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Big Brother 16 – Veto Day Live Feed Updates


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I must say, this season certainly picked up steam quickly. I feared we were heading down a path of unanimous votes, people accepting defeat and boring week after boring week.  Minus a few Zach outbursts, it appeared to be going that way until last Wednesday night when the house flipped their decision and voted out Jocasta over Zach.  By keeping the Zach attack in the house, we have had a pretty entertaining week which should hit it’s boiling point after the veto meeting today.

To summarize…

The house kept Zach. Zach showed his appreciation by spilling all the house secrets (alliances, etc) to Nicole. This resulted in Caleb learning Amber really wasn’t going after him as hard as the house made it appear. Caleb decided to go on the block with Frankie and throw the BotB to keep the pair as nominees and send Frankie home. Frankie won the BotB by himself in (coincidentally?) the first BoB challenge that was easier to win with 1 person instead of 2.  Zach freaked out on Frankie, Frankie revealed he was (semi) famous and brothers to Ariana Grande. The house became demoralized by this news because they think he’s instantly fan favorite.

*catches breath, then continues….*  (I know, I’m typing and not talking, but let me pretend)

Zach showed his appreciation once again by this time spilling everything to Victoria. Victoria took it insanely personal, especially with Derrick (she compared it to being cheated on). Derrick did damage control and repaired things with Victoria.  (Oh, somewhere in the middle of that, Zach won PoV, and Christine/Nicole made a pact not to backdoor each other) Christine told Victoria she was going on the block, Victoria cried to her pseudo boyfriend, Derrick, who promised to make it better. Derrick and crew told Christine about Nicole’s potential backdoor plan of Christine she tossed around in conversation. Christine decided to change replacement nominees.

That leads to the live feeds now….

  • 10:40am – Frankie and Christine are up in the HOH room talking about last night (they, plus Caleb, went out on a reward and interacted with people). Christine mentioned how liked Frankie and Caleb are, and how the episode this week is going to be a good one (likely when Christine puts Nicole on block)
  • 11:30am – Feeds have been down for about 30 minutes now, likely for meeting.
  • 11:45am – Feeds return, Nicole has been nominated.  She’s standing in the kitchen in silence right now.
  • 11:50am – Nicole is outside doing laps around the yard with Donny.  She’s pretty upset but handling it well.
  • Nicole mentioned Christine mentioning a knife in her back during the speech.  Nicole said Christine will see she never planned on putting her up, and she’ll see that when she leaves the house in the DR sessions.
  • She is talking to Donny about how Christine went out of her way to make up the thing about Hayden/Victoria to mess with her emotions.
  • Nicole knew she was going up when Victoria decided not to wear a fancy outfit. Probably the reason she was nervous all morning
  • 12:07pm – Frankie said Nicole and Hayden will be the jury house talking about how they sucked.  They knew since week 2 the house was working together (when the bomb squad was leaked) yet still couldn’t get them out. Sad to say, I agree with him. Despite the bomb squad being revealed, they went after everyone but bomb squad members.
  • 12:13pm – Donny is still outside giving Nicole a pep-talk to cheer her up. Telling her to hang in there, it’s not over, etc.  Keep in mind, he is the one sitting next to her on the block!  How the hell can Donny be such a good guy?  I seriously want a pocket Donny to pull out any time I need words of wisdom.
  • 12:25pm – The guys are outside playing pool, and Victoria is in the bedroom with her boyfriend Derrick talking about the meeting today. She is very relieved she is safe again. Don’t worry Vic, you’re just delaying the inevitable.
  • 2:25pm – Most of the house sitting outside chatting.  The drama level isn’t where I had hoped it would be today.
  • 4:45pm – Boring update.  Donny outside sitting alone. Victoria laying in bed next to Nicole.

Side note – RIP Robin Williams. I grew up watching Mork & Mindy re-runs. What is your favorite show/movie?  My girlfriend is obsessed with Mrs Doubtfire

Recap in the morning.  Have a nice night!

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  1. Comments (21)

    So is it guaranteed that Nicole is on the block? I really wanted Victoria to go up.

    • Comments (1446)

      If Nicole goes up she should make an announcement to the entire house about Victoria. She should gush over her fantastic game play and let everyone else know that Victoria would have her vote for the $500K. After all, she has “no alliances”, claims that she “never talks game with anyone,” has escaped being on the block/eviction numerous times, and seems to have Derrick wrapped around her finger. Say it all, Nicole. And then end by saying that you will also make the argument to Jocasta and Hayden at the jury house.
      Victoria will be gone next week.

      • Comments (120)

        I’ve seen in many of your posts that you hold a deep hatred for Victoria, so maybe that’s not letting you see what everyone is doing. Even if Nicole decided to tell everything about Victoria, everyone would just say she’s trying to stir up the house.

        Derrick and Cody both agreed that they need a final four of:
        1. Derrick
        2. Cody
        3. Victoria
        4. Christine

        Derrick and Cody both came up with plans in case Victoria was put on the block next week, in order to protect her. She’s not going anywhere.

      • Comments (1446)

        Derrick and Cody both agree that they need a final four with everyone that is left in the house.
        Not a deep hatred of Victoria, you’re being a bit dramatic. I even stated earlier that, if she were to get to the end with Derrick, they should give HER the money. I just have never been a fan of women who want men to “save” them – seems she’s always running to the guys in a private area of the house whispering her woes to the boys. Never does the work herself, just sits back with that blank stare and lets the guys do the work for her. Sorry, don’t like that kind of play. And if I were Derrick’s wife, I would worry – I think Victoria would try and steal her husband, if given the chance. The way she said that she felt like a boyfriend cheated on her when told something about Derrick’s betrayal, that was ridiculous.

      • Comments (1446)

        I just want to see one woman, any woman, go out fighting – they all seem to keep the secrets as they leave. What’s wrong with “stirring things up?” Should everyone just leave the house nicely and quietly, so as not to disturb Derrick’s game? Dumb.
        Give em all hell, Nicole!

