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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feed Highlights


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The house is on lockdown early (please be an endurance comp tomorrow), so it’s the last time Brittany will see the back yard of the Big Brother house.  Yea, it’s pretty early to call it that way, but reality is, Donny isn’t going anywhere tomorrow.  The only thing that will save Brittany is Julie Chen deciding nobody is going home this week.. but that won’t happen.

Anyway, occasional jokes are still being made about the awkward date last night, especially when Donny and Amber were outside walking around the yard together. I don’t think Amber will ever live that down, nor do I think Caleb will as well (for different reasons).  It’s so cringe-worthy watching his obsession over her, but it also makes for funny clips during the CBS episodes.

I’m going to be updating this thread throughout the day, but Brittany did a lot of her campaigning yesterday.  I am not sure if she’ll give it another run today, but we’ll see.  It doesn’t matter, nobody seems to be hearing what she’s saying.

  • 4:30pm – Houseguests laying around doing absolutely nothing.

Off to eat dinner, will post updates when I return!

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  1. Comments (1288)

    SB, have you seen the convo between Victoria and Derrick from around 4:50 AM in the BY?

    • Comments (42)

      I saw the one on afterdark last night, he sure pulling her leg, LOL!

    • Comments (1276)

      Dandaman, I didn’t see, it, what happened. I’m stuck at work, and can’t see the feeds till later.

      • Comments (1288)

        She innocently pointed out how powerful Derrick is in the house – everyone likes and confides in him. He tried to downplay his role and eventually distracted her but it shows that at some level Victoria is playing the game and paying attention to the house dynamics.

  2. Comments (191)

    I hate to see either go but if I have to pick one to stay it would be Donny. He is a classic!!

    stevebeans congrats, September isn’t very far away!

  3. Comments (332)

    Well, sometime the guys have to realize it will be dull if they leave five guys till the end but by then it might move quickly. Hopefully double eviction in a couple of weeks will get rid of a powerhouse. Not a fan of Victoria but I like Amber and Nicole. Still open on Jocasta and Christine. At least Christine mingles, Jocasta is a loner still. Brave of her to witness for Christ one on one but the guys apparently didn’t understand.

  4. Comments (1)

    Has BB told Frankie that his grandfather died?

    • Comments (1276)

      I read on an earlier post that Frankie had said before going in, that he didn’t want to know until he got out of the house. So I don’t think they have. Plus, I know everyone likes to crucify Frankie (which sadly I think half of the people who do it just because he’s gay) but I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to cover up his emotions if he did know. He seems to really care about and be really close with his family.

      • Comments (138)

        Frankie’s grandfather, before he died, told the family not to tell Frankie he was dying.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Me. I hate when I repeat anything wrong, that is what I read, not that Frankie said it. Thanks again.

      • Comments (274)

        I have to disagree with you here. I liked him at first but he is super annoying. He needs attention like Caleb but in a different way. It’s over the top. I felt his eulogy was scripted and was pushing for something more from not only his houseguests but us. He has been contending with his sister for fame-hence his YouTube videos. He puts a good show on but he has stuff going on and that’s why I don’t care for him anymore.
        Oh and that he is a RAT! Andy Jr. :-X

    • Comments (1288)

      Frankie has gotten a letter from his family with the news of his grandfather’s passing. Since his grandfather and family want him to stay he is not going to leave the game.

      • Comments (682)

        I’m not a Frankie fan but watching/hearing him after he got the letter made me cry. He sounded liked a pretty cool Grandpa. They are letting Frankie send a message to his family. RIP Grampa Grande.

      • Comments (274)

        I know I cried too-all feelings aside it is sad to lose someone!

  5. Comments (182)

    Poor boy Caleb, just needs some lessons on the opposite sex. Either that he should go on ‘1/2 Millionaire Match Maker’, that if he wins of course. Otherwise he does come across like a social dork.

