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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds


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I’m kind of continuing from my morning thread here (don’t worry, you didn’t miss much).

One thing I forgot to mention is Christine. What the hell happened to her game?  When she entered the house, I thought she seemed like one of the favorites to win it all, but now I’m wondering if she’ll be one of the first jury members. She had a really close relationship with Nicole that seemed like it was going to be ‘female chilltown’, and they added Hayden for some muscle. When I saw the three of them in the pantry forming their little alliance, I was sold. They were a perfect fit. Outsiders, smart, etc… or aka NERDS! (I am a nerd, so I’m allowed to say that)

Next thing you know, they pull Christine into the stupid bomb squad which was doomed from the start, and any casual Big Brother fan could have told you that – yet Christine appeared more loyal to them over Nicole. Why? When the bomb squad blew up, Christine become loyal to the detonators. Again, why? She should have been reporting all of this back to Nicole and laughing over it, but she only did that after the alliance was exposed.

As I write all this, one thing comes to mind….


Christine’s little crush she has going on with Cody. Even Hayden pointed it out last night on the feeds (10:44pm 7/5).

Her game has become so bad, even her own original ally (Nicole) is wondering if she is a saboteur.   What do you think happened to Christine’s game, and will she get it back?  (wow, asking that question I feel like I just wrote a tweet for cbs)

Here are the feeds…

  • 11:44am – Donny is sitting outside and Hayden/Nicole join him…
  • Hayden tells Donny that Frankie/Christine told him to vote out Zach because he’d be the next target. He speculates they’re trying to get everyone to vote out Zach so they can vote the other way to stir something up.
  • Donny tells Hayden to condition himself for a wall (endurance challenge)
  • Jocasta joins, so I’m going to take a shower because she’s game talk killer
  • 12:26pm – Frankie and Christine are in the bathroom chatting.
  • Christine said she’s nervous about being the one to get out Nicole. Frankie said she doesn’t have to be.  However, Frankie is sensing a final 5 of him, Christine, Hayden, Derrick and Nicole. Perhaps Christine was referring to when the time comes, she doesn’t want to have to be the one to get her out.
  • Christine – “If I wasn’t in an alliance, I would backdoor Caleb this week, but I am not going too.. but, I don’t want him to go that far” (final 6)
  • Frankie thinks he has more control over Caleb than Cody. Christine thinks she has more control over Cody than Caleb.  Little do they realize, neither of them have a whole lot of control at this point.
  • Nicole breaks them up to bitch about Victoria. Nicole found her cover-up in Vic’s makeup bag. Big drama!
  • Frankie is off for a nap.
  • 1:30pm – A few people outside, most of the rest sleeping.  zzzzz
  • 2:12pm – Nicole and Christine are laughing about stuff.  Christine laugh = torture. Need to mute feeds.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I did like Christine, but she’s starting to really get on my nerves, like not even on a game level. She is WAY too touchy fealy with Cody, it’s just not appropriate, and I’m usually the first to say that a little harmless flirting is good for everyone, married or not.
    Granted, this cast as a whole, touches each other more than I’ve ever seen. Sure there have been more than just hookups more times than I want to count, but I mean the overall cast. They hug all the time, at any given time they are rubbing on, massaging, or whatever with most of the cast.
    And, Cody is one of the most flirty people that BB has had. That being said, he’s not married, and I don’t think he means anything by it, he just likes touching people.
    Christine on the other hand, is married, and it’s just disrespectful to her husband. Plus, he game play has gone DOWN! Way Down. I wanted her to win, or at least to get close, but the ways she’s playing, she’ll be out within the next 2 or 3 weeks, easily.

    • Comments (332)

      Christine was not comfortable with Nicole in the bed snuggling with Cody. But with her I think it is game and she feels somehow out of the triangle with Nicole and Hayden and replaced by Cody. Then Victoria came up and climbed in the bed and that puts her down to fifth place. I know Frankie is with Christine and it looks like she kept him safe this week by not playing the veto but we will see how long his loyalty back to her lasts.

      • Comments (2)

        I don’t think Frankie had a clue he would be a replacement, nor did Christine. They don’t owe each other anything.

  2. Comments (68)

    I really hope they end up evicting Jocasta by mistake…did that ever happened before?

    Like they wanted to be the one that votes against the house but since everyone did that, that person was evicted.

    • Comments (4)

      I read that in BB Canada in the finale, one person made a mistake and voted for the wrong person to win, and because of that vote, the wrong person won. That’s sad!

