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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds


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No recap from last night because nothing really happened.  The one thing I’m noticing is that Nicole will probably stay, despite Frankie and Derrick pretending they were going to work on flipping it. I’ve seen Derrick work harder on his tan than keeping Donny this week, so if he is going to make it happen, it has to be today (it won’t).

Note, personal stuff next, skip if uninterested …
I’ve been refraining from talking personal here but I kind of dropped a bomb last week and haven’t spoke much of it since.  I want to sincerely thank everyone for their concern.  It is shocking to see the amount of support I have received and it means the world to me (and my mother).  I have been trying to pretend it’s not real, but she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Because of her other health issues, she is still unfortunately waiting for clearance to schedule a surgery date, so we’re all in a holding pattern until the doctors get off their asses.  Again, thank you for your concerns and prayers.  Apologies for going off-topic

Back to the game.  Everyone is still sleeping, so I have some rambling time.  I think I may put up a post later on grading the remaining 8 players games so far this season. I was trying to be clever and create a formula to grade the players based on certain things like comp victories, nominated, saving themselves, etc but I am not smart enough for that. I am going to ask a friend for tips and if I come up with something I’ll post it. Should be fun.

Here are the updates….

  • 8:30am – Everyone is sleeping
  • 9:20am – Wakeup call. Donny is up and about.
  • 10:30am – Zzzzzzzzz
  • 11:15am – Christine and Donny are sitting outside on the couch not doing a whole lot of talking.  Donny looks so incredibly bored.
  • 12:25pm – People still sleeping, Nicole packing.
  • 1:22pm – Seriously, nothing is going on.  This is amazing. Aside from Nicole saying a small shoutout, I haven’t heard a word in about an hour now
  • 2:00pm – Feeds went down for a minute and the house said ‘Feel free to wake up’ Yes, finally. I’ve been sitting here for 5 1/2 hours listening to silence.
  • 5:15pm – Ran out for a bit. The house is building a stick figure thing on the kitchen table. Exciting stuff.
  • Caleb is once again talking about how famous he’s going to be once he leaves the house.  He has to be torture to live with.
  • 6:30pm – Derrick is in the fire room telling Donny he doesn’t think he has the votes. Frankie comes in all happy talking about the missing.  Julie is going to ask them “If you become a have-not, what food would you to request”. If she says yes, that means the mission was accomplished. Get your last minute votes in to tell them how STUPID their mission was.
  • Frankie is confident they’re going to get the reward, but they don’t deserve it. It was stupid. Screw the play. Save Donny!
  • Derrick is still working on breaking the news to Donny. I really hope Team America breaks up when Donny goes.  They don’t deserve to do any more missions.
  • Donny – If Nicole wasn’t here, I would understand it more, but because she’s been evicted before, I don’t understand it.  (We don’t either. It’s stupid and no way TA deserves money this week)
  • Derrick is in the fire room talking privately with Caleb discussing the options.  Caleb – “At the end of the day, Nicole is physical and mental. Donny is just mental”.  Both agree Donny is a good guy and want to see him stay, but they worry about being a target if they save him because Christine hates Donny.
  • Caleb – Do we go after principle or do we go after game. That’s the big question.
  • Caleb wonders if America is deciding the comps this year, which is why there have been more mental comps (to keep Donny).
  • Caleb thinks the comp may change based on who goes home.  Yes Caleb, they put up the competition in the 5 minutes after eviction
  • 7:15pm – Derrick heads to the bathroom and sees Frankie eating tofu on the way. While in the bathroom, Derrick talks to the camera “The havenots are eating tofu and he’s excited about it. Ass”
  • 7:30pm – Frankie comes into the room with Derrick and Donny after speaking to Caleb. He’s very excited because Caleb is having second thoughts about the vote tomorrow and is thinking of voting out Nicole now.
  • Caleb is now up in the HoH room telling Cody about the plan to possibly keep Donny.  Caleb is convinced Donny will go after Christine if he stays
  • Cody is shooting down the idea, while Frankie is upstairs in the HoH room now working it.
  • 7:40pm – This is frustrating to watch. Cody is really against keeping Donny while Caleb is hammering the point home that it may be a good idea to keep him.
  • Derrick joins the battle, let’s see how things turn out now.
  • I am nervous the way it’s going. Cody is not budging. Frankie and Derrick are not going to want to be exposed and Caleb is loyal. He’ll vote with the group.  I don’t think Frankie and Derrick will put their foot down on Donny.
  • They put votes…
  • Cody for Nicole. Frankie for Donny. Derrick is neutral and Caleb is Caleb
  • Scratch that, Caleb just flipped to voting Donny out and Derrick said ‘It’s done then’
  • 8:10pm – The conversation continues.  Caleb is flip flopping big time, but still leaning on voting out Donny.  Frankie is fighting the good fight.
  • 8:18pm – Derrick is in the bedroom talking to Frankie about it. Derrick is actually worried Donny could still flip even though they keep him.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb is destroying air drums again.  He’s made his decision, time to rock out!
  • Victoria has joined Derrick and Frankie so the conversation is over.
  • 8:45pm – Caleb is chatting with Derrick in the bedroom, while Cody let Christine now about people talking about the flip.
  • Ok taking a break, I may pass out, I will recap this night in the AM if I do

