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Big Brother 17 – Double Eviction Live Thread

Will John survive the night?

Important Update – Check your cable listings. Roger Goodell may be looking like an idiot tonight because of my man Brady, but that doesn’t mean the NFL isn’t going to screw with Big Brother in many regions. Check your DVR’s to make sure everything is squared away.  (see note at the bottom about Brady)


Wow, I cannot believe we’re already at the point of the season where there are only two Thursday’s left after tonight(!!).  The end of the season is coming up super fast, and it will feel even faster in a few hours when two more people walk out the door of the Big Brother house.

I will say, my favorite nights of the season are double eviction nights. They were always fun before, but as a blogger, they are the best. No spoilers, no waiting around, and most important – no watching Liz and Austin in bed for a week between evictions. I am finally a viewer like the non-feed watchers, so I have no clue what to expect. It’s great!  I wish the house had 30 cast members and a double eviction weekly.  Ok, maybe not.

As far as the first vote, here is a little secret – I try to avoid feeds on Thursday. This is because feeds mostly consist of Jeff’s awkward interview and feed highlights, but also because I have a deep down hope that the house flipped and I am surprised come eviction time.  I fully expect Meg to walk out the door, and will be shocked if it doesn’t happen.  Maybe Steve had another change of heart today?  Doubtful.


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Enough rambling, updates:

  • 6:00pm – Here we go!  Sorry, NFL, but Big Brother is far more important than watching backups play in a meaningless game

Note – I am going to likely update more than usual, because I know some can’t watch it at all.

  • Ok, back to updates…
    • Doing a quick ‘previously on..’
    • The announcer is into it “It’s time for another double eviction, baby!”
    • Julie – We’re less than 3 weeks away from the finale. They should expect the unexpected (yea, like promising a twist every week and then forgetting about it. That was pretty unexpected)
  • 6:05pm – Post veto highlights:
    • Meg to DR – Thanks for nothing, Vanessa.
    • James tells the DR that the house can take a stab at Julia this week!  They can, but they won’t. Because they’re terrible.
    • John telling Vanessa that he needs to piss off some people because he doesn’t want people to think he has a lot of friends on the jury.
    • John is happy about his final 2 deal with Vanessa. I’m sure she’s happy with it as well…. just like her f2 deal with nearly everyone else
    • Steve and John talking about how they may need to flip the house
    • (They are really building up the false hope that Julia will be evicted)
    • A lot of clips about the dilemma Steve has been facing. He gags in the sink. He said his mother is probably telling him to split up the twins.
    • Julie tells the house about the double eviction. James bounces around.  The house was expecting it next week, so they’re actually surprised this time.
  • 6:12pm – Statements
    • Meg has a speech saying ‘if you love bowling and pop ball’
    • Liz gives a shoutout to her ‘better half’, Liz. She has to prove zingbot wrong
  • Votes:
    • Liz – Meg
    • James – Julia
    • Steve – Meg
    • John – Meg (evicted)
    • Austin – Meg
  • 6:16pm – Taylor Swift is gone. Time for her talk with Julie
    • Julie to Meg – You felt ‘played’, by who?  Meg – By Vanessa. She felt that James was the target, but she’s a ‘whoops’ this week
    • Meg doesn’t regret keeping Vanessa over Shelli
    • It looked like you grabbed James face to kiss him. Any chance?  Meg – No, we’re best friends.
  • 6:19pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:22pm – We’re back! HoH time
    • Trivia competition. 6 people playing. True/False about photos they get to see.
    • Round 1 – Everyone safe
    • Round 2 – Steve, James out
    • Round 3 – Austin, John out
    • Round 4 – nobody out – Liz and Julia left in
    • Round 5 – nobody
    • Round 6 – nobody
    • Round 7 – Liz HoH winner
    • Commerical
  • 6:30pm – We’re back
    • James and John nominated
  • 6:36pm – Bad part about DE, the commercial breaks.
    • Power of veto time. Everyone but Vanessa playing. A ball rolling competition. Highest score wins
    • Steve – 0
    • John – 0
    • Austin – 15
    • Liz – 15
    • Julia – 17
    • James – 0
  • 6:46pm – Veto meeting. I wonder what will happen…
    • Veto not used
  • 6:50pm – We’re back. Eviction time…
    • Austin – James
    • Julia – James
    • Vanessa – James (evicted)
    • Steve – James
  • So that’s it, folks. HoH competition will be later on tonight. 

Check back for updates

note – I mentioned Brady and Goodell. Non NFL fans turn away. Boring stuff.

