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Big Brother 16 – Victoria Has A Rough Day; PoV Results


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Victoria is not doing so well in the Big Brother house. Over the past few days, her wisdom teeth have started to really come out and they have been killing her. Today at 11:15am, she went to the bathroom for awhile until Nicole finally checked on her and found Victoria laying on the floor sweating. She yelled for Derrick and the feeds cut. I wasn’t home today, so I am using my buddies at BBN for the timeline, but here is what happened..

At 1:56pm, Victoria finally returned from the DR where she said she was given some IV for dehydration and has more meds on the way. Before anyone is thinking of her going home, due to the fact that there are still 8 people in the house until Aug 28th, I have a feeling her leaving would not change the outcome of this week (unless production used it to keep someone in purposely).  I doubt anyone is wishing ill will on her, but I am sure some of you are hoping she has to leave for medical reasons in an effort to save Donny or Nicole, but I don’t think that will happen.  Maybe it will, but I doubt it.  Eviction will likely still happen as planned.  What you could hope for is Victoria beg to be a replacement nominee and be evicted on Thursday, but I doubt that will happen either.

The other big story in the house  (if you want to call it big) was that Cody won the power of veto. Donny was going home this week or next, but now it appears it will be sooner rather than later.  Unless production gives Team America to keep Donny, I don’t think Derrick will do a whole lot to save him.  That said, once again according to BBN, Donny approached Derrick with the new Team America mission.  Donny told Derrick the next mission is for Team America to set it’s own mission this week.

I don’t even know what to think about this mission. Is it lazy?  Is it productions attempt at saving Donny without actually being so direct?  Donny certainly took advantage of the situation and suggested the mission be to save him, and he said fans will vote on whether or not it was a good mission.  Frankie finally got wind of it, and he suggested throwing a Big Brother play and have everyone involved.  If that becomes the mission, I’m done with this Team America gimmick. A play? Really? A play?  Come on, Frankie. We don’t want to see a freakin play, we want to see drama. We want to see underdogs have a chance to win. We want to see good game moves.  If we wanted to see a play, we’d go to the damn theatre.

I am super tired after a very long day (got my wedding suit, yay!  I look sharp as hell), but I also picked up a coffee on the way home so I may be able to bust open a live feed thread for the evening.  Either way, discuss the veto, Victoria’s health and the stupid BB play.

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  1. Comments (682)

    BB Broadway? That blows. And of course Frankie came up with it. I hope if/when they vote Donny out TA is over.

  2. Comments (240)

    Of course Frankie wants to do a play. He wants that limelight. How much you want to bet he will produce, direct & star himself & everyone else will be stage props. Much like they have been all season 😉

    • Comments (1288)

      And do you not see this as a great chance for America to voice its displeasure with Frankie and Derrick? Let them put all the work and effort into it, let them pull it off and expect to hear the cash register ring … and then let America vote a solid NO on rewarding them. “No money for you. Sincerly, Chuck U Farley” This should be good.

      Donny trying to warp it into saving himself was a nice idea but I can easily imagine if the situation were reversed and it was Frankie attempting that game play the masses would be howling.

      • Comments (682)

        Frankie’s sister will have her followers vote and they will win. BB should just hand them the cash now.

      • Comments (1276)

        Not if all of the actual Fans of BB will actually vote. She might have a bunch of fans, but sadly for her, I can honestly say that I have not seen One single person say that they are a fan of hers. Most have actually said they had never heard of her until this season of BB. So I think it’s safe to say that if the actual BB fans will take time to vote, her fans won’t win this vote.
        Unless of course, the vote is rigged as well.

      • Comments (92)

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        That Cody is so bad and I hope Donny doesn’t leave. Hope the guys keep him around for America’s next mission. Hope Victoria is doing better. She might be part of the bad group, but I hate sseeing anyone in pain. Off to play some more Baccarat. One happy dude. Take care Christina. Inga saids hi.

      • Comments (692)

        Oh God, he’s baaaaaccck.

      • Comments (1276)

        I know, seems like when you are off in Vegas, with a super hot girlfriend, you would have better things to do. Idk about you, but I feel just silly trying to call out on all of his lies. I mean look, Inga clearly said hi to little old me. hahahahahaha

      • Comments (722)

        Is this a spam ad?
        Or an ad for a new antipsychosis drug on the market?
        Guess I missed the point…

      • Comments (426)

        Right? His bs sounds pretty much like Caleb’s, don’t you think? What a whacko. We need to stop feeding him.