Check back for more!

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  1. Comments (69)

    Heads up – if interested – Frankies sister that I had never heard of before – will be performing on Americas Got Talent Wednesday Night – maybe you can get an idea what she sounds like or if there is any look alike to Frankie – poor girl.

  2. Comments (43)

    Prayers for your family during this tough time. God Bless.

  3. Comments (152)

    Prayers for you and your mom! Thanks for all you do!

  4. Comments (492)

    Yes, prayers for you, your mom, and your family. Yes, thank you .

  5. Comments (130)

    Does anyone else miss the personal stories that BB used to do on the house guests? We’ve gotten a few, but nothing like they used to do.

    I’m curious to see a story about Christine’s husband, Derricks family, and maybe even Adriana Grandes take on her brothers gameplay.

    • Comments (412)

      Ariana didn’t want Frankie to evict Zach. She posted on Twitter she wanted him to backdoor Derrick.

    • Comments (38)

      I like Afterbuzz Smouse… Episode 21-23 edition had Cody’s brother…

    • Comments (38)

      Yeah, they don’t really do much of that anymore, not like they used to anyway. They also no longer give us updates on the previous year’s guests (although who wants to know what’s going on with the BB16 cast, really). Do you also remember how Julie would interview the HOH before eviction night? They no longer do that anymore. I wonder why?…..

      Thinking of you SB! Hope your mom gets her surgery soon :).

      • Comments (130)


        I think the biggest thing I like about old seasons was really focused on asking the house guests more questions about each others personalities and quirks. I guess older seasons I just feel more connected to them on a personal level, more attached.

        I also don’t like how we immediately know who’s going to be nominated or backdoor’ed before the event happens. HOH’s are so freely willing to spill the beans on that to everyone in the house before the event happens. Did they have to tell Zach, Amber, etc.. that they were leaving?

        More surprises please!

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah they just shuffle the HG in and out now.

        I remember several HGs families were interviewed, hometowns visited etc. early in the series..

        Come to think of it, Donny was the only visit this season. Hmm…

      • Comments (832)

        Willie I think they interviewed Nicole & Hayden’s families earlier in the season. I remember a young cousin of Nicole’s talking about Hayden trying to get sex all the time (or something similar to that)!

      • Comments (722)

        Oh thats right. I do remember that .

      • Comments (224)

        Maybe fewer families are agreeing to be interviewed?

      • Comments (38)

        Yep, I agree to all of that Smouse. I have definitely been feeling nostalgic this season for the past houseguests I loved. Doctor Will, Janelle, Howie (what a goof that guy was), Marcellas, Dan, just a few of my favourites. I think Ian was the last houseguest I truly cared about (besides Donny this season, love him to death, but let’s be honest, no game play is really happening in the house, so it makes it hard to watch). Personalities definitely were the big draw of previous years, and the relationships the houseguests fostered between each other.

        I also dislike how we know every single little thing that’s going to happen this year before it actually happens. Predictable and boring. I’m really surprised production has dropped the ball on that. If the renom rule really is real, why not start enforcing it?

      • Comments (130)

        I also miss the voting system. In the past, they would share the votes throughout the show, sharing why they voted for who.

  6. Comments (412)

    Donny will be evicted this Thursday. Now all I can hope for is Nicole winning HOH.

