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Big Brother 17 – Becky Is In For The Shock Of Her Season



Full disclosure: I like Becky. I think she’s smart, grounded, and a decent person. While my main goal as a Big Brother writer is to hope drama happens, my goal as a fan is to not have a douchebag win the season. That’s why I am so torn this week because Becky finally made a move – a good move at that – but the side she chose is weak. That is why Becky is getting the complete shaft by the group of people she decided to finally align with.

There is no denying that Becky has been on the fence all season, and basically floating along quietly. She likely could have eliminated one of James, Meg or Jackie and then snuck into a final 5 or something before the power alliance turned on her. Assuming they are not at each other’s throats which would allow her to slip into the final 3 (like a floater seems to do every season).  However, Becky did something floaters of seasons past (Adam, Spencer, Victoria, etc) didn’t do… she made a big move. She tried to make her mark on the game and actually tried to pick up a resume builder should she sit in the final 2.

When you analyze the situation, Vanessa would have been walking out the door, and Becky would have been in a solid 5 (assuming she stuck with John). That makes for a 5 on 5, unless they can flip Steve for a 6 on 4. Austin, the whiners and Shelli would have been picked off and then the final 6 could have gone after each other with no clear favorite at that point (except for Steve’s intelligence, they’re all fairly equal). While there would be a bitter jury, that’s irrelevant if their entire alliance is sitting with them. They have to cast a vote, and as fans of the game, they’ll vote for who made the biggest moves.


But, Vanessa is not going out quietly, and James is an extremely impressionable player who believes the last thing he heard.  Audrey told him the truth about the big alliance, and he was on board until he talked to Clay, and then he was against it. James was set on getting out Vanessa until she told him that Becky suggested he go up on the block sometime in the past few weeks. This planted the seed in James head which grew every day until last night when he confirmed to Vanessa he’d keep her, and told his alliance about it.

(side note: Becky suggested that because she was told James didn’t throw the botb which put her in danger of going home when she volunteered to be a pawn)

Now, Shelli will likely be walking out the door, and the dynamics of the house will dramatically change. Meg, James and Jackie turn into a 3 person alliance. Vanessa still has Austin, Steve, and the whiners. Then you have Becky and John as odd people out.  Once Vanessa gets her revenge on Becky, she has the numbers and power to once again control the house and put her on track for winning the season regardless of who she’s sitting next to.

While my predictions are clearly simplified and don’t factor in any future twists, or curveballs (like one of the whiners winning HoH), it basically boils down to this. If Vanessa walks out this Thursday, it’s open season on the house. If Shelli walks out, Vanessa regains her power and cruises once again.

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  1. Avatar

    They should have stuck to the plan last week and voted out Shelli. She is more of a threat than Clay ever was. He’s just a big talking ‘furry bat.’ Another mistake this week will be not voting Vanessa out. She is both good at competitions and manipulative—look how she’s suckered them all back in again this week.
    I still haven’t figured out why Steve hates Becky so much. Vanessa and the twins have treated him like a puppet/lap dog/servant and have insulted him to his face over and over.

  2. Avatar

    I’m not gonna flip out, I’m not gonna ask that the padded cell be on standby for me, I’m not gonna pick at the skin on my thumbs anymore, I’m not even gonna scream at these fools on the feeds or tv anymore. I may not even that dart gun aimed at me. I am though about to start BANGING my head on the wall screaming at the top of my lungs. James, Grandma Meg & Jerky Jackie you are the BIGGEST BUNCH FOOLS!!!! They are screwing up royally.
    My Granpa always said “God takes care of children, old folks & fools!!
    Im calm, im calmm,

  3. Avatar

    So does Becky know the change of plans? of voting out Shelli.

  4. Avatar

    Steven Beens. Your 4th paragraph. Not including the side note. Is a very good assessment in my opinion. It’s easier to get your way when in power (or in position) On the other hand it it MUCH more difficult to get your way out of power.(Or oit of position)Basically powerless. Except for persuasion. Vanessa has played the strongest by far out of position. Like her or not, she is a literal Pro. If she makes it out this week. And at the moment it looks like she will. It will be an amazing feet of the comeback. A force to be reconded with. This makes the show very interesting. Persuasion is huge in this game. And this girl has it. That being said, she has a hill to climb and depending on the double evection Thursday. Then the next HOH just may be key for her. Everyone in the house knows she is good. Yet they keep her along. The power of persuasion is amazing is it not. (:

  5. AIO_7

    If the feckless floaters, James, Lipstick Meg and Jackie turn on Becky, then they deserve what they will get.

