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Donny Thompson

Age: 42
Hometown: Albemarle, NC
Occupation: School Groundskeeper
Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, funny and witty.
Favorite Activities: I love to work, eat and watch TV.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: I’ve lived alone for over 21 years so living with a large group of people would be a huge adjustment.
Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Lay low in the beginning, befriend all, constantly observe others and make wise decisions on who I align with.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I liked Spencer because he was nominated so many times without going home. He was a likable person that I could relate to.
What are you afraid of:  Heights, mice, and public speaking.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: I paid cash for my house.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Leave everyone with a smile on their face.
What would you take into the house and why: My favorite pair of overhauls, my favorite hat and chewing tobacco.
What would you do if Big Brother made you famous: I would try to be the same person I have always been. Only, more people would know me.

Donny is a small town guy whose claim to fame is that he was the janitor at Kelly Pickler’s high school.  He’s never been on a plane.  He may look like a hunter, but he hates killing animals.


  1. Painter1
    Comments (390)

    Already my FAV.he is going to be the comic relief GIT ER DONE Donny !!!!

  2. Comments (71)

    My Favorite #06

  3. Comments (3)

    As much as I love Donny, he will probably not win…. 🙁

  4. Comments (24)

    Hmmm, I get a bad vibe every time that guy opens his mouth.

  5. Comments (1092)

    My favorite player from day one.

    Sadly, he didn’t bring any game, and will most likely get evicted soon.

  6. Comments (1)

    Greatest favorite ever

  7. Comments (918)

    #Team Donny…the nicest man to ever walk into the Big Brother House! Donny definitely has my vote for America’s Favorite Player.

  8. Comments (4)

    I keep hoping Donny will win, but unlikely after this week’s HoH. Dang Donny, I really hope you can stay, u’r like the nicest player out there! I hate the rests of the house, they are all dumb dumb dumb and Derrick’s puppets. You’ll win more than $500k, u’ll always be the winner in our hearts!

  9. Comments (3)

    I LOVE Donnie. The problem is Good Guys seldom win on this show and Donnie is one of the best.

  10. Comments (1)

    If Donny DOESN’t win we can all sent him a dollar just to show the other HG being nice does get you the biggest win….He’s smarter than all of them put together..

  11. Comments (1)

    Donny seems to be a sweetheart for sure but this is a game. They all want to win. I wish Donny would win but I doubt it as no one would want to sit next to him at the end cause he will win. Pretty safe to say he will be AMERICAS FAVORITE HOUSEGUEST/PLAYER !!! no doubt there. I am hoping he shaves for the last show cause I have a feeling there is a very handsome guy under all that hair

  12. Comments (27)

    YOU have to be THE BEST player in BB history!!! Yeah you just went to jury but you have so much heart and are so smart and you were awesome with the comps…..you played this game with integrity- something that the other idiots in this game know nothing about!!! They don’t deserve a dime!!! You have a lot of fans who will vote for YOU for Americas Favorite- you truly are the only one who deserves to win anything!! Way to go Donny!!!!

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