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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Feed Updates


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Not much of a recap today because not surprisingly, the house was pretty quiet.  The biggest story comes from the Team America front where Derrick and Frankie are still wondering where their mission is.  It is a pretty good question because BB wasn’t exactly clear what happens if someone from the group gets evicted, and also what happens if the other members of Team America were responsible.  Joey was the first member, but she was evicted before anyone else joined, so I’m not surprised they added 3 new people.. but what now?  Will it be a late mission?  Are they going to act like True Blood writers and just kind of forget about stuff (whatever happened to the group of werepanthers?)

Seeing as the campaigning this season has been non-existent, don’t expect much to happen today unless BB pops something up.  We still have a potential Pandora’s Box, and also TA could be receiving a mission.  There are only a few more weeks to go, and I’m still waiting for the twistiest twists that ever twisted summer.

Here are the updates…

  • 10:00am – Feeds down, likely wake-up call.  If you’re curious, they bring the feeds down because they play 3-4 songs over the speakers and they’re not allowed to broadcast that due to copyright issues.
  • 10:30am – Nicole is enjoying her last day tanning, while Derrick and Christine sit in silence on the couch outside.
  • 10:40am – Nicole and Derrick are now sitting on the couch together.  Nicole is saying how he has Victoria, and Frankie is controlling Caleb.  Caleb’s family even realizes this which is why his brother said to ‘put on your man pants’ in the letter.  Nicole then said everything she tells him (Der) gets back to Cody.
  • Derrick – Look at me real quick. You’re going to look really dumb on camera if you think that (if you think 90% of what she said was true).
  • Nicole – I was just laying in bed and thinking there are some things I may be missing.
  • Derrick – Yes you are missing it, people want to stay as long as they can, and they do that without rocking the boat. Up until this far, it’s about survival rather than making big moves, at least this season.
  • Nicole – I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but my feelings have been hurt quite a bit this season.
  • Basically, Nicole is hurt because she’s been through a lot this season. Derrick told Nicole he would work Caleb and she is hinting he didn’t.  Derrick did try to get Frankie up, although it was likely for his own game than Nicole’s, but he did try. Caleb wimped out.
  • Derrick – By no means was I up there campaigning for you (truth), but I did throw out the pros of keeping you (more truth).
  • Derrick – They’re not going to keep you over Victoria.  (Derrick basically tells Nicole she’s going to jury tomorrow, and nothing is changing that)
  • 11:10am – Feeds go down for a minute, and then return accidentally.  We hear the voiceover say – “Derrick?  Holla” (in an actual voice, not recording) and then “I want the house to decide the special meal they’re going to be delivered at 2pm”… Apparently that guy is named Chris.  Derrick “Chris always gets the good announcements. He’s definitely the big dog”
  • Here is Christine’s reaction to the food announcement.
  • 1:40pm – The house is sitting around eating take-out hamburgers (from the announcement above).  I want a cheeseburger now
  • 5:00pm – I had to go out to get burgers tonight for supper – thanks Big Brother for the idea.   Anyway, the feeds are on Jeff loops and have been for about 30 minutes. Before they went down, they were locked in the HoH room while the havenot room was shut down.  Not sure what was going on, but I will keep you updated.  Could be a luxury comp.
  • 5:30pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:30pm – Feeds still down. If not up in 15 minutes, I’m going to watch the CBS episode and check back at 7:30pm
  • 7:30pm – I’m back, and the feeds have been back for a little while. Apparently the house received some booze, and they locked the players in the HoH room while they drilled the HN room shut. I am glad I waited nearly 2 hours for that.

Check back for more

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  1. Comments (644)

    I always watch BBAD, but the past week has been so boring that I switch to the free Utopia feeds to see what’s going on there. I’m sure if Zach was still in the game it would be much more interesting.
    My favorites in order to win the game now that Nicole will be gone:
    1)Snow White
    3)John Travolta
    4)Weak Mode Cowboy
    5)Bozo the clown woman

    • Comments (158)

      Snow While = Victoria
      Gumby = ???
      John Travolta = Cody
      Weak Mode Cowboy = Caleb
      Bozo the Clown Woman = Christine??
      Mango = ???

      Derrick and Frankie….not sure how either of them fit either Gumby or Mango. Or you could just use their real names instead of cutesy non-sensical names in an obvious plea for acknowledgement.

      • Comments (372)

        OK Kevin ..are you new or just rude or both…. don’t be picking on our Lilly …Frankie has been nicknamed Mango for weeks now ….and Derrick was Gumby for Halloween.