I know people think Brady is a cheater (he’s not), and it’s not fair he isn’t suspended (he shouldn’t be). The reality is, the only thing Brady is guilty of is trashing his phone.  Yes, it’s a bad look to do that, but when you give a guy a fine for not cooperating with league investigation (Mr whip it out Favre), you simply can’t suspend another guy for 4 games.  It also looks very bad when the league hears the appeal.  What kind of system is that?  If a judge sentences you to something, and you’re allowed to appeal, how stupid would it be to only be able to appeal to the same judge?  An independent 3rd party should have heard the appeal.

This win is good for NFL fans in general because Goodell is a horrible commissioner who arbitrarily handed out punishments based on fan reaction to things. There was no consistency with his rulings, and if the media made a fuss over something, he’d go harder than someone who didn’t make headlines. That’s a terrible way to discipline players, and he has had his butt slapped over and over as a result. Almost every one of his major punishments were overturned because he’s a lousy leader who really needs to be replaced if people want the NFL to keep succeeding.

Look at Ray Rice. Goodell slaps the guy on the wrist for beating his wife, but then gets ripped apart by the media, so he practically bans Rice for life. With some consistency, he never would have had to deal with the media backlash over his horrible leadership.

(that’s my 2 cents. I know people think I’m biased because I’m a Patriots fan, but I don’t care about the Saints, yet he was a dumbass in that ‘scandal’ as well)


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  1. danmtruth

    Vanessa covered herself with the twins by planting that if Juila goes it’s because Austin approved and planed it with the boys without Vanessa having anything to do with it. I understand Vanessa feels her biggest strength is knowing how to read people and get them to do the things she wants. I am not sure just how smart it is to be counting on HOH wins. In fact it is Veto comp that change the game more at this stage. It’s nice to put people up But better to control your own destiny with winning VETO!
    Steve has been bullied into going along with Vanessa plan Sad to say 4-1 vote and Meg is gone Next up is the roll of the dice to make a big move . Many players thought this was coming next week .
    See you all posting after the show Ann hang on we might get vindication tonight. By seeing Vanessa or Austin gone

  2. Avatar

    Steve, you always do such a great job. Please keep us well updated tonight! central time is preempted by football & will not be airing BB til 12:30 am, Not liking football right now!

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for the updates. Football (and I even like the team!) here. Aargh.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I am done with this season it’s the worse ever!!! How dumb of everyone to protect the twins and keep them! Silly players.

    • Avatar

      It was a stupid move by the entire house to let the second twin enter the house in the first place! everybody knew there was a twin twist and they knew who was the twin. why in the world would you allow a twin to enterespecially when one already had a close alliance and showmance going on. this whole Austin and the twins could have been nipped in the bud before the second twin ever came in if anybody in the house had any sense at all and knew how to play the game.

  4. Avatar

    Well if the austwits win hoh today we can officially stop watching the show.

  5. g8trgirl

    It’s official : Steve IS a big puss* .

  6. Avatar

    Austin, Liz, and Julia final 3. It’s done. Vanessa, Steve, and John had their chance and blew it.

  7. Colby

    Liz won. Hopefully Jmac will win veto.

  8. Avatar

    I guess I don’t have to waste anymore time on this season. It’s been real and it’s been fun but it hasn’t been real fun.

  9. Colby

    It is being shown on an alternate station in DFW area. They keep running a ticker that it will be on CBS at 10:30 (central time)

  10. Avatar

    ughh Steve!

    Not trusting your gut and trusting Vanessa will be the downfall of both of you.

  11. danmtruth

    Any question James is gone Next HOH is the game for Vanessa She needs herself ,John or Steve in that order Not sure if she can trust Steve with the twins It might be his one big move

  12. Avatar

    I also think Vanessa had been very foolish.

    Steven Beans made some good points about the “blood on hands” play. If I was a jury member I woudl vote for the person that outplayed me (aka survivor.) You need blood on your hands to get to the final two, hence you desrve to win.

    • Avatar

      I thought Vanessa has had her hand in just about every eviction. Rite! You can’t have it both ways. Van has out played everyone. Jonny,Vanessa, going after austin. Steve and yes Julia also Even Liz can be persuaded to rid of Austin. If you watched Bbad last night you know that Austin is not the 3rd wheel now. Nor is Van the 4th. Van is the 3rd and Austin(who doesn’t know is 4th. And the all mighty Jonny secret wepon for Van. That NOONE knows about.
      Bases are just as about covered as can be with 6 left. Not a bad spot. Just luck yet agian I suppose. Tonight went perfect for Van. James the original target. Bye bye. And no Meg who would beat anyone remaining on the block because she is no threat. That being no threat is a huge threat if your sitting next too her. Sour grapes sux. That’s the game. It’s amazing how Derrick gets all this credit last year. He was doing all the evictions in secret. It’s alote harder to be the #1 target most of the season and pick people off one bye one.Rite in front of your face. A masterful game. Ya can argue about it all ya want. Bottom line. Everyone so far Van wanted gone is now gone. Long way to go. But there is no doubt not 1 doubt who is bye a long way who is the best player.