  7. Comments (2)

    Prayers for your mom and family. Uterine cancer is a beast but can be beat! I’m proof!!!!
    Ok, so I love Donny and would love to see him win but I just want him to be able to not be around those losers. He deserves some vacation. I have no doubt he will be Americas favorite. I probably won’t watch tonight at all because of Mango and his insesent peacocking (giggle) I think it’s sick that him and his talentless sister are the major focus not the game!!!! . It makes me sick!!!

  8. Comments (191)

    stevebeans as you mentioned in your last post we watch BB for the entertainment. It’s not real. What is happening with your mom is real and I wish her the best of luck.

    • Comments (95)

      EXACTLY! I agree 1,000,000 % with what Bobby Joe said.

      SB..thank you for your continued work on here keeping us updated daily, especially during this difficult and busy time for you. My prayers are with you and your mom and your whole family right now. God bless.

  9. Comments (487)

    SB — I am praying for you and your mom.

  10. Comments (3)

    Steve – prayers for your mom!!! Thanks for all you do! Sending prayers for your mom and your family during this difficult time!

  11. Comments (453)

    Prayers for your Mom and your family.

    • Comments (610)

      Yes Steve, prayers for you & your family. The stress of this season BB (well, kinda a yawn at the moment), prepping for your upcoming wedding, plus your mom’s health it all adds up so make sure you take some time for yourself somewhere along the way. 🙂

  12. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, all you can do is be there for your mom and let her know you love her. Stay strong.

  13. Comments (453)

    Good thing some of these house guests will be receiving a stip end, they are going to need it for mental health therapy after seeing how they portrayed themselves on tv.

    • Comments (610)

      wouldn’t it be great to find out how prior HGs are doing after surviving such horrible circumstances from BB15? I feel so bad for Candace and how she was treated…if she didn’t have therapy I would be amazed.

  14. Comments (8)

    Sending you prayers for your mom !! I am done with BB… It will be beyond stupid if Donnie leaves !!!!!! I hope Christine Victoria and Nichole get together and Vote the Guys out!!!! Sick of Frankie, Derrick Caleb and Cody!!!!

  15. Comments (1)

    Has Derick told them hes an officer?

  16. Comments (57)

    Prayers to you and yours. May you all find strength and comfort in Him.

  17. Comments (2)

    Have you looked into alternative treatment ? Check out

  18. Comments (722)

    Prayers for your family..

  19. Comments (400)

    SteveBeans, your family will be in my prayers. As hard as it sounds, staying positive is half the battle. Let her know she has many “cyber friends” on her side!

  20. Comments (191)

    To avoid another boring week Nicole needs to win HOH, otherwise it’s her turn to go.

  21. Comments (18)

    Prayers for your Mom and you and your family Steve ! <3

    as far as BB goes …for me i guess it looks like Donny will be headed to the jury house thursday night !! i've been thinking about it and i see noway he would probably make it to the final 2 …and they have been treating him like such an outcast it makes me feel sad …..i think he was thrilled to live his dream and even get to be on the show and he's put a few grand in his pocket along the way ..and i would bet he will win AMERICAS FAVORITE !! so i think its a win win for him ..he gets some cash and he'll have a few days to relax spend time with the other evicted house guests who seem to be decent people ! ( even though i know the other players are only playing i think its very sad and hurtful they have made him such an outcast we need more Donnys in the world !! )

  22. Comments (13)

    unless Nicole wins HOH and POV she will not be able to get anyone good out ie Derrick or Frankie. Christine will tell her anything and she will listen because she will have no choice since she is alone. this is truly a wasted season and I am through

  23. Comments (832)

    Steve, never apologize for talking about your mom & your family’s concern for her. Last week you took an undeserved beating but at the end of the day (couldn’t resist) BB is a game & this is a blog. While I enjoy BB & this blog taking care of your loved ones is what’s most important. Prayers for your mom & your entire family.

  24. Comments (487)

    I look at Amazing Race for the relationships between the team members and the teams, and the challenges and how well they do or do not perform. And you can see why AR has won 6 Emmys. BB is like watching an accident happen every week and it’s not much fun anymore. I believe that the BB Production team has gotten complacent and doesn’t recognize that the viewers are keeping them employed. So rather than provide us with entertainment they give us this garbage. If they saw a big drop-off in their ratings they MIGHT reconsider casting (the biggest problem), game play and rule enforcement.