      • Comments (644)

        Thank you damamma!

      • Comments (266)

        Last time Kevin posted, he tried correcting my grammar, when in fact my grammar was correct.

        Comments like this don’t deserve explanations.

      • Comments (692)


        We can’t all be purfect, ken we??


      • Comments (644)

        Kevin, someone here said that in one of the pictures Steve posted of Victoria she looked like Snow White. Derrick said he wore a Gumby costume last Halloween. Hayden said he was in the BB house with John Travolta (he thinks Cody looks like him and I do too.) Weak Mode cowboy is Caleb and that’s self explanatory, many people call him that. Mango is what we have been calling Frankie because he looks like Chris Kattan’s character from Saturday Night Live. The only name I really made up was Bozo the clown woman because Christine is always laughing.
        I can see you never comment here because everyone knows when we refer to Mango, we refer to Frankie. So please don’t tell me I’m using “cutesy non-sensical names in an obvious plea for acknowledgement.” You should try paying more attention and letting others express themselves.

      • Comments (372)

        IMO hyenabitch would be a better nickname for Christine …
        Laughing hyenas clip

      • Comments (644)

        damamma, I guess I was too nice calling Christine Bozo the clown woman. I watched the hyenas on the video and Christine laughs like them, that’s scary!

      • Comments (453)

        I call her chopper mouth, she also sounds like a helicopter when laughing and while eating chews and talks and laughs at the same time.

      • Comments (692)

        That was a funny clip. It really does sound like Christine.

      • Comments (832)

        Go Lilly!!

      • Comments (843)

        Did you just crawl out from under your bridge? We’ve been calling them that for weeks.

      • Comments (1446)

        Hey! I gave Frankie the Mango moniker weeks ago – it fits him perfectly and most seem to agree.
        Have you seen Mango from SNL??
        The look, the attitude, the ego and the mannerisms all fit.

        Frankie IS Mango!

      • Comments (1446)

        And Snow White is perfect for Victoria.

        Although maybe I see a little SHREK in Derrick 🙂

        Sheesh, Kevin we’re just trying to have a little fun with what has turned out to be a BORING season.

      • Comments (211)

        OMG, you’re so right about Derrick/Shrek, LOL!

      • Comments (27)

        Frankie is called Mango because of a character on Saturday night live… Google it… its a fitting name.

    • Comments (38)

      You know, Victoria does look like Snow White. I think Victoria is a beautiful young woman, hopefully Big Brother will be a drastic learning and growing experience for her. She is very immature for her age, so hopefully this helps her grow up.

  2. Comments (25)

    You have to watch this. Its worth it just to hear Christine’s dumb laugh.

  3. Comments (77)

    Team America’s mission should be to help Victoria win a Comp, HOH or Veto.
    Heres where BB Production Twist tagline would help. Like a 2 team of 3 Comp.
    Will not help Frankie’s game, but it would stir stuff up (maybe , maybe not)

  4. Comments (130)

    Season 17 All-Stars:

    From season 16: Zach, Donny, Derrick, Caleb
    From season 15: Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, Jessie, Judd
    From season 14: Ian, Frank, Danielle
    From season 13: Cassi, Adam, Shelly

    No veterans, all one time players. Who would be excited to see THIS cast!

    • Comments (174)

      At first i thought no to Amanda, but the i realize i would like to see Amanda take on Derrick and Caleb. I think those All Stars would make a good show.

      • Comments (328)

        Yes, it would be funny to see Derrick and Amanda squawking back and forth, “Listen to me. NO, you listen to me.” On aND on and on. While poor Caleb stands there with that look he gives Derrick when he is constantly being interrupted by Derrick.

    • Comments (692)

      Love your list. Don’t really want to see Aaryn again, tho.

    • Comments (1443)

      You left out Elissa my fav. But doubt she would accept again

    • Comments (30)

      Smouse, you may be on to something. What about the guy named Jesse (the one who thought he was Mr. Perfect)? I think it would be funny to see Caleb and Jesse go head to head. Andy and Frankie would be funny to watch. Each trying to keep track of what is going on in the house. Zach and Amanda…hmmmmm! They would either really hit it off or be at each others throats.
      Could make for interesting TV or at least better than this year.

      • Comments (130)

        I don’t think Frankie should be back for an All-Stars. After he destroys his families reputation this year, I doubt he would come back. Jesse was from a very early season and was already bypassed on the last All-Star season. (Plus he’s a semi pro wrestler)

        Zach and Amanda would be EPIC!