      • Comments (21)

        Hey buffalo bill- thanks for a little next to nuthin. You better check your wallet for that gold card!

      • Comments (53)

        Lol “Inga ”

        “Welcome………. to Fantasy Island!!”

      • Comments (722)

        Maybe you can get a job as production on BB.. youve got a great imagination and they could use some of your innovative ideas.

      • Comments (644)

        buffalo bill at that height and weight your girlfriend is too skinny, give her something to eat. But anyway say hi to Inga. Since you love Frankie so much help him out with the schools in Africa.

      • Comments (92)

        Willie, Willie, Willie I never would have thought you would think Donny was stupid.. By calling him a Good Ol Boy you are calling him stupid. Good Ol Boy is define as a Southern White Man who is often an anti-intellectual (stupid) and has an intolerant point of view. This is not Donny and I’m defending him. He is a smart and honest man. Very surprise at you Willie.

      • Comments (92)

        Willly, Willy, Willly one good thing I must say about you is you invest. When I read in a previous post that you invest in tax liens, I said Wow somebody on this post has something in common with me. With tax lien investing you are targeting property tax deadbeats. In this economy there are plenty of deadbeats. Excellent way to invest. I really hope you are making good money. Go Donny and win that 500k.

      • Comments (92)

        Willy, Willy, Willy, why wouldn’t you sleep next to Frankie. While I’m against Frankie now because he wants Donny out, I wouldn’t have a problem sleeping next to him. Its not because he’s Gay? You like Gay’s don’t you Willie? I hope you believe in Gay marriage. Do you believe in Gay Marriage. Some of my best business partners and friends are Gay. My brother is Gay. Do you have friends or family that are Gay? Or are you an anti-gay troll?

      • Comments (92)

        I meant Willie not Willy Wonka. Sorry about that Willie Jones Jr.

      • Comments (1276)

        Good Ol Boy -“The term can be used for well socialized white men who live in rural and generally Southern areas. If a man is humble and well thought of, he can be referred to as a “good old boy”, regardless of his age. It is commonly applied to men with a family of generational wealth or prestige, or overall moral behavior.”

      • Comments (722)

        Born and raised in Charlotte NC my delusional friend. The Queen City. .
        “Just a good ol boy”….

      • Comments (722)

        I dont need your props or investing advice.
        You invest in junk blondes.. i mean bonds…

        And no, i dont want Frankie in or around my bed or person. Hes a mangy old mutt. Hes a walking public health crisis and could carry any number of diseases, from MRSA to e coli to fleas. I wouldnt share my bed with any person I just met 60 days ago.

        I dont believe in marriage period. Gay or straight. Its an outdated institution. I dont base friendships on sexual orientation. Im beginning to think you may be interested in pursuing me sexually . Youre asking a lot of questions about my bed habits. Sorry dude but i dont do strangers I meet online. This isnt Craigslist.

        I bet your gay friends brag about having a friend who is an idiot.

      • Comments (92)

        Last night I learn a great lesson from my Lady. I was up 276k in Baccarat, then I lost it all and I was down 100k, I came back and was up 75k when my beautiful lady told me that the median income in the U.S. is 56k and be happy with the 75k. She said people are living only with government handouts and would I like to liv that way. For 29 she has an old soul and I’m 20 years older than her. Not only is she beautiful, a Kegel Queen, she is wise. I left the table and went back to the room and I can’t write the rest. All I can say is I’m one happy man with a big smile. For all you men out there make sure you get a woman who can Kegel. Go Donny, Go. Beat Cody that home destroyer.

      • Comments (92)

        Wow Christina, look who you are backing. Willie doesn’t believe in Gay Marriage. Do you feel the same. Wow, what horrible things to say about Gays. And you call yourself a Christian. Christina tell me you don’t share the same thoughts. Tell me you have no problems with Gays and Gay marriage. I guess Willie is a Good Ol Boy. Go Donny, I know your not a Good Ol Boy. You are smart and a honest man. My lady can’t believe what Willie wrote but understands that kind of person. Wow, Willie I thought you were a better person.

      • Comments (722)

        Reading is fundamental my friend.