    • Comments (247)

      I think casting is fine, just change up the rules. Like on the double HOH, if your team lost the losing HOH went on the block…BAM!!! and the losing team were have nots etc…just some real twists to make it fun and would have kept the collusion down with the HOH working together.

    • Comments (875)

      You’re right juaelz…But watch next season of Big Brother will be more of the same. We all thought after Season 15 of BB, Allison Grodner would change things up, but NO?! This is a “replay” of season 15, where you had a Puppet Master Amanda/Derrick, a person who floated til the end with Amanda, McCrae/Cody, a sidekick/rat Andy/Frankie. And they STILL all vote with the House?!?!

      In my personal opinion Big Brother needs a major overhaul!

  25. Comments (50)

    SB – prayers for your mom & family !!

  26. Comments (832)

    I had to go out of town from last week Thurs to Monday for my uncle’s funeral. Returned, got sick, so it gave me a chance to catch up on Thurs, Sunday shows & BBAD. First off, I was so impressed with Zach’s exit interview. He’s a great kid! Secondly, it’s extremely boring without Zach! Thirdly, it’s still Derrick’s game to lose. As much as I am team Donnie & Nicole it is next to impossible for either to win. I think one of Derrick’s good moves was to befriend Victoria. When everyone else was busy bashing her (sometimes rightly so), he took her under his wing & made her another of his followers. She & Caleb will remain loyal to Derrick to the end & gladly hand him 500k.

  27. Comments (247)

    Derrick is already planting the seeds to get rid of Christine. Derrick know that Frankie/Christine/(Nicole/Donny) are his only big threats. Once one of the remaining 3 is removed he has run of the household. Frankie is not dumb and could easily pull in christine/nicole and make a grab for caleb in an attempt to dethrone Derrick and I think thats what he is worried about. Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket and for the most part Cody and thats why he is after christine and planting the seed she cant be trusted…its almost too late for Frankie to make a move but i think he has one more shot depending on next weeks winners in the competitions. If Christine or Frankie go so goes the game its Derricks to lose at this point.

  28. Comments (9)

    So sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer is a Horrible disease and it took my mom 4 yrs ago. I pray that God heals your mom completely and with ease. God Bless and a friend that beat Cancer says ” God took care of that.” So your mom is in Great hands.

  29. Comments (130)

    For everyone that keeps saying that they are through with this season, and will not watch if XX is evicted, stop posting in this feed. We get it, you don’t like the results so why are you even taking the time to post and read this website?!

    Go find something better to do and let us fans alone with your negativity.

    • Comments (247)

      i think folks are just frustrated. The season started out with promise, “the most twisted summer ever” theme and then Devin and Caleb going crazy, now just for the most part predictable. So its understandable for people to be frustrated by how boring the season has become when it showed so much promise. Maybe there will be some fireworks IF, IF, IF someone actually steps up and backdoors Derrick but that will be tough considering his mindless minions that have voted off their very own allies….wow…

  30. Comments (53)

    Sending out positive thoughts and prayers for strength for you and your Mom SB
    Stay strong

  31. Comments (832)

    I really hoped that after last season’s epic fail of a cast & season that production would have revamped BB. Aside from last season’s cast, I remember folks being frustrated with the predictability of the game. Other than the dual HOH’s this season is as predictable & boring as the previous. There are so many ideas thrown out on sites such as this that would be so much more interesting & fun. The possibilities for twists are endless, I don’t understand why production doesn’t shake things up more & make it less predictable. We need less predictability & a cast with actual fans of ALL ages, not just 1 token 40yr old. Let’s put my 81 yr old dad in! He’s been a fan of the show since day 1!

    • Comments (610)

      I agree kneeless, there are so many great ideas on these blogs…what’s wrong with BB production or whomever comes up with these “twists”?!

    • Comments (492)

      Old people are very funny and would kid Frankie to the curb, along with Derrick.
      They are good with mental challenges.
      I miss my Zach.

      • Comments (722)

        Or how about a disabled person in the house?
        I can host the endurance comps the week Im outgoing HoH. The game is 90% mental anyways..
        Theyd have to build me a ramp up to HoH, the house is so handicap unaccessible.

        Stop hiring models and *sses filling seats.. cast ppl of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, races colors and creeds.. make the game interestig not so

      • Comments (722)

        “Interesting and not so one sided”

        This daggone phone..!

