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Christine Brecht

Age: 23
Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.
Occupation: Shift Supervisor / Barista
Three adjectives that describe you: Bubbly (my nickname at work is “bubbles”), eccentric and hilarious.
Favorite Activities: Exploring new cities. I love going out and seeing new places. Also, I love hanging out with my friends and playing Settlers of Catan and watching reality TV.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: I do not know how I am going to go without seeing my husband and family, but I know I can do it! Not being able to explore and being stuck in one place. Also, I don’t want to clean up everyone’s messes.
Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: I plan on being nice and having everyone confide in me to get information from all over the house. I really want to have a strong pack with only three to four people that I stay loyal to till the end. I don’t want to play both sides of the house, but I’m not saying I won’t.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I love Howie, I just loved his personality and I love Mike Boogie’s game. Helen amazed me with her ability to feel out what was happening in the house.
What are you afraid of: I have a huge phobia of moths. I guess you could say I’m afraid of most flying bugs too. Other than that I can’t think of anything.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Being cast as the lead in a musical last summer!
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Love people and be happy!
What would you take into the house and why: My cell phone, a Spice Girls CD, because I need to jam out, and Settlers of Catan, because it’s the best game and it brings people together!
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I would use it to my advantage and hopefully become a casting director!

Christine once threw a surprise birthday party for a homeless man in the park, was in a hot air balloon accident in high school, but only walked away with bruises. She has been to Disneyland more than 50 times

More Stuff:

Christine has some really weird vines, check them all out here

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  1. Comments (71)

    My Favorite # 03

  2. Comments (1)

    I cannot stand you, please leave the house. You’re such a floater and rat. You don’t deserve to win the half a million dollars. I hope you get voted out real soon.

  3. Comments (11)


  4. Comments (5)

    You look like a witch and you play way too many people in the house.

  5. Comments (27)

    Wow- I can’t even watch the parts that “she” is in- this face looks just like a “witch” it’s awful!!!!!!! Her game is awful too- GO HOME!!!!!!

  6. Comments (2)

    She’s a back stabber and needs to go, she’s causing way to much crap…

  7. Comments (1)

    you are an embarrassment to everyone in arizona. You are so ugly no one in their right mind would like you. I feel sorry for your husband having to watch you hang and paw on Cody, get real, you will NEVER have a hot guy like that. You have no game at all!

  8. Comments (28)

    I wish I could put my thumbs down to her but the web site doesn’t let me, I cannot wait until she is evicted I hope it is next week.

  9. Comments (42)

    WITH a friend like her who needs enemies.

  10. Comments (1)

    Christine is a sad sad 23 year old woman who wants to believe anything a good looking man will tell her…the guys know u believe anything they say to u because Christine u eat It up …..I watched it tonight they said let’s tell the homely girl a big brother lie and boy did u ever believe it..what took 2 seconds for those guys to cook up and tell u…..sad sad homely Christine!

  11. Comments (6)

    Christine, true advice, If they ever do anymore “Nightmare on Elm Street” sequels, I think it would be profitable for you to audition for the part of Freddy Krueger, I mean they would hire you on spot!! All the money they would save not having to make someone up, you look so much like him and you don’t even need make up!! You scare the shit out of me when you do your diary sessions and I am picturing you in that black brimmed hat with red and black stripped shirt and razor hands. I think you would go farther and make more money with that gig than on Big Brother!! Peace out

  12. Comments (65)

    This chick has to be the ultimate waste of space on big brother ever!…. So many chances shes had to make an impact in the house and what does she do? she follows orders from the guys that are for sure going to vote her out once theres no one else in the house to vote for. Totally disappointed this season, the lack of gameplay by many HG’s is ridiculous. Nicole was the last person I wanted to see win this season and at this moment shes the only person I wish would be saved today. She seems to have more BALLS than anyone in the house.

  13. Comments (21)

    1. You are in desperate need of a nose job.
    2. Your husband needs to grow a pair of balls and realize that him condoning his wife fooling around with another guy makes him a pussy.
    3. Post your photo on backpage. You have a better chance of making money offering your services and a ” happy ending”, than you do of winning Big Brother.
    4. Do Cody and all the viewers a favor and wear a paper bag on your head for the rest of the shoe and don’t speak. Especially don’t laugh. Your face and voice are worse than nails on a chalkboard.
    5. Next time you make a promise to someone that you ” have their back “, keep your word and don’t break your promise just so you can get on your back with someone who is not your loser, wimpy, pussy of a husband.

  14. Comments (27)

    Go the hell home- I can not look at the thing you call a face any longer!!! You are hideous & a terrible player!!!

  15. Comments (5)

    I agree with ALL tHe Comments about Christine.I do not need to say anything. May God help her poor husband to make a decision about her pawing and has her lips smacking for Cody.

  16. Comments (1)

    When you put Nicole up as a replacement nominee, you mentioned you were taking the dagger out of your back and returning to its owner, instead of doing that why don’t you use it on who ever hacked up you and Frankies face

  17. Comments (4)

    U r ugly, backstabbing, adulterous b*tch, go home! Tired of looking at u

  18. Comments (27)

    My God I’m at a loss for words as to how freakin ugly you are….. Completely gross- you deserve nothing!!!!!! Go home to your empty house because I’m sure your husband finally had enough of your gross behavior!!!!!

  19. Comments (453)

    Beauty is only skin deep, however, Christine is not an attractive person, she is down right evil on the inside. I honestly hope she is totally opposite in the real world, but by her actions in the BB house, evil comes to easily to her.

  20. Comments (2)

    christine is ok in my book, she is still there right, she didn’t use her looks to get there, she used the old stand by, stick with the biggest alliance till you can’t anymore, she wins when she needs to, could you do the same, RIGHT!!!



  21. Comments (2)

    Wow….it is uncomfortable to watch her interactions with Cody. Obviously did doesn’t know she is married. A little innocent flirting is one thing but laying in another man’s arm and caressing him and fawning all over him is quite a different story. Her husband must be mortified. Call the divorce attorney…good thing is she wont be winning the $$$ cuz the guys are gonna boot her out soon. This way her soon to be ex wont have to spend big money splitting up assets. Oh and another thing, I watch TVGN after dark every evening and I have NEVER seen her lift a finger to cook or clean….so lazy. She should us some of that precious “Cody Stalking time” and scrub a dish instead.

  22. Comments (2)

    Whoa….what a great eviction moment! I haven’t heard such a negative reaction from fans in a long time. I was boo’ing right along with them. She seemed flabbergasted that the “boys” would do this to her. What a delusional girl. I feel bad for her husband that she made him a National laughing stock. I think he should see the writing on the wall….plus I never once saw her lift a finger to do any of the dishes or cleaning in the house. This entitled person sat and watched everyone else do the cooking and cleaning. Wow….she sure left a bad taste in the publics perception of her.

    • Comments (65)

      I missed it, but I CANT wait to see it! She deserved it for being so freakin dumb~!!! Oh, and poor husband of hers… I hope he doesnt let it go easy, even though from what Ive seen, He doesnt seem to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship! @kelly_da_creator

  23. Comments (1)

    Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside. Easily the most detestable BB player ever. And that includes Evil Dick and Rachael.

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