  3. Comments (120)

    I would really love for Victoria to win the first HOH during the DE, because she’s said before that she would definitely put up Frankie – which is the biggest move that anyone has planned for the DE. Derrick said he would want Jocasta/Victoria because he would want to backdoor someone AGAIN (which would most likely be Donny).

    I’m so sick of these people saying they don’t want “blood on their hands.” They’re playing a very wimpy game.

    I guarantee even when it comes down the the F6 and everyone plays in the veto comps, someone will still try to BD someone, and that will probably backfire.

    • Comments (412)

      As crazy as it would have sounded to be a few weeks ago. It could be extremely entertaining if Victoria win HOH. She might not be as dumb as every thinks she is. She probably is though. Either way I think she would be willing to try to get rid of Frankie or Christine. I really don’t want either one of those to do well in this game. Mostly Christine though, she is the WORST!

    • Comments (1092)

      Completely agree that everyone is playing a wimpy game, but unfortunately, BIG BROTHER forced this issue.
      By having to temporary hohs, and then the bob with the weaker team going on the block, the season has set itself up for the weaket players to be nominated every week.

      This week being the exception where the hohs were not bomb squad members.

      Anyway, wimpy play will continue until a week or two from Thursday, when the backstabbing begins, and alliances get reshuffled or broken.

    • Comments (266)

      If I have to hear Nicole say the phrase “blooud ooun mouy heyands” one more time I will punch my TV.

      • Comments (383)

        hahahahaha bless her little heart, that accent is SOOOOPER ANNOYYYING!

      • Comments (25)

        What kind of accent does Nicole have? It gives me the willies when she speaks.

      • Comments (412)

        She’s from Minnesota.

      • Comments (469)

        QB – she is from Michigan – and her accent is Michigander – every person in the US has an accent related to there geographic locale – some are more pronounced than others – but I promise each of us sounds different to people outside of our “region” – so be understanding – it is nobodies fault – we are all captives of our geography.

    • Comments (2)

      Thank you! If I hear another HG talk about not wanting blood on their hands I am going to scram! What the heck are these losers doing? They don’t have true all start quality people like Dr. Will or Dan this season & these wimps piss me off! Frankie & Christine are the fakest people on this show. Frankie pops up nonstop & puts on this extremely obvious fake I love you garbage to everyone. He should of gotten back doored but Christine is too stupid, blind & oblivious to make a real move. Nicole annoys me but at least I could respect her for trying to make a big game move by wanting to back for for him. If Frankie kept popping up on me I would call his fake butt out to his face & put him in blast. People want to say Victoria is the princess but Frankie truly is with is vapid narcissistic self. Puke!

      • Comments (383)

        I’m guessing you meant “scream”, not “scram”. But either word fits. I’m easily amused. 🙂

      • Comments (2)

        LOL…yes I meant scream. Its Swype that corrected my word & didn’t notice.

      • Comments (469)

        Nicole clearly said after Frankie left her room (in one of his botched attempts to butter her up -saying blood will soon be on the water) – if you want blood you’ll see YOUR blood on my hands. Not wimpish – downright ballsy.

  4. Comments (332)

    Yes, Connie has said before, did not see that one coming, and someone else walks out. I think Zach forgot that his alliance only has four votes so he needs someone outside the alliance to pull him over. That is where the problem is. Victoria was the answer but she is being swayed. I think he realizes Nicole wants him out but not that Hayden will vote against him. Zach expects alliance loyalty. That is what the whole Devin and Amber fight was about. He tossed out the wrong person last week, Amber was loyal.

  5. Comments (332)

    I thought it was funny that Derrick walked in just as they mentioned his name as fourth to go in their plan. Like he was right outside the door listening and walked in when his name came up.

  6. Comments (400)

    I wish production wouldn’t allow them to sleep so much. I live on the East Coast, so I realize I’m hours ahead of the time they are on, but it appears the average time they get up daily is noon. These are adults, who gets that luxury? This is their job, they are getting paid to be on this show. Plus, if production forces a little sleep deprivity now and again, it could add some attitude.

    • Comments (332)

      Fantastic, like sound the alarms, pans and drums. I know this week they slept like ten hours or more each. That is ridiculous. You are right they are paid and these guys seem to think they have it all figured out like a routine. I think BB production needs to shake them up so they aren’t just lounging all the time.

      • Comments (2)

        I thought they only got paid if they win?

      • Comments (400)

        no, they all get a “stipend”. You hear them mention it occasionally if they break something it will get taken out of their stipend.

