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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds. Get Your Sun On!


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I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those days in the Big Brother 16 house. Laying around, getting sun, doing nothing. If you take away all the people watching every move you make, and the endless paranoia about others plotting against you, it sounds like a pretty great way to spend a summer.

Considering it’s a fairly slow day, I want to thank all my new followers this summer, and hope you enjoy my dry sense of humor all summer.

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Here they are….

  • 10:20am – The house mulling around.  Some are already out by the pool (Amber, Britt, Nicole) while others either get ready to go out, or are still sleeping.
  • 10:30am – Brittany tells us of the poem Hayden wrote for her.   “You’re a mom, you have nice boobs”   Short and sweet
  • 11:20am – Everyone still hanging by the pool. They are pretending to be Julie asking fake questions, and Britt asks Frankie what he hopes about the twists.  He said he wants America to be involved more (I wonder why). He is dying for MVP
  • 12:20pm – House is done from their hard morning getting sun.  More people waking up, others preparing lunch.  Afternoons are real boring in the house when nobody is campaigning.
  • 12:35pm – Nicole talking to Christine about her conversation with Caleb.  Apparently Caleb thinks Amber blew him off because of having a period. The guy is in denial.
  • 12:45pm – Nicole, Cody and Christine talking about how people look in person vs tv. Julie Chen looks better in person, Rachel looks like a dinosaur in person, and Jeff looks better in person.
  • 2:30pm – Feeds were a bit slow for a little while, but shortly before lockdown started, Joey went around to everyone pushing for a vote.  She’s doing a terrible job campaigning and it will likely amount to nothing, but finally a little game talk.  It’s also really weird how she finishes ‘serious’ conversations by raising her voice and saying weird things.  Clearly not very comfortable with this game.

Really slow day in the house.  Going to watch the veto competition tonight and likely post a recap of the episode. If anything exciting happens tonight, I will post about that as well.

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  1. Comments (13)

    Isn’t that Amber? I can’t figure out why Caleb Earnhardt Jr. has such a crush on her; there are at least four other better looking girls in the house.

    • Comments (138)

      Let me guess– you’re a chick? From a man’s perspective– Amber is the hottest one in the house.

      • Comments (682)

        Don’t let Victoria hear you say that.

        But I thought this was Big Brother not “Paradise Island”. Caleb is a big bragger with all his accomplishments but his blog reminded me of Gina Marie.

      • Comments (138)

        Does Victoria seriously think she’s good looking?! I thought she was being sarcastic or something.

      • Comments (682)

        I don’t know if she knows what sarcasm is. I believe she thinks she is the most beautiful person on the planet let alone the house. She was trying to get Cody, Zach and Hayden to say who they thought was the prettiest girl last night when they were playing pool.

        And I’m waiting for Derrick to say something about her obsession with him. Maybe she just likes him because he says what she wants to hear.

      • Comments (159)

        Where did you find his blog?

      • Comments (159)


      • Comments (35)

        i am a chick and Amber is gorgeous..ans so far I also like her personality..who woulda thunk

      • Comments (13)

        Nope, I’m a straight dude. And as for the following comments, I find Victoria, beside maybe Brittany, easily the best looking.

      • Comments (138)

        then you must be a friend of victoria or a relative because she is easily the least attractive.

    • Comments (19)

      Yeah I’m definitely not getting the whole Amber thing either, honestly I find Nicole to be both the most visually appealing and entertaining out of all the woman.

      Ironically, Victoria believes herself to be the best looking, and I find her to be the worst x.x

  2. Comments (610)

    Seems like a slow day, so has anyone else noticed that some of this season’s HG seem to resemble other people? For example, Cody looks alot like a young John Travolta. Zach looks like he could be related to Dr. Will (best BB player ever!), Devin of course looks alot like The Rock (only Devin’s kinda crazy), Donny of course looks like a Duck Dynasty relative, I read somewhere someone thought Christine looks like Mike Boogie & I agree.

    Any other suggestions out there?! Maybe this is a twist for the viewers?

  3. Comments (3)

    How can u view previous posts

  4. Comments (4)

    Amber looks like Jeremy Meeks – that “sexy mug shot” that went viral.

  5. Comments (843)

    This week is pretty much done. Next week will be crazier. Caleb falls in love with Amber and pretty much has them married then Amber rejects him. Of course Caleb talks and talks and TALKS about how she led him on. He is now determined to “show her” his power and get her out. Devin, of course, has been encouraging him this entire time—adding a few lies of his own about what Amber has supposedly told him about Caleb. Caleb was one of my favorites until he turned stalker/psycho! Hoping they leave Donny alone.

  6. Comments (159)

    I’m watching last nights After Dark, does anyone know which girl borrowed Victoria’s bathing suit? She never says which girl ruined it. I’m just curious.

  7. Comments (182)

    Amber flaunting for attention. Typical ploy.

  8. Comments (110)

    So far a lot of the people just seem dippy to me. I can’t believe the women don’t work together. The big twist is a dud for me if they just nominate the people they perceive as weak, week after week. We will see.

    • Comments (2)

      I couldn’t believe the woman not in an alliance didn’t even bat an eye with the all girl idea. They don’t seem to be to observant on all the guy talk.

      The twist should have been that the block nominees that win keep the HoH that picked them. So then stronger players would be put up and possible attempts to throw challenges to back door HoHs would also exist. The current twist is too neat and tidy for the HoHs right now.

  9. Comments (35)

    Dear god..caleb is still talking about amber on after dark tonight..this is getting creepy..they need to get him out for her sake..even her family is saying they are concerned on twitter

  10. Comments (22)

    im ready for devin to go

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