      • Comments (37)

        I would feel sorry for Andy. Mango can’t keep his hands too himself the way things are now. It would be worse than watching Amanda and MaCray.

    • Comments (1446)

      It would have to be 4 from each season.

      The season 15 gang would take over the house right away if there were five of them…and Derrick would be all over getting into that alliance.

      Don’t know if Derrick would be able to play the same game again – his cover will have been blown after this season(no pun intended). He probably wouldn’t want to either – because of his daughter.

      No to Aaryn and Nicole instead of Caleb.
      The season 15 team could lose Jessie and it wouldn’t bother me.

      And you have 9 guys and only 6 girls – I want MORE female dominance next year!!

      • Comments (130)

        The first All-Stars had uneven numbers from past seasons. I remember there being a ton of one season in particular, (Jannelle, Howie, James, Kaysar) where there were only Will and Boogie from season 2.

        Everyone’s cover will be blown because they’ve all been on a season. Needless, I think Derrick would still do well even if people knew his cop job.

        Jannie, any suggestions on which girls out of seasons 13-16 that are worthy?

      • Comments (1446)

        Maybe Jodi from season 14 – the poor girl seemed nice and never got a chance to play – plus she’s over 40. I also liked Danielle. Tired of young idiots.
        Kalia and/or Porsche from 13 – not Shelly.
        Most definitely Helen from 15. Loved her, till her paranoia got the best of her. And maybe even Kaitlin – she screwed her game too soon getting involved w/Jesse. Maybe give Candace another chance to play without all the drama?? No Amanda or Aaryn.
        And any of the girls from sixteen that are NOT: Christine, Joacasta, Victoria or Brittney.

      • Comments (130)

        So you basically want all the nice girls?!

      • Comments (1446)

        You think Porsche was nice??

        Maybe most of the girls I picked are nice, but they also knew how to play…that’s the reason I would like to see them back. They may not have won, but they were in there playing, not floating.

        Don’t think racist Aaryn deserves another chance, and she was basically a floater who was used in the house.
        No way could I take another summer listening to Amanda. She had game, but it would be like having Christine in there again.
        Shelly could never make up her mind WHO to align with and was all over the place.
        And I still think Candace could have played a totally different game if the “mean girls” hadn’t been in there – it messed her up emotionally.

        Just my opinion…

      • Comments (130)

        You got me on Porsche. She was a little mean spirited. I think of Aaryn like Evil Dick, very brass and tough, but great characters that don’t mix well with others. Entertainment value would be high. Plus, you gotta think she learned to watch her mouth after leaving that house. Redemption maybe?

        Amanda would be a hoot too. Although I didn’t like her, she wasn’t a floater and took up a lot of space.

        Shelly is the female James from a few seasons back.

        I would be open to Candace returning too.

        Good argument Jannie. 🙂

      • Comments (1446)

        Not sure about Amanda being “a hoot.”
        I just remember disliking her sooooo much last season. She did nothing but lay(lie?) around and whine in that filthy bed.

        But….it may be interesting to see what kind of game she would play w/o pizza boy in the house.

        No! I can’t forget that voice and that scuzzy bathrobe.
        And could you see her in the house with Cody? She would be his new BB abuser 🙂

      • Comments (1443)

        Elissa. Americas favoritw

    • Comments (211)

      I don’t know if I could do another season of Caleb’s undecisiveness/wimpiness, and Zach’s irrational personality/gameplay drives me up the wall (sorry, mom!), so might have to pass on those two for All Stars.

  5. Comments (1799)

    2004 nice thought but I think Mango and Giumbe would pass
    Great to listen to everyone telling each other how smart they are and how each house guest feel who ever they are talking to deserves to win
    Gumbe Derrick is bringing up his family more and talking about how great his game is Once more the older players are playing the younger ones This is where Mango has as big of an advantage as Derrick Both are good at lieing and manipulating others Mango has been manipulating people for most of his life Derrick was trained to do the same Both are playing nice but both know the must get the other out of the game Derrick might have soft play to long and miss his chance Derrick is counting on this DE to evict Mango

  6. Comments (487)

    Right now according to Jokers, Derrick is trying to keep Nicole from talking about him having an F4 deal with the other guys. Derrick is getting nervous that she might blow up his game by Thursday night. He’s campaigning for her vote by reminding her that she gone on Thursday. Ugh. Lying right to the end.

