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Big Brother 17's Da'Vonne

Big Brother 17 – Can Da’Vonne Remain In The Game?

Big Brother 17's Da'Vonne


It figures the first day I’m on vacation, interesting stuff starts to happen in the Big Brother house. And, of course, my WiFi up here makes me wish I was even back on a 56k modem. I guess I shouldn’t expect any different when I’m in the middle of the mountains. I’m shocked they even have internet at all up here.

So, let’s get right into the day’s events…

  • The PoV Ceremony happened

As I reported earlier, it was essentially a given that Meg was going to go on the block to replace John (who won the power of veto). This is honestly the easiest choice Shelli had to make once she decided to go against the grain and get Da’Vonne out prior to Audrey.


Shelli put up Meg because of her great personality so far, nobody is going to want her to leave just yet. It is also the reason I put Meg up at the top of this week’s power rankings. But, did I jinx Meg?  Keep reading…

  • Da’Vonne is pretty sure she figured out the twin twist

Earlier in the day, Da’Vonne was chatting with Liz before Liz was called into the DR session. This was a switch-a-roo with Julia (her twin).  Note – I don’t know who went in and who came out, but for the sake of the story, I’ll say Julie came out.  So, when Julia ‘went back’ to talking with Day, something started clicking inside Da’Vonne’s brain. This is not the same person she was just talking to.

I am getting this information from my buddy at Big Brother Network, so this is all second hand info, but I trust him.

Day went to talk to her buddy Jason about this, and they sat there putting the puzzle together. Liz forgetting certain events, then suddenly remembering them. The rate each of their roots are showing in their hair. Subtle facial differences which would inevitably be picked up on when you spend so much time with people.

Da’Vonne thinks that she will get rewarded if she goes to the DR and exposes it, but she won’t. Had she discovered it earlier, it would have gone a long way in getting Liz on the block instead of Meg, but too little, too late.  Or is it?

  • Da’Vonne won Kathy’s phone reward

Before you say it, I know it sounds pretty damn fishy that Big Brother had them each answer a call, and Da’Vonne just happened to be 7th, but I believe it was luck of the draw.  From what I’m gathering, a phone booth was placed in the house, and everyone just lined up to answer calls one by one. I don’t think Big Brother set the order, but just told them they each get to answer it. Da’Vonne just is incredibly lucky because this could save her season.

Again, just what I’ve been reading, it sounds like Da’Vonne will be told about the reward, but nobody else. I suppose she can tell people if she wants, and she likely will have to in order to secure some votes, so I believe the shit is going to be hitting the fan when it all comes out.

This still may not be a saving grace for Day, but with some right deals, she could potentially stay. I guarantee this, if Dan Gheesling was given 3 opposing votes to eliminate, and he’s in Day’s shoes, he is staying that week.  This will certainly be the judge on whether or not Da’Vonne deserves to be in the house or not.

Right now, the votes are as followed:

Audrey, Austin, Becky, Clay, Jackie, James, Jason, Jeff, John, Liz, Steve, Vanessa.  That is 12 people meaning in a normal situation, Da’Vonne needs 7 votes (because Shelli will break the tie and get her out). However, let’s just say she scratches off 3 guarantees for Meg. We will say Audrey, Clay, and Austin, this leaves 9 remaining votes where she will only have to get 5.

It does suck for her that eliminating 3 votes only really saves her 2, but that’s because of the tiebreaker.

Now, where can Da’Vonne get 5?  Jason and Steve are possibilities. John has been floating around and badly needs to find a secure alliance. This leaves 2 people out of Becky, Jackie, Jeff, Liz, and Vanessa. James is practically in love with Meg, but he is also easily manipulated. Liz and Vanessa would be hard to sway. Assuming James, Liz and Vanessa are all no’s, could she get Jeff, Jackie, and/or Becky?

Good players can. Let’s see if Da’Vonne is one of those players.

Seriously, sign up to the live feeds because I feel it may be a pretty interesting week and I’m sad I’ll be missing a chunk of it.


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  1. Avatar

    OMG, if Day stays and Meg leaves this week…. GRRR… Meg is my pick to win it all and a stupid phone call could flip it?! So frustrating…

    The other part of this conversation on what kinda player is Meg. If Meg can keep the house focused on getting rid of Day, and get through this, then she’ll be a good player too.

    I’m sure Dan could survive if he was in Meg’s seat.

  2. CLangley

    Lol Dan would be busting some major hustle to flip the votes in his favor for sure.

  3. Avatar

    I don’t know what to make of these HG…At first I said that there was no one that I disliked on the current cast…But a little time has passed, and I have to say that I find most of these folks “BORING.” But now there are also the disliked people…Austin, Clay, Shelli, Audrey, & Vanessa, and the rest I’m just Neutral on, they are just BLAND.

  4. Avatar

    It is definitely an extraordinary coincidence that Liz & Da were chatting together before the switcheroo. The person who openly states how observant she is. And then to get the phone call ? Huge coincidence indeed.