  6. Comments (644)

    If things keep going the way they are the winner will be one of these four: Derrick, Cody, Frankie, or maybe Zach. Someone has to do something to shake things up. This season is too predictable. The girls should have listened to Smurf and stayed together. Nicole and Christine are dumb, the boys will eliminate them as soon as they help them with their dirty work and there’s no one else to evict.

  7. Comments (83)

    Does anyone know exactly the reasons
    Amber doesn’t like Caleb? He’s definitely
    Over confident but when he hangs around
    Amber, he seems like quite the catch and treats
    Her like a “queen”… I’m looking for her first
    Initial reaction to Caleb liking her.

    • Comments (528)

      Because she’s not! That’s all the explanation you, him or anyone else needs. Just because someone has what you consider good qualities, it doesn’t mean they’re a “catch” by any means to someone else. It’s insulting to even suggest Amber should have “exact reasons” not to be interested in Caleb. I personally find him repugnant and creepy.

      Different strokes for different folks.

    • Comments (138)

      In the very beginning she said her type was tall, dark and handsome and she said she was attracted to Devin so I’d have to guess that Caleb isn’t her physical type, but that wouldn’t explain why she creepily stalks Cody. Yeah, I said it.

      • Comments (692)

        amber and Cody are sisters! Remember he’s missing two
        important low hanging parts of the male anatomy. Is proved that this week. so, they havevsisterly love for each other!

      • Comments (151)

        She doesnt like him cuz she is a girl who doesnt need to rely on a man. He is too old fashioned for her I think

    • Comments (274)

      *cough*cough* there’s been many freaky weirdos who “treated” their women like queens. O.J. for starters. He was a real catch, dontcha agree? How about Scott what’s his name who murdered his wife and unborn baby to be with another woman. Oh oh oh and that really great guy who murdered his wife “camping”with his sons in 30 degree weather, then murdered them as well. They all treated their women like queens..quite the catch. Their way or no way, no thanks!
      Her first reaction was “oh no”. She picked up on his vibe early on, right from the beginning and AVOIDED him. He took this to mean she liked him sooo much that she pretended to not so nobody in the house would become”suspicious” of their feelings. He is whacked. Simple as that.

  8. Comments (83)

    I feel embarrassed for Caleb. He reminds
    Me of a lost cowboy/school boy who just wants
    A date with his dream girl and she just shoots
    Him down. I think he may be super over confident
    Because I feel he may have lots of self
    Esteem issues. He talks about growing up
    Poor and all…. I dunno, feel sorry for the guy.

    • Comments (528)

      I feel sickened by his blatant misogynistic attitude towards women, the way he acts like Amber is somehow his property and no one else is allowed near her, how he treats two people interested in one another as “his boy” fondling “his girl,” how he stalks around like a little troll, spying on a grown woman who should be allowed to make her OWN choice about who she spends time with…and, and he’s a racist.

      Poor widdle cowboy.

      • Comments (383)

        I missed the part where he’s racist… please share! And yeah, he’s creepy. Dude, sometimes the answer is NO. Get over it. Get over yourself. Amber is NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND.
        BTW I can see how she is photogenic in a bikini, but she’s not that pretty. Britney is prettier. Nicole is cuter. Christine…well, I think with a different haircut and different style of glasses, she could be a lot prettier.
        Jacosta is pretty but sometimes her makeup is too harsh.

      • Comments (138)

        He was recently talking about how black people were bred to be beasts during slavery. I think he meant it in what he thought was a positive way. And he made some racist or posts about Obama before he joined the show. Something about Obama being a monkey.

        And Amber IS the prettiest one from a guy’s point of view. Brittney has a great body, but her forehead is huge.

      • Comments (76)

        In a positive way ???

      • Comments (1288)

        Not really positive but rather scientifically factual. The races have different bone and muscle structure and density.

      • Comments (76)

        I understand , but hard to believe the cowboy genieus was looking at it scientifically. I have difficulty justifying almost anything he says . Call me close minded .

      • Comments (138)

        Can you find one article in any reliable medical or scientific journal that makes this idiotic claim?