        Pls repeat to me EXACTLY what I said that was so horrible against gays. Not against Frankie, not against you, not against your pro.. gays.

      • Comments (692)

        Willie Jones Jr has a right to his opinion. Leave him alone, he’s a good guy.

      • Comments (692)

        Don’t let him get to you!!

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Franko but its ok.
        BuffJill cannot read. Its a shame in this day and age.

        And I think hes trying to seduce me. Hes awful obsessed this morning.

        And hes mad that I really shut him down today. I had quite a few zingers. He had no comeback except to twist what I DIDNT say..

      • Comments (92)

        Willie. Let’s forget about marriage. What are your thoughts on the Gay Life. Do you have Gay friends? Do you believe a man should make love to another man? Or a woman should make love to another woman? Or do you just believe lovemaking should be between a man and a woman? Do you believe in lovemaking? Have you ever rooted for someone who was Gay on BB? Now as a Christian man and a Good Ol Boy you tell the truth. Remember God is watching you. Tell the truth. Are you anti-Gay? I know Donny isn’t. He has a good soul and isn’t against the Gay community.

      • Comments (722)

        Im not interested in being with you if thats what youre asking!

        That is what your driving towards right? All these questions about lovemaking.. very inappropriate. When Ive already told you I wasnt interested in you in that way…

        KIDS READ THIS SITE. Take you porn fantasies elsewheres ..

        Youd think with the rate “Inga” is charging you, youd be focused on getting your moneys worth instead of wasting time pursuing me!

      • Comments (92)

        Believe me Willie nothing I said has been pornograhic. I did say lovemaking, not sex. Lovemaking is the most beautiful thing you can do. Sorry Willie I’m straight and have a beautiful wife. That being said I believe Gay people have the same rights straight people. Your refusal to answer my questions can only lead to one conclusion. Willie Jones Jr. You are anti-Gay. I feel bad for you, but you see Christina this is how Good Ol boys think and you are standing up for him. Franko, after reading what you have been through, I feel bad for you and my lady and I wish a full recovery for you. Thank God Donny isn’t Anti-Gay and he is not a Good Ol Boy. Go Donny.

      • Comments (722)

        Welp, good thing I live in America then and can have my own opinions. Not sure why you care…
        But then again youre always looking for someones approval…

      • Comments (92)

        Willie, I feel you should get to know someone who is Gay and the struggles they have had. I just can’t believe in 2014 there are people out there who are still anti-gay. Christina do you support this type of thinking. Now I know why Willie doesn’t like Frankie. Hey Willie are you one of those people that say, “The South Will Rise Again”. Wow. Unbelievable and the people on this site come down on me. Please read Willie’s stance on Gays. How can anyone support his prejudice view. Yes this is a free country, but the hatred I saw given to my brother, even ffrom family members he wanted to kill himself. Lucky for him he had me. He once told me that if it wasn’t for my unconditional love he wouldn’t be living today. So keep on hating and Inga and I will keep on loving. Even for someone with the sad views of Willie. Go Donny, we love you!

      • Comments (722)

        Its rude for me to laugh in your face, so please turn your head

        Nope dont need to know the struggle of a gay man because I lived the struggle of being a BLACK COLOMBIAN MAN in the South.

        Please miss me with your self serving sanctimonious do gooding bs. You know if you saw me walking down your street you would clutch your purse and cross the street.

        I wont bore you with the stories of ppl judging me on how I look or my accent. It doesnt matter that I am highly educated and write and actually speak well. Most ppl see a color. But Im sure that cannot in any way compare to poor little rich boy Frankies struggle.

        We know you want attention. Ok well you got mine. We notice you. Buffalobills here guys and hes got something to say. Lets see what he says next. His life is so much better than ours guys. Buffalobill matters somewhere. So lets validate buffalobill. Hey buffalobill!

        Most ppl can read and see what I said. And guess what I dont have to answer your questions. Did you ever think maybe YOU DONT KNOW ME or YOU DONT KNOW HOW I WAS RAISED? Maybe I was raised strict Colombian Christianity religion and being gay was a sin punishable in life… not everyone sees the world from your privileged standpoint.

        So would you like to be any more offensive or disrespectful to me today?

        (Drops mike).

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, my straight friend, don’t let him get to you! you know what they say, ” opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one.”
        In his case both stink. He’s baiting you. Don’t fall any farther into his trap.