  13. Avatar

    I know people from CBS visit these boards.

    You are losing viewers CBS. “Expect the unexpected” has become “painfully predictable but please keep watching”.

    The ONLY hope now is for the survivor (James or John) to win the next HoH. And if that doesn’t happen Liz, Julia, or Austin will win. Why? Because these idiots left twins in the game – and a “boyfriend”.


  14. Avatar

    This is the worst group of people that the Big Brother producers have ever chosen. There was half the house that acted like stuck up bullies the majority of the time while the other half didn’t dare do anything to play their own games. Although I can’t stand the Austwits, I do believe that even with the major role Vanessa has played in everyone’s eviction she deserves to get voted out at this point and so does Steve. Steve is useless to the Austwits after #5 and Vanessa is useless to the Austwits after #4. Both Steve and Vanessa are fools to think they are going any further than #4 and #5. The only one that should win at this point is Austin himself because he was smart enough to lock in and create the Austwits.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I wouldn’t say this is the worst group of people. All the seasons have had some good and bad people. Some of the worst I’ve ever seen were Andy (the vile things he said about Elyssa), GinaMarie (her racist rants), and Frankie (just freaking nasty and annoying).

      This year we have the Twits (they are just plain nasty), and Vanessa (her domineering, demanding everything!).

      To me, BB isn’t just a game. It reminds me of MTV’s Real World….Not only is it a game, but a social experiment. To see what people will do or how they will act for a large amount of money. Being in that house in such close quarters, groups are formed, deals are made, friendships and back stabbing. I find it interesting to see where they started and how they end up by the end of the game. Some find out they are not as smart as they think. Some find out they are smarter than they thought. Either way, it’s like those car accidents or train wrecks. You know it’s going to be bad, but you just can’t stop watching. I know I can’t 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Julia and Liz are the worst! (Said in their whiny voices)

  16. Avatar

    Well, I am officially done with the Vanessa Show after tonight.

  17. Avatar

    CBS should do all of North America a favour and end this painful season of Big Brother right now. Cut the twins a cheque and be done with it. For being a poker player, Vanessa sure doesn’t read people as well as she thinks. If she did, she would know that Austin and the Mean Girls will be final 3 and she doesn’t stand a chance. The twins are disgusting trailer trash and do nothing but make me want to puke in my mouth. They are your typical bimbo mean girls and unfortunately, they’ll more than likely win it all. Every time I hear one of them speak, I get a headache. Poor Austin the sucker. He’s not going to win any money or leave with the girl or have a girl at home left waiting for him. He’s the biggest loser of the season. Poor stupid Austin. If you thought with the right head this season rather than the wrong one, you could have had a real fighting chance at winning. Instead, you’ve already lost and we haven’t even made it to the finale yet. This has been the worst season in years, if not, ever!!! I would rather watch an entire season of Rachel, Amanda Zuckerman, Aaron and Frankie Grande back in the house, than Vanessa, Austin and the mean girls. Please CBS, pleaseeeeee put us out of our misery and end our suffering now!!! Please!!! John and Steve should be kicking each other in the nuts repeatedly for being so stupid to keep Julia. I have NO empathy for either of them. I don’t know how John made it through Dental school…. Don’t you have to have a brain for that? Idiots…. Such idiots!!! Game over!!!

  18. Avatar

    the voting together is driving me nuts – there isn’t even TWO sides of the house

  19. Avatar

    so disappointed in John – I really wonder what his reaction will be when he watches back.

    • Colby

      I am also disappointed that John and Steve didn’t flip the vote. I think JMac wanted to flip, but it wouldn’t have done any good for him to flip unless Steve did too. And even though Steve knew that it would be the best move, he is scared of Vanessa and she wanted Meg out.

  20. Colby

    I am totally shocked that the Austwits didn’t take JMack out. They know he is after them for evicting him last week. I guess they just think they have the numbers so it doesn’t matter.

    • Jannie

      Steve just said as much to a private camera. He called the Austwits “idiots” for not voting out JMac, but acknowledged that their mistake is a huge benefit to him.

      Should have campaigned, James.

  21. Avatar

    How frustrating.

    I get that Van is this intellectual strategist. But it doesn’t mean squat if its second to common sense.

    The twins controlled the entire double eviction.

    What is wrong with these houseguests?

    I don’t know who to root for after tonight. I had stopped watching a few weeks back when Shelli left instead of Van. I stocked on some episodes so that I can watch several consecutive episodes together. I may do that now.

