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Big Brother 17 – Big Decisions For Steve



Good afternoon, everyone!  As you know, the Big Brother double eviction episode left us hanging as to who would be the next HoH. That is pretty standard, as they don’t have enough time to squeeze in a second HoH competition into the episode. So, many of you are checking in today to see who won…

Well, Mr Steve pulled off a victory

Minus John, this is certainly an ideal HoH if you want the twins to be split up, and that may actually happen this week. Steve has already reported to his boss (Vanessa) and was told who to nominate. Despite originally going with the plan of the twins, it will likely be Austin and Liz on the block together. The boss has spoken! To be fair, this is the best move to split up the twins, as Julia is certainly the weakest player out of the trio. Had the twins been on the block together and Austin won PoV, he would save Liz and Steve would have no choice but to put up John or his boss. While the scenario still holds true if Julia wins, Austin does have a better chance of winning veto.  Does that mean Julia won’t?  No. We saw last night she can finally win a competition. But, she’s just the weakest of the 3.


Of course, Vanessa wouldn’t have to worry about the situation of being on the block had she not allowed a situation of 1/2 of the house consisting of one alliance, but that’s water under the bridge I suppose. She got herself in a pretty sticky situation, and I am actually really fascinated to see if she can pull herself out of it.

Anyway, as far as updates, I will keep this thread open. I will update periodically, especially after nominations, but don’t expect much. When it’s down to the final 6, the house gets even slower than it has been (if you can believe that). There will probably be some stuff after nominations, but once that settles, it will be quiet until veto.


  • 8:30am – Everyone still sleeping
  • 10:54am – Steve is telling Austin that he has to put him up with one of the twins (after he promised Austin he wouldn’t nominate him)
    • He kind of goes into brain shock when Austin asks him who the actual target is. Mumbles something.
    • Steve feels putting the two girls up is just ‘too much’ (good argument)
    • Steve keeps repeating the votes are there  (for him to stay), but won’t give details.  Austin should just skip the middle man and speak to the real HoH this week – Vanessa
    • Austin leaves, Liz enters.  He tells her that she won’t be going up with her sister
    • Talk ends. Liz is crying in the other room now with Austin because they’re going up together. Meanwhile, the boss is chatting to her two workers.
  • 11:30am – Liz is reporting to Julia now
    • Liz knows that Steve is with John and she said Julia has to play her hardest tomorrow because if Liz/Austin win, obviously Julia will replace them.
    • Julia is shocked Liz is the target and not Austin
    • Liz – Julia, look at me. It’s twins vs the rest of the house
    • Julia is surprised they’re the target and not Vanessa.  Oh Julia, you’ll see why in 3 weeks.
    • “If James were still here, he’d be so much of a bigger target” – Damn, too bad you evicted him, right?
    • Austin enters and tells Liz to talk to Steve, try to make him cry. Don’t be scared about crying herself. (not make him cry in a mean way, but a guilty way)
    • Julia about Steve “go sleep with your teddy bear”. Austin tells her to stop. It’s not helping. Did they think they’d never be nominated?
    • They again mention why Steve isn’t going after Vanessa
    • Austin – “It’s not bad. We got plenty of TV time. Did any of us actually think we’d win?”…. maybe next season you can stop casting people who are using this show as a launching pad for their careers
    • “If John won, Steve would have told him what to do” by Steve, you mean Vanessa
    • For now on, all the comps are going to be his (Steve’s) forte. Yes, well if only Liz had a chance to evict Steve or Vanessa earlier in the game. Too bad those opportunities never presented themselves (sarcasm)
  • 12:00pm – Running to eye doctor (again).  Noms happening soon
  • 2:15pm – Back. No noms yet. Liz is still stressing about the nominations and feels awkward around Steve now
  • 4:00pm – Surprisingly no nomination ceremony yet
  • 5:00pm – Nominations are in:
    • Austin and Liz
    • Not much of a surprise. It’s the plan Vanessa wanted, so it’s the plan Vanessa got. As I mentioned, if Steve wants to target the twins (which he should be), this is the best move to make.
    • Liz gets to play the ‘poor me’ routine this week.
  • 5:50pm – Steve is talking to Vanessa
    • Vanessa thinks they can possibly get Julia to throw the veto because they’ll convince her Liz is the target….  ok then
    • After more talking, the deal would be to keep Liz safe if Julia throws the PoV.  So, they convince her that Liz is indeed the target, but they’ll keep her safe if she throws the PoV
    • Now they’re scrapping that plan and saving that in the event Julia wins. Steve points out that she can use the PoV and save her sister anyway at that point (and she’ll still be safe).
    • Steve wants to leave. Vanessa wants to just talk, and Steve said ‘sure, in the living room so it’s less sketchy’.  Vanessa thinks he’s being too paranoid at this point.  It is indeed weird.
    • Liz comes in, Vanessa asks her if she’s down to play pop ball tonight.  Liz briefly says ‘No, I’m going to sleep’ and walks out. Yup, more lines are drawn. I don’t think Steve needs to worry about looking sketchy because he’s past that point.