    • Jannie

      Up until this week, when she needed them, Becky biggest allies were JMac and Shelli. James and Co owe Becky nothing – she has never been their ally.
      Did Becky do what James wanted last week and vote out Shelli? No.
      IMO, Becky is a rat and the sooner she goes the better.

      I am actually in the minority that thinks that Shelli should leave. I like James and he would be in serious trouble if Shelli stays. And I’m also not so sure if Austin and his moron twits will stick with Vanessa. Last night they made an alliance with James and Co for final 6. I would hate to see Dr Demento and his moron twits get that far, but who knows what they will do with their loyalties from here on out.

      Poor James, his biggest mistake was aligning himself with non-competitors in Jackie and Meg – especially Grandma Meg.

    • AIO_7

      One thing that you have to remember; after Clay’s blow up, the whole house, including James, decided Clay had to go.
      If they can’t get Vanessa out now, what make you think she would go easily in the future?

    • g8trgirl

      Couldn’t agree more.

  6. Avatar

    What a betrayal by James, Meg, and Jackie. Won’ t be rooting for any of them to win.

    • Jannie

      They owe Becky nothing – she has never been loyal to them either. Every confidence James and Co has ever shared with Becky went straight to Shelli.
      And Becky knew beforehand that Jason was going on the block – she was down with it and never shared the info with James and Co.
      She even asked Vanessa to lie and tell James and Co that she didn’t know about it.

    • jimbo

      They do owe her — Becky was handing them a shot at the game! Now, they are a dead 3sum (Jackie/James/Meg) in the water. It’s Van and the Austwins to lose. Sayonara James!

  7. Avatar

    Steve’s intelligence is highly overrated. I’ve seen numerous times where John or Shelli have had to spell out the obvious for him. He thinks too hard for his own good and has done absolutely nothing in the game.

  8. danmtruth

    MiKEY not Mickey I agree with your assessment of Vanessa and that’s why they need to evict her Also the comment about the shifting alliances with the upcoming DE . Is spot on . Dreams of winning will be dash

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth. I have read all of your posts. And I believe that you are on spot on your assments. Not going by what ya want, but what is real. BTW, Mickey is growing on me. Ha
      They may need to boot Van this week. Although likely now they won’t. This chick is the comeback monster so far. Simple as that.

  9. Avatar

    Vanessa is the best player so far – easily. But her most difficult task is ahead of her. She is by far on the outside of her alliance. Austin will side with Liz over her. Liz and Julia will never turn on each other. When she gets to the final 5 with those 4 she will have to win competions all the way to the end to make it. I don’t see how it will happen unless she plants it in Austin’s head that Liz is just using him and can manage to get him to believe her.

  10. Alda

    I liked Becky,but not her alliance to Shelli.There is no reason she feels compelled to tell Shelli every move in the house.I don’t like how Shelli is using Steve and Johnny Mac.She tells Steve it’s the three of them now !!What?I was all for Vanessa going home first.But,now I do want Shelli gone first.She plays the innocent,sweet card too often.I hope somehow by a miracle Vanessa goes next this week.Then we’ll see what happens from there when it’s a more even playing field.I like James and I want him to win!

  11. Jannie

    Away from all of the Becky, Vanessa, etc… talk.

    Why in the hell have Dr. Demento and his moron twits seemingly been able to slide through this game with no talk of getting rid of them?? They are stuck together like glue, they never win so they are a solid 3 vote block, and they are annoying as all get out.

    Now they have made a deal with James and Co to the final six. My Lord, last night they were practically having to spell out their plan to the moron twits and they STILL didn’t get it! They are mean girls and they don’t deserve to be there. And every other work out of their mouths is the “F” word.

    Can anyone explain why they are not being targeted?? I really want them out(especially Diz) ASAP!

    • Avatar

      Austwins haven’t been targeted yet, b/c people think of Vanessa & Shelli as bigger threats.