    However, as a viewer this is a great situation. I am really started to like Meg. She is one of those people that it seems she would be fun to be with. Then there is Da, with a very strong personality. No matter who stays and who goes, it will cause conflict in the house. This is perfect !

    Hope Meg stays cause I like her.
    Hope Da stats to stir up some shit!

  5. Avatar

    Perhaps Da could persuade Liz to vote to keep her this week…or out her to the house as the twin! If push comes to shove and you’ve got nothing else, it could work. Only one more vote needed! Love having someone like Da in the house to keep people on their toes 🙂

  6. danmtruth

    Day needs 5 votes She can blackmail Liz by saying she will expose the twin twist but it seems Day can’t keep her mouth shut. Than she might get Becky because Sheli did not follow the plan Austin is just looking for an alliance to trust Jasson seems to be her ally. John is another flipper The votes are their if she plays it right

  7. Avatar

    I hate this ‘voting with the house’. Also hate that BB doesn’t follow their own rules. Start handing out penalties. So many penalties and you lose your vote. Discuss nominations and you lose your HOH. Make them work for food and shower privileges. This show has gotten so monotonous over the years. The so called twists are ridiculous. The “last laugh” should have been the ability to pull someone off the block.

  8. Avatar

    Do not like Da she seems to have a nastiness that I donot think is game play. I think that is just who she is. I do not mind if it was just game play I would enjoy that but I do not believe it is. I would hate if she ended up winning.

  9. ChiKelz

    Damntruth…great minds think alike. When I read the Stevebeans update yesterday I had the exact same thought. If I were Da, I would blackmail Liz and tell her I know she is a twin and I need her help to get my 5 votes. If I stay then your secret is safe with me. If I go home… my goodbye speech will be you are a twin and you will be next out the door. Da has already told Jason and now it’s all over the house.

    I tried to watch BB After Dark last night, but it was hard for me to support Da when she basically gave up and decided not to fight. As much mouth and strategy (she knows she has) why not go out fighting? As Damntruth stated the votes are there. Da would have to get up off her ass and fight for them. The only loser is a quitter and she has lost the game.

    • danmtruth

      She just can’t keep her mouth shut. Does not look for the long game Her thought pattern is all short term She gets made at someone for a small reason and stays with it. It took her one day to blow her girl alliance by not trusting her partner because of her shomance with Clay Insted of seeing if she could control him for there own good

    • Avatar

      That’s the problem year, after year, after year! Big Brother “always” picks Black HG that don’t know how to play the game, or know anything about Big Brother?! Although I really liked her, anyone remember Candice from BB15, she did not have a clue…Smdh?!

    • ChiKelz

      That’s why she blew the girl alliance? LOL I thought it was because of the altercation with Jeff when she went into the room and Shelli and Clay sent Jeff to find out what she was doing. LOL Either way it was stupid and she’s not a smart player. As you stated she’s not playing long term. I didn’t care for Derrick at all last year but he was always playing weeks in advance; hence, why he is $500K richer.

    • ChiKelz

      You are right Mello one! I totally forgot about Candice. I think the black girl the year before was out the first week? Let’s not forget about the big time floater Jocosta last year!

  10. Avatar

    Steve you shoulda took your Vaca 2 weeks ago or to a place that has good internet, just sayn. Time for Da to use some behind the scenes move and get Liz to help or blow her cover. If she plays dumb Id be blowin her up and getting folks to think about conversations that may not have seems just right, etc.

  11. Avatar

    Day should not have got that snotty attitude when Jeff came in , she should have just said counting cars, counting everything, she overreacted when she could have gave them a heads up for future comps….anyways , she might have a chance to stay, but I would not put money on it without good odds

    • Avatar

      Jeff didn’t have any business questioning her about where she was or what she was doing! I agree she could have handled the situation better, but Jeff and Clay seem to think they are the top dog rulers and can interrogate, dominate, or humiliate anyone they choose. Can’t stand Jeff or Clay.

    • Avatar

      I agree, but I htink , not sure Shelli was the one to say …go get some hairgel or somethiing….the whole blowup was stupid , add the Audrey intervention, it just got blown up to much , and that is why Day is up..new hashtag Cleff, bromance will split up #Shay

  12. g8trgirl

    I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said. I only wish the houseguests had minds of their own. Really dislike this “group think”.

  13. CLangley

    Da is working on Liz telling her about the twin twist. I wonder if it’ll be enough to get a vote????

  14. ShoeLover

    Coming home from a week of sensory overload Vegas Vacation to playing catch up on BB. Sadly my son deleted past episodes so I am getting the “OMG! You missed some awesome stuff (16 year old) version” of the past 7 days. For now, I agree as others, no going along with the house voting. And have the twins been discovered????

  15. CLangley

    ShoeLover they’ve been showing the older episodes on POP channel.

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