    I’ll binge watch up until the finale. Out of curiosity I am curious to see how far Van gets. If she wins, I would be floored because who can penetrate the Austwins at this point?

    Johnnie Mac, Steve and Van better draw a line, WIN comps and start picking apart the Austwins, otherwise, WHAT A BUNCH OF DO-DO HEADs…and waste of a season.

    • Avatar

      That has been the plan all along. Where have any of you been. Jonny, Van secretly working together. Steve.To take out the trio. Which is really a duo now. (See 2nd to last sentance)And believe it or not Austin is now the 4th wheel. Van is 3rd to the unbreakable sisters. If you watched bbad last night you know this. Austin was outed by the twins and Van.Funny thing Austin doesn’t know. Lol

  22. Jannie

    Julie pointed out that James did absolutely no campaigning during the commercial breaks.

    He could have pledged loyalty to the Austwits, reminded them that JMac is playing with Van and Steve, reminded them that JMac is after them because Austin sent him out the first time.

    He(James) just could have done SOMETHING!!!!!

    Instead, he just sat in the chair and did nothing.

    Worst season ever…
    Even worse than 15.

    • g8trgirl

      Granted, these kids are stupid and have no strategy or sense about them. Also 2 of them are snotty nitwits, but season 15 had ignorant, racist, bigoted pigs. I will take the predictable snots over the pigs any day.
      Sheesh, is this what BB has come down to? Which season is the lesser of 2 evils? Sad. Very sad.

    • Avatar

      @g8trgirl, as I said above, I’m done with this. At least the season kicked off today and SOS got a win against the ACC. Maybe McElwain can take my pain away. I’ll settle for three first downs in a row.

      Go Gators

  23. Alda

    JohnnyMac and Steve deserve to go home now.How stupid are they?I’ll watch just to see if any punches will be thrown between Vanessa,the twins and Austin.I think Steve will go next week,then Johnny Mac,Vanessa,and finally Julia.Austin and Liz will be the final two.

  24. Avatar

    These people are morons, and I’ve wasted my summer hoping morons would stop being morons.

    Steve had TWO chances to take out the Austwins. Steve and Vanessa are vying for title of single dumbest player in the history of the game. This may be dumber than taking Dick and Danielle to the finals.

    See you next year Beansie. I’m out. I can’t watch this nonsense any longer.

  25. Jannie

    From Jokers…

    Twins conspiring in the parlour room. Think Steve should be the next to go cuz they can beat Johnny Mac.

    That’s right, Steve. Mommy was right, should have voted out an Austwits.

    Always listen to your Mommy…

    • Avatar

      Good !

      It will be enjoyable to watch him get thrown out.

      With all of the 100’s of thousands of people that dream of going to play, we get stuck with one of the worst, if not the worst player ever to enter the house.

      Maybe if he was such a superfan, he would self evict after he realizes how lousy he is.

      I hope his ratings on Jokers are reallly really bad. That way when he gets out, he can check the site out and see how horribly we think he played.

      The numbers were theirs to be had, but Steve was too much of a chicken shit to grasp his chance. Nor only to turn the house, but to get to the final 2 and possiblt win.

      Life must be good if he can leave a half million on the table for someone else to clean up !

  26. Jannie

    C’mon people!!

    I know we are bummed with tonight’s results, but now the fun begins…

    Vanessa has a deal with every single player in the house…this is where it gets interesting.

    Now we get to watch the a$$holes eat each other.

    • Avatar

      Ii won’t be watching that. They will never have enough sense to vote vanessa out because she is the head of the snake. She will roll, bob & weave those eyes just to lie & get just what she wants not caring who she has to run over, hurt, use, lie to or stomp all over in stelto heels.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh My Jannie, you are correct, as always! I’ll be right here watching every single moment (or as much as I can) with you! I can’t wait until their little infrastructure starts crumbling. The back-biting and teeth-sharpening should really begin now.

      “this is where it gets interesting.”……YEEESSSSSSS!

  27. Avatar

    I really hope Austin wins hoh, puts up Steve and John.

    John gets Veto and Steve gets booted out the door.

    What an incredibly gutless player. He makes Jason look like Derrick.

    • Jannie

      Sorry buddy, not me.
      I want to see Liz and Austin on the block. So tired of their “showmance.”
      I want to see the twits sweat and cry for once. They have had it too easy so far.
      We all knew that Steve wouldn’t get rid of Johnny Mac.
      It was the Austwits stupidity for not keeping James.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, the best part of BBAD last night was watching Julia sweat and freak out because she thought she was going home. She even trashed Asstin to Crazy Eyes when Lizzzaaahhh left the room. I LOVED IT!