    • Comments (1443)

      Nic won’t say anything in house but everyone surely knows it anyway. Think he’s more worried about what she says in jury

      • Comments (487)

        It’s a little late to worry about the jury. Donny, Zach and Hayden already figured it out. Anything Nicole says would be confirmation.

      • Comments (1443)

        Yes but they might think he played best game Nichole likes him even tho she really isn’t fooled either but because he has been nice to her last two weeks. And who in the heck else will they vote for? Not Frankie I don’t think even if he gets there and good chance he will. I now think if Cody gets there they might vote for him.

  7. Comments (2)

    Im tired of Frankie’s wink wink to the guys, especially when he was showing his throat size.

  8. Comments (400)

    I’m tired of CBS allowing these people to sleep all the time. I think even they get how boring they are and don’t want to deal with them. Sleep deprevation can cause some terrific tension. Wake their butts up CBS!!!

  9. Comments (78)

    Are all the guys gay? It appears that they all let Frankie paw all over them.

    • Comments (644)

      I’ve said before that the only man comfortable touching Mango was Zach and there was nothing wrong with that. But Derrick, Caleb, and Cody have all let Mango touch them. Maybe some are gay, I don’t know, but maybe they want the money so much that they don’t care about being touched and touching Mango. They don’t want to be hated by Mango. I guess their morality went out the window when they entered the house. When they get home and look at the videos they are going to be embarrassed in front of their family and friends.

      • Comments (1446)

        It’s amusing that even the BBAD cameras zero in on Mango’s hands when he molesting the guys.

        They also shoot up close when Christine is rubbing all over Cody.

        Poor Tim.

    • Comments (22)

      If they are not gay……….Frankie is doing his best. Derrick of all people should understand the grooming process of a pervert. Frankie has no boundaries and needs to be told not to touch people. My God they teacher this in kindergarten class. Hands to yourself! It just amazing the double standards we have. These men I think are afraid they might be shamed from the public for being homophobic if they addresses or turn Frankiie’s advances away. I have two gay friends for 40 years and they totally agree with me!!!!!!! Frankie is on the prowl

  10. Comments (2)

    Who thinks they should put Tim (Christine’s husband) on the next season of Big Brother? A little payback to Christine when Tim is all over some girl. That would be great!!!

  11. Comments (832)

    Shout out to Willie, Franko, mom, Lilly, Jannie…& all my “pals” here, hope everyone is having a good Wed. Not much going on in the BB house (surprise, surprise) so just wanted to let all of you know I have enjoyed my summer with my BG’s (blog guests – quoting buffalobill, I think)!

  12. Comments (328)

    Hiya Miss Lilly! Thanks for the info about the Wil videos! Pretty funny stuff, was able to catch a few last night.

    This is probably stupid of me to ask judging from the look my son gave me last night, but it has been bugging me because he just smirked and didn’t answer.
    What in the heck is troll or trolling? Not much of a huge huge updated tech person but a I have seen it mentioned from time to time.
    Thanks in advanced!!!

    • Comments (644)

      Hi ShoeLover I’m in my late 40s and I know more or less what it is, but to make sure I went to an online dictionary and they had this definition with a sample sentence:
      trolling- make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
      “if people are obviously trolling then I’ll delete your posts and do my best to ban you”

      I just remember many years ago when a troll was a little doll with colorful long hair sticking up.

  13. Comments (1799)

    Trolling a mix Fishing you set out a line and watch who bites and the old D&D troll little creepy creature In BuffalowBill it’s both He says dumb crazy things to get a response from people The fact he keeps it up confirms the second part If one of the big 2 of Mango or Gumbe go in the second eviction These people should be shot

  14. Comments (3)

    none of these guys have any balls so why is Frankie even interested

  15. Comments (37)

    I don’t think ta should get another mission

  16. Comments (91)

    Are they not getting enough air in that house? Rule #1 in a show like Survivor or BB is to BREAK UP THE COUPLE!! Why is everyone ok with Derrick and Vic being a couple? Even the houseful of nothings last year finally realized they had to break up Amanda and Mccray before it was too late. This would be a perfect opportunity to boot Vic out. Nicole would be the perfect final 2 person to sit next to FTW. Most in the jury would agree that she had her chance and doesn’t deserve to win on a 2nd life.

    • Comments (1092)

      Great point.

      Maybe that was part of Derrick’s strategy: Pick a woman in the house to be a close friend, without the obvious boyfriend/ girlfriend status.