    • Jannie

      I would just hate to see any of those three(Austin and the twits) in the final two. They do nothing, they don’t win anything, they trash the other HG’s and they are dumb as rocks.

      Maybe if both Shelli and Van go in the DE they will finally be on someone’s radar. Keeping fingers crossed 🙂

    • Colby

      Yesterday JMac and Shelli were discussing putting up the twins with Austin as the backdoor, and didn’t think the twins would be really that upset if Austin left since Liz claims she really doesn’t have feelings for Austin.
      I think that was JMac plan if he won HOH, but that also was when he thought J/J/M were sticking with Becky’s plan.
      Now that it seems that Vanessa will be running things again, I think he would target her because he knows she is after him.

    • Avatar

      Dr. Demento!!! Haha I love that!!!

  12. Alda

    Why isn’t grandma ever targeted either?She has done absoluely nothing in the house except refresh her lipstick?

  13. Sweet Bee

    This season’s contestants are the opposite of intelligent.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter. There really isn’t a person I’m rooting for at this point, expect for maybe Johnny Mac. Everyone else is annoying.

    I hope their stupid choices make juicier television.

  14. jimbo

    James handed the game to Vanessa, or Austin and the Twins. Its over.

  15. Avatar

    This isn’t about “oweing” Vanessa or “oweing” Becky. If Vanessa does not walk out that door tomorrow, they may as well write her name on the cheque now and call the game over. Is Vanessa playing the game the best? Most people are saying yes but if her gameplay is anything like her poker playing, than I am absolutely shocked she’s ever won a game of poker in her life. I’ve played and won many poker tournaments in my life and Vanessa has no skill. Her poker face sucks. Instead of using her manipulation skills to win the game, she’s holding everyone mentally and emotionally hostage. That’s not skill, that’s abuse. As a Christian myself, I find it personally offensive how she’s using the Bible and God as a tactic. Vanessa is pure trash that belongs back in whatever gutter she came from. I can’t even watch BB live anymore. I have to wait until it’s been recorded on my PVR so I can fast forward through every millisecond Vanessa has screen time. She is more annoying than Rachel Reilly. At least Rachel had a minute amount of human decency. Vanessa has none. Those people in the BB house that say they are “super fans” should know better than keeping Vanessa in the house. Anyone who’s ever watched a complete season knows that the people like Vanessa always win. Hand her the money now. Shelli may be more physical but she’s certainly not as big a threat as Vanessa, no one in that house is. I don’t like Becky but she’s a lot smarter than anyone is giving her credit for. She knows Vanessa needs to go and if Vanessa doesn’t walk out that door tomorrow, game over. And what’s with the twins? Can anyone say “mean girls”? Watching them feels like being back in high school with the “so called popular girls” always picking on everyone else they feel is beneath them. Liz and Julia are BULLIES and so disgusting. This is 2015, I thought bullying isn’t acceptable? Steve is a weird guy yes, but the way those two treat him is horrible and I can’t stand watching it. They need to go next. Those two wouldn’t know how to play the game if someone spent a century teaching them but it’s not ok to be a bully and for that reason alone, they need to get the heck out of that house. Karma is a Beotch and those two twins probably have a heck of a lot of bad karma heading their way. Bad people have bad karma and those twins are nasty, mean girls.

  16. Avatar

    What is it about this season’s HGs? Several cannot talk very well…the twins are whiners on top of a nasal voice thing. JMac talks so fast and with words running together and is so high strung I can’t understand him half the time. I hope he’s not like that with his patients! Vanessa is hard to understand alot too…does she have rocks in her mouth when she talks? Sometimes I think I would do much better watching with the mute button on!

  17. Avatar

    I beleive Vanessa should win BB17. She is a very strong and strategic player. Its sad sh went with clelli

  18. Avatar

    I really don’t understand Austin’s obsession with Liz. She makes fun of him constantly, she lets everyone know she isn’t into him. And when it comes to end Liz will cross him out for her sister in a heartbeat! Austin would be better off aligning himself with James and his crew and then Surprise back fire on the twins and whinessa!

  19. Avatar

    Well guess what I heard from Becky. Becky seemed very nice and friendly, characteristics she s relying on to help her in the game, but she s a newbie to the world of Big Brother.

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