block? I’m confused about the rule people are talking a??

  23. Comments (266)

    Vomit worthy pics of the d bag Cody. But go read the spot-on captions of him!!

  24. Comments (12)

    can someone explain the rule thing everyone is talking about I don’t understand

    • Comments (1276)

      Basically, there has been a rule in the past, that we only know of them enforcing once, in season 12, that says that you are not allowed to tell a houseguest that they are going to be back doored and sent home. I think it’s to increase the drama and natural reaction of the houseguest when they find out they are going up, so they will actually be shocked.

  25. Comments (69)

    I think that something is going on behind the scenes regarding the rules – I hope that I am not breaking any rules on this site as this is my site for blogging – but I did sign up just like on here and blogged once regarding the rules that have been broken that Big Brother is allowing – if everyone went to this site and posted something – then maybe we have a few days to get Zack off the block and either Derrick – no way – but Victoria – still hurting Derricks game – if there is no such rule – enough people have brought it up to pressure the producers –

  26. Comments (843)

    Production told Frankie the teddy bear they took from Christine didn’t count as it had to be an article of clothing. Frankie says he took a clothing item and production is looking back over feeds to check. They may not get credit for this mission. Hate that because I want Donny to get as much as possible.

    • Comments (401)

      Did they take any of Frankie’s clothing? All I’ve heard about is glitter. Plus there hasn’t been a non-alliance member on watch at all times either which I thought was also a requirement.

  27. Comments (53)

    Wondering if there are any screenshots of Victoria with the hair pieces off.
    shes been crying that they make her head bleed.
    –just curious if shes ever removed them. Has anyone seen?

    • Comments (426)

      I have seen one. She was blow drying her hair and doing make-up after a shower. It was a backside view, but I actually thought it looked better than those nasty looking extentions she wears.

    • Comments (332)

      Sometimes in life you have to dig deep and find strength. Victoria needs to quit looking to her hair fir strength. She has a Hebrew belief that should be what she stands on and take off the extensions and be beautiful as she was crested. People respect adversity.

      • Comments (1092)

        Having a cultural background of beliefs doesn’t mean that an individual can simply shut off the switch in our brains that control our insecurities.

        She is beautiful. She might just feel more beautiful with thicker, full length hair.

  28. Comments (16)

    Any news on the rules yet

  29. Comments (1799)

    Sad how spitefull some of these players are . Frankie and Christine calling Nichole a C**T Going over board in degrading Zach I understand game play but they do seem to cross a line do decency As I said before Frankie take great joy in pointing out how devious he is. Look at him with Zach . First swearing undying love for him than stabbing him in the back What a assclown

  30. Comments (16)

    Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Christine calling Nicole that and she’s the married one who can’t keep her hands off Cody’s body and out of his hair. Funny

  31. Comments (18)

    Is production setting this up or what…..Food for thought!

    1. Julie announced this week is the last BOtB…Donny wins basically on his own.

    2. Frankie who knows all the rules and confronts Zack with production favoring him and with Calebs driving Frankie tells Zack he is going up as the renom and everyone ones him out this week. If Zack gets off on a technical rule, will they put Caleb back on the block?

    3. Julie announced a Jury member gets to return Thursday….so basically Zack or Caleb could be planted to be on a endurance comp and return. Seriously if you were Hayden and had a chance to spend the remaining weeks in a house with Nicole and not return….which would a young man like him choose?

    4. Since Derrick was removed from HOH he can now be in the HOH Thursday, which just so happens to be the most important HOH, due to the return and it will be the first stand alone HOH that isn’t in a double evict night.

    Someone has to ask……a planned Production or not.

    • Comments (138)

      You forgot to mention #5.

      This is Big Brother 16. There are 8 house-guests left. 16 divided by 8 is 2. There are only 2 females left in the house. Coincidence???? I think not.

      • Comments (1288)

        I thought I saw an Illuminati symbol in the closing credits the other night, Me – you may just be on to somet*$(@!^)(%[email protected]@$

        ****Carrier Signal Lost****

      • Comments (722)

        I missed it! But probably. I see triangles all over the house. And the BB graphic is the single eye.
        Last season they flashed a Microsoft Windows graphic during the credits.
        Im going to have to look for it next time..