      She becomes a vote in the house if he ever winds up on the block, and she is a perfect pawn to keep as far into the game as possible without anyone being concerned of them being a power couple.

      • Comments (91)

        ….not only for a romantic couple but a bro alliance has also proven successful in both Survivor and BB. Contestants wisely split up bro alliances in Survivor with the same observation of how powerful 2 can be. Boston Rob won his final Survivor season by using Phil as a shield.
        If I were on BB I would make sure nobody gets to keep their little pocket pet deep into the game.
        No tailgaters. No pocket pets. No Two for the Price of One votes.

      • Comments (91)

        …oh and Floaters get your lifevests!!!

    • Comments (1443)

      Or Cody and christine

  17. Comments (372)

    from Jokers…
    2:39 PM Frankie says if Chr ever stabs him in the back he will say “If the world doesn’t already know you are a cheater, they do now” NT
    2:37 PM Derr tells Caleb that Frankie thought Derr was a cop. Asks Frankie what he thinks he is now. Frankie: A proctologist! NT
    2:36 PM Derrick tells Caleb if acting doesn’t work out for him that he could see Caleb becoming a police officer. NT

    I would have loved to see this convo

    • Comments (644)

      I can’t stand Mango and his sexual references. Why does he have to say that he thinks Derrick is a proctologist? He is always sexually harassing others with his words and his actions.

    • Comments (1092)

      Asside from the rest of that post, that is a huge compliment Derrick threw Caleb’s way.

      You have to appreciate a superior officer so to speak, recognising the potential of a potential cadet.

      • Comments (1443)

        He’s just telling him what he wants to hear. Flattering his ego as usual. But why would he want to be a cop when he’s got a big music career ahead of him. Ever wonder why none of these fairly nice looking HG have no significant other except married ones? Me thinks that is saying something wrong with their personalities

      • Comments (59)

        No…stalker Caleb doesn’t need to get a badge and have the feeling of entitlement that can come with authority…and a gun. no way should he be a cop.

      • Comments (426)

        I have serious doubts that Derrick was sincere. I think he was blowing smoke up Caleb’s butt jut to feed Caleb’s ego.

      • Comments (426)


      • Comments (682)

        Agreed. He was just tossing hints about his real profession to them so he can remind them later. He has done this several times already.

  18. Comments (1799)

    Smart move by Derrick call out someone else as a cop that way they all can discredit it than it won’t be brought up again
    The allstar cast would be interesting Not many secrets from each other I don’t see Andy wanting anything to do with Mango
    Still looking forward to the day Frankie gets evicted and all the boos he should get I’m sure he will claim it was all game play ,people don’t understand him The big card people hate him because he is gay No mango people hate you because you are a lieing backstabbing douch !

  19. Comments (1276)

    Is it just me, or did Hayden and Zach’s energy level spice up the house a lot. Not just the antics Zach was always up to, but the fact that Hayden didn’t lay around and sleep all day, or that when Zach was awake, he was like a 4 year old 150mph, till he passed out????

    on a side note, Hey Franko… I hope you are felling better today 🙂

    • Comments (492)

      I miss and love my kid Zach!

    • Comments (692)

      Christina, hello!! Thanks. I’m not having a good day. My chest is really hurting and I’m having much trouble breathing. Hot humid days are are really tough. Coughing my head off. My bp isn’t high, tho. Hoping to get a good nights sleep for a change. I know, I know, you didn’t want to hear all that but you’re the third person kind enough to ask about me today. Thot I’d finally give details. Sorry to all who don’t want or care about this off topic stuff.
      Christina, we might need to get married soooooon before its too late!! Lol
      I still have a sense of humor!! 🙂

      • Comments (832)

        A sense of humor is always good, but since I have numerous health problems myself, I know (insert, “at the end of the day”) it doesn’t make you feel better. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I’m very disappointed I’m not in line for a marriage proposal like Christine!! lol!

      • Comments (692)

        Kneeless, you never indicated you were interested!!

  20. Comments (182)

    ‘Caleb, the Army has discharged you, for a lack of courage.

    You let down many Bro, what a wasted HOH, one of the worst yet, watch your back, you are now easy prey in a time where the game changes and alliances start to eat their own to get a jump.

  21. Comments (233)

    Derrick has played a good game — to be this controlling without being a target yet is fairly amazing. However, since the most of the others have just been too flippin’ lame for words, Derrick hasn’t even had to try very hard.