    • Comments (682)

      I was thinking they should lock them out of the bedrooms during the day. Maybe turn on a sprinkler system after the 2nd warning.

  7. Comments (1092)

    Despite the fact that he is confrontational, I am looking forward to Zach getting the boot, just for the enjoyment of seeing the look on his face when he realizes his alliance screwed him over. Out of all of the hgs, Zach will be the most pissed when he gets knocked off.

    Too bad Frankie knows about it. The look on his face would also have been priceless.

  8. Comments (13)

    I wish they would have a twist this week called revenge since its a double eviction week anyway they should have a twist where the evicted house guest is the H.O.H they then put up 2 people for eviction That way you shake up the house and you have 2 people leaving at once this house needs something crazy to shake it up

  9. Comments (182)

    I think ‘NERD’ has become a proud label to wear. We all have a nerd gene in us. Bloggers who give opinions on sites like this, has a sure sign of Nerdisum. So we all have the right to say it.

    • Comments (383)

      I’m tired of people proudly proclaiming themselves nerds. Being a comic book and video game fan doesn’t make you a nerd, it makes you a trend-follower.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – in all due respect – no—pretty much a nerd.

      • Comments (407)

        I asked my girlfriend what she thought, and she apparently knows the differences between these things. She said I’m not a nerd, but I’d be more classified as a Geek. I’m not sure if I should feel happy or sad about that.

      • Comments (383)

        No offense intended, folks. Smart is cool. I went to the gifted school. I’m clumsy. I spent most of my childhood reading.

  10. Comments (412)

    It would be so funny if Cody won a single HOH and put up Frankie and Derrick. If one pulls themself off the block, put up Christine.

  11. Comments (682)

    Donny mentioned Christine’s laugh annoys him to the point he walks out of the room or yard when he sees her there. I’m with Donny. I have to change cameras when she is doing her laugh.

  12. Comments (332)

    I am glad I go to church on Wed and miss, I don’t want to see Christine not use the veto. It should be Frankie and Zach up there together. Now that would have been worth staying home from church to watch. They are all hush hush around Jacosta. So I am not sure if they are sending her out or not. Donny looked a bit bewildered or perturbed last night while watching everyone be stupid.

  13. Comments (1799)

    Victoria winning the DE HoH could be interesting We will see if she plays smart and nominates strong players Or waste the power on petty revenge nomination Nichole is jealous of me because of Hayden Christine says mean things about me and my hair She is always acusing me of stealing makeup Please ladies smarten up and play better Yes just being a keen observoir of the human condition To me Christine was the mousy outside girl in school Now that Cody is showing a little intrest she is blinded by him Just as at the start of the game shed felt good about herself when the boys chose her to join there alliance That is why she did not join Nichole & Hayden The in crowd chose her So even tho she said she would help the nerd crew she just rated out people to the bomb squad in hopes of them keeping her To here credit it has worked but her usefulness to Derick is Endding
    That’s why last week when Amber left it was a let down when she did not expose the backstabbing by Derrick , Frankie , Cody Her saying she wanted to talk the high road and walk out with dignity was wrong These people toke money out of your bank nothing hornaable about that

    • Comments (120)

      Victoria said she would nominate Frankie because he’s untrustworthy. She also wouldn’t nominate a cole because thuge become good friends. She doesn’t like Christine (besides Frankie, who does?). She would also most likely nominate Caleb. Even if people say she’s pretty dumb, she would have more guts in a DE than someone like Derrick.

  14. Comments (843)

    Anyone familiar with the song “Wipeout?” That loud cackling laugh at the beginning reminds me of Christine.

  15. Comments (843)

    If Caleb, Derrick, Christine, or Frankie win HOH they are going to put up Donny. If Cody or Victoria win, Derrick will pressure them into putting up Donny. That’s 6 out of 10. Donny is in trouble.

    • Comments (182)

      Good, that Gomer Plye voice is wearing thin. I did like him in the beginning, beard and all.

      • Comments (383)

        omg RAYSAY. Now I can’t NOT hear Gomer Pyle when he talks. Thanks for the childhood flashback! Goooooooolllleeeeee!

      • Comments (182)

        At first I couldn’t figure it out where I heard the hick-sound before, then my flashback occurred, and there he was Gomer and Goober right next to him

      • Comments (383)

        I think I saw him at the fair when I was a kid. Ahhh… Gomer. Wish that show was on TVLand or some other network.

      • Comments (843)

        Did you ever hear him sing? Awesome voice! By the way, a lot of us on here sound just like Donny. People from Noo Yawk and Noo Jawsey annoy the crap out of me!