      • Comments (1288)

        No prob Me

        Racial Differences in Bone Strength

        Lean mass, muscle strength, and physical function in a diverse population of men: a population-based cross-sectional study

        Effects of sex, race, and puberty on cortical bone and the functional muscle bone unit in children, adolescents, and young adults

        This in no way implies one has any superiority over the other, it just acknowledges that there are differences. There is much the same willful ignorance over the physiological differences between the sexes.

      • Comments (151)

        Jenny. They are both sexy. Wbo cares how ppl look anyway. Grow up

      • Comments (383)

        Wow. Rachel, I’m really sorry if my post came across as catty. That isn’t how I meant it all but I can see how it could be interpreted that way. I wasn’t trying to be nasty about Amber or imply that she ISN’T pretty. And obviously a whole lot of people think she’s gorgeous. What I was trying to say was yeah, she’s pretty, but so are the other girls. And a lot of people have made mean comments about Christine’s looks, so what I was trying to say was she’s pretty in her own way. I thought I was being nice to everybody but obviously didn’t express myself very clearly. Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

      • Comments (469)

        Racist??????? Amber is black – or mixed – a racist doesn’t court a black person.

      • Comments (76)

        Think someone needs to tell Caleb that

      • Comments (274)

        Ummm…okay? That was really random.

      • Comments (469)

        Jill – what is random?

  9. Comments (135)

    Somebody answer something for me. At the POV when it was just Victoria & Caleb left and Victoria went for her 2nd place prize and asked Caleb if he wanted it, I thought she was talking about the POV. If this is the case, why would she ask HIM if he wanted it?! SHE’S THE ONE ON THE BLOCK. How stupid.

    Unless I got that whole thing wrong.

    • Comments (138)

      If Caleb told her he wanted the POV, it would be smarter for her to take the $5,000 or the trip because Caleb would take the POV from her and she’d be left with the crapshoot prize that Caleb got (the German outfit).

    • Comments (843)

      You got it right, DebMuse. Stupidest thing I’ve seen her do.

      • Comments (151)

        She only asked it cuz she thought he would take it from her. It was just her rationalizing it for herself if that makes sense….it was him who is the idiot for not taking it. He showed that to his even dumber alliance though. Victoria is ok…at least she has nice legs to look at hahaa

      • Comments (138)


  10. Comments (138)

    If Caleb told her he wanted the POV, it would be smarter for her to take the $5,000 or the trip because Caleb would take the POV from her and she’d be left with the crapshoot prize that Caleb got (the German outfit).

  11. Comments (528)

    And that Team America challenge speaks volumes about the maturity and intelligence level of the producers. Should we have them a) purposely cause someone to call out a wrongly accused houseguest, thereby putting a HUGE target on their own backs for being a dick, or b) instigate a public fight between two houseguests who wouldn’t normally target one another, thereby eliminating any trust there, too.

    Things not ratings-producingly exciting enough for you, a-holes? Oh my god.

    And also, what part of secret ALLIANCE does Frankie not understand? I think he should be called out for volunteering Donnie, who he is supposed to be working with in Team America, as block-bait. He clearly favours one alliance over another but that shouldn’t make his secondary alliance fodder. Especially since he was so lovingly chosen by America, no?

    …I’m just super bitter Caleb isn’t going home. Freaking hate that guy >:(

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach was the one to point out Brittany is a wounded animal with the condition of her feet after her veto comp punishment. If there is any physicality to the next HoH it is highly unlikely she could perform well.

      At worst Victoria should be going home wearing the Germitard and since Caleb got greedy it would only be fitting to usher him out. This would also mean Amber would not be trapped in the jury house with him.

    • Comments (274)

      I am right with ya. I agree with you, that was pretty desperate on their part and it will of course be the people who aren’t in the detonators. So dumb.

    • Comments (110)

      Its very frustrating.

  12. Comments (682)

    Watching the POV comp it’s clear Cody should have put Caleb on the block. That was soooo not cool and stupid when you are all about your alliance.

