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Big Brother 17 – Endurance Competition Thread



Well, I was going to create this thread to talk about the endurance competition…..

But, guess what?  It’s over!

John is back in the house


Vanessa is HoH

John and Vanessa made a ‘deal’, we’ll see if she sticks with it

I guess I’ll update this thread with evening live feeds in a little bit.  That was… anticlimactic at best.

  • 7:15pm – Feeds back, and Vanessa is listing off the stuff she wants in her HoH basket.
  • 7:25pm – Austin is all worried because his biggest fear was sending someone out and having them walk right back in.
  • 8:15pm – Austin is telling Vanessa the jury was giving her bad looks and probably talked crap about her
    • Austin also said John said something like “I have business to take care of, I’m not going down” during comp
  • 8:40pm – Austin pulls John aside and asks him about the comment. John said yea, he meant he was going after Austin.
    • Talk breaks up. Vanessa is talking with Austin and telling him she’s thinking about nominating James and Meg haha. Classic

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    Wow. That is seriously pathetic. This cast has been horrible at endurance comps. Like seriously is anyone besides vanessa even AWARE they are playing a game?

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    What was the deal they made?

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    Vanessa will gain most, if not, some of the respect she lost if she nominates either Austin, Liz and/or Julia with the intent of evicting one of those three.

    I love John, but I was not rooting for him to come back since he is gunning for Meg…why? Seriously, John? Of all people…MEG?

    Vanessa, for once, be likable. Nominate Austwins and call it a week. But if she nominates either John, Meg or James then I will officially stop watching this show until the finale untill they nominate who the winner of BB17 will be. I won’t even watch the beginning of the finale.

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      I will agree to disagree with ya Jas. If Vanessa goes after any of the Austintwins 1st. She automatically losses 3 votes in jury. Agian, she can go after the Austintwins. But she can not do it 1st. A bad game move If she is thinking long term. The Austintwins are those kind of people. They won’t vote best player. They will vote with bitterness. Seems like a semi alliance with Vanessa, Steve, and Jonny at this point. All 3 of them have no choice but to work together now.It will be tricky how Van does it. But if anyone can it’s her.

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    Happy John is back! (Well, okay… Staying) hopefully Vanessa realizes her “alliance” isn’t on her side. Will these people man the heck up and DO something, PLEASE?! I’d love nothing more than for Vanessa to put up Austin and one of the twins. But that probably won’t happen. She’ll probably do something stupid like put up Steve and Meg or James.

    • NKogNeeTow

      The deal that they made was that they keep Steve and put him up as a pawn against whoever came back into the house. Vanessa mentioned a few weeks ago that no one that has ever come back into the house stayed and was voted out the next eviction.

      I’m hoping she’ll flip the script and if she puts up Steve, she at least does it to someone who has remained in the house *cough*AssTwits*, but but as manic as she gets, who knows what she’ll do. Depends on who she’s pissed off with at the time.

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    So basically nothing has changed. Ugh. These people!

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    Dear Vanessa,
    Please put the twins up against each other. And if one gets taken down, put up Austin. If you do this, I will root for you!!!!

    • jimbo

      I cant root for someone ho has won 4.5 million playing poker, and rides a Lamborghini. YES, a Lamborghini! Besides, she’s a mean bitch when things don’t go her way…this, from someone who has life by the balls right now.

    • jimbo

      *who has won 4.5 million

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jimbo, it’s not about whether she has 4.5 million and drives a Lamborghini or not. It’s about game play. And as much as I hate it, if she makes it to the Final 2, then she deserves it. Like her or not (which I don’t), you have to give credit where it’s due. She’s the only one acting like she’s playing for the money.

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    Yay John is Back is Vanessa is hoh, my two favorite players in the house!!! Plus I love Meg and Julia/Liz

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      OK….Had enough bashing the smart people and the winners in life on this site.Not all of you. But most of you. (This does not include the web chief here Steven Beens. He has atleast had his power rankings rite. Reguardless who he likes. He has been fair. Without all the hate.) So much bullying here. Calling people names. Making fun of the way they look. Or whatever you wanna pick on. Then claiming Vanessa is a bully. Amazing. This site used to be and still should be comunicating game. Any 5 year old can yell, your ugly! Calling Van a hypocrite. While being a hypocrite your selfs. She is on a GAMESHOW people. That IS structured to be lying, cheating, whatever it takes.Including being a hypocrite. It’s anything goes. Exept violence. FACT. Thats why we like it. Dont lie to your selfs. CBS knows this. And its working magically for many many years. Do you even realize this?! This message is not for jimbo alone.It’s for all the whiners who don’t like winners. Sounds like jealousy and a lack of happyiness in your own life. So what if Vanessa has money. Thats great. Good for her.Thats why you learn a craft.Try to master it and be the best you can. More than likely you WILL have SUCCESS too. Weather it be monatary. Or what ever it is you want in life.Julie said it herself in the opening statement on tonight’s show. Vanessa has had a target on her back for most of the game. Almost 7 weeks. And somehow seems to fight em all off. PERIOD.Best player by a very long way. Its not even close. Steven Beans said it best. I’m refering to his Michael Jordan analysis. Playing with highschool kids.Now to make the bitter people happy. Vanessa will probably not win because she will at some point have to go after the Austintwins. Because it seems noone else will.Which is unfortunate because it’s a bad game decison to betray her so called alliance.Bye bye 3 votes.Even though she knows she is 4th on the list of 4. She is problably wondering, wtf. Y wont people go after them.(Austintwins)I cant. Its a bad move.Austintwins will vote agianst her if Vanessa was to make it to the final 2.A winner needs 5 votes. That’s 3 gone. From simple bitterness by the Austintwins.Sound familiar. SEE mirror. Now for all the people who say she cries too much, Ive been reading that from people who cry the MOST here. FACT. Also, who has won the most comps Van- 5.FACT.The next best in comp wins- 3. FACT. Who is playing the game from all angles. Gathering information. Then using that information the best. Vanessa-FACT. OK. Now, about to go in my hot tub in my 7500 Sq ft house btw (: Worked very hard for it and EARNED every penny. I pay alote in taxes too btw. So your welcome!
      U don’t like winners. Stop complaining and work hard. MOST of you are so damm angry as if you have a monetary investment in the game. You have as much of a chance to win as Jace. Be a winner not a whiner. Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Nothing.Doesn’t matter. Or the angry lashing back is almost 100percent. Doesn’t matter. This is a game show. NOT REAL LIFE. NOT A JOB. If you really care about poor people than volunteer to help people. Or just sit behind your computer and troll out at successful people and root agianst them. Btw im 39.So im not some old man telling you kids the way it was in the good old days. Unbelievable