  32. Comments (1799)

    Bb16mia I won’t go that tinfoil hat but yes I agree Production has aided some HG How production has told Donnie to not shave his beard Just how they allow Victoria to avoid many of the slop issues allowing her other food beside the slop It sounds small and petty but why have a punishment without any teeth

    • Comments (426)

      I agree with that. And I do think they may influence their behavior (good or bad), probably much like Derrick does by discussing scenarios that they hope happen for production reasons, and then tell them to ‘do what they think is best for their game’. And comps, prod may have choices to pick from that they think would ‘make the best TV’, or designed to be easier for certain players, but there is never a guarantee of how things will go. (I think they have tried to make it more difficult for them to throw)
      Do I think it is totally scripted, NO! Just a bad cast of players.

  33. Comments (27)

    Production definitely had a hand in Frankie staying last week, Caleb sat on the ground and refused to help and Frankie some how wins, when then we think Donny and Zach had a 100% chance of dethroning Christine but nope and then Nicole is back doored and Frankie magically wins hoh and puts up Cody and Caleb, then he back stabs his “boy toy” Zach by putting him up .
    Then Zach starts reading the rule book now tell me that is not coincidence and there will be a loophole this week thus saving Zach because a rule was broken but sadly it will be sweeped under the rug like the fact Frankie got on because his sister is Ariana Grande . Ugh so sick of production meddling

  34. Comments (332)

    I’m ready for house sweep out and another de this us redundant and boring and stupid, Frankie is a dumb s**t hole he wins nothing

  35. Comments (138)

    Victoria, Christine AND Frankie are just molesting Cody.

    • Comments (426)

      I’m sure he doesn’t mind. LOL And from what I understand they are rubbing his arms, legs, and hair…………..(not my definition of molesting)

  36. Comments (332)

    See, Cody just said the script got switched. This is bb produced it is not these people choosing.

  37. Comments (332)

    I’m beyond tired if these folks.

  38. Comments (1799)

    So did production tell Zach to stay calm as he will have a chance to rejoin the game?
    Looking at the remaining players you have Derrick who has played a good fame . Has been able to get others to do his bidding . While staying in the shadows. Caleb is crazy enough to believe he is the one coming up with the ideas As the old saying goes us it still paranoia if the REALY are coming after you Frankie is just scum backstaber Interesting to see how much time he is spending with Christine now Just reassuring each other what good people and players they are Degrading Nichole in one breath than a half hour latter complaining how rude Zach was to Nichole Christine whole game all year was doing what Derrick says and ratting everyone out to Derrick Cody hide behind Derrick and sleep with who ever Derrick wants him too As it end up Derrick had him get next to Christine and she ate up the attention Now with the end in sight and Zach out Cody is splitting his time between Christine and Frankie Just being the man whore he had been all show Victoria has whined and cry her way into Derrick back pocket When they tell her to vote she should say What ever Derrick did so will I My vote is his vote Donny is just hanging in it is sad to see how much time he is now spending with Derrick a Just one persons take on the game

  39. Comments (426)

    Zach is being too quiet and social. He needs to start blowing up everyone’s game, like he did with Frankie and Caleb for a few minutes this afternoon. While Caleb rejected what he said to his face, he has gone away and thought about it and paranoia has set in (even to the point he is thinking he is doing ninja spy work, even though he is not good at it and got called out by Derrick and Donnie). While I know Caleb is a Whack-a-do, I think the others would go away and think about things too. But he does have a couple of days, so maybe closer to time would be better because things tend to change so quickly in there. At least I hope that is what he is thinking…….

  40. Comments (5)

    Victoria wants to take back her hat while Zach is sleeping. She wants to cut it up?! How Jr high! Christine is totally agrees. Vic said she could have him beat up! What kinda piece if shit is she? This show just gets worse by the minute. Also, if she tried to grab the hat off and if Zach touches her, she would get in trouble with production since she would had to initiated it. Go ahead, I dare you bitch! She’s taking this thing with Zack too far and trying to fit in by complaining now.