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually buffaloPill, I don’t calim to be anything. I actually am a gay advocate, but believe it not, that doesn’t mean I have to support every gay person to prove it.
        Also, Willie isn’t against gay marriage, he’s against marriage, you fool. At least try to get your comments to make since, it’s bad troll educate to pretend people say anything that wasn’t actually said. I think you might want to head back to troll school… your lies are starting to conflict with your other lies.

      • Comments (1276)

        excuse me, claim.

      • Comments (1276)

        Also, Pill, the a majority of people who CLAIM to be Christian, hind behind that to oppose Gay people and Gay marriage, so again, you are just talking to hear yourself talk. Once your insults stop making any since, it’s time to move on, and find somewhere else to troll.
        And again, it really seems like while you are in Vegas, spending all of your money with you obivously completely real “lady” Inga, you would have better things to do then come on here and mess with us common folk… we are so beneath you.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks guys. Hes a total troll but I was looking for a good fight…

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, he’s not worth getting all worked up. Kinda funny, tho, you have a gay advocate and a gay man defending your right to your opinion even tho I never thought ANYTHING you said was anti-gay. I think Frankie acts very inappropriate. He’s disgusting, vile, repulsive and a disgrace to all gay men. His type is what makes it hard for other gay men to have a hard time being accepted in the world. We get judged by what people see on tv. Many people think any gay man is a pedophile. That’s CERTAINLY NOT TRUE.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Franko. I didnt say anything anti-gay, I just wont be marching anytime soon. I also wont be marching with my black or Hispanics ppl whom im expected to represent. That doesnt mean I hate, Im just not getting involved..

        That being said, I know better than to go on TV jive talking and break dancing or “oh dios mio” everything and living up to the stereotypes.

        I also dont expect others like me to immediately take my side. It would be nice to be supported but in the end I represent only myself.

        Some ppl do think Frankie is typical of all gays.. flambouyant, offensive, diseased and predatory.
        I know many of my particular sect grew up to believe those things. Frankie isnt exactly proving our teachers wrong. The more support he gets, the more it becomes okay to act that way. An old Muslim saying “Silence is acceptance”. .

        *** i know Frankie would make Liberace sick. Its too much. He looks quite used and tired.

      • Comments (610)

        Don’t they have to run the idea by Production first & get approval first in order for it to qualify? That would be great if Production said No!

  3. Comments (610)

    Frankie: the longer he’s in the house, the more he acts like a spoiled 4 year old! Please, please, please get him out NOW!

  4. Comments (644)

    I’m listening to a podcast right now about BB. I feel so bad for Zach. They put a conversation between Victoria and Zach and Zach was saying how he loved the pink hat and how he wore it all the time. That it was his signature. He said when he got out of the house he would buy a lot of pink hats. Victoria said she didn’t want the hat back. The conversation of course was longer. And Cody and Christine were egging Victoria on to do something to the hat.
    I really do miss Zach, there’s a void in the house 🙁

    • Comments (1276)

      I will admit Zach grew on me (how he votes in the end will probably help or hurt his case for me) but he’s not my favorite. That being said, if she at any point said he could have it, and that she didn’t give it back, wouldn’t it then be his property? Therefore, purchased by her or not, if it was then his, why did she not get punished for destroying it? Why did production play her good bye message showing the cut up hat? Seems strange to me, like again, as long as it isn’t against Frankie, all is well.

      • Comments (644)

        What I understood by listening to Victoria, was that Zach could keep the hat. But since Victoria actually bought the hat herself, I think production didn’t considered it was Zach’s.
        I’m glad Amber said in her Twitter account that in the finale she is going to give Zach a pink hat in America’s name.
        My favorite people in BB16 in order of preference:


        I don’t care for the rest.
        Who are your favorites?

      • Comments (722)

        Same. I liked Joey til she let Caleb scare her.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think America liked Zach’s “little boy mischievous” quality, but I still can’t get the image of him and Mango spooning in the HOH bed. And don’t forget he was pretty rude and condescending to the girls in the house.
        I would put Hayden and Amber(and maybe even Joey) ahead of Zach.