      • Comments (120)

        I wasn’t being dramatic, sorry if you feel I came off like that. I just see that most of the time you post, it’s about Victoria and it’s fairly negative. Also, Derrick and Cody DID have a conversation where they specifically said that they want Victoria and Christine in the final four. If you (or anyone else) needs the time stamp I can give it to you.

      • Comments (120)

        Oh and as I re-read your comment, it shows what I was talking about. She’s never told anyone she has romantic feelings for them, and you say that she would break up a marriage if she got the chance. She may have said it felt like a boyfriend breaking up with her, but it was a metaphor and she wasn’t being literal. Accusing someone of having the urge to breakup a marriage, seems like hatred to me.

      • Comments (1446)

        Maybe if it was my sister’s marriage, but I have no emotional involvement in Derrick’s marriage, so no reason to hate.
        Just because she’s never told anyone, doesn’t mean she doesn’t. She was pretty emotionally distraught when she thought Derrick betrayed her – either she’s got a thing for him or she’s got the emotional maturity if a 13 yr old girl.

      • Comments (120)

        Or…she felt betrayed because they’ve been super close since week one. It’s normal (it’s happened many times on the show) where people who were close become distraught because they found out their closest ally wasn’t actually loyal to them (and they look stupid in their DR sessions). She does have more intense emotions than most people though.

    • Comments (191)

      This started weeks ago when the women let them get picked off one by one. Nicole shouldn’t be shocked.

      BTW, with Nicole going all the good looking women will be gone. what a shame!

    • Comments (1)

      I got one that will flip the house… Now that Nicole is most certainly gone let’s expect the unexpected… How about the next Bob the losers go to the jury house in 3 for 3 swap… Ouch that would make it real interesting…..

  2. Comments (332)

    I am thinking Nicole will check with Christine and she will spill the beans. Victoria has to go up. Christine is not trusting the guys at all but is acting like she is. I think she is listening to learn how they think but she is over their lies and manipulation. I think Christine is just wanting to see how Victoria is tied into their alliance. Because Christine is supposed to be their only girl left now.

  3. Comments (28)

    What about Team America’s mission? Are they at all working together on this weeks mission?

    • Comments (332)

      I think the scramble for safety has turned them all into a flock of chickens.

    • Comments (412)

      What was the mission?

    • Comments (407)

      They admitted defeat once again. They won’t complete their mission. Team America Fail!

      • Comments (61)

        Does this mean they’re all Communists now?

      • Comments (92)

        There is only one Card Carrying Communist in the house and that is Donny. Donny represents everything I’m against. He is poor and depends on government handouts. He can’t relate to people like Frankie, Victoria and Zach. All come from wealthy families. I understand wealth. I was 45 when I sold all my companies. I have a nice Trust for myself and my children. I have a hot girlfriend who loves traveling with me. She told me when she read some of the posts by women who say the women this year are weak she made a great point. She told me these are self hating women who live dull lifes like Nicole. Look who Nicole is hanging with poor little Donny and her boyfriend Hayden another poor person. One thing I know poor people relate to other poor people. That is why we have to help them through Charity. She also told me the people who hate Frankie can deal with that he is the most beautiful man in the house. I like Zach because he can see the beauty in Frankie. Like Zach if I was gay Frankie would be a man I be attracted to. The men who hate Frankie hate him because they can’t deal with how they themselves are attracted to him. Go Frankie, Victoria, Zach and Christine.

      • Comments (2)

        I think you really are gay. You certainly are twisted

      • Comments (15)

        You have a lot of hate for Donny the best person on big brother

      • Comments (1276)

        You are such a troll, and an amazing jerk. So because Donny is Southern, he’s poor, and receives governments handouts? You are nothing more than trash. No one, and I mean NO ONE, cares about the little life you lead in your mind, where you actually believe Money buys you class.
        I know I should feed the trolls, but this guy… buffalobill… you are the worst!

      • Comments (426)

        Yes, I totally agree with your opinion of the troll. Please don’t feed him.
        But I do have to ask where you got that Donnie receives government handouts? He has a job.
        Did you see something that I missed?

      • Comments (1276)

        LOL Colby, I know, but it is hard to not feed him when he just keeps showing up on the doorstep. I just wish I knew where a good bridge is located near him so I could suggest he gets back under it. 😉
        It’s from the second line of the trolls posts “Donny represents everything I’m against. He is poor and depends on government handouts.”
        Donny does have a full time job, which being a school employee, would be a government job. If he ever did need any kind of handout, which then I would say it reflects more on our government and the fact that a government employee would need assistance, than it would about Donny.

      • Comments (426)

        Oh. OK. I don’t even read his posts anymore.

      • Comments (1092)


        I thought all NRA guntoting Republicans like you were homophobic ?

        Clearly you are the biggest comunist on this site, begone with you, swine !

    • Comments (13)

      What was the mission?

    • Comments (426)

      I think TA is dead because Derrick and Frankie are more than willing to evict Donnie, even encouraging it. And they have such big heads that they think America will be fine with it.

  4. Comments (1446)

    Victoria needs to go!
    If Christine puts up Nicole and she leaves, I can’t wait until Victoria and Derrick are waving Christine out of the house in a few weeks…

  5. Comments (412)

    I’ve always said Christine is the worst, and I still feel the same way. She’s terrible. Can’t stand her.

    • Comments (61)

      The only thing cheering me up amongst all the letdowns this season is imagining the look on her face when she goes back home to find all her s*** on the porch….lovely!

  6. Comments (832)

    It took long enough for the game to begin! It’s funny watching them all scramble. If, maybe a big if, Derrick can keep it together I think he may make it to the end. Not sure how I feel about that but I’d rather have him make it than Frankie!

  7. Comments (21)

    Derrick seems to be playing a good game but he’s game is based on never being HOH. He plays the game as the guy behind the guy.