Check back for more


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  1. Avatar

    May the Big Brother Gods have mercy on us all and grant Steve the man parts to actually nominate Austin & Liz.
    I’d love for Liz to go! C’mon Steve, win yourself some respect!

  2. Painter,1

    Don’t get your hopes up peoples,Steve is not going to put up ANYONE of importance unless his surraget mom(Vanessa) tells him. This kid knows the game ,even told himself what he should do but alas Steve can’t upset his new best friends, he is a cool kid now.

  3. AIO_7

    Steve Beans: I don’t see how you can say Julia is the weakest of the Austwerps. She has won more than Austin. The twins are beasts with the visual memory contests.

  4. danmtruth

    Has BB ever had that 4 out of the remaing 6 players are the most hated by the fans. On most of the site I look at Austin,Liz,Juila, and Vanessa are dead last in fan polling. With all the evicted house guest scoring better . With Austin and Liz going up on the block I would like to see Austin win POV. Just to see first if Austin would take himself down or sacerfice his muscle head for his love . No matter just interested to see who Vanessa would put up next. What you say Steve is HOH and its his choice. Please your not watching closely Steve will do what Vanessa says like a good little lap dog

    • Avatar

      Bye bye Austin. Going according to plan.
      I gotta laugh at the boards who don’t like the best players.Coughhhhh I mean player. Everyone thinks Austin and Liz are the power. Saying Vanessa can’t be there with the trio.She is stupid. For not putting the trio up.Lol. See Austin on the block and going bye bye. Exactly how she planned. Van could not be the 1st one to put them up. Been saying this 5 weeks now!! Its simply about numbers with a bitter jury. Steve/Jonny will have to do it. And now that it’s Steve. The funny thing is he kinda has too. Its the best move for him.Jonny Mac as a secret alliance is masterful
      Noone sees it. Jonny can’t even believe it himself.. Ha. It’s called strategy on how to best position yourself for the best chance. To make the move last week would have been certain curtcurt for Van. Patients and timing is key in any stratigic game.

    • Jannie

      Vanessa and Steve remind me of the final two of Dan Ghesling and Ian Terry.
      And we all remember who won that one…

      I think Steve got into the house and decided to find himself a “Dan” and he found it in Vanessa.

    • stevebeans

      BB15 was close. The final 8 consisted of:

      Andy – meh, he was ok
      GinaMarie – not liked
      Spencer – not liked
      McCrae – liked
      Judd – liked
      Elissa – liked or hated depending on who you asked
      Amanda – generally disliked
      Aaryn – not liked

      The only people I can say for certain who were far more liked than disliked from the final 8 were Judd and McCrae, and even McCrae lost a lot of points with his pathetic gameplay while Amanda was in the house

    • AIO_7

      Steve; that’s not quite how I saw BB15. For me…

      Andy – O.K., I’ll give you that one, but really disliked at the end.
      Gina Marie – I liked her, especially at the end.
      Spencer – I liked him.
      McCray – Kind of liked, but wrapped around Amanda all day – not liked.
      Judd – liked.
      Elissa – Compared to those around her – liked.
      Amanda – HATED!
      Aaryn (Aryan) – yeah, generally not liked.