      • Comments (644)

        Yes, it’s true Jannie, Zach was mean some times, and he probably should be number 6 on my list. But at least he’s the only mean person on my list! There’s just something about him that I like, and I don’t know what it is, he is so different from everyone. I love Donny and Nicole because they are really nice people, it shows in the way they have played.
        Because of Zach I feel like getting a pink hat myself and maybe a Gator shirt, NOT. I graduated from the University of Miami so I think getting a Gator shirt wouldn’t be a good idea.
        Remember Judd’s bear shirt? Everyone in the show wore it.

      • Comments (1276)

        For me, Nicole, Donny, Hayden, Brittany, Derrick, Amber, then Zach (I appreciate how Derrick is running things, I gotta give him props).

      • Comments (1276)

        Oops, It’s been so long, i forgot to mention Joey, she was actually my favorite. That whole alter ego thing wasn’t great, but I liked her a lot.

      • Comments (722)

        She was the cutest girl. I read she was super popular in high school…
        Too bad they got her out the first week.

      • Comments (1276)

        She seemed like someone that wouldn’t have been controled by the house, and would have stuck with the females, if they had been smart enough to work together.
        Those girls new, the first week, that there was a large all guy alliance, they didn’t even cover it up well. The could have pulled together, pulled in Donny and Hayden, since it was so clear that they weren’t part of it, and gotten much further.

      • Comments (722)

        Maybe next season the girls will stand a chance..
        -dont start an alliance the first wk with all the girls, test the waters and see whos talking to whom.
        -dont let the guys find out!!

      • Comments (61)

        Wow, what a difference 60 days makes.

        My list:


      • Comments (2826)

        1) Donny
        2) Nicole
        3) Brittany
        4) Hayden
        5) Zach
        6) Zoey
        7) Amber
        8) Pow

      • Comments (492)

        You know mine was Zach,
        So sad

        I like your favorites

  5. Comments (19)

    This is kind of interesting, if Donny isn’t saved with the Team America bit, he could actually potentially do a LOT of harm to both Frankie and Derricks game, if worked correctly.

    Way 1 is to approach Cody telling him that there’s a very secret alliance this season, and it was part of a twist called Team America, consisting of Derrick, Frankie and Himself. He can then very easily prove this by A) Stating a bunch of the missions they had to do, and how they cleared it. B) Proving the teams choices because 1) Frankie has a popstar of a sister 2) Derricks game is so good he has the house on lockdown (Something he’s been trying to get at) and 3) Him being such a huge target right now.

    Donny may not have to know the reasons all of them were picked, but I think it’d be enough to make cody think about it, make a power move, and swap out donny to get out Derrick or Frankie (Or to avoid drama, put up Victoria as a means to get her out of the house, then alligning with Donny and Nicole to hopefully start pegging off the rest of the house)

    If that didn’t work, then Donny could expose Team America in front of everyone (Though, seeing his personality he might be too nice to do so) BUT if he did, it would definitely make others think about Derrick and Frankie and pondering the idea of them working together (Especially since paranoia is a huge thing in the BB house, trust and all those issue’s would go awol with such information, whether they believed it or not.)

    Just watching Frankie and Derrick scramble to pick up the pieces might be enough to clue everyone else in that they need to go.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Derrick to begin with when thinking about how he used to be an undercover cop, I kinda figured he’d be at this point because of that skill set, but the problem with people in control is it’s hard to root for them, everything is going their way and very little resistance is on the horizon.

    • Comments (130)

      Revealing Team America means he loses the money he made. Donny has a pretty simple life and $15 grand is ton to sacrifice, especially when he’s had game play talks with Cody already that didn’t get through to Cody.

      No way he reveals TA. No way.

      • Comments (1276)

        Unless they changed the rules after Joey got selected, then no they don’t lose any money. When Joey opened her envelope, it clearly said that she could tell people if she wanted, or keep it a secret.

      • Comments (1446)

        If TA were exposed to the entire house there’s no way that Caleb would believe it.
        He couldn’t accept the fact that America didn’t pick HIM.
        In Caleb’s mind, he’s the biggest thing to hit America since Elvis.

      • Comments (401)

        Christina, agree. Jannie, hilarious.

      • Comments (1443)

        Ppl are saying all three had to agree to tell or the person lost the money. Joeys letter did say she could tell or not. Since she was the only one picked at that time maybe they changed rules. Don’t know but would really like verification. Feel Donnie could blackmail TA that he was telling if he was not taken off block if he could do that without consequences. I never heard on show about all having to agree but ppl moline have said that. Also said TA could continue as long as one member was still in house

    • Comments (682)

      I read somewhere that if they tell the other HGs none of them get any money.