    He listens to people and tells them what they want to hear. All the while never nominating anyone. At this point, the only way he will be ousted is when he wins HOH. The sad part is that when he will become HOH, there won’t be as many people to nominate and he will have to nominate a close alliance member.

    At which point i believe he will start to scramble just like how Frankie did this week.

  8. Comments (492)

    I am still rooting for Zach.
    Sorry about before
    My comments,
    If I offended anyone. Didn’t mean to, sorry. I do have only one good arm, so sorry for the spelling and typos . I am not a teacher . I will be kinder. Thanks.
    Go Zach.
    When I looked on the images of Zach on the internet, , he has a black eye???? But a CBS logo is in the bottom right corner??? Any comments??

    • Comments (832)

      mom, no need to apologize. Sorry if I’m prying & you don’t have to answer but what happened to your arm? Your arm, my knees! I am willing to talk abt my knees, but I know not everyone wants to “air” their stuff to folks, esp people you don’t know!

    • Comments (152)

      I have agreed with everything you have said so far…no apologies needed.
      I really like Zach in the house too. and I am kinda grow fond of Caleb.
      Still, I want Christine gone and Vic gone. Oh and Frankie!
      I want, but it won’t happen, for Donny to win it all though!

    • Comments (92)

      Mom great comment but never appolgize. Be a strong woman like my Mom.

  9. Comments (492)

    Glad you are back. SB

  10. Comments (42)

    Nicole made big mistake by scheming backdooring Christine in case Frankie becomes safe and this is even before BotB was played. Gullible Nicole will pay for this by not trusting Christine!!

    • Comments (487)

      Christine never trusted Nicole. She was using her and Hayden as a back up alliance in case the other one blew up. Christine is just following orders and forgot she can’t play for HOH on Thursday night. Christine will be on the block sitting next to Victoria. Because one of the ladies has to go.

      • Comments (42)

        I agree but that was before everything got reset between her and Nicole. Christine was even ready to put Victoria until last night but someone convinced her that Nicole was planning to backdoor her this week if Nicole wins HoH and Frankie becomes safe. Poor game play by Nicole which will cost her. Now she cannot blame Christine for putting her on block.

      • Comments (487)

        Frankie was the one who convince Christine. But sticking to her promise to Nicole, she stuck the knife in Nicole’s back. Well, let’s see how she feels when she on the block next week and has to play for safety becaue if she loses and doesn’t win POV Christine is on her way out. She should not count on Frankie to save her.

      • Comments (42)

        Next week if Donny is safe it will be Derrick vs Cody…both trying to safeguard their girl..loll

      • Comments (92)

        If if if Donny was a real American. Will someone say the best player is Frankie. Donny is the next to go. With that beard he can replace Castro in Cuba.

      • Comments (644)

        Castro is a piece of crap. Donny is an angel.

      • Comments (21)

        Christine said that Frankie was pushing so hard for Nicole to go up that it made her not want to do it. She only decided to when Derrick convinced her that it was in her best interest. He also said that Viewers would love it lol he’s so sneaky & I love it!

    • Comments (832)

      I hoped Nicole wouldn’t have fallen for Christine’s “loyalty.” She should have kept her mouth closed abt the posbility of backdooring Christine. Especially before knowing if she was or wasn’t HOH. Nicole’s downfall was her gullibility & putting too much trust in others.

  11. Comments (28)

    That stinks, then what is the point of Team America, they are not being Team America. Wish different people were Team America.

    • Comments (832)

      I wish production would have waited to have us vote for TA. Since this was supposed to be the most twisted season they could have had some twist before TA & waited with TA until now.

    • Comments (843)

      Because Derrick/Frankie aren’t team players on anything. They are users.

    • Comments (91)

      It would have been more fun had the missions been random things, like hiding things or other shenanigans. The last 2 missions offered to America as choices I couldnt even vote for. Did BB think the houseguests were dumb enough to risk their own chance at 500K for a measly 5K.
      no. they aren’t.

    • Comments (92)

      The promblem with team America is Donny. I want to see his Birth Certificate.

    • Comments (27)

      I wish there weren’t such things as the public telling specific HGs things they should do. They all came to the house ‘supposedly’ on an equal footing, it is not fair to tell them they have to do things told to them by the public, most of whom just see the one hour shows most weeks and can’t really determine what is best for that player’s future in the house.

  12. Comments (28)

    Yes waiting to get to know them for the Team America would have been much better, you can keep Christine and Frankie… I hope they both go really soon… especially Christine…. I can’t even put thumbs down to her on this web site, it won’t let me…. I hope Donny can hang in there. If someone gets to return I really hope it is Nicole.. she has to have wised up by now. Take them all down Nicole!!! Christine first! Frankie next!

    • Comments (843)

      How do you do a thumbs down on a cast member? I agree with you on both Christine and Frankie.

      • Comments (1)

        Yes Frankie and Christine are horrible but Derrick is the one masterminding it all. Why does everyone blaim them for everything. It wasn’t Frankie idea to get Zach out or keep zach last week. It wasn’t F rankies idea to get nicole out..nobody listens to him. He just runs and tells all but no ideas are his.

    • Comments (832)

      Waiting could have added more of a twist. By waiting America most likely would have still voted for Donny but the other 2 I’m not so sure. It may have been 3 people who worked well together & thus forming a strong alliance or it could have been 3 who didn’t get along but ended up working together for the $’s.

  13. Comments (843)

    In addition to America’s Favorite there should be a Most Hated category on BB. I would vote for Frankie on that as many times as possible then go use my neighbor’s computer/phone and vote on that and the next neighbor and the next neighbor and on and on. THAT’S how much I hate him.