      • Comments (610)

        Season 1 had a guy with a partially amputated leg, and I believe he won.

      • Comments (722)

        Thats right. My memory is so hit and miss about BB. Some things Ill probably never forget and some things I need reminded of!

    • Comments (875)

      I agree with you too kneeless, we got much of the same from last year, a Puppet Master, a person who rides the Puppet Master’s coattails, a Rat, a pawn, and they still all vote with the House, in a Majority!!! Because everybody is scared of the Puppet Master!

      Big Brother needs some Major changes!

  32. Comments (412)

    It sucks that Donny is going to the jury house this week but let’s hope he can majorly influence the jury members to realize what’s actually going on in the Big Brother house.

    I hope Nicole wins HOH. I think she said her targets are Cody and Derrick. If one wins the veto, take them down put up Frankie or Christine! My wishes for this next week.

    Honestly, I just really hope Christine leaves next week. Christine or Frankie, but mostly Christine.

  33. Comments (610)

    Is it me, or has this become the season of TMI (too much information)? the stuff I’ve read that Frankie has said regarding his bowels, his preferences, and everything else under the sun from the attention whore, stuff Christine has said about her personal life, etc, etc. So much stuff that I really didn’t need to know, but has really made some of this season’s HGs just icky!

  34. Comments (1799)

    I have said this before Comparied to the other BB shows around the world These HG have it way to easy. They should be forced to work for their food supplies It might start some drama between guest This season as has been brought up as soon as a person won the HoH it was painfully obvious he was going to be voted out

  35. Comments (92)

    SB, I might not agree with everyone on your blog, but one thing we all agree with is a recovery for your mother. Sending out a big prayer for her. You are a great son and I know she knows you love her.

  36. Comments (36)

    SB…thank you for all your updates! I found you last year and am back again this year. I too, just want to add my well wishes to you and your family and am sending you good thoughts on a speedy recovery for your mom.

  37. Comments (3)

    I love the camraderie in this group. Everyone is like game, game, game… Shout out to SB and his Mom! And we all get “it.” I love it. I hope you continue to share your Mom’s progess, Steve. Although we are all strangers, we share a weird but real bond. I love reading everyone’s replies every day.

  38. Comments (832)

    Last year was when I stumbled onto sb’s blog. I enjoyed spending last summer bantering back & forth with other BB fans (BB’S always been my summertime guilty pleasure & I don’t admit to everyone I watch BB)! So, I was happy to come back to spend the summer with you folks again. Even though I don’t know any of you, I enjoy the BB banter & friends at this site. As the season winds down I just wanted to thank you all for helping make my summer a little lighter! I’m disabled & have limited mobility so it’s fun to interact with others who share my guilty pleasure & make my days a bit brighter!

    Even though it looks like Donnie’s going home, I’m Team Donnie to the end! My votes for fav player go to him!

  39. Comments (722)

    2 PM and theyre still asleep?
    And this is a group that DOESNT drink?

  40. Comments (843)

    This may not affect all areas, but BB where I live won’t be shone until 2:30 AM Friday morning CST because of pre-season football.

  41. Comments (644)

    Steve, I will be praying for your Mom, may she have her surgery and recuperate soon.
    Thank you for this wonderful place that you have created where we can all come to voice our opinion about our favorite program. Coming here is like a breath of fresh air and it makes my life happier. God bless you and your family.

  42. Comments (875)

    My thoughts & prayers go out to you, & your family Steve…Hang in there. and thanks for all that you do!

  43. Comments (1)

    Long time reader – never commenter – just chiming in to say so sorry to hear about your mother. We appreciate what you do for us readers out here, and I know I will be praying for you and your family during this tough time.

  44. Comments (45)

    When do we get to vote on ta to see if it is successful?

  45. Comments (248)

    Stevebeans, Renee is so right. As hard as it may seam at times keep your moms spirits up. That is so very important in her recovery. My prayers for your hole family. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

  46. Comments (12)

    Caleb is goofy with his thought’s and sureness about Donny being in the Military. He’s so funny and annoying to listen to at the same time.

  47. Comments (682)

    Voting is open. I just voted “NO” to reward TA for their crappy mission.

    • Comments (426)

      Me too. I hate to take the $5K away from Donny, but just not willing to give it to Frankie and Derrick for that. It wasn’t even a team decision, it was just what Frankie wanted to do.

