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Zach Rance

Age: 23
Hometown: Palm Beach, Fla.
Occupation: Recent College Graduate – Economics
Three adjectives that describe you: Entertaining, fearless and confident.
Favorite Activities: Golf, golf and golf.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being away from my brother. I have been away in school for 5 years and I miss him everyday.
Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Yes without a doubt.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: Andy, he played the game very smart.
What are you afraid of: Raccoons
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Graduating from the University of Florida.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Money over everything.
What would you take into the house and why: My sand wedge, a golf ball, and a picture of my family.
What would you do if Big Brother made you famous: I would donate some of my profits to charity’s and starving children. Then I would just go along for the ride.

A self-described “con artist,” Zach recently earned his Economics Degree.  His best friend is his 10 year-old brother and someday he wants to be a professional caddy.


  1. Only exciting person in Big Brother. Love him so much.

  2. I think Zach is a great kid!
    Nice person, and an all around good person.

  3. Hope he finishes third or fourth.

    Close to the final two, but then get screwed out of any prize money and no and favorite money.

  4. Ive watched all big brothers. this one was the best because of Zach. i love love love him! i hated to see him go. don’t really want to watch it without him there.

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