  14. Comments (644)

    Christine is a snake with women and does whatever the guys tell her. Can’t she see that the girls are being eliminated and after Nicole she’s next (not Victoria)? Of course Cody and Derrick manipulated her into putting Nicole up since Derrick wants to keep Victoria in the game. If in the end it’s Victoria and Derrick, they should give the money to Victoria :). But I know they won’t because Derrick has a wife and a kid and Victoria is not married or has children. Just the same as some would give the money to Frankie (which I don’t think is fair) because he is giving the money to charity. I liked Brittany, Amber, Hayden, Nicole, and Donny but now they are all almost gone. If none of them win then Victoria should win it all and laugh at the guys left in the end!!!

  15. Comments (28)

    Mouse, at the top of this page is the entire case, click on them and then you will see them in a box, in that box is their information etc, and thumbs up and thumbs down, if you like the cast member or not. I could not click thumbs down to Christine.

  16. Comments (1)

    Gosh dangit Nicole and Donny are my favorites… Derrick is so manipulative but calls Donny a “master manipulator.” Gotta hand it to Derrick though for keeping his secret under wraps this whole time, making alliances with just about everyone in the house, lying left and right but still managing to have everyone not want to put him up. He is the puppeteer.

  17. Comments (843)

    steve beans, the things buffalobill are posting are libel, punishable by $5000 fine and up to 6 months in jail. Not sure on the law, but you might be held accountable as well, since they are published on your site. Just a heads up.

    • Comments (120)

      If it’s about the houseguests, then you’re wrong. There has to be a low expectation of privacy, because the HG are currently on a reality show that is broadcast of television. He’s fine wih whatever he says about the HG, albeit he is annoying.

    • Comments (1288)

      No they are not. These are public figures. What buffalobill says is no more than “his opinions” and is possibly just satire. I do not care for people who try to stifle public discourse with ominous, erroneous threats.

      bb is not obscene, he is not threatening, he is not personal and he is not off-topic. You find his views annoying … deal with it …perhaps try to avert your eyes – works for me when vegans show up.

      • Comments (1276)

        I don’t think what B-bill is doing is illegal, however, he does for sure get personal. He actually told me the only good thing about me was the first 5 letters of my name. And then when on to say my name should be “Satantina”, so yeah, he does get personal, and not just about the people on the show.

      • Comments (1288)

        I now remember that and do stand slightly corrected, but he gives no worse than he gets. And riffing off your name is more taunting than personal attack. It is his schtick and he is true to the character he is trolling with. Life is too short to sweat the silly stuff.

  18. Comments (28)

    Thank you to everyone who is putting their thumbs down to Christine from the pictures above, I am still trying and it won’t give me a vote. Not sure why, but I am sure glad many more are doing thumbs down to Christine. I just was able to do thumbs down to Frankie!

    • Comments (328)

      I was able to add my thumbs down to Christine. Being a registered user on this site might be why I was able to add a thumbs down. I clicked on her actual picture to read the bio and saw the thumbs up/down thingy and then clicked on thumbs down. Hope this helps.

      • Comments (644)

        Hi shoe lover. I’m curious, how many shoes do you have? I have about 30.

      • Comments (328)

        Miss Lilly, I have a whole closet devoted to my beloved shoes. My shoe weakness is my obsession. As any girl would be about her shoes! My friends always tease me and suggest I should start a shoe blog. Not really sure on the exact number, but more than 100 pairs for sure.

      • Comments (644)

        Wow ShoeLover, that’s a lot of shoes. That is like a collection! Glad that you’re enjoying them.
        I also added my thumbs down to Christine, I don’t like her.

      • Comments (328)

        Thank you Miss Lilly! It is a collection that I have been enjoying my entire 43 years of life. I work hard to buy when I can afford and donate to the women’s shelters when I am ready to update or add to my collection. It pretty fun to see how the styles and designs come and go and repeat over the years. Thanks for the intrest.

      • Comments (644)

        I’m in my 40s also. They should have more people our age and up in the show. I feel bad for Donny, there’s no one his age and he has been alienated.
        I can’t wait to watch BBAD tonight!

      • Comments (328)

        Yes I agree with having older folks in the game. Makes for interesting game play and when ya think about it people never really change. Some are down to earth, snobby, crabby, sneaky, smart, kind, and so on and on and on. I think the house becomes a bunch of teenagers when the cast is pretty much under 25. Or maybe make it to where there is at least two from each decade of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s… well ya know what I mean.

  19. Comments (644)

    Poor Nicole, I feel so bad for her, Christine sucks!!!
    Nicole told Victoria that she thought Christine and Cody were married because they are always touching each other. That is funny!!!
    By the tweets I’ve seen from Christine’s husband, he really doesn’t seem upset by what Christine and Cody do. Maybe they have an open marriage. Some people blame Cody, but I blame him AND Christine. As the saying goes: “It takes two to tango.”

    • Comments (42)

      I thought Cody could do better..guess I was wrong!

      • Comments (61)

        Cody knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s pure game.

      • Comments (644)

        Hat, yes it’s game, but Christine has no clue. And even when Cody evicts her she’ll have no clue either.

      • Comments (61)

        Yeah there’s a bit of a double standard with the blame. Cody is just as much at fault. He’s more than able to stop her when she gets touchy, but he doesn’t. Pretty messed up.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t blame Cody at all. He’s touchy feely with everyone, well, all the girls. Plus, Cody never took any vows, she did.
      I totally blame Christine. She’s the one that is married, granted, maybe they have an open marriage, or her husband is just fine with her acting like that, even more so if he is fine with it due to the game. But if nothing else, her acting like that is just disrespectful.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – we as adult human beings all take “vows” – they are accepted as the norm in a civilized society – one being don’t fool with anothers spouse – so yes indeed Christine is wrong – but so is Cody – many men have been shot for doing less than he is doing.

  20. Comments (28)

    ShoeLover, I am a registered user too and was able to do the thumbs up and down to the others, but not Christine, it is so odd… I really want my thumbs down to Christine…. lol…..

  21. Comments (83)

    Why isn’t Donny trying to get in on the bomb squad?
    He says he’s alone and obviously Derrick is running
    The house, so why wouldn’t Donny align with him?