  13. Comments (83)

    In reference to Sadie, man, you need to
    Calm down on your comments. You DONT know
    Caleb as a person and if you can point him
    Out as being a racist, are you one as well?
    Or maybe you are jealous of him perhaps??? Chill out!

    • Comments (76)

      Mmmmm calling Obama a Muslim Monkey ..sounds a little racist to me , but guess
      thats Chill not ugly ..ohh & homophobic remarks to people who challanged his remarks .
      That’s a Chill reaction ?.

  14. Comments (412)

    Frankie was told his grandpa died. And now every other house guest is never going to want to put him up out of sympathy. I feel sorry for his loss but hope everyone else don’t lose sight of the game.

    • Comments (274)

      I immediately thought this as well.
      This season went waaaay the other way from last years. I cannot stand that Christine! Man is she so super jealous of Amber! Just shut up already!
      Please make Frankie go after Caleb, 3rd has to Derrick. Really funny how people can make you dislike them in a matter of seconds.

      • Comments (412)

        Christine is the absolute worst! Man, Frankie little personal hoh interview seemed slightly staged and insincere. Like he just wanted to talk about Ariana Grande, which if you haven’t heard is his sister. It’s almost like he wanted the other house guest to over hear him talking about her.

      • Comments (274)

        You are so dead on with that!

    • Comments (469)

      Hold the Phone Brandy – I was not aware that BB let every other house guest know of Frankies loss – if it is true it is pure BS that gives Frankie a huge unfair advantage – The sympathy card – I am truly sorry for his loss – that being said open your eyes people he is willingly staying in the house missing the funeral and the family greiving process – that is HIS choice- ( the money or family business) – he has chosen the MONEY – why should he be given this sympathy card as a tool in the game – last I read he told BB and family to hold the news if his Grandfather died till after the show – WHY ( and there may be a logical explaination) did BB tell him – maybe to add “drama” to the game?
      I am sick and tired of the special treatment Frankie is recieving from BB – no slop – no cold room – no punishment for losing HOH – and now the worst- this sympathy card – if BB saw the need to tell Frankie it should have been stipulated that it would remain confidential. And if anybody here is naive enough to believe he won’t play this to the max you belong in this house with these clueless lumps.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah they did. Everyone was hugging him in the living room and Zach was crying, he even went off into another room to cry by himself. Then Frankie asked for a special time alone in hoh to say something to his family.
        So yeah-kissing his behind big time. You are so right about what this sags about his true character. Money over family. He is milking it too. I hope and pray others see throw it quickly. Derrick probably will because he was highly sensitive to Brittany and Devin playing the kid card over and over again.
        It isn’t right though.

      • Comments (274)

        Oh and he even got a letter from the family that he read to the houseguests.

      • Comments (469)

        Jill – it certainly seems BB has clearly shown who their favorite is – and unashamedly gives him special treatment and every advantage – why are they putting every other HG through 12 weeks of game when they have already picked a winner?

      • Comments (274)


      • Comments (76)

        I’m very Sorry about Frankies loss . John you are right on with your comments.
        Production really Fup ,,This group are so afraid of their own shadows , they will think America will hate them, if they dare put up Frankie , I will stop watching if Frankie plays his loss as a game play to stay safe.Now that would be so disgusting Might as well Quit now & give Frankie the 500k

      • Comments (469)

        Some of you people are going to hate me for what I am about to say – but that is OK – I will say I am 71 years old and have seen and experienced many things as all seniors have (not saying I am in any way special) I am also a socialologist – I just now watched the BBAD – the part where Frankie spends 20 minutes shamelessly boasting about his family and himself – he repeats himself many times that “he is stuck in the House” which we know (or should) is untrue – he is free to stand up and exit any time he wishes – he is by admission an actor and just attempted an Academy Award performance – sorry Frankie no Oscar for you – it was a shallow self agrandizing attempt to stir the sympathy and emotions of the viewing audience – which in reality makes no difference in the outcome of the game – but he is so self absorbed that he can not stand the thought of being disliked – plus he knows his “game” is digusting on so many levels – he is using this moment to justify it through this tragedy – “I am going to play harder and stronger than ever and I need all of your support”. I have not been a fan of his after the first week – and after this pitiful attempt to use this moment to his advantage I can only hope he will quickly be summarily voted out and return to his life that as he said “you no nothing about” and Frankie I intend to keep it that way. Shame on you!

