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Big Brother 16 – Week 2 Nomination + BotB Competition Results


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Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!

Likely due to the holiday, Big Brother decided to speed things up a bit last night, so I was a little surprised to hear nominations had already taken place while I slept, and the feeds were down for the Battle of the Block competition.  At least I hope it was due to the holiday and not a regular thing. I am not sure I can hang with an all-nighter every Thursday night to find out who is nominated and won won the BotB… but if that’s what it takes, I’ll start getting some coffee ready for next week.


First things first, the nominations. If you blinked and missed it, I will tell you who was nominated:

Amber nominated – Hayden and Nicole
Devin nominated – Paola and Fake Mom Britt  
(my friend coined the fake mom nickname because there is no way she can look like that with 3 kids! It’s a compliment to her)

Woah, kind of weird move by Amber to put up two random people, right?  Not when you consider Devin basically forced her hand and made these nominations happen this way. He put up a strong and smart competitor versus the real targets (Paola and Britt), to help ensure Britt remains on the block at the end of the competition.  To help secure that, Devin approached Paola cutting a deal to throw the competition in exchange for safety.

I want to chime in and say I almost feel bad for the people in the house, but as of right now, they outnumber the power duo of Caleb and Devin. Right now they’re acting like gazelle who are watching lions pick off their friends (losing their strength in numbers) because they’re waiting for a massive rain storm to hopefully come so they can drown the lion (hmm, my metaphor kind of got carried away).   It’s frustrating to watch, that’s for sure.  If this keeps going, Caleb is just going to run the table and easily win this game.

So, Battle of the Block competition. Like expected, Hayden and Nicole emerged victorious and Amber lost her seat at the cool kids table. Devin has sole HoH power and safety for the rest of the week, and I’m sure that won’t be annoying at all!  Brittany is the main target because she was friends with the girl who briefly attempted to form an all-girl alliance, and she’ll likely be going home because the rest of the house is too scared to vote any way other than what “Calvin” wants (Caleb-Devin).

I will be creating a new thread in a little bit for the live blogging.  Yes, it’s a holiday, but it’s also lousy outside, so what better way to spend it than watch a bunch of gazelle waiting for their turn to be picked off.

Have a good holiday for those of you who are actually doing something today!

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  1. Comments (57)

    So we’re back to where we were last season… “whatever the house wants.” It’s going to get real boring, real quick.

    • Comments (46)

      I fail to understand why people who have watched this show (some since the 1st season) go into the house and allow the “strong” players to impose their will and force them to do as they want. “How dare to try to start an alliance”

      Just once I would like to see the “weaker” players band together as a majority and knock some of those ass-hats out of there. Why continue to sit back and let them pick people off until they really have the numbers? The time to strike is early. Set the tone and grab the power right away. Not this year it looks like unless something happens quickly!

    • Comments (22)

      It’s already boring. I don’t care anymore.

  2. Comments (68)

    So far BB16 is following the typical path. There are always people who start off guns blazing and other that start of on the wrong foot. Joey started on the wrong foot and Devin went in guns blazing.

    However, it’s usually the ones the lay low in the beginning that go far. By making the aggressive players do all the work in the beginning and pick off the players who are weak or potential treats, the quiet ones continue to play without any blood on their hands.

    I expect an alliance of Hayden and Nicole, since they were on the block together and Hayden doesn’t seem to an alliance as of yet. Nicole will recruit Christine into the alliance and she will probably spill the beans about the Bomb Squad. I think at that point guys like Derick and Zach will jump ship to save face. Only at that point i think the 2 HOH will be from rival alliances and we will see proper gameplay.

  3. Comments (4)

    My ears are slowly disintegrating every time I hear Devin speak… a week of him with even more power and ability to bully people around, I might just chop off my ears myself.

  4. Comments (11)

    sighs I am so hoping this is not going to continue to be a ‘yawn fest’!!

  5. Comments (231)

    I agree. Devin is just awful and the HGs are like sheep allowing it. Caleb is delusional and a bully also. Team Donny!

    • Comments (46)

      If they act NOW, Donnie. Victoria, Jacosta, Brittany, Nichole. Hayden ,Amber, and Christine would have the numbers and could get rid of the air head poo poo (dumb as a box of rocks) and that would leave the six orig bomb squad out numbered. If they can then get a hoh win and get some of them on the block I bet the bum squad would come crashing down

  6. Comments (143)

    Devin is annoying but hey, we need some annoying people to entertain the house. I do wish for once big brother would not over interefere with the game with excessive twist. The balance of power tends to change naturally on its own anyways once you start getting down to the finals. Devin-caleb alliance isn’t that solid, most people know he is crazy and will probably abandon him by the mid way point in the game if he is still aroundd. Its also clear if Hayden or cody won they’d probably go after devin anyways.

    • Comments (68)

      I think the issue is that “follow the house” mentality has set in with most people. The only time people will go against the current is if they or an alliance memeber is on the block. And seeing how theres one 8 people alliance and 8 people being clueless about it, it will take a while for people to fight the bomb squad.

      • Comments (46)

        Problem being they don’t have time. If they allow them to knock off just a couple of people their power will solid and the floaters will be lead to the gallows

      • Comments (143)

        Why would you want a floater to win?

      • Comments (143)

        -Its not a follow the house mentality, its a wait and see mentality. No one wants to take a shot and miss. People will go angainst the current once all the floaters who’d do nothing are gone. I am tired of seasons where people who don’t deserve to win and are boring like Adam and Prosche or chef joe make it to near the finals even though they are boring and stink as players. Booting out the strong players early leads to the worst seasons. You want to have an andy gina marie finale again be my guest, vote for the boring people to stay around over those who will fight and entertain.

        The most interesting thing that could happen is for all those players who bore us like brittany to go home. It is much more interesting to watch the bomb squad fight with each other in a final 8, than britanny, powpow, jocasta and hayden and victoria.

      • Comments (22)

        I completely agree!!

      • Comments (138)

        thumbs up!

  7. Comments (103)

    Bring back Evil Dick!

  8. Comments (1288)

    Well ratfarts, this is not the news I wished to wake up to. At least there will be no protection for Devin next week.

  9. Comments (24)

    I can’t believe that I’m annoyed by all the houseguest, I thought I would favor at least 2, but “NO”. BB fire your casting agents. Derrick is the most annoying, followed by PowPow, Zack, Nicole, Christine, Devin, Frankie, Victoria, Caleb, Cody, Britt, Amber, Jocasta, Donny.

  10. Comments (24)

    To be honest at least we know where Britt stands. She’s was of those self entitles idiots who thinks her shyt doesn’t stink! I think she and Nicole belong to the same club. Snotville.

  11. Comments (316)

    I dislike Devin and Caleb so far. I’ll see as time goes on. I’m really into Big Brother UK!

  12. Comments (2)

    I love your page! I’ve been following it for seasons however, fake mom!!! I have twins and look better then ever because I workout when they go to sleep. It’s hard work and I want to set a good example for them! This babies ruin your body stuff is so negative to the child…. You ruined mommies body?!? Over it!! Also she is probably a great mom and that’s SO disrespectful to her family!!

    • Comments (138)

      Get a grip. She expressly says it’s meant as a compliment. It’s a fact that women’s bodies generally change after pregnancies whether or not it’s negative to the child to acknowledge it.

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