  41. Comments (95)

    No, isn’t just you about the True Blood thing. I have watched it from season 1 and was excited to see this last season and sad to see it end. At this point, I’ll be glad when it’s over! This season has royally sucked. With 1 episode left, they don’t even have enough time left to make fans happy. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that they had a new writer, but they don’t. I don’t know what happened, but this may just be the biggest let down for a series ever.

    • Comments (1288)

      It has been like the writers lost their focus. It started with the Vampire/Faerie history and before they got through that they started pulling in all of the other mythological story lines. What ever happened to the “dark” side of the Fae story? The one where in their own dimension they looked more like Goblins and preyed on humanity. I wonder if they bowed to the studio and test audiences who didn’t want Sookie’s kind seen as even potential “bad”.

      This season has been no more than tying up all the loose ends. Everyone will probably fall into the categories of Kill or Happily-Ever-After. Avoiding this type of series end is why I do like American Horror Story. The story is one season long, no cliff hangers needed.

      • Comments (95)

        They may not have wanted to see Sookie as “bad”, but she sure is seen as “slutty”. LOL! I don’t even think Alcide’s body was cold before she was in Bill’s bed. By the end of the last episode she’ll probably be with Eric again.

      • Comments (1288)

        Well the Fae do have urges, look at Andy’s daughter.

  42. Comments (1)

    He is plaging the best game in history in my opinion. To have all the trust of the house and to basically manipulate every decision that each player makes (excluding Donny) is genius!! I do like Donny and hopes he wins Americas favourite!!!

    • Comments (332)

      Derrick is not in control, there is a final three split with Caleb, Frankie and Christine and then Derrick, Cody and Victoria. Then there is Christine and Cody in opposite trying to ride the fences. Donny and Zach have become odd men out because they threaten that final three. I am hoping that the return HG will shake it up and move this game along. I am not sure how long people will keep watching, I have taken to just reading and occasionally getting BB after dark. But it got Boring!

  43. Comments (1)

    Omg!!! I hate this season Zack is not the one who needs to go for one it will so boring without him and why can’t anyone see how Derrick is running things and let’s not forget HES THE ONlY ONE WHOS NEVER BEEN NOMINATED…… And don’t get me started on Christine can’t stand her I’m she can say oh Cody is just my bestfriend but nobody ever touches there bfriend that much and in that way. She can’t help but touch him.

  44. Comments (1799)

    This season has devolved into a very psycho JrHigh He said she said I hate your guts Your my bestie for life I want to kill you can this group get any more juvenile ! As every day pass I find these people more disgusting All looking for the reality star after life Pay me to show up some where Christine is reliving her high school days except she is now with the cool kids Victoria was always with the cool rich kids Figured who was the smart guy to do her homework and play damsel in distress Zach came in with the plan to be frat boy dirty dick This work well as long as Derrick need to distract the house guest Caleb was big alpha male and need to find a showmance quick Knowing this would keep the camera on him Funny on how when the bomb squad first started Derrick took a stand back do not commit and just watch what happens It worked out well for him Many people forget that Devin took a lot of grief for bring Christine & Amber in to the bomb squad That move help lay the ground work to many story lines The whole Amber Caleb thing Christine telling everyone’s secrets to Derrick and the bomb squad That ended with her backstabbing Nichole Her prize was the man whore Cody What a group of psychos To think I never even mention the psychotic Frankie with all his personalities and lies

    • Comments (1446)

      No kidding!
      Victoria is psychotic – I have been saying that for weeks.
      She thought Zach was going to pour boiling water on her and try and kill her – then she threatens to have him beat up and cuts up the hat. Reminds me of Glenn Close boiling the bunny in Fatal Attraction. Hope Derrick’s little girl doesn’t have any pets! Then she asks Cody if she can play with his hair and she, Christine and Frankie all sit outside rubbing on Cody in a lawnchair.
      And poor Donny, you can just see him slowly going mad having to live with all of the nonsense.

  45. Comments (1)

    Pig nose cop Derrick i hate

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