      • Comments (110)

        I don’t hate you. Your comments are always spot on. Keep it up, you entertain and enlighten me.

      • Comments (1799)

        Excalent insight on Frankie the Froud he over sells his sisters “stardom” he runs around selling secrets like the snitch he is Every turn he is given special treatment that he takes for granted Than turns it around to wear it like a badge of honor Yes the production seems to be building him up Most here watch the live feeds I do not so the editing does not effect you as much as others As they edit to build drama That’s why it’s sad to see how they the production will frame this death Yes Frankie could easily walk out to be with his family but he is making the choice to stay Nothing brave here just naked greed Add to this in his warp mind any camera time at any cost is worth it He is trying to be celebrity

  15. Comments (83)

    I think Sadie secretly dreams about Caleb
    At night and wishes he was her cowboy
    Lol cmonnn….. Admit it!

  16. Comments (343)

    Its obvious that Caleb acts with a child-like, immature schoolboy crush on Amber. While he embarrasses himself because Amber has no interest, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Cody seems like he would balance and play 10 girls at a time, and — for a reason not surprising to any guy — girls will 9 times out of 10 choose the guy who shits on them, like Cody, over the one that would do anything for them, like Caleb. Not that she needs to choose Caleb (or Cody), but it is funny how CBS/blogs/etc make Caleb seem like the big jerk and not too many jabs are thrown at Cody. Having an extreme loyalty to a person is worse than being a “player,” I guess.

    • Comments (343)

      That said, I seriously think Cody is gay, or atleast bi. He monologue on the sexiness and talent (Laugh!!!) of Zach Efron told me everything I needed to know about him. Sorry, but it isn’t normal for straight guys to obsess over pretty boys who shoot to fame in things like High School Musical.

    • Comments (274)

      I don’t know about that assessment but Caleb is not being normal. Everyone can see it. Men like that make us girls have the fight or flight feeling. He has made a vital error in thinking she is his girl. It doesn’t matter how much you downplay it, he is borderline dangerous with his one sided love affair.
      I had a few men that were this way and I will tell you both men and women like a little chase. Once I actually had a guy who liked me threaten me with a huge machete because I liked his friend and not him.When you lay your life down all on your own accord, nobody asked you to nor told you to,and demand that this person thanks you after they repeatedly said I will not ask you to do this….that is crazy. Cody may have the girls fawning all over him but he isn’t psycho and sure as heck isn’t acting like a 2yr old throwing a temper tantrum who’s mommy said no to a candy bar in the checkout line. I want so badly for an ex of Caleb’s to come out and share EVERYTHING that there is to know.
      I actually have a close relative who is exactly like Caleb. Every single new woman he meets is the one. He then does things for this woman saying how she never asked for it but needs it, even goes out of his way to do things these women never asked him to. Then when he doesn’t get the constant gratitude or his perceived deserved recognition,”she” made him out of all this money. She is so ungrateful, she’s worse than ex 1,2,3,4,5, the first woman he even dated. It is so pathetic to watch. Of course they don’t listen either. And every single woman is the same story from start to end. Unless he meets the occasional women who do all he wants and needs, guess what happens? Yea-she’s just not the right one for him.
      Caleb has a personality disorder that causes him to think he is the best thing ever to walk this earth. Anyone who meets him should feel honored in his mind. Take his comment to Amber about how her dad is just waiting to meet this guy (him). Amber was like why? He was in the military and is ALWAYS mentioning this, constantly needs attention and reaffirmation. I have many members of my family who served and they do not ever act like him or talk like him regarding their service. He just makes himself look completely foolish.
      Please anyone from his squad,platoon, or company come forward as well! This guy is a loner-wants it all his way or no way.