    • Comments (1288)

      From discussions in the house they have said they have to agree to expose TA. If one member exposes it without the agreement of the others they forfeit all TA winnings. So will Donny give up $15k just to try and spike the game of Frankie and Derrick? Knowing full well there is a better than even chance he will not be believed?

      Donny made his play last week while he had safety. None of it stuck and it has made him the primary target this week. Without the POV his game is all but over.

    • Comments (644)

      Even if Cody used the veto on Donny, it wouldn’t work too well, because they wouldn’t have the votes to save Nicole. Then next week Donny and Cody would be the targets.

  6. Comments (54)

    Oh snap! Crackle! Pop!….Cody didnt choose Christine!..

  7. Comments (130)

    Sadly, I’m excited to see Nicole and Donny gone. The plot and plan has been tired for the past 4 weeks and I’m excited for the band of brothers to start picking each other off. I thought possibly a re-entry would give us some hope, but Cody squashed that with a POV win.

    My only hope is that by turning on each other, someone can finally make Derrick a target. I still think, even as a target, he’ll gameplay his way out of it.

    • Comments (247)

      The only thing that has been consistent is boring game play. No big moves, everyone voting together, how much more boring can this get? Its very predictable now anyone that has a basic grasp of the game chess can see who will most likely go next. The other Detonators are not playing the game they are all hoping to be sitting next to Derrick at the end, while he is on his knees to the almighty that Victory does not leave for medical reasons…..

  8. Comments (1276)

    ughh, gross. When will the houseguests learn that no one ever likes watching that kind of crap. Let’s back up a year to Amanda and McCrae’s gross fake wedding (btw, did they even date after leaving the show????)
    I really hope Production will actually prove to us that it is worth us being invested in BB each summer. They didn’t let Caleb actively sabotage the BOTB, to protect Frankie. They didn’t make them pull Zach off the block, or penalize Frankie for telling him he was going up, to protect Frankie. They let Christine hand off bones to the boys, to sabotage the BOTB, which still backfired, to protect Frankie/Derrick’s minions. And now Cody pulls out 2 wins in one week???
    Come on, golden power of Veto, returning houseguest gets a week off the block, something Production. This is getting sad, and really making me believe that Frankie is only there as a publicity stunt, to amp up his sister’s career (btw, her songs are gross, and should not be listened to by tween girls).
    This is supposed to be a gameshow that it doesn’t matter what you are outside of the house, it’s how you play the game, comps or socially, not who’s affiliated with big time companies paying money for the press.
    Sorry, I usually avoid going off on BB/CBS/Production, but this is getting sad.
    I can’t believe I am about to say this, I HATE when people say this, but after years, and years of being a loyal BB fan, even with crappy casts in the past, if the powers that be keep helping Frankie, and not anyone else, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be watching this season.
    That being said, Stevebeans, be sure to let us know which shows you’ll be blogging about, and what the site will be called, so I can be sure to follow you there.

    • Comments (682)

      I’ve already decided not to get the live feeds next season. Which means next season should be very good!

      • Comments (1276)

        I know, it really sucks. I just don’t get why CBS wouldn’t at least be smarter about sticking their fingers in the pot. The blatant special treatment that they are giving to protect such a jerk like Frankie amazes me.
        I still see Derrick winning, he’s sure as heck out playing/plotting everyone. But if Production is going to stir the pot, the least they could do is make it interesting. You know, like once they stepped in and didn’t allow Caleb to sabotage the BOTB, then step in and don’t let Christine do the same. Grrrr, I am sooo annoyed.

      • Comments (682)

        They didn’t allow him to sabotage the comp because he already chose to sit out. I think that was Caleb’s error and will not blame production for that decision.

        We all know production has stepped in before to help the favorite in the past. Unfortunately CBS thinks Frankie is the favorite.

      • Comments (644)

        But production should have let Caleb sabotage Frankie in the BOB even if he said beforehand that he was going to sit down and do nothing. There’s no way Caleb could have predicted what the competition was going to be like and that Frankie could win it by himself. It’s a reality show. It’s stupid for production to tell Caleb he can’t get in to sabotage Frankie. It seems there’s no reality there.