    • Jannie

      Good to hear you’ll be sticking around until the end!!
      Ugh…couldn’t they have played that HOH right away so they aren’t messing with BBAD??
      I want to see who the new HOH is…hope it’s JMac or Steve

  28. Avatar

    I’ll get my BB ‘fix’ from here and jokers because I can’t stand to listen to any of them anymore. Quit watching BBAD several weeks ago and tape the shows so I can fast forward. Nothing to watch now. I’m with the rest of you. If BB doesn’t change up things, they won’t have a show.

  29. Avatar

    I must say, after tonight I don’t think I want to watch Big Brother any more. I feel as if I wasted my summer watching this show for zero excitement. Now I don’t need people hanging from chandlers but at least give us something to look forward to. I’ve found myself only watching on Thursday just to see who actually goes out the door since CBS likes to edit with the hopes of building some excitement just to see the direction change. These people are cowards. They had a real opportunity to take out a final 2 person that everyone knows Liz is going to take. Austin, you are a moron if you think your gf for the next couple of weeks is going to take you over her sister. Blood is thicker than water, Judas! It’s just saddening to me when people are given the golden ticket to make an epic move and they just let it slide.

  30. danmtruth

    The dust has cleared now for the dissection . Not much good things I see coming up Yet some interesting story lines . First we are left with some of the worse people posiable with nobody to blame but themselfs.
    Vanessa the kingpin Hardest sell will be the twins. Not that they have some deep loyalty to Austin for carrying and protecting them all this time. What Vanessa must spin to them is in final 3 the comps will be first physical second mental, third combo of physical and mental. Now do either girl thinks they can beat Austin in two physical comps? If not only one of the sisters make it to F/2
    So now Vanessa is looking at 3 of 5 people she feels she controls if the win HOH Her, John . And Stevethey win and Austin and Liz go up The only thing that can derail that is Juila having some say in Steves head
    Does Steve feel safe feeling he has a F/2 with both Vanessa and John What influence does Juila have on him I still feel Vanessa controls his game play by grinding him down . She just suffer ages him never letting him alone for long look for lots of chess games this week if Steve wins HOH Steve is feeling his best chance to win is standing next to Vanessa in the final
    Johny Mack very similar to Steve Much of his game is rolled into Vanessa needs .Not sure how much he wants HOH this week as strange as it sounds Follishly feeling safe thinks he is protected by Steve and Vanessa
    The twins as they have the whole game have played as one person . The question is do they dump Austin or is Juila just happy to see Liz and Austin in the final
    Austin is thinking he is playing a perfect game plus he has the girl and all of America loves him Not sure if he goes after Steve and John if he wins HOH Don’t worry the twins will help confuse him along with Vanessa adding her own brand of chaos Twins and Austin are Vanessa worse HOH winners First her secret alliance of Steve and John will be on the block if anyone is taken off she will be the renominates
    So if anyone can make any logic out of this good luck All I see is still some interesting moves to be made Only if people can win the POV to take themselfs off the block That puts these 3 person alliances in a jam
    One last thing I made this RANT earlier . STOP the blood on the hands. Most of the eviction were unanimous so where is the blood To me blood on the hands is if the twins evict Austin It happens when someone you trust stabs you and edicts you . Most of the eviction were just a formality

    • Avatar

      Hey, Danmtruth. If ya watched bbad lastnight. Austin is now the 4th wheel
      And he doesn’t even know it. Van has successfully exploited his game
      Even Liz was pissed. And the all mighty secret alliance with Jonny. Noone sees that. Not gonna book it. We know better. Although I will tell ya unless Austin wins HOH. Dude goes to jury next week. This is Vans plan
      And so far ALL season. Whover she targets goes home. Including James this week. By default ya. But bottom line he’s was gone tonight.take care. Darn. I don’t post as much as I used to for obious reasons. But I do read your posts. Anyway look for Austin out Thursday. UNLESS he’s wins HOH of course.

  31. Avatar

    Yes!!! James and Meg out da house! What a glorious day! Love it!

  32. Avatar

    no shit you don’t think he deserved the suspension. lame, stick to watching the feeds and sometimes recapping it.

    • Avatar

      Weather you like Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks or not. This is exactly what he said would come of this.Nothing.And the accidentally throwing the phone thing away is laughable. (See Hillary Clinton) Nothing to see here…..Richard even went as far to say that Brady isint the shinning golden boy everyone thinks he is. He said the players know better. I pray for a rematch in SB 50 so the Hawk’s can punish Brady and staff. P.s. The Pats have been involved in how many cheating scandals. I lost count. Just a couidance yet agian I suppose. It’s not even about psi pressure. It’s about cover up and principal. P.s.s. The most overated team ever. The Pats. Weak division weak conference. Exept for the few years Pitt and Baltimore showed up. Put the Pats in the NFC see how good they are. It’s easy to get to the SB when you have the weakest division in football almost every year. Home field is huge. C-mon man. The Raiders would go 8-8 in the Afc east.