    • Jannie

      I’ll play this game…

      Andy – sorry, but I liked him. He frustrated the hell out of me with his loyalty to Amanda, but he was sneaky and fun to watch.
      Gina Marie – Stupid and ignorant – but also likable because she played a good social game. Her devotion to Nick drove me nuts.
      McCray – could have played a much better game if Amanda were not in the house.
      Judd – liked him.
      Elissa – was not a fan – especially after her meltdown. To me, was a spoiled princess.
      Amanda – Ewwww….
      Aaryn – typical southern ignorant racist. (not that all southerner’s are racists, but the one’s that are are pretty ignorant). She was racist without even realizing she was…

    • Avatar

      I have to chime in on this one.
      Andy, ugh, he seemed ok compared to the others, but overall was just annoying.
      Gina Marie, acted like a 12 year old stalker (did everyone forget that part), plus made racist comments, multiple times and is old enough to know better.
      Spencer, oh Spencer, he just wouldn’t win but didn’t seem like a bad person, just tried too hard to please others
      Mc Cray, could have been a fan favorite but he teamed up with an Uber Villian, and they were just over the top gross.
      Judd, who didn’t like Judd?
      Elissa, I liked her (I know, I was in the minority), and think if it wasn’t for people who disliked Rachel, she would have come off completely differently.
      Amanda, please note, Uber villain and again, made racist and gross remarks, that aren’t worth repeating.
      Aaryn, TOTAL idiot and racist, and I have to say, not a “typical southern” anything, as I’m Southern, and would NEVER say the kind of trash that came out of her mouth. Typical Redneck Racist, yes. And while she was cute, she wasn’t nearly as cute as she thinks she is.

    • Avatar

      I think the main reason people really don’t like Vanessa is that her game has been almost entirely predicated upon emotional blackmail, but she proclaims that she is logical and rational. It would be like claiming your game is all about honesty and lying to everyone every single week to get your way.

      It’s not necessarily bad game play, but I can’t help but think, that for all her whining about not wanting to get blood on her hands, she will go the way of Danielle Reyes from season 3, playing an excellent game to get to the end, but having rubbed too many people the wrong way along the way, she won’t no matter who she’s up against.

  5. Avatar

    So I don’t think it is truly fair to say that Julia won that comp, that felt more like luck and very little skill since they didn’t really get to practice, or did they? I think POV should be a skill sort of game to give the nominees the best chance of winning, not just a lucky toss

  6. Avatar

    Steve is a wuss. He’ll do whatever Vanessa tells him to do. It will be nice to see Austwits finally broken up and off their high horse.

    Van will have to contend with a bitter jury. She isn’t as likable as Derrick was.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think the jury will be that bitter at Vanessa. She hasn’t lied to anyone or betrayed anyone’s trust. She is getting the others to do her dirty work for her. No blood on her hands, so to speak. I think she is playing a brilliant game.

    • Avatar

      Derrick had the easiest game I’ve ever seen. Everyone reported to him and he picked em off 1 by 1. Van has had to do it with the target on her for most of the season. And pick em off rite in front of their face. Much more difficult to do. You are correct about a bitter jury. Even though Derrick did the same thing. If Derrick was outed he would not have been so liked. Derrick did deserved to win. No doubt. Although he is overated as a great player. Will season2 on the block every week and winning it all and Van the target all season.The 2 best players I’ve seen. Then winning most comps and picking just about everyone off. Even when she isint hoh. Is more impressive. She may not even make it to final 2. But if she does, the bitter jury should vote best player. They can not deny thay she had a hand in everythig. They know. She got em out. An injustice to vote thewinner to the guy or girl who just so happens to be sitting next to her. If thay happens.Weather you like her or not. She has played the best game. By a long way. Its not even close.