      • Comments (682)

        Caleb shouldn’t have said he was sitting out. he should have just sabotaged the comp from the start. But he had to be Caleb.

    • Comments (692)

      Yes, Stevebeans, I want to know what else you will be blogging.

  9. Comments (57)

    I’m glad Frankie came up with this. When the vote comes back to save Donnie, the Detonators will get a glimpse of what America is really thinking.

  10. Comments (372)

    Frankie stealing the light is his everyday mission ….not a TA mission

    • Comments (1276)

      Thanks Smouse. Looks like they actually did until Feb. I’ll admit, that’s a shocker for me.

    • Comments (644)

      I watched a video of Amanda saying the reason they split is because McCrae was secretly talking to his girlfriend Jessica (remember how he used to talk about her?) And when he went to Minnesota he saw her. It was pretty sad, after Amanda confronted him about it, he left the house and when so many hours passed and he didn’t come home she was worried. She says there was a horrible storm but she went out anyway, I don’t remember how she found him, but he was all wet and drunk sitting on a bench. She now has another boyfriend.

  11. Comments (722)

    SB Hoping things are well.

    No one wants to see Frankie do any acting, singing or dancing. If we did, hed be a huge star and not on a reality show.

    Lets do the play. When it bombs and America sees how selfish and truly self centered Frankie is, he’ll blow any chance of being Americas Favorite.

    When America sees Donny tried to save himself and Derrick said No, America will see his true colors shine even brighter.

    Lets not fret guys. Lets let this play out. Donny will be sad to end his game but he wants out of the misery house. Hes got buddies in jury. Its ok.

    Now the real game happens. Team Duhhh will pick each other off, point fingers and kick themselves. Its how this is meant to happen.

  12. Comments (13)

    I have a gut feeling a Pandora’s box will occur throwing another pov into the game like bb 14

  13. Comments (487)

    Here’s hoping Cody grows a pair and uses the POV on Nicole and puts Christine up. And tells Derrick he wants “Christine out because it’s bad for both their games to keep her because he thinks she is playing both sides. And that he has been thinking about what his parents will think of his relationship with Christine. You know, I’m no homewrecker dude. Get her the heck out of here.”

    • Comments (682)

      I agree. How is getting out a 42 year old lone player or someone who was already evicted once not considered a “waste of an HOH”?

    • Comments (1288)

      He will certainly do that as long as he takes his crazy pill prescription. If he skips the pills he will most likely follow through on one of his threats/promises for the first time by finally getting Donny out of the game. This will not relieve the load of guilt and shame Cody has been carrying around since backing out of nominating Caleb and instead putting Donny up as a pawn.

      I think that is the true source of Cody’s discomfort and the reason he lashes out at Donny in private. Donny reminds him of that moment, the shame he feels and he knows he could have greatly changed the game. Caleb was at his stalker worst and the house would have considered it a mercy eviction much like Devin. At times seeing Amber and Brittany gone I think he regrets that decision.

      • Comments (372)

        Maybe Cody is not as dumb as we thought …….he just won 2 number comps in a row …..mytbe that seed don planted last week took hold …wishing he takes Donny down off the block… noms Derrick or Franie …tome to pick a side ….make the biggest move so far ….YES PLEASE…did they have a recap of the talk in the reward?

      • Comments (372)

        Cody IS feeling guilty …maybe he is thinking what his family would think ….his father and brother …Derrick tried to squash that …BUT…he talked in private with Nic and Don

        Still holding out hope till the bitter end

    • Comments (722)

      Good. Start thinking with your brain and stop embarrassing yourself!

      • Comments (1276)

        I am 99% sure Willie was saying for Cody to start thinking with his brain.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah Christina. My reply used to be under the conversation comment and made much more sense in context!
        I was talking about Cody using his little(r) brain and getting rid of Christine.
        His “homewrecking” is embarrassing himself and his family. Its about time he sees that…

        Sorry about the confusion!

  14. Comments (1)

    I just got this from Joker’s: “Christine says her Pastor’s wife waxes her “hoohah” once a month.” I guess her pastor and pastor’s wife are not going to be too pleased with her saying that to the other HGs. If I were her I’d be so embarrassed by everything I’ve said and done in this game that I would go to another church.