    • Avatar

      I like your site here Steven Beens. But I think your blind as you said you are a Pats fan. I would make a list. I can think of tons of analogys why it’s not ok to let Brady off the hook. He knew. If he just said ya I knew it goes away. But then the lie. The cover up. The phone gone. Agian see Hillary Clinton. Nothing to hide here. It’s all personal stuff. C-mon man. Peds, pet rose gambling ON HIS team to win etc.It’s about the integrity of the game Steven. But I won’t do that. This is a BB site. P.s. Austin may have to be 6th in power rankings next week after he’s gone. I think you did get this week rite.

  33. Jannie

    Julia and Liz have been trashing Meg and James left and right since they left the house.
    Julia called Meg a “Fuc%ing Bitch” because she thought she stole something of hers. Turns out she didn’t.

    Then they both agree that the house is “so much better without James and Meg.”

    And Julia is making everyone say that her speech was so much better than Meg’s.

    I would rather have anyone, Steve, even Vanessa win than one of those twits.

  34. jimbo

    I heard nobody sticking up for Big Ben when he was suspended 4 games. He was NEVER ever once charged EVER with anything EVER. There were PURELY accusations, but not one accusation EVER turned into a charge. So, here was a guy suspended for 6 games (reduced to 4) where not one single charge was ever levied on him by the authorities. It wasn’t that he was charged and then it was dropped — he was never charged, period. So, the NFL said then that Ben was suspended because he was a “Face of the NFL.” So, first, nobody ever stuck up for that injustice in America. And, second, what is Brady if not the “Face” of the NFL??!! Much more so than Big Ben! Yet, I hear crickets on that. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. The Founding Fathers are turning in their graves. Oh, and your Brady got off but Big Ben didn’t — so HOW is that fair?!

    • Avatar

      It’s not about justice anymore unfortunately jimbo. It’s about false shamming. People are afraid of being labled. This PC culture is the reason this Country I love so much is going to crap. I may just Vote Donald Trump to say FU establishment. And there are millions of people that feel the same exact way.

    • Avatar

      I just hope Johnny Mac or maybe Vanessa(Steve is too much of a wimp to target out threats) can win hoh and nominate Austin and Liz hopefully the pov is not a physical comp so Austin loses so can’t pull off his girlfriend which he would do rather than be judas and take himself off the block; if Liz gets lucky and pulls herself off put Julia next to Austin and evict Austin but even if Julia goes it’s not such a waste now that she’s starting to play and win things

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Okay Gloomy Gusses. What’s with everybody jumping ship? We all know that every year, by this time in the game, we are down to most of the people we don’t like. We all say that we won’t watch anymore of the show, but we still do. We all say that we won’t watch next year, but we still do. Now no more talk of not finishing out this season. We got on this train, SO LET’S RIDE IT TO THE END!…..

    • ChiKelz

      NKogNeeTow you win ONLY because Steve won. I will hang in there long enough to see who he nominates. If he does something dumb AGAIN; I will have to let you finish the ride. I’ll be at the gate next year ready a looking for a new group…preferably some with Game Plan that’s not afraid to get blood on their hands and don’t vote with the house. I hope he puts up Liz and Vanessa, but we know he would never put up Vanessa. Maybe Austin and Liz. We’ll see, but I’m still here until we see what dumb move he does tomorrow. 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Chi, glad you’re still on board 🙂

  36. Jannie

    Hurray!! Steve is the new HOH!!

    Can’t wait to see an Austwits, any Austwits, with their butts on the block.
    Would love too se it be Liz/A$$tin, but any combo of the three will make me do a happy dance 🙂

    I know there are a lot of Steve haters here, but I am rooting for the guy…yes, he’s weasly, and yes, he has been up Van’s butt, but I like his quirky ways.
    Besides JMac, he is the most tolerable person left in the house.

  37. Avatar

    Steve won HOH …let’s watch the austwins start sweating right now.

    • Avatar

      Austin goes home. The votes dicttate it. Bye bye Austin unless he wins POV. Dont be fooled by Austin and Steves weak alliaince.Van won’t let that happen.If Austin does win pov then Liz goes.Opps bye bye Austin. Ha
      Wheather you like Vanessa or not this is exactly what her plan was. Get it 50-50 then let’s battle.And btw it’s really not 50-50 Noone knows about Van and Jonny. I don’t think Jonny can believe it. But it’s real. I have been saying this for 5 weeks now!!! Get it 50-50 have a side deal then battle with the trio. Preferably Austin 1st for stradiucall reasons. I never thought I would say this damamma. But for 1 week I’m with ya man.