    • AIO_7

      Vanessa has lied, but much more than that she uses deception.

    • Avatar

      James and Meg have already said they won’t vote for Vanessa. Becky and Jackie both hate her. Shelli? That’s four votes against her. Three more HG will be going to jury.

    • Avatar

      I think it will depend on who is next to her. If she’s next to Steve or John, she may have a hard row to hoe. But if she’s up next to a twin or Austin, then I think she has a chance, of getting most votes (that aren’t from a twin or Austin that is). Once the houseguests are in the Jury house and start telling each other some of the vile things the twins has said about the jury members, I think peoples minds will change. Mainly because when faced with 2 choices you don’t want to have win, you actually look at game play. And Vanessa, so far, has out played them all.

    • Avatar

      Geez, what’s the thumbs down for?

  7. Jannie

    Most here thinks that Steve is an idiot who has no original thoughts of his own. While it does appear that he is Vanessa’s lapdog, I would not be at all surprised to see him sitting in the final two. He would be smart to take her to the finals, she has screwed so many people that she will lose in a F2.
    I always have to remind myself, that, although we get pissed when the good people leave, it is a game for $500K and they players in there are doing what they have to do to get the check.
    And if he is able to take out Liz or Austin?? Well then, just hand him the $500K.

    • Avatar

      Janie the body of work is more important than 1 week. Whoever won HOH Jonny,Steve or Van would doing the same move now.Ya shouldn’t reward someone for being hoh when the only play is Austin and Liz. Although I agree with you, this jury is bitter. And will maybe vote wrong if Van is sitting in the final 2.

    • Avatar


      The season isn’t over yet.

      If Steve had been playing the fool, and can orchestrate a final two with John, then he’ll deserve to win.

  8. Avatar

    P.s. If Steve does win he will need the $. The poor kid is gonna need it for theorpy. I think he is a good kid. But literally doesn’t have the stomach for this kind of cut throught game. (See him barfing in the sink. Yuk.)

    • Avatar

      DMC if it was Steve and Jonny I will agree with you 100 percent. For lots of reasons.But to me atleast. That’s the ONLY way Steve SHOULD win. I’m not a hater of Steve btw. I like him actually. I’m just going by the season as a whole body of work.

    • Avatar

      No question about it. Vanessa has orchestrated this season pretty much from after the first eviction.

      Trust me, I’m not a hater. I picked her to win right from the beginning because she was the poker player. But there is no way could I ever imagine she would be this good. Even having our advantage and watching what is going in, it still confuses me on who she will try to take to the end with. It can be any or them.

  9. Avatar

    Steve may be picked for F2 with someone, but only because he won’t win the jury votes.

  10. Renee

    The only bitter jury member will be the 3rd place person. Everyone else has had plenty of time to decompress and get over being mad. They are being paid $1000/week to live in a beautiful mansion. Other than Vanessa, there isn’t any one there that makes that kind of money.

  11. Avatar

    It would be funny if Steve said, I did not know who to put up but Vanessa said it was best to put Austin and Liz up and so that is what I am doing…

  12. Avatar

    I just dont understand why steve didn’t take his shot yesterday, he could have did it “without getting blood on his hands”

    • Avatar

      @Mikeboss.Because Meg as a non threat. Makes Meg the biggest threat if you are sitting next to her on the block.

    • Avatar

      @racecar. Your also leaving in 1 more threat in the game. Steve will Def go home if remaining Austwins win the next hoh. Plus meg and James were so desperate they could have been used for numbers for the next 3 evictions.

    • Avatar

      I think Steve realized that if he changed his vote to get rid of Julia, then Luz, Austin, and Vanessa would be gunning for him.

      The numbers weren’t there yet.

      Now his target us Austin. He keeps Vanessa as an ally, he is solid with John, and the twins will be happy to be safe.