    • Comments (61)

      I don’t think people aligned with Donny because they know they would win in a final 2 against him, but that’s my theory.

      It is really odd though.

      • Comments (61)

        *they WOULDN’T win against him

      • Comments (426)


      • Comments (1288)

        Early on they had no idea who they could and could not win against. Derrick and Frankie kept Donny at arms length because they correctly realized they could not baffle, bamboozle or buffalo him they way they have the rest of the house. Donny would have taken their efforts and used them against them.

        Now if Frankie and Derrick had approached Donny with a F3 deal from the start of TA the rest of the game could have been played out much the same minus the attempt on Frankie. Derrick and Frankie would have controlled things inside the majority alliance. Donny could have provided secret info on those outside as well as serving as a checker so Derrick and Frankie could test people to find those telling lies or partial truths.That would have been epic.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – the flaw in that scenerio is – two giant egos (Derr./Fran.) can never colaberate or work cooperatively toward a common goal – we are seeing that as this season unfolds.

  22. Comments (182)

    Victoria is Derrick’s sock puppet, nothing more, this doubles his numbers, nice play Derrick has going with his own walking drone who follows voice commands.

  23. Comments (37)

    Would love to. Paint Nicole’s face. Sure going to miss her. Now were left with butterface and butt face.

  24. Comments (6)

    I can’t stand Christine. She’s just like Ronnie the Rat.

    Though I also hate Caleb, Frankie, Zack, and (kind of) Derrick, I have to hand it to the guys for playing the girls so well. Although, I don’t know if it’s good game play or just the stupidity of this year’s female house guests. It’s too bad Nicole is leaving. She was a great and smart player and just got the short end of the stick when it came to her targets leaving.

    Really, the only people that I like are Cody (though he is kind of spineless), Donny, and Nicole. If Derrick wins I wouldn’t be pissed off, because he’s played a solid game…but he has ruined it for other players that I’ve liked.

  25. Comments (9)

    Okay, maybe it’s just me but I am so over Frankie! He was my favorite in the very beginning but now I can barely stand to watch him or hear his name. Nicole told the truth and the whole house ganged up on her, and every other word out of Frankie’s mouth is a lie and he always draws the house back in. I don’t get it.

    • Comments (61)

      Because Frankie is gonna help them all get famous!!! This is the most shallow group of hedonistic f***wits ever. They’re so happy that he’s related to someone who has some money.

    • Comments (401)

      The house didn’t gang up on her because she told the truth.
      And they really don’t seem to be very impressed with him. But they can’t get him out this week. He’s safe.
      I highly recommend the live feeds. I find $26 for a summer of entertainment quite reasonable.

      • Comments (1288)

        I earned the 10k coins from CBS for a 4 week pass in 9 days. Next season I will be getting the feeds for free.

      • Comments (469)

        Ann – since you get the live feeds (I don’t)I would appreciate it if you could clarify something for me – my reason for asking is I have been a fan of Nicole and her game – and in the 3 weekly shows and the BBAD – i have seen little or nothing that she has done that would be considered foul play and certainly not – as she is being accused of by Derrick and Frankie – a pathological liar – the question – I seem to remember her saying something about backdooring Christine – but she is saying she never intended to carry that through and the DR tapes will bear that out – can you through your live feeds either agree to or refute her claim – I would very much like to know – that you in advance for your reply

    • Comments (182)

      It’s not just you

    • Comments (383)

      DEFINITELY not just you. I hate his stupid face!!!! And I really liked him at first. I can’t wait to see his face when he gets voted out. Ugh. So shallow.

  26. Comments (492)

    Now I really feel stupid.

    Emma- what does ” Zach *. “. Mean. ?

    Or if anyone else can answer

  27. Comments (332)

    Well, I was wrong, Christine really did nominate Nicole. I can not believe she did it and Victoria skated again. This can work in two ways, either loyalty is what the guys want from Christine or she will go out because they can manipulate her. All I know is she can not play next week and there is not a guy who will not nominate her so she should truly have stayed loyal to Nicole.

  28. Comments (332)

    I guess I have to switch to liking Donnie, cause if Nicole goes out, she probably isn’t the one America would send back in. I liked her too!

  29. Comments (57)

    Too bad Christine’s husband didn’t call her out in his HOH letter.

  30. Comments (14)

    Nicole will not drink the Derrick koolade. The rest of the girls g remaining will be under his control and Cody’s.

    • Comments (487)

      Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide.

      I would like to tell that wanna be/never will be Frankie D that he is not and will not ever be as talented at Robins Williams. Great people are gracious and honest. Frankie is neither gracious or honest.

      • Comments (383)

        I was devastated to see that. I have fought my way back from the edge twice and it’s terrifying. So sad that he couldn’t do it this time. RIP

      • Comments (469)

        Some live their dream – others only dream their dream – Robin Williams vs. Frankie – oh and some achieve through hard work and talent – others attempt through deception – and riding others coat tails – the old saying fits so well here — If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance — baffle them with bullshit —— but back to the point – we the public have lost a brilliant entertainer – and what seems to be a genuinely nice man – codolences to wife and family

  31. Comments (13)

    I really hope Donny stays ! who are they targeting this week ?

  32. Comments (487)

    Why does Frankie get to sleep in the HOH room when he is not he HOH. He should not be allowed to sleep in the HOH room period. I am so sick of this wanna bee famous kid. I am hoping and praying the Donny or Nicole gets America’s Favorite! I dislike him so so much.

    • Comments (28)

      Frankie won’t win America’s favorite, go look at all the thumbs down he is getting here, Donny should win America’s favorite… I hope Frankie gets evicted soon!

    • Comments (28)

      Christine too, hope they both go next….

    • Comments (644)

      I think Christine said she didn’t want to have Frankie going to talk to her all the time up at the HOH and maybe him wanting to sleep up there with her, so she decided she wouldn’t sleep at the HOH room. She has said she doesn’t like him and he has messed up her game. She is also upset at the Ariana Grande stuff.
      By letting him sleep in her room and her sleeping downstairs she is demonstrating how weak she is. I don’t think even Victoria would do that.
      Donny for the win!!! (But not likely).