  17. Comments (843)

    This forum has been a great place to share ideas—until today. I was wondering when the “slapping and snipping” was going to start. Usually the same ones year after year.

  18. Comments (248)

    stevebeans congrats on September. I was married in September as well. Its a great month for weddings.

  19. Comments (644)

    I feel bad for Amber. Tonight (live feeds) she made some dessert for everyone while most of them are trashing her behind her back. Why do people hate her so much? Maybe they are jealous, I really don’t know what to say. I also feel bad for Donny, they want him out because if he gets to the final they know he’s going to win. I also read somewhere that Christine and Nicole were saying bad things about him. Poor guy. I’m Team Donamber!!!

    • Comments (274)

      Revenge is best served cold, when Nicole finally figures out that Christine is keeping her out once again I believe the claws will come out. They just need a small teeny weeny crack in the alliance & the house will roar.
      Amber is gorgeous so that immediately makes her hated by immature and insecure little nitwit schoolgirls. Donny-I so have a hope that production will pull stunts left & right to keep him. They better do something via team America that will cause issues within the detonators. Wow that will be good.
      what goes around comes around, all in time.

  20. Comments (266)

    Loved Donny’s response tonight to Cody. Very heartfelt. I think Cody’s “alliance” needs to trade Frankie for Donny. Otherwise, I predict that Frankie wins Big Brother.

  21. Comments (151)

    Im cheering for zach. He is kind of stupid, but I like that. Im curious who you guys are cheering for besides donny. Uhhg

    • Comments (274)

      Well Donny has my heart- so he is first 😉
      I like Jocasta, Nicole, Amber, yes even Cody,and Mr.Hayden has kinda grown on me too…so Donny first and no particular order for the rest.

      When it first started I was all about Derrick and Caleb, truth be told it has to do with family being police and military but something bugs me bad about Derrick and obviously it’s no secret about Caleb.
      I can’t figure the one thing that has me up in arms against Derrick, it could be his way of controlling the players (which ironically is what makes him a good player) I think it’s because he isn’t including my Donny, or protecting him and the TA alliance? Idk it may take me a while to figure it out. Just something off there. He seems genuine and likable but I feel like he’s hiding something….if that makes any sense? And noooo not that he is a cop lol.

      • Comments (151)

        Donny is great and a genuine guy. I think he isnt a good big brother player. But out of all the hg youre right lol. But why jocasta, she is the worst. I base that not on her big bro playing but just her as a person so perhaps im just being unfair. You seem pretty reasonable and rational jill so why jocasta.

      • Comments (274)

        I honestly have no reason other than I just like her! Lol awesome fan right?

      • Comments (469)

        The wisest and most intelligent statement so far this year is Donny’s to Cody – Don’t let others play your game for you play it for yourself – do what you believe to be right (and pointing to Cody’s family Picture)- and what you know will make them proud. At that moment Cody said “I am not putting you up” — When Frankie heard about this he runs to Derrick and says Donny just flipped Cody (in reality Donny gave Cody sage -honest advice) When Cody was approached by Derrick – Cody tells him “I won’t put up Donny when all he has done is helped people”. — I am extremely disappointed in Cody – he needs to find a backbone. The end result is once again Derrick gets a pass unscathed – and Cody will be labeled a liar. Only hope he wakes up soon.

    • Comments (266)

      This years cast is hard to be cheering for anyone. (Yeah, yeah, besides Donny.)
      Perhaps Zach… He’s becoming more likable, but he needs to find his confidence.
      I’m not Anti-Frankie, I think he is hilarious and the house would be even more dead (is that possible?) without him… But I just can’t stand his ‘weasel-Andy’ attributes. Andy drove me NUTS by the end of last season.