  22. Comments (644)

    I got this from Morty’s:

    2:59PM BBT: Frankie comes down into the kitchen where Christine has just finished sweeping. He flosses his teeth. He sniffs the air and says he loves a clean kitchen. Says he spent half of yesterday cleaning. Frankie puts his used floss on the counter. Cody picks it up with a fork and throws it in the trash.

    Mango is disgusting all around. I remember when one of the HGs said that Frankie spits in the food he cooks (I hope unintentionally!) and I was so grossed out.

  23. Comments (1276)

    Has anyone else read that Frankie’s net worth is 1.5 Million? Yep, he’s playing for charity to build houses that cost, what did he say 1,500 to build????

  24. Comments (722)

    Guess they’re not going to address the comments tonight..

  25. Comments (644)

    I agree with Victoria, Caleb is a wimp and his game is pathetic.
    It’s incredible how Gumby controls everything. If Nicole hadn’t told him that his game was so good and that he reminded her of Dan, then Frankie would have been back doored. Gumby got scared that Nicole was going to tell the others and then they would doubt him and see the good game he’s playing.

  26. Comments (1799)

    The whole charity in Africa was his grandfathers thing and money Frankie vacation there ! This is ALL about Mangos ego
    How stupid is Derrick I just lost all respect You decided to flip on Nichole because she complimented you !?! By the way you are not as smart as Dan These brain dead sheep deserve to be slaughtered Don’t hurt your self patting your back Derrick when come Thur and Frankie wins have fun on the block bitch

  27. Comments (27)

    Caleb just dug his own grave, we all know Skankie will go after him, we have no idea where his head is. I really am sick of his ego though, if i’ve ever hated anyone, it be Frankie.
    Derrick is really good at this game, he got rid of Donny when he figured out his game and now Nicole is onto him and now she is again the target
    I cannot watch this anymore if Nicole goes and Frankie isn’t evicted second.
    I would hope for a Pandora box to show up and magically save Nicole and send Skankie packing but bb isn’t going to add that twist
    This really has been a disappointing season for me.

  28. Comments (372)

    Derrick is playing a great game …but he should not get to cocky …that has been the kiss of death many times before…his biggest mistake so far …not talking Caleb into the BD Fakie idea.

  29. Comments (174)

    Feeds been down for awhile. Won’t it be great if it was Luxury comp and Nic got golden veto. Even if she didn’t she should act like she did just to watch Frankie and Derrick freak out.

  30. Comments (644)

    If anyone is interested, Andy is on Rob has a website talking right now. I didn’t like him last season but I want to see what he thinks.

  31. Comments (383)

    Frankie is so nasty. The way he dressed (or rather, didn’t dress) for the veto comp was just vulgar. This isn’t gay porn, Frankie. Zip your damn jumpsuit up. If he didn’t apparently wax his body hair his pubes would have been showing. GROSS!!!!

  32. Comments (682)

    Christine was feeling ill after eating In-And-Out burgers. She said it might be because the hamburger was “touching the Gluten” and picked up the bun. Is that really possible? Is Gluten that bad?

    • Comments (248)

      I think so. I don’t know a lot about it but I do know someone who cant eat gluten at all they cant digest it.

    • Comments (383)

      I remember when I worked at Burger King years ago, a woman came in and asked us to make her a burger with everything but the bun, and made a big deal about how the burger could NOT have come in contact with a bun at all or she couldn’t eat it. I think for true gluten allergies/intolerance, that it really does matter. Not sure if Christine has Celiac’s or some other proven problem where she can’t have gluten, or if she’s just convinced herself it makes her sick. But if it is real, I think yes, it can be that bad. Kind of like peanut allergies where even a tiny bit of peanut dust in the air can be life-threatening.

    • Comments (832)

      It can be bad. I have an aunt who gets violently ill if she eats gluten, even if it is just an instance like the bun touching the burger. It seems like Christine has numerous food issues & yet it also seems like I’ve seen her eat most everything.

  33. Comments (1)

    Caleb is nothing more than a marginal player
    in BB. He doesn’t think for himself, doesn’t win
    nearly the amount of comps to be even considered
    a “beast mode..” Maybe Beast Mode loser
    because he is so dumb with his nominations,
    spur of the moment type or going with what
    everyone else in the house wants, he really
    has no game, just playing how the others ask
    him to. If he was truely a strong player he would
    have made 2 possibly 3 major moves but has made
    a total of ZERO beast moves. And for that idiot
    to still believe that the bomb squad is still
    intact……. Well that pretty much says how
    smart this beast mode loser really is.

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