      • Comments (401)

        You’re right. Hey Christine, tell him nicely you want the room to yourself!!

      • Comments (487)

        No, just lock the door when you leave. She has a key. And lock it when you are ready to go to bed. Christine doesn’t have to open the door just because Frankie shows up. If she wants to play with the big dogs, she better grow a pair real quick because she just might be going home next week.

      • Comments (469)

        and when nicely doesn’t work (it won’t) – put you foot in his ass as you point him toward the door.

      • Comments (401)

        Well try nice first 🙂

  33. Comments (487)

    Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide.

    I would like to tell that wanna be/never will be Frankie D that he is not and will not ever be as talented at Robins Williams. Great people are gracious and honest. Frankie is neither gracious or honest.

  34. Comments (328)

    Oh WOW, saddened by the tragic loss of Robin Williams. Have enjoyed everything he has done in his acting career. Prayers to his wife and three childeren.

  35. Comments (1092)

    The most shocking, saddening news about Robin Williams, or should I say Morc from Orc !

    Whatever demons he was fighting seem to have been a result of substance abuse. Very sad.

    Condolences to his family & friends.

    • Comments (383)

      Depression is probably what caused the substance abuse, not the other way around. I’ve battled depression most of my life, and believe me, it SUCKS when your brain betrays you like that. I looked over the edge twice and was able to pull myself back, but it wasn’t easy. My heart breaks for him because I know that kind of pain.
      Peace to him and prayers for his loved ones.

      • Comments (1092)


        I am genuinely glad for you for finding the strength & courage to survive.

        Best wishes always,


      • Comments (832)

        Jenny, so happy you’re still here! I have fam members & a close friend who suffer from depression & I know how hard of a struggle it is. Prays for your continued strength.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – it is a sad fact that so many comedic actors are troubled spirits – though they perform before millions they are usually reclusive and socially inept – God Bless Robin and his family.

      • Comments (383)

        thank you for the kind words. It means more than you will ever know. RIP Mr. Williams. I’m so sorry you couldn’t see another way out this time. PLEASE, to anyone out there who is suffering, ASK FOR HELP. FIGHT THROUGH IT. I promise there is sunshine if you can just make it through the cloud.

    • Comments (328)

      Sadly Mr Williams has had a long battle with alcoholism. He was on Today Show about ten years ago discussing his struggles. Just still sad to see talent gone but he won’t be forgotten.

  36. Comments (13)

    I do think Nicole is the only girl who was’nt afraid to go for the backdoor of any of the bomb squad or detonators I thought Christine was smarter than this Frankie’s her puppet master I lost all respect last night when she stood by while Frankie performed and lied about her as well as him I hope Nicole stays and cleans house.My Robin Williams TV show/movie are Mork and Mindy/Good Morning Vietnam excellent examples of his acting range U WILL BE MISSED YOU WERE THE LAST OF AN ERA OF COMEDIANS WHO IMPROVED BETTER THAN A SCRIPT READER U CAN KNOW YOUR FOOTPRINT ON HOLLYWOOD IS HUGE AND PERMANENT

  37. Comments (143)

    Christine has managed to ruin a game that should have been fun and interesting into the most boring season of the centruy.

    They are going to need to bring back hayden, devin, amber and joey just to make the game interesting again.

    Christine is about the dumbest player in the game, dumber than Joey, Devin and Zach combined. She truly believes Cody will take her to the end, and she foolishly believes that she can win going up against 4 guys into the final 5. She is going to get Britney’ed in the finally 5. Her game is already over, the only chance she had to win was to try to backdoor derrick or cody or some strong player and flip the house and be at the top of that alliance.

  38. Comments (88)

    so I know I’m probably really late but I just finish last night episode and all my god what a crazy episode! this season is getting so freakin good. I will give Frankie credit where its due and last night he really impressed me winning the competition all by himself. I actually felt really bad for Frankie because I felt like everybody was throwing him under the bus last night. Derrick . is one sneaky guy I cannot believe he did all that stuff and let Frankie take the fall for everything. derek is becoming a real villain in my eyes ! Derrick is really play in this house I just noticed last night that he has not won 1 head of household composition or any competition in this entire game this season. it really has me suspicious because he is a cop he is physically able to do that stuff and I feel like he is slacking on purpose. I honestly think he is the biggest floater in this entire season! He’s even worse than Victoria she has even won competitions. and then the whole thing with Caleb I cannot believe he set up a competition. I get he has reason to be mad at Frankie but Frankie was not the one who manipulated whole house he has a one person. then to turn around and go on the be award like that I would like are you kidding me man. this house cats are just so out of her throat. They won’t even sit down on a long enough to talk to each other and figure out where all this is coming because if they did they would realize the source of everything is Derek. I just can’t decide if derek is the best player I’ve ever seen or the absolute worst

    • Comments (5)

      He has won a HOH competition…

      • Comments (88)

        oh well then scratch that but I still stand firm in the fact that he’s really a floater. he just latches on and uses whoever is in power to do his dirty work. meanwhile he’s he sits back and watches the house explode over his over his doing and sit back with no blood on his hands. again I don’t know if I’m impressed or disgusted

      • Comments (328)

        I mentioned earlier on the Facebook page how clever Derrick is mentioning almost every time he is talking with his group or individually, he always reminds them when he is ending the conversation to never say anyone’s name when asked by others who has said what or he would threaten whom ever he is talking to that if his name is ever brought up he would do the I KNOW IT WAS YOU, FREDO speech. I believe this is how he has managed to stay out of the chaos and let others take the fall for pretty much most of all the bad things that have happened. Well, that is what I am gathering.

    • Comments (843)

      Donny told Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole about Derrick. None of them listen. They had a shot at getting Frankie out when Cody was HOH and he let Derrick manipulate him into not doing it.