  38. Avatar

    Hopefully Steve is smart this time and targets Austin and one of the twins and not Johnny Mac

    • Avatar

      From Jokers… Steve so you won’t put me up Austin yes yes I will shake on it Steve: sorry you said that with me and Johnny and put me up. Steve not sure he can promise about replacement nom. He won’t promise Austin won’t be a replacement nom. …oh look Steve grew a few hairs on his balls tonight….

  39. Avatar

    If there is an All Star Season 18, I hope like hell they have the right people competing against each other so that it doesn’t turn out to be this horrible catastrophe repeat this freakin year.
    Stick a fork in me cause I AM DONE !!!!!

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Thurs. BBAD:

    Julie Chen giving a tour of the BB House…..Introduction to the Players…..Fish Tank…..Same crap from last week.

    Bedroom: Steve/Van run in….Hug…..He tells her they have to be careful, then leaves. He follows JM around the room and ask if he threw it to him. JM tells him no. JM goes into the bedroom and Van corners him talking a mile a minute. Asstin schlumps through and goes into the HN room. She WON’T SHUT UP! She goes on about how terrible she did and how mad she is at herself. One of the Twits come in (I give up which one). Van tells her how embarrassing it is that she lost. The other Twit enters. Van leaves and the girls are talking about how they did.

    Van is back and telling the Twits she’d be shocked about something. The Twit ask if he said anything. Van whispers something about Final 2. One of the Twits says “please don’t put me up”. They are discussing who will be nominated. Twit ask if JM will be 1 of the Noms. Van tells her JM/Steve have a Final 2 and that’s all she knows. Twit is VERY worried. Van tells her that JM is his buddy. Twit says she’s scared (YEAAA!). Van tells her that she never put Steve up but Asstin did. She says maybe he’ll put up Asstin against her(Van). Twit is whining because she jammed a nail during the comp.

    Bathroom: Asstin/Liz(?) are talking. He tells her that Steve is not going to come after him because he talks to him a lot. Liz says he’d better not put her up because she didn’t put him up. Asstin tells her to talk to him and sell someone else to be put up. Asstin says he will talk to him and hope that he honors The Scamper Squad. Liz looks like she wants to cry. Asstin says putting him up doesn’t make sense…(ASSTIN AND THE TWITS ..ON THE RUN!).

    Bedroom: Vanessa is STILL talking about how she did in the comp. She says she can’t do comps at night. One of the Twits says it’s weird that now all of them are sleeping in the same room….Steve is talking about Halloween candy. The talk turns to candy. Van tells Steve she is going to hide candy all over the house from him….Now the talk turns to Pot Ball, Sling Ball and Bowling…(This is boring as hell but I’m afraid if I FF or turn it off, I might missing something good)…Talk is now about who they liked in previous games and their rankings.

    Kitchen: Twits are whispering about Steve putting them up. They think they need to go up and talk to him. They start to cook (what they do best). One tells the other that Steve is not putting her up.

    Bedroom: Steve/Asstin talking about someone would have been bad at the puzzle (James?). Asstin looks like he’s struggling to make conversation (haha). JM/Steve/Asstin debate over who got the bigger cheer, James or Meg. Vanessa looks at all 3 of them like they’re stupid. She has one of those “How the f*ck did I get here with you idiots” look on her face.

    Kitchen: One Twit is rubbing a bag of meat to death. They discuss what to fix as a side dish.

    Bedroom: Steve says that there is no more picking players for the Veto comp after tonight, everyone gets to play. He thinks they might get a fun host for the next comp. Steve says that if Ian host, he will win. He says he wants candy, Simply Orange or Tropicana and 1% milk in his HOH basket.

    Kitchen: Twit is complaining about 1 of the veggies being nasty and rotten. They continue to whine about various things (nothing new there).

    Bedroom: Steve/Asstin/Van talk about the days they’ve been in the house. Steve is cursing because he can’t believe he made it to day 78 and will be HOH up to day 85…(Yes Steve, we’re surprised too).

    Kitchen: All HG are there. They are talking about Steve’s strange sleeping habits in the HOH. Van looks around the room and gloats “This is it. Where did everybody go?”. Steve gloats “To Jury”. They say that James is going to have a great week in Jury. They say that in the Jury House there are 3 very attractive women, 1 man and Meg (ouch!). Steve says he’s going to shut up now. He then tells Van he’s a lady’s man..(Uh huh). He and Van discuss his hair. Van says she did a good job. She says something about dressing him and fixing his hair (Gee, will you wash his butt and tuck him in too?).