      He believes Vanessa and John wont nominate him, next week. But even if he goes up, I think he has good chances to win veto.

  13. Avatar

    It is still not a sure thing Vanessa wins as I do not see John, Austin, the twins if they are still in the game taking Vanessa to the end. Steve would take Vanessa to the end and say you deserve the check here ya go…This is the perfect scenario for Vanessa tho, as she can sit back and let Steve do her dirty work and she can play innocent. Anyone see AD and that smirk on her face for about an hour, she could not contain herself. I do not understand how anyone can not see this, I first noticed her smirk when Becky went home. I would like to see right at the end when she thinks its hers, she is not taken to the end…boom, lol

    • Avatar

      Becky had 3 chances at Vanessa. Lost all 3. I’d smerk as well.She’s still in the game after Beckys best shots.It’s just sour grapes. When your in the game it’s one thing. But after if you were beatin. You should congratulate the winner. All pros in all sports do this. Why should this be any different.

    • Avatar

      racecar I agree, she smirked when she beat Becky…but thats not my point. My point is she was smirking when the twins were talking to her about being scared of what Steve might do, she had this giant Grin/Smirk on her face…they are so dumb the dont see it and bells and whistles would have gone up if I were Julia, putting her on the block was like waving a flag of I have another alliance…i know we see things they do not..i get that…but some things are right in their faces and they dont see them…just makes ya wonder which players have some working marbles upstairs

  14. Avatar

    I think Steve through the HOH competition last night as he could not stomach another snap decision on who to put up, he almost lost his mind the last time. The guy is a genius, a mechanical engineering genius and could not remember whats in a photo, lol… no way was he going to win it, he gave it up…

  15. Jannie

    Wow, that Julia is one nasty biotch. On Joker’s she is just spewing nasty venom on Steve because she can’t fathom that he would dare to put up the Austwits. Liz and Austin are trying to calm her down.
    And all three are regretting their decision to vote out James instead of JMac…really? We all here saw that one coming!!!

  16. Jannie

    This is the first time this season where I wish I had the live feeds, just to watch the twits throw their tantrums…

    From Jokers:

    Julia: “if Johnny Mac is allowed to skate through another week I’m going to be livid!!!!”

    Wow…this from the chick who has been carried through by her sister and her boyfriend. Never won a comp until day 74

    Amazing…pot, meet kettle.

  17. Avatar

    Dang it Beans. Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

  18. Avatar

    Liz should obviously be the target. She’s better at comps. Austin and Julia won’t have much of an alliance without Liz in the game.

  19. Jannie

    Liz, with an inspiring pep talk for Julia…

    “Don’t let that f*cking nerd ass motherf*cker beat you!!”
    And then they go on a rampage about how much they hate that “f*ucking bitch, Meg.”

    stevebeans…still think they “seem like nice girls?”

    Yeah twits, it’s all fun and games until your ass is on the block – seems everyone else handled it much better then they do – they go psycho 🙂

    • Avatar

      Jannie, LOL…well they are probably use to getting what they want outside the house and have had control in the house. When its flipped on them they do not know how to handle it…so we are seeing the spoiled bratty side come out, the i am better than you side, lol

    • Avatar

      These twins are so entitled. I never understood why people kept her around. The sixth sense needed numbers, I get that. But two sisters? So, in their minds (twins’), they’ve convinced themselves they are entitled to be in the house without ever having been nominated? That the game. Play it!

  20. Avatar

    Can you imagine the hell Steve will be facing outside the game for his game play?

    • Jannie

      Why, mouse? His hometown loves him and he said in his interview that he’s not in it for fame.
      I see nothing wrong with his gameplay if it gets him to the end. He is basically playing the same game as Ian and Andy…align with a smart, aggressive player – it’s actually a pretty successful combination.
      If anyone in the house should be embarrassed, it’s Liz and, especially Julia.
      Gameplay not withstanding, they are just mean, nasty people.