  39. Comments (644)

    Steve, I found out by your post that Robin Williams passed away. Then I looked at the news. He must have felt so alone and sad at his time of death. I will be praying for him and his family. May he rest in peace.

  40. Comments (1446)

    I was 18 when I saw “The World According to Garp.” It was an odd movie and yet had a lot of profoundly human moments.
    And also “Dead Poets Society.”
    Jimmy Kimmel said today…”Tell someone if you are sad.”

    • Comments (383)

      absolutely. DO NOT give up. There are all kinds of medications out there that can help your brain get back on track. I should know, I have probably been on 20 different ones. YOU CAN GET BETTER. You can find the happy again, just need to ask for help. Please. Don’t leave the peoople who love you. Ask for help.

      • Comments (644)

        Great message Jenny. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless you.

      • Comments (383)

        Thank you, Lilly. It’s so hard to have a mental illness because you can’t tell everybody. Too many people think it’s just a personal weakness. It’s biological. There are some things we can do to change how we think, but for people like me we absolutely need medication to think straight. Depression can be physically painful, and when it gets really bad, it’s hard to see that there is any way out other than to stop living. I’m so glad I fought throught it instead of giving up. So many good things have happened since I came out the other side. Life is worth living. Please, please, if you are thinking of hurting yourself, see a doctor. I promise you CAN get better.

      • Comments (1276)

        God Bless you Jenny, and thanks for Sharing. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Stay on the path you are on, it seems to be a good one. xoxo

      • Comments (832)

        I wish society would get over the negative connotations associated with mental health issues. There is such a stigma attached to mental health illnesses. Having a mental health illness is no different than any other illness. Props to folks like you, Jenny, who aren’t afraid to talk abt it & help to get the message out that you can get better!

      • Comments (383)

        Thank you, everybody, for the kind thoughts. I can tell everyone here about it because we’re all strangers. In real life, my close family and friends know, but a lot of people don’t. I’ve had it used against me at a prior job. I’m lucky my current boss is understanding and shows genuine concern for me. Anyway I’m not looking for sympathy (although of course I appreciate it) — just want to help get the word out that there is always hope, even if you can’t see it. Hang on and ask for help.

  41. Comments (875)

    So very, very Sad the death of Robin Williams, one of the greatest Comedians/Actors of our time…And one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s own, Godspeed Robin.

  42. Comments (1799)

    So now Derrick is planting the seed that people should not vote for Vic if she get to the end So anyone who is still standing and left with Vic will win
    It would be great to bring two people back from the jury house In the other BBUK and BBAU they bring in 3 or 4 new people in midway point So stop with this most twisted season line unless you do something like this

    • Comments (487)

      I there are six weeks left to this season. All four of the jury members could come back this week and play for HOH with a double eviction next week. Or they could have America Vote to evict both people on the block next week. Take the control out of Frankie and Derrick’s hands. It is pretty funny that Frankie thinks that he is in control when he is just another of Derrick’s sock puppets.

  43. Comments (1276)

    Stevebeans, my Favorite Robin Williams movies would have to be What Dreams May Come. What a Loss, such a great talent and kind man.

    • Comments (426)

      There would be so many. But, “Mrs. Doubtfire” is probably the first to come to mind in my family.

      • Comments (875)

        True, Colby…My Daughter went to High School about a block & a half from the Mrs. Doubtfire House. So I got see the Doubtfire house every day that I picked her up from school. I’d park right across the street from the house, and watch all the sightseeing tour buses go by it…Robin’s passing is sooo sad… 🙁

  44. Comments (1799)

    The last thing that would be fair is an America vote With Frankie and his sister there is to big of a fan base Worse yet it is the perfect voting demographic teens with twitter accounts and nothing better to do than vote on line One other thing BB might want to do is show the house guest how the voting is going for fan fav on the message board

  45. Comments (22)

    Christine and Frankie.. neither of them are winning squat. They’ll be toast in the jury house and no way America will vote them the consolation prize. They’re creepy.

  46. Comments (343)

    So, Frankie somehow blew the houseguests away by saying he is the brother of an annoying teeny-bopper pop-star. WOW. It just has to make you hate the houseguests chosen this year. Caleb and Zach were hunting his head and the rest of the house thought he was the worst — until that. Who will this house worship next — the cast of “Shake it Up” or “High School Musical 5?” Puke And Christine? She’s just guaranteeing herself about 5 or 6th place, instead of attacking Team Derrick.

  47. Comments (644)

    Frankie is disgusting. He’s saying Nicole is a mess right now and that she feels guilty. And he’s lying about her. (On BBAD).
    Please someone evict Frankie.

  48. Comments (832)

    I can’t believe how quickly the house (Caleb in particular) can go from hating Frankie to being besties.

  49. Comments (1799)

    Caleb is in his own fantasy world He envision stardom for himself All he could talk about after going to the Cowboys camp was 3 or 4 people calling his name He believes Frankie is going to use his influence to open doors in Nashvile and Hollywood for him Christine has diluted herself into believing that Cody and Derrick like and respect her When the reality is they are just using her and have been ready to drop her 3 times The next will be the final time Derick has Victoria as his new snitch pluss she is much more controllable Iam sure in not the next eviction but the one after if no new house guest come back Frankie and or Zach will be in Derrick crosshairs More likely Frankie us ring Zach to do Derrick dirty work
    Go to the players profile page and vote you might be surprised at what the vote totals are now Maybe showing the HG that might open som eyes
    This is the brain trust that STILL think Donny is a Harverd professor or a navy seal but can’t see Derrick is a cop playing them all

    • Comments (61)

      I was wondering what they meant when they said they won an NFL tailgating experience. So Caleb, Frank, and Christine’s prize was going to a Cowboys practice?