    Liz gets called to the Storage Room. She gets her basket. She got good wine, shampoo and conditioner. She got a letter from Mom. She’s disappointed it wasn’t from Dad. They oohhh and aaahhh over the basket. She reads the letter and Mom is SO proud of her and loves her so much and says she’s perfect. Julia whines that she’s perfect too (aawww). Julia seems a little jealous, she cries over the letter. Liz is more excited about the basket than the letter. Van says that she knows the man who owns the company of 1 of the basket contents. Julia sits there and keeps reading Liz’s letter. She said it makes her sad (more tears and snot). Julia says their mother would never say some of the things that are in the letter (the green eyed monster rears it’s ugly head). Asstin just wanders around the room looking forgotten (about 30 days from now he’ll be even MORE forgotten). Liz is still ranting with glee over the items in her basket. Julia is still re-reading the letter and sniffing snot. Asstin decides to exercise on the floor so Liz will see and remember he’s there…she doesn’t. Julia goes into the bathroom crying, followed by Steve. She tells him she just misses her Mom. He tells her, trust him, he knows. They discuss letters from their mothers.

    Liv.Room: After failed attempts to get Liz to remember he breathes and the basket doesn’t, Asstin gets up close behind her, hoping his body heat will spark a memory (Okay, I just made that last part up….but it’s true…at least in my mind). Liz is looking at a picture of her and Julia on their 21st birthday. Van says she can tell them apart now (please tell StevieB and I how to). Liz says all her friend tell her she and Julia sound and look nothing alike (even her friends are dummies). She is still obsessing over basket contents. Julia returns and says she’s just sensitive. She starts to rumble through Liz’s basket and starts to feel better. Liz thinks her Mom was drunk when she wrote the letter. Julia says her Mom praised Liz like she’s Jesus…(try the other direction).

    Kitchen: Twits are cleaning up the kitchen while they’re cooking. (Let me just interject here that this is 1 thing their mother really did right. They may not be nice, but they do clean up after themselves as well as others.)

    Liv.Room: JM tells Steve he has HOH-itis. Steve ask if he’s being a douche right now. JM tells him no, he’s being a d*ck. Asstin says “big time”. Asstin tells Steve it’s crazy right now. Steve says it’s been a very eventful day. He says his days are getting progressively better (Just think how good they’ll get when you get Austwins and Crazy Eyes out of the house). He said he started by vomiting in the bathroom sink and now he has his own bathroom sink and he doesn’t have to puke in a public area now…(that ought to give all your future ex-girlfriends something to look forward to). He says he wants to take a bath…in his bathing suit…(don’t normal people take one in their birthday suit?). This sparks up a conversation about who took baths in the past, which leads to past house guest talk. Steve says DaVonne is going to be pissed because he’s HOH now, because she didn’t like him.

    Asstin starts to excercise again. They say this is all over in 20 days. Asstin tells him this will be a tough week, then he flips around the room. They go in the bedroom and Asstin tells Steve that this is really going to be a tough week for him (Steve). Asstin says he feels bad, that he could have done better. Steve ask him if he threw it. Asstin says no, he really tried. They discuss the comp.

    Kitchen: 1 Twit washing dishes, the other still cooking. JM sitting at the counter staring at his fingers. Steve wandering aimlessly around the room eating candy. Everyone seems restless, but have quieted down some. They are counting down when they can open the wine. John tells them what kind of wine he would want if he won HOH. He discusses wine with Julia.

    Show’s over. That’s my report for tonight my BB Beauties 🙂

  41. Avatar

    That dude that shot Cecil the lion, is no longer the MOST disliked dentist in America. I’ve never subscribed to the ‘live feeds’ myself, but for the past few seasons, have heard about them from THIS site. It sounds like this is always about the time when the ‘live’ stuff gets completely boring. It’s too bad that there aren’t a few hidden cameras in the Jury House also. Those people all had to sign ‘disclaimers’ of some sort, I’m sure…..before making it onto Big Brother in the first place, right? When the crew goes in there to film the arrival of Meg & James, wouldn’t it be cool, if they could somehow plant a few little devices, when no one’s looking. In a bedroom or in the bathroom? I bet things are MUCH more interesting in the Jury House.

  42. Avatar

    NcogNeeTow, ChiKelz & Danmtruth, when you guys find out Coon bobbli eyed vanessa is on the block, let me know, I might start watching agagin.

  43. Avatar

    What happened to Pandora’s Box this years?

  44. Elaine

    I will probably just watch on the CBS nights to get highlights. BBAD or feeds with the twins left in will be constant Steeeeeeeeve, since Jamesaaaaaah is now gone.

  45. Avatar

    So Vanessa is HOH this week. Sure Steve actually won, but we all know who controls the little creep. Keep me updated everyone who can actually stand to watch the show! LOL I only go by jokers and here.

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