      • Comments (682)

        I’m going to keep a look out for a GoFundMe account for Donny. I’m sure someone started one already. I’d rather donate to Donny than help Frankie.

      • Comments (610)

        Rita, just make sure it’s a legitimate account for him. I thought I saw something on another site that there is one out there but it’s not from his family or friends.

      • Comments (682)

        Thanks. That’s the hard part.

      • Comments (426)

        I saw something out there where somebody was trying to start a fund, but his family was discouraging it, saying Donny would not want that. He doesn’t want hand outs. Let the man keep is dignity and pride.

      • Comments (682)

        I wasn’t thinking about a handout. It was more of an America’s Player prize that he will most likely get ripped off of because of Frankie.

      • Comments (426)

        I know you had best intentions. But I think Donny would see a fund as hand out(or pity fund).

      • Comments (843)

        Donny’s family has already announced they do not want any donations and Donny would hate that. Vote for him as many times as possible for America’s Favorite, and get your friends and family to vote!

  48. Comments (1)

    I voted “NO” for TA Mission as well. Some folks are voting yes because they want Donny to get the money, but even Donny thought it was a dumb mission. Think Donny would prefer that America send Frankie the message that Frankie’s not our favorite and his idea was one of the worse BB moments!

  49. Comments (24)

    As much as I don’t want to reward Frankie and Derrick for their awful TA attempt, I just could not take away $5000 from Donny. I hope a lot of others feel the same way. I know it was terrible and if I could only give it to Donny, he did have a way better idea for a mission, I would, but I don’t see that button on screen. So unfortunately I had to vote to give everyone the money.

    • Comments (843)

      They should have listed all the ideas they came up with and let us vote on the one we WANTED them to do.

    • Comments (610)

      I was really torn about voting yes for that same reason, but I ended up voting no because I think Donny will get America’s Favorite Player. And, I don’t want to see Frankie gloat over this particular “mission”.

      • Comments (1288)

        Unfortunately from what I can gather they will not find out about the vote until the live show tomorrow night. They are being prepped with a question they will be asked, they will reply and then Julie’s yes or no answer will tell them if they get the money or not.

        That will be too late to help Donny. They need to tell them as soon as voting closes so if they do get rejected there is a chance they might reconsider sending Donny to jury. A small hope but about all there is now.

  50. Comments (9)

    I just want Donnie to do one thing during his final speech on eviction night and that is ask everyone who has a final two deal with Derrick raise your hands and then sit back down.

  51. Comments (83)

    Omg I looooove Caleb! He’s such a cool guy when he’s just being
    Himself. I’d love to be his friend. Love him and Donny!

  52. Comments (98)

    SB God Bless you & your family. I had to vote NO for that dumb ass play.

  53. Comments (487)

    Since a lot of people like Donny in Team America, I was wondering…If you voted for Frankie and Derrick for Team America, would you change your vote and pick someone else. I didn’t vote for either of them, I liked Donny, Amber and Cody for TA. Just Curious.

    • Comments (45)

      I did vote and actually liked all three in the beginning. If voting was today I would still vote for Donny but not Frankie or Derrick. I would probably now vote for Nicole but I don’t know who the third person would be.

    • Comments (5)

      I loved Donny from day 1 and I am not just saying that. Frankie has always been such an obvious bullshitter. Him and his i love youS to everyone in the house from the beginning is just nauseating! I voted for Donny, and I found nicole charming. Soooo wish that CBS would flip the script and GIVE DONNY A GOLDEN VETO.!!!!

      • Comments (487)

        The way that you described Frankie, is also the same way I saw Christine. My father never trust anyone who tries to be so familiar with you so quickly, their usually up to something. And he was right.

      • Comments (207)

        I would’ve still voted for Donny but maybe I would’ve voted for Nicole and Victoria. Give the underdogs a chance at making some secret money.

      • Comments (875)

        Me too Fwilkos! When I saw his Bio on, I said, “I like him, he is funny. But never did I think that CBS would pair him with these young, dumb, self-absorbed cretins. Donny would have been better off with some of the cast members from BB15, Like Helen, Candice, Howard, Ellisa, and maybe Amanda.