    • Avatar

      Jannie, I agree with you about the twins, but not Steve. He has come off this entire season as the needy, nerd kid who is desperate to be part of the group—any group. His HOH wins have been controlled by Vanessa. After HG leave, they receive horrible, vile emails, texts, twitters, even hate mail. Steve may have his family and home town behind him, but not the general public. He will be ridiculed for his nancy pancy behavior.
      As for the twins, if they were my children or grandchildren, I would yank them bald headed and slap them silly for their language and behavior. They are spoiled, entitled, vile, vindictive little witches.

  21. Avatar

    Danmtruth if your out there. What did I tell ya several weeks ago. Get rid of everyone until the final 6. Vans plan was to Keep the trio and find 2 more on her side. Happens to be Jonny and Steve. Then have 1 of them(Jonny or Steve. Really doesn’t matter who)go after the trio 1st. The Austintwins will self inplode the second they are tested. They are weak minded. It’s so apparent is laughable. And that is happening rite now. I’m reading jokers and the trio is at each other’s throghts. It’s easy to be confident when you have or think you have the power (Austwins) It’s another thing to be tested at just about the end after never haven to play defense. Lol. Just too easy. That’s why Vanessa didn’t evect them when she had the chances. Thats why I kept saying her strategy is really good. The trio will turn on each other the second they are tested. No need to boot em weeks ago. It’s a long term plan. Van may not make the final 2. Although she has put herself in the best possible position to do so. Jonny Mac is Key for her making it to final four. With only 1 of the trio left. Ya gotta have a short,medium, and long term plan in any stratigic game. Take care.

  22. Jannie

    Why, mouse? His hometown loves him and he said in his interview that he’s not in it for fame.
    I see nothing wrong with his gameplay if it gets him to the end. He is basically playing the same game as Ian and Andy…align with a smart, aggressive player – it’s actually a pretty successful combination.
    If anyone in the house should be embarrassed, it’s Liz and, especially Julia.
    Gameplay not withstanding, they are just mean, nasty people.

    • Avatar

      I disagree. He let a cabal hang around WAY too long. He should have nominated Austin and Liz when he was HOH at the first DE and he should have voted Julia out yesterday. Instead, they’re still there, they’re half the house, and if Julia wins the POV, then they control the game from this point forward. No idea what will happen, but keeping a solid 3-person cabal into the final 7 (knowing they would be 50% of the HOH participants) was dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

      If we somehow wins, that doesn’t mean he played a brilliant game. At this point, he basically has to get really lucky and win a comp each week.

  23. Avatar

    As usual the so called experts here. Are wrong as always. Talking about how CBS is losing and noone is watching. Complaining about how WE all quit watching.
    TO FUNNY. Yet agian. Big brother was #1 in the ratings.
    P.S. In 2 weeks I have a suprise for you guys. It’s been here the whole time and noone has noticed. I’m even giving you yet another hint. And still will go unnoticed until I revel what it is. I’ve been havin fun with ya. I’ll just say that. (:

    • AIO_7

      Will you REVEL when you REVEAL it?

    • Avatar

      It’s literally been here the entire time. I actually thought atleast 1 person would figure it out early. It’s been amazing how all the strategic people here don’t even see what is as the saying says, hidden in plain sight. Btw. It’s all in good fun. So ya I’ll revel it. It’s funny because…… well if I say that. Then it’s way to easy. (:
      hint: the one thumbs down I get no matter what I say is proof that this person who does it no matter what just has an agenda agianst racecar (:

    • Avatar

      Lol.tks for tha aaaautooo correct (:.
      Noo e watches MSNBC

    • Avatar

      I think people are complaining including myself because of frustrations with the game, the twists, the BOTB, The Twin Twist, now No Twists. I know CBS is just throwing stuff out to see what sticks and its obvious when Production wants to give advantage to a certain player, example that GO racing game, its was Austins to Lose. I think production was protecting Audrey until it was not possible anymore. Who woulda thought the bimbo blonds and the wrestler would still be here, lol…I was always going to watch the Finale and said I would not check the feeds as much but lots of good stuff here. Also, I get angry at the players, I know its silly, but to see Steve throw away a chance to run the game with Jmac and James, kinda sad, but after I saw him throwing up in the sink and the way he talks to himself he is not cut out to lead anyone nor make decisions that effect others, thats fine…just wanted to see the house shook up..and it will this week when the Austwins are on the block.