      • Comments (151)

        Every year that dan isnt in it I cheer for nobody lol. Honestly though derick and frankie are playing a great social game. Team merica is the absolute worst idea in the history of big brother and I hope one of them goes so cbs can let them just play their own game. That being said , it wouldnt be big brother without a few dumb twists lol. Love it!

      • Comments (274)

        So very true about Frankie-it would be dull without his antics. I just have ‘I love him-hate him moments’ *eye roll*

  22. Comments (76)

    OMG. Cody is Catholic, no problem , Jocosta is going to save him, he needs to be non denominational ..hopefully Cody will be speaking in tongue’s next week …Caleb surprised me ,he was pretty sincere when he was discussing finding a church he is comfortable .with..still think he is a major Tool. delusional.I feel bad enjoying his crazy ….not that bad 🙂

    • Comments (274)

      Hey now I’m a recovering Catholic!

      • Comments (76)

        Did Jocasta help you get out ….I think leaving or joining a church or choosing no
        Church is a very personel Choice . that’s why when I saw Jocosta telling Cody he needed to join a non denominational churh..he never said he was unhappy but the kid is so pliable I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out a Scientoligist …..Caleb made sense today , when he said you need to look at different church’s until you find one your comfortable with …Or not

    • Comments (266)

      I just have to share one more time…

      Random thought: I believe it’s acts like this that make it hard to convince non believers that Christians aren’t crazy. Who watches this and thinks, Wow! I want what she’s got! No one. She also praises Jesus for other rediculous things that happens within the house. Jocasta, you have an amazing opportunity to be a light to America and show others the love of Jesus. Sadly, you are just showing them crazy. Just my opinion. :/ I know, I know, this ship sailed several weeks ago. Sorrynotsorry.

      • Comments (274)

        Well what you say is true-if I am not mistaken I believe she’s not supposed to even speak in tongues unless someone else can interpret it?
        Ugh just had that feeling of someone punching me in the gut, why did she get that way? Unless she was just so filled with the spirit and let it fly but you’re right, she has an amazing opportunity to show, well, how Donny is showing Christianity. I can’t say I don’t believe in it but I am highly suspicious whenever someone is doing it (speaking in tongues). To many people burned this for others to trust in Jesus and what He really is about.
        Here’s my opinion though on her thanking and praising Jesus, we’re supposed to do that in everything. Yes, even a dumb show called big brother and all it entails.

      • Comments (266)

        Agreed, Jill 🙂
        The way she goes about it makes it easy for CBS and its viewers to mock, and it is unfortunate.

    • Comments (412)

      Jocosta didn’t even know anything about the Catholic church beliefs. I think she is a fraud. I know she claims to be Christian, not Catholic, but you would think that a minister would know about other religions. I’m not religious at all and yet I know more about different religions than she does. What’s up with that? I feel like most houseguests are fake and stupid.

      • Comments (76)

        I so agree with you..Catholics also believe in Christ Christians..I think Jocosta is a major phoney.
        & great. Example of what turns people off with preachy selfrighteous Christians ..she’s a minister ??? I can send away for $50 and get paperwork that makes me a minister also …Donny is the real thing , & awesome example of what a true faith based person should be ..I may not agree with what he believes , but I would far more open to listening to what he has to share regarding what he believes . I’m not religious but I admire how Donny . True example of what Christianty is about he has a positive light within him that isn’t crazy in your face look at me praise God personality . Sorry if this offends anyone, just my personel observation.

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        NR84 – the Bible says “you will know them by their fruits” – that is to say their actions not their words. You are absolutely correct in stating that Donny lives his Faith – and is a shining example of true Christianity. You say you are not religious – But Christianity isn’t a religion NR – it is a way of life – Christ likeness – I would humbly ask you to look closely at Donny (you seem to be doing that already) and allow his Faithfulness to guide you to at least begin to explore the possibility of Christianity ( again not religion-Christianity). One more thing I will say – I believe Donny would gladly give up the 500k prize in exchange for drawing one person to Christ I believe in him that strongly. God Bless you – I wish you success and Happiness in all you do.

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