  15. Comments (27)

    Please Cody, grow some ballz and actually make a big move. Use the pov on Nicole and put Derrick up in her place, he is the most likely to win, if someone doesn’t back door him soon.
    End this boring game and make it blow up along with Derricks game

    • Comments (1276)

      Even if he did that, they would still vote out Donny. He would have to convince, Caleb, Frankie, Christine and Derricks little pet Victoria to vote against him, same for the flip side, if they put up Frankie. The only way I see it working, is if he pulled the same crap they have been doing to the other side of the house all season.
      Put Christine up, and tell Derrick and the rest that Christine said she was gunning for all of them, plus all the stuff about how it’s making him look, and he could even go ahead and throw in that she made a move on him, and he doesn’t want it to get worse (why not, they have told lies all season).
      Then, if they voted her out AND Donny or Nicole won the next HOH, they could put up Derrick and Frankie, they would each have one minion to vote for them (Caleb for F, and Vic for D). If one gets pulled off, put up Caleb against Derrick, in which case Derrick would still have V’s vote and Caleb F’s vote, or vise versa Vic against F. That way Donny/Nicole and Cody get the final say on who goes.
      There are a lot of if’s, but it’s the only way I see both Donny/Nicole making it past this week.

    • Comments (875)

      Sadly Cody will be Derrick’s little lap dog til the end, he is too scared to go against the grain. But lets keep hope alive, but its getting dim for Donny & Nicole…They both needed to Win!

  16. Comments (692)

    I think Donny is great but I honestly think you will be relieved if he goes to the jury house right now. he can rest and relax until everybody else except Derrick and Victoria join him in the jury house.

    • Comments (722)

      Yes.. id love to rest in jury house myself!

      But if Cody has a chance to backdoor Derrick or Frankie, all the better…
      And he has that chance this wk. Fingers crossed.

  17. Comments (875)

    This whole season has gone the Bomb Squad’s…er, ah Derrick’s way?! When Derrick said jump, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Christine, Victoria, and Zach said, “how high?”

    This has been one pathetic season of Big Brother, NO Twist, and as Predictable as never before…smh. When Nicole & Donny leave the house, its bye bye BBAD for me.

    Isn’t it funny how the Bomb Squads initials are (BS)?!…LOL

  18. Comments (13)

    I guess this is the end of Donny.. ugggh.

    • Comments (372)

      Time will tell.
      NEVER give up , never surrender

      .Cody, please think …
      …man up,,, he has power now
      use it b!tch .. or surrender your balls 2 Derrick

      • Comments (426)

        Not gonna happen. Donnie will go this week and, most likely, Nichole will go next unless she is able to win HOH or Veto. It is not going to get ugly until they are forced to turn on each other, either next week if Nichole wins one of them, or the next week. At that point it will be a ‘Oh Sh**’ moment for all of them realizing Donny was spot on right.

      • Comments (372)

        fine…. crap on my dream BB outcome of the week ….
        …you will be probably be right

        … good 4U
        parade rainer

      • Comments (426)

        LOL. Didn’t say it didn’t suck.

  19. Comments (401)

    Haven’t read all the comments but do we even know if this TA challenge is real or Donny is making the whole thing up? Usually each of them is called in to get the info. Has this happened?

    • Comments (644)

      Ann, only one of them is called in to get the information and then that person tells it to the other two. This week it seems it was Donny’s turn. But I don’t think he could make up the mission since any of them could go to the DR to ask questions about it.

      • Comments (401)

        I thought in the past others went in to get more info. Either way, smart idea for a mission. Can’t blame the guy for trying.

  20. Comments (1799)

    Reading how the core house guest are now preaching love and fairness is a laugh. Frankie and Victorie saying how much love and respect they all have than blaming Nichole as being a negative influence Once more sick minded people self assuring each other that they are not as soulless as they are

  21. Comments (247)

    If its a Frankie Play, instead of a Donny mission, then i may be done with this years BB because its so predictable from here on out.

  22. Comments (1799)

    It will be Mango Frankies play It allows Mr.Derrick Burns to let Mango the moth Frankie time in the spot light It distracts the other house guest It keeps Nichole and Donny on the outside Lets see how snide they will be in showing Donny and Nichole in the play
    At least the kids from my home town Jackie Robinson West won the US championship In this game good people do finish first Congrats

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