      • Sandra for the southern man
        Comments (1137)

        I love love love Donny but I just had to vote no for the Team America mission this week. I too was torn because I knew Donny was going home this week but I voted no because Frankie needs to be slapped on the hand for him to understand that it’s not him everyone adores. I’m going to give my age away and say the mission reminded me of the old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies where all problems going on were always solved by the phrase ” Let’s do a show “. Hokey then horrible now. I just want Frankie to realize it was Donny we wanted we wanted saved so maybe he’ll be snapped into reality. Before I end Steve so sorry to hear about your mom’s illness. I spend one whole summer with my mom in the hospital so I feel you and your mom. God bless and just breathe.

  54. Comments (1799)

    SB it is obvious how loved and respected you are by everyone here nothing but all the best karma to you and your family

    Nice of Cody to take Donny & Nichole seeing how the two of them have been shafted all season Nice to see the detanators starting to eat each other Derrick once again starting rumors about other people Calabe just swallowing every thing Derrick us dishing out Can Caleb be any more delusional about Donny

    That play or what ever Frankie called it sucked ! This was boring add to that the way Frankie just brush off the save Donny campaign It would have proven just how much power Derrick had It also shows what a phony Derrick and Cody are when they talk about posiable turning the house on Nichole Or Cody saying he is going to think of his game and make a bold move No Cody did just what Derrick wanted While Derrick just strings Donny along

    • Comments (426)

      I think the question is ‘Can Caleb be any more delusional about anything? Especially himself!’
      I also think Cody taking Donny & Nichole to the screening was just a lame shot at hoping to get their jury vote.

    • Comments (224)

      I thought it was interesting that production showed that session with Frankie in the diary room, doing his make-up saying America would never pick Saving Donny as an acceptable mission. That was clearly not intended to be aired, different lighting and positioning. They definitely did that to make him look bad (not that it was hard to do).

  55. Comments (372)

    Donny is not out the door yet, still hanging on to hope till he is gone to jury. Love Nic but she needs to go bond with Hayden so we can watch them on the amazing race together … would love to see Derrick And Donny F2.

  56. Comments (426)

    I think everyone needs to stop being so concerned about taking the $5K from Donny by voting no for the TA mission. I love Donny and so does America. Think about it…..he is not going to go home to his former life. Because America loves him he is probably going to be doing talk shows, Pop Tart commercials, maybe guest roles on sit-coms, personal appearances, and who know what…
    That $5K will be chump change. Send Frankie a message that America is not amused by his ridiculous dribble.
    Just my opinion…….

    • Comments (45)

      Pop tarts. That would be good. Maybe we should all bombard the pop tart people (Kellogg’s ) and suggest this. I thought his acting was quite good.

      • Comments (426)

        My guess would be that bombarding them is not necessary. I’m sure from the minute his family revealed he eats them every morning, Kellogg’s has been monitoring his popularity and probably already has the plan in the works.

      • Comments (372)

        Donny will be just fine …he is smart .level headed has a good girl and has a decent job with bennys… They will take him back if he want’s to back. hopefully he will win 25K for Fav …15K 4 TA approx 12K 4 making jury..that is alot for a level headed person with a good heart. I voted nox20 ….because I don’t think it was a good enough mission and Frankie is really irritating me.
        Pop tarts would be great … or a shaver …I want to see his handsome face.

      • Comments (1288)

        I hope if he does go this week he still collects TA bonuses for keeping their secret. Perhaps he will have his own TA missions in the jury house.

      • Comments (372)

        I was thinking the same thing ..Joey is out of the game, Don is not …TA rules are fuzzy …like all the BB rules. TA still going till the end would be nice.

      • Comments (426)

        Not sure about the new missions in Jury house. With so few there, and him being the newbie, it think it would be to easy to figure out. I guess maybe after a couple of others join jury, depending on the mission, but BB Production can’t even seem to come up with ideas for inside the house. Not sure they are creative enough to come up with anything more clever for the Jury house.

      • Comments (372)
        Voting ends Thurs morning ….Was it a REAL missson ? or a Frankie ego trip.

      • Comments (95) guys please put up another link when the voting for fan favorite starts. I will vote as much as they’ll allow for that!!! Anything to make Donny win that, and make sure Frankie doesn’t! He and everyone else seems to think he will because of his sister. She’ll probably be having all of her fans vote for him, so we HAVE to make that NOT happen!

      • Comments (843)

        It was a freaky Frankie ego trip for camera time.

