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Big Brother 17 – Countdown To Eviction Week 1



It is Thursday afternoon, so there probably won’t be very many updates, but I’m keeping this open just in case something blows up. If you’re new to the Big Brother live feeds, Thursday afternoons are generally dead.  This is because minds are mostly made up, and most of the people not on the block are already in ‘next week’ mode.  Plus, the feeds go on and off a lot while production preps them for the show.  They’ll do rehearsals of where to sit during the taping, probably what order to enter the DR, etc.

No director enters the house or anything, it’s done over the speakers, but it’s not on the feeds. They have to do this because live shows are difficult as is, and doing it without a prepared crew would be nuts at times. In addition, they often get locked in the HoH room for an hour or so, while production goes in and makes sure everything is good for tonight. All of this means little time to actually strategize, especially when the houseguests are also getting ready for tonight (showering, doing their makeup, etc).  It’s actually quite fascinating to watch them prepare for the live shows compared to the other days where they roll out of bed and do nothing.

So, with that said, here are the updates…

  • 11:30am – Audrey has been campaigning a little. She promised John safety if she wins HoH. Audrey is already the target for next week, so she’s preparing already. She’ll probably casually do that to people throughout the day.  I’m unsure if Jace will try to stay any more, although I’d be shocked if he just went quietly. It may just take someone (Austin) saying ‘look bud, you tried, but you didn’t get the votes’.
  • 1:15pm – House update, people just sitting around chatting.  No game play going on right now
  • 3:00pm – Like expected, quiet day.  I am going to close this and start a live update thread for the show tonight.  Eviction night!!



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