  50. Comments (1288)

    I was just reviewing yesterday’s feeds from when I slept and I think I found Derrick making a mistake. He tells Donny that he would vote for him over Victoria as long as it didn’t go against “the house” but he thinks Nicole is going up and that wouldn’t happen if Christine didn’t think she would be leaving. Derrick was happy to tell Donny he would be safe and TA would be almost half the house next week.

    This way there is a good chance one of them is HoH to keep others safe and even if one of them goes up TA gives them two “guaranteed” votes. Those two statements are somewhat incongruous, apparently “the house” invalidates all guarantees, and I bet Donny caught it. Plus Donny is fairly certain “the house” = Derrick.

    Derrick is getting sloppy, perhaps Donny will see a chance to throw a wrench in the machine.

  51. stillstandingpam
    Comments (15)

    derrick has been a master manipulator and has played the game the best. would be surprised if he wasn’t part of the last two. the fact that the women couldn’t see that they were being targeted is pretty sad. I do hope the next bb has a few more mature players mixed in. would change the dynamics of the game. the personalities of the bb players are, of course, are somewhat influenced by the cameras, but I don’t think i’d want to hang with any of them except Donny and maybe britt. re: robin Williams, depression is a terrible disease. condolences to his family. my favorite robin Williams films are ‘good morning vietnam’ and ‘the birdcage’ rip

  52. Comments (332)

    Yeah after dark had Derrick, Cody and Christine doing ALL senerios. I just think production needs to shut that down. But I can say I was glad to see Christine holding her own, I feel bad she couldn’t have teamed with Nicole both could have gone to the end together. But Derrick just ls a liar and that snare will snap.

  53. Comments (492)

    That is why I like the kid Zach… to work…

  54. Comments (332)

    I am with hamster dingo on this bro festival, they are just too cozy and feel too safe something has to break it up. The end is coming but they just don’t get all six can’t win. I am counting on Donny making big moves.

  55. Comments (1288)

    There is a play that Nicole could make today if she can put together the pieces she already has. Donny told her Derrick is the power behind the other side and Nicole knows his main wingman is Cody from when they dealt with Nicole and Hayden. She needs to have a numbers talk with Derrick and Cody.

    No matter who goes this week, the other will be left in the house. Nicole needs to ask Derrick who are the targets for the person left in the house. Clearly Nicole’s targets would be Christine and Frankie as they just stabbed her in the back again. Nicole knows she cannot win the game but she just wants Christine to go to jury before her. She can point out they have been her target and they were Hayden’s target. Now who would be Donny’s target?

    Why, Donny has been warning people about Derrick and Cody (Cody is very afraid of Donny the schemer). This is why Frankie and Christine want Nicole out, she is after them and they feel safe with Donny staying. If by chance the outsider wins HoH next week who would Derrick and Cody want them targeting? All they would need is Victoria and Zach to make sure Nicole stays around to go after Christine. If she is willing to really lie she could say Donny is playing up his “hurt” ankle to make himself seem less threatening.

    Now does this mean I want Donny out? No, but someone has to go. As there is a chance at return I think Donny would benefit most from a break away from the game. He could heal, regenerate and re-energize his game.

    Also I would hope Nicole had no intention of targeting just Frankie and Christine. If she did win the HoH she could make surprise nominations of Victoria and Christine in hopes of them losing BotB. She should then keep one person from each of the sides (Derrick/Cody/Victoria/Zach vs Frankie/Christine/Caleb) in order to force a wedge vote and further splinter the big alliance. She would just have to resign herself to needing to win BotB or Veto the following week.

    • Comments (1092)

      I like it. Btw…I think I mentioned it last season, I really enjoy your posts. You clearly put a lot of thought into various syrategies for the available players on the field.

      I am wondering if and when Cody bavkstabs Derrick. Clearly if it is a final teo he is the runner-up.

      Does he throw Derrick under the bus at the final three ? Or is he happy making $50k for three months work ?

    • Comments (401)

      Does she have it in her? When she was talking with Donny right after being put up she said she was happy to go. She was starting to question the person she’d become in the game, felt she’d played well but had had enough. Knowing she won’t make it to the end I’m not sure she’s that motivated by revenge.

      • Comments (1092)

        I think she has it in her. She is tired and beaten down, especially after two weeks in a row of being hoh, and knowing she has been completely outplayed each time.

        But, remember the fire she showed when Hayden got the boot ? She was great ! She just doesn’t have anyone she can trust tp grt to the end. Maybe pride will step up and she will try to see how far she can go. Play for America’s Favorite.

  56. Comments (21)

    I’m starting to really believe that Derrick will try to bring Victoria to final 2 with him. It would be an easy win for him against her for certain

    • Comments (5)


  57. Comments (843)

    Frankie mentioned to Zach last night that Derrick and Cody have never been on the block. Planting seeds. He has Zach and Caleb in his pocket. He can pull in Christine. If Donny gets off this week, that’s another vote. Watch out Derrick. LOL

  58. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    Chrstine is a beak nose chrumbsnatching ghetto goblin!!!!

  59. Comments (83)

    What is slit lipped?

  60. Comments (400)

    I just saw on Dingo’s site that Derrick, Cody and Christine were in the backyard and fans were yelling over the fence “We love you Zach”. Christine was ticked off and disgusted that America loves Zach. She was begging Derrick not to tell Zach. I went on Twitter and there is a clip of it as well. You can clearly hear a female fan yell “I love you Zach” and immediately after a man yells “love you more”. I do not understand how production can allow this to happen. That can screw up a houseguest’s game so bad if the other houseguest realize how another is being perceived by the fans of the show. Surely they have better security than that!

    • Comments (487)

      How do we know it wasn’t production doing the yelling? LOL. BB Production controls many aspects of the game why not create more paranoia especially for Christine who thought it would be better to keep Zach than send him to Jury with Jocasta. Nothing but a little karma and payback for sticking the knife in Nicole’s back.

    • Comments (1092)

      Huge mistake !

      Replace “we love you, Zach”

      With” hey Victoria, Derrick is playing you like a fiddle”. Just imsgine that kind of damage.

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