  57. Comments (45)

    I think it’s funny that the picture they have on TA for the voting has Donny front and center

  58. Comments (266)

    My 20 votes are in for FRANKIE’S IDEA SUCKED…

  59. Comments (233)

    Sending positive wishes for your mother, SB. Humor is really important — try to get her to watch funny movies or be with people who make her laugh. It is healing for the body and soul. Appreciate the time you have — yet, we are hoping for many, many more years for your mom. And hey, if you can’t get an update out to us, no worries, we’ll carry on for you.

  60. Comments (1)

    I’m so angry with Big Brother 16!!! Obviously everyone loves Donny. It’s sad that America chose Derrick, Frankie, and Donny to be Team America , but they can’t even work together. Instead, we have 2 against 1 member. Frankie, you brought shame to yourself for putting out the most dumbest play. I expected a lot more out of you since you have lots of experiences with Broadway. I hate that this year NO ONE can stand up to any alliances. The alliances suck and everyone is under King Derrick. BB16 is so boring this year!!! I love Donny because he has a big heart and is very smart. He figured all Derrick’s plan. The rest are “not the brightest crayons in the box.” If Donny gets eliminated, I quit this season. Fuck BB16!!!! However, love mama J, Zach attack and Donny!!!

  61. Comments (1276)

    Hey Stevebeans. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and your family. I know at times, having this blog to do might help as a distraction, but please don’t think that any of us will look at you any differently if you don’t have as much time as in prior years.
    Cancer is something that not just the patient has, but also their loved ones. I have watched so many I love who fought the good fight, did fight or are fighting it. Cancer can be a wicked vile thing, but there are so many options out there now, and I’m praying that one of them will be perfect for you mom, and she’ll beat this thing.
    My cousin to me once that Cancer is a Bitch, but her goal was to make cancer Her Bitch. Tell your mom to make Cancer her Bitch!
    xoxo, prayers and thoughts your way.

  62. Comments (644)

    Is anyone watching BBAD? I have TVGN on but there’s no program playing;it’s just silent. Does anyone have the same problem?
    I read that Derrick called Frankie an ass and an a-hole (to the cameras, not to Frankie) because Frankie was excited about eating tofu.

  63. Comments (57)

    frankie is soooooooooooooooo annoying. just go away please

  64. Comments (37)

    Is it just me thinking this… does Vic look swollen like a chipmunk again? Also seems to look ill again. Just wondering.

  65. Comments (5)

    I thought this was supposed to be a play? I saw only impersonations of the evicted house guest. Pretty lame and thumbs down. I hope production a d Julie Chen get this right and won’t control the votes!

  66. Comments (332)

    At this point I don’t care, not watching. This game has stalled and is chasing its tail. Just want the rest out and the last two vote. I will even let Victoria have it. Derrick makes me sick to hear his voice. It all seems so script and staged.

  67. Comments (1288)

    If you voted before midnight, you can vote another 20 times today. Say NO to Frankie and Derrick.

  68. Comments (1288)

    And we go in to a Thursday with the choice still in the balance. Caleb, Frankie and Derrick kept considering the question until sleep. Frankie is not happy that he sent home Zach for the group yet Cody will not agree to send Nicole out for the group.

    Frankie needs to get Donny to tell Caleb he will target Christine and Cody with Victoria as the replacement if needed and they will send home whoever is left of Cody/Christine. Even if Cody is upset, Christine would be the only one in the HoH comp that would be a problem for Derrick/Frankie/Caleb if they won. Donny could be trusted to follow through on his promise.

    It might happen … thin chance … but still might.

    • Comments (843)

      I don’t think that will happen because Donny knows exactly what is going on and Derrick is terrified of him.

      • Comments (1288)

        If Donny knew everything he would know they only worthy allies in the house are Derrick and Frankie. The rest are idiots and morons who can be easily led and influenced. Derrick and Frankie got to them first so despite all his efforts Donny had no chance to sway them.

        And now his lying about saying Derrick and Frankie should be the targets is coming back to bite him on the ass because Derrick and Frankie know Donny is lying about it.

  69. Comments (5)

    BEiING TEAM AMERICA is an honor and I am disgusted that CBS doesn’t make sure that DONNY stays. Donny is all heart and unlike other players he hasn’t been afraid to give each competition his all because it may put a target on him. For once keep americas choice in the game. Team DONNY all th way!

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