      • Comments (182)

        No doubt Jim Nabors was a very good opera singer

  16. Comments (110)

    I personally never thought Christine played a good game. For someone who says she’s a fan its like she’s never watched before. Had the bomb squad continued she would have been the token girl until they no longer needed her. But I have not liked her all along because she is not trustworthy with Nicole and I don’t respect her play. I think the reason she always works with the guys is that she’s 1 of those girls who is insecure, and wants guys around to make herself feel pretty and wanted. The girls can’t do that for her, in fact most of them probably just make her feel more insecure.

    • Comments (412)

      I completely agree with you. She’s been a sucky player since day 1 and I’m sick of looking at her fugly rat face, and hearing her barking seal laugh. Just get out already. Can’t stand her.

  17. Comments (492)

    I just watched pov … Poor Zach… I feel bad for him. He is a good kid.
    Cristina is just evil.

    • Comments (843)

      He didn’t feel bad belittling other HG or making fun of Caleb because he was on slop. I’m looking forward to watching it. Hoping I get to enjoy Frankie or Christine walk out the door right behind him.

  18. Comments (1799)

    Looks like a hard fall for Zach

  19. Comments (383)

    A lot of people are calling Christine ugly or rat-faced or equally mean things. She isn’t ugly. She just isn’t as pretty as most women we see on TV. When I saw her briefly with her glasses off, she looked SO much better. Those big lenses aren’t flattering. Someone please give this girl a makeover and either contacts or more flattering frames.

    • Comments (492)

      I am not saying anything about her looks. Please don’t get me wrong. She is just evil and mean. Pretty girls can be mean. Plus, she is married. She needs to stop touching other men!!!

      • Comments (383)

        oh trust me, I am right there with you on that one! I can’t stand her. Just don’t like it when people make nasty comments about her looks. Because it’s mean.

    • Comments (832)

      I saw a pic of her without glasses & somewhat glammed up & she looked very pretty. Those glasses aren’t flattering & I can’t help but think with those glasses on she looks like she’s wearing a plastic pair of glasses with a fake big nose attached. I know that sounds terribly mean but those glasses… She really isn’t unattractive. Her laugh is more unattractive than her looks! Not liking her gameplay at all, esp for being such a big fan of the game.

    • Comments (412)

      Christine has a fugly rat face. She’s the WORST!

    • Comments (110)

      I’ve never said I thought she was ugly. I don’t like her gameplay.

  20. Comments (14)


  21. Comments (383)

    I really liked Frankie at first. Now I’m tired of his stupid face. Hope he gets voted out soon. Seriously I was rooting for him and now I just can’t stand his stupid hair and stupid facial hair and prancing and bad English accent and EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. Hope he is voted out soon. A little Frankie goes a LONG WAY.

    • Comments (843)

      Especially the smacking when he eats. Gross!

    • Comments (469)

      Jenny – I couldn’t agree more – the comments he makes about sexual acts and his /and other mens body parts are not only digusting they should not be allowed – if a male HG would sprawl on top of a female HG and tell her he wants to perform cunnilingus on her – he would be reprimanded by BB – and rightfully so – he is in my opinion the nastiest – most vile – immoral and vomitous HG in the 16 seasons of BB.

      • Comments (1)

        I think Andy Herren was worse than Frankie. But Frankie needs to go soon. Hopefully tomorrow in the double eviction.

    • Comments (426)

      I didn’t like him in the beginning. Then he sort of grew on me. But it didn’t last very long.

  22. Comments (487)

    I hope that Zach goes tomorrow night, Christine goes with the DE and Frankie scared as $hit because unless he wins HOH he is gone next week. A scared Frankie will bring the drama because that is all he knows.

  23. Comments (412)

    I hope jocasta gets evicted still. She’s a boring cry baby.

    • Comments (426)

      She is very boring and I am so over her crying I could scream. But they are keeping her and Victoria because they are not threats at all, at this point they can use them to vote how they tell them to, and if anyone could carry them to F2, there is no way one of them would win the $500,000.

  24. Comments (644)

    I just found out that Aaryn from BB15 is getting married. The guy looks very cute. Hopefully she’s a better person now.

  25. Comments (266)

    Wow Jocasta is annoying. But I already knew that… Tonight’s episode just re-confirmed it.

    Did anyone else catch Caleb saying “prescriptions” instead of “subscriptions” talking about Ambers comic book? Lol.. Did he graduate from high school??

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