    • Avatar

      Is the surprise that you are Vanessa’s GF, Mel? Just a wild guess…..

    • g8trgirl

      Racecar spelled backwards is racecar.

    • Avatar

      I’ll bet that its just an old bb player & I think I know exactly who he is.

    • Colby

      racecar, Mikey, and WOW are all the same person.

    • Avatar

      Colby thay would be a good one. Thing is how is that hidden in plain sight? We have nothing in ini common exept for being Van supporters. I can not answer any longer to the questions because eventually by accident someone will get it rite. But hey, I had to say something after 10 weeks. I truly thought someone would say wait a minute. Look at…….
      good times. yay

    • Avatar

      To be fair if someone gets it rite I’ll say congrats. BB
      Anyway, good bye Austin,Or liz

    • Avatar

      I can tell I got on here late this year. I don’t have any clue what hints have been dropped, or what they are being dropped for????

    • Avatar

      BB is # 1 in the ratings because there is absolutely nothing else to watch! Why do you think it’s in the summer?

    • Avatar


      I’ll take a guess that You are the one that randomly gives thumbsdowns to everyone.

  24. Avatar

    Yes it is spelled the same way backwards.But that would be a lame hidden in plain sight. Rite. (:

  25. Avatar

    Austin and Liz on the block. Liz is flipping out. The Austintwins are imploding in front of our eyes. Just as predicded. They can’t handle diversity. Yay

    • Avatar

      I mean, I know it’s gotta suck to be put on the block, but damn, they haven’t at all. Did they seriously not think it would ever happen? Liz & Julia’s fake nice frosted coating is melting off so quickly! Spewing hate left and right now! SO funny!
      And Austin? Please. I bet he’s surprised he made it this far himself. He made it clear from the get go that he didn’t care about the game, he just wants to get back into wrestling. I don’t know of anything wrestling related he’s done this season, but if he’s able to get back into it after this, let’s just pray that he takes a different approach:


      I don’t even like wrestling and that’s the most pathetic s**t I’ve ever seen. Ew. Just..ew.

  26. g8trgirl

    Liz, in between sobs and snot, talking to Apeman : ” I’ve always been nice to that mother f*ckin’ nerd. I can’t believe he did this to us. I never would have treated him like this. F*ckin’ asshole.”
    Liz’s next venture will be seminars on how to make friends and influence people.

    • Avatar

      Meanwhile if Liz,Austin,or Julia won the HOH they put up Steve and Jonny up in 1 second. I cant help but enjoy the implosion of the Austwins. Courtsy of Vanessa. She knew the whole time she was the 4th wheel. She had to play ball to stay safe. While she was the #1 target 2/3’s of this season.And eliminate the rest to get to this point. Then unlesh her minions towards the Austintwins at just the rite time.There are only so many players left. And even they(Austwins) must know this is the only legitimate move. Sux to lose. When it’s been a cake walk for 10 weeks. And think your unbeatable. If/when/or Vanessa is put in this position she will try and talk her way out of it thru pruesuation instead of pulling a Liz. And if Van does go out. She will be bummed ya. But she will say congrats. Guarenteed 1 cazillion percent. And vote the rite way.Not bitter. But of course it’s no secret. I’m rooting for the best player. Van. And it would be just another notch on that belt of getting the trio out. Weather by using Steve or Jonny or even herself to do it. The amazing thing is Jonny and steve wouldn’t even be here still if Van wanted them out. Those 2 were her best options of the final 9 people at the time for her.I don’t wanna be proven rite. By knowing that she will say congrats.

    • Jannie

      It’s just the best, isn’t it?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Can’t wait for BBAD tonight

      Vanessa is asking the twits if they would like to read the Bible with her…
      I think a bolt of lightning is going to come down and smite old crazy eyes!

    • Elaine

      Good comments g8tor. Liz and Julia act as if the others should just hand over the money to them. In reality what has moved them further in the game is the fact that NO ONE saw it smart to break up this tight trio earlier in the game.

  27. Avatar

    I just wish that there had been more twists this season. I thought of one that would be fun to watch.

    Remember that old TV game show where contestants yelled “No whammie! NO WHAMMIE!!” And then they pushed a button to stop the electronic rotating board.

    Imagine if the HoH winner wasn’t the HoH but got the push the button that is rotating the entire memory board of images. And whoever comes back in – just this once – is the new HoH.

    Knowing that this looms after there have been 1/2 of the people evicted might change the gameplay quite a bit. Anyone evicted might come back. And the only other picture on the memory board is the single color image of the HG who won the in-house competition. They have to try to time it out to keep someone from coming in. And every HoH competition leads to this twists until someone comes back in.

    I don’t know – might be way out there. But this season has had a total lack of any twists and just thought I would toss this idea out there for you all to tear apart. Dumb idea or not?

    • Avatar


      In the above article, the writer addresses the different types of POVs BB has previously used as twists.

      The dual and the diamond would seem cool to bring back.

      The one thing about twists, fans always complain and suspect that producers are rigging the game in favor/against certain HGs. While I don’t think it impossible, I don’t particularly subscribe to that conspiracy theory…at least not for every twist.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for the link!

      Everything is a conspiracy these days.

      Do I believe that Production tells them how to act and react? Absolutely. What adult has the look of a kid who is seeing Mickey Mouse in-person for the first time just because a fake robot comes in. The looks on their faces just seemed very fake to me. But I don’t believe for a moment that they are interfering with the game itself.

      That megaphone guy is an interesting twist of sorts. Can’t help but wonder if he is connected to CBS.

      At least this next week should be fun seeing as how the twins have made themselves into this season’s bad girls and one of them might just be hitting the bricks. If Steve and Van don’t end up final two it will only be because luck wasn’t on their side.

    • Avatar

      I don’t mind a season without twists.

      Let them strategise and let the best player win.

      Sometimes an ill timed twist seems like it’s too much of a coincidence to favor a weaker player over stronger ones.

  28. Avatar

    from Jokers 9:39 PM Twins in the bathroom complaining that Steve had the nerve to ask if he could have a turkey burger. They refused to let him have 1
    ….any live feeders out there see this? WTF…they don’t own the food, just because they cook does not mean they can say who eats or does not eat …i saw Austin put 4 Tburgers in a tupperware, ….I hope they are sitting in jury soon.
    spoiled rotten brats

  29. Avatar

    We need some fun this season, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXVm5BW9R4o (although Johnny Mac is pretty damn entertaining).

  30. Avatar

    Liz gets the boot…..& then ( in their ‘stressed-out’ state )…..Austin & Julia ‘hook up’….LOL.

  31. Avatar

    Hey there racecar,,,, I figured out the secret. I would never have guessed it if you had not started giving hints. I wouldn’t have even thought about it. WOW

  32. Elaine

    I saw a little of BBAD Friday nite….Julia’s attempts to stay in a conversation with Steve are laughable.

  33. Avatar

    For the conspiracy theorists. A few years ago they ran a segment showing the ‘behind the scenes’ of BB. All those windows have a camera person/recorder and they can roll from window to window. They also showed where they made the sets for the competitions. The entire season is “set” before the show ever begins and they have no idea who the HGs will be. The order of competitions for HOHs and POVs doesn’t change so no competition is for any one HG.
    I do agree that the DR discussions “could” “maybe” have an impact on what a HG is thinking but I doubt it.

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