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    i am so friggan happy john is back. him and steve are my favs. i like meg but she doesnt really do much. i had been on V’s side since the first day when i found out she was an epic poker player. if she would just stop the “crying” and put up her “alliance” members i will be so stoked. they are weak sheeps who dont even know how to play the game without her.

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    I don’t know if I can take another week of Vanessa, Austin, and the twins running stuff!! They are all so mean spirited. The things they complain about and make fun of people about are always personal…never game related. And don’t even get me started on the entitled, arrogant attitudes. UGH! I wanted nothing more than to see some variation of that group on the block and going home this week.

  10. Elaine

    Unless these remaining players smarten up, the best they can hope for is 4th place. Put up Austin-Liz, Liz-Julia…even if one comes off, one is out the door. Then the “singletons” might have a chance. If any of them are delusional enough to think that keeping the trio to the end and THEN taking them out….well previous seasons has shown how well that turns out.

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    vanessa has been running this game for sooooo long, i thought w/the 5person alliance that finally, finally they were gonna get her out by i’m left to be completely perplexed as to how, even after they’re seeing with their own eyes how she’s behind almost everything that people are still willing to work with her–everyone’s chickened out & never ended putting her up on the block–she should’ve been voted out so many times ago! i almost feel like i can’t stomach watching the rest of this season as long as she’s still on b/c it drives me crazy how they’re letting this go on! *hellllllooooooooooo houseguests* :/

    • Avatar

      Thier not letting this go on. Vanessa is a professional game player. Like literally. She plays poker with the best in the world and wins continusly for many years.She is and has controlled the game because as Steven Beens said, she is Michael Jordan playing agianst high school kids. Great analogy. Persuasion is power. Like how she’s doing it so far or not that is what’s happing.
      p.s. ya know who is really winning. CBS. All the anger. Although I prefer to call it passion from people here and on other sites is proof. Even though people make things personal by calling names about the house guests. Which is elementary school response IMO. A discussion or debate is great. But when people start calling names that’s a sign of lack of intelligence. This is a game show. NOT real life.

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    The Austwins are a bunch of idiots to think that taking Vanessa to the end with them will guarantee one of them a win. All they are doing is handing Vanessa another big chunk of money she doesn’t need while their financial dreams go down the toilet. Personally I can’t stand Vanessa and how she bullies everyone to do what she wants but I will hand it to her that she knows how to get a bunch of mindless puppets to do her bidding. So far I’m guessing she has 3 votes in the jury already and as she pecks of everyone else in the house without getting her hands dirty she will gain more jury votes.

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    Big Brother fans: I love this picture of Liz reacting to an unsolicited hug from Austin!


  14. Alda

    I so wanted Becky or Jackie back in the house.They would go after Vanessa and her entiltled cockroaches.Another week with them in charge is like a gnawing toothache that never goes away.Vanessa has this game wrapped up for sure now.She’ll have more money to add to her 4.5 million.What happened James???You were supposed to win HOH!!

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    well Vanessa do something big put up Austin and liz or even the twins and if one win veto add othe twin get some of them out they are rediculious!!! remember it’s double eviction

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    Ughhh, of all people who could have won HOH, WHY THAT WI

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    Oooops, hit the post button by mistake

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    Ughhh, of all people who could have won HOH, WHY THAT WITCH Vanessa. as other people have said in previous posts I wish that big brother would just call it a seasonand give her the check. these players have been so weak, vulnerable, gullible, ridiculousin doing exactly what she wants every week. she’s like the Pied Piper leading and she will make off with the $500,000. derek was a manipulator last year but he was never cruel or unkind to people. He never treated people the way she has treated people this entire season. she is disgusting and I don’t know where the production company found her but they did a horrible job. this is been one of the most disappointing seasons I’ve ever seen and I just want it to be over. I’m going to be in the hospital having major surgery for the end of the season and I don’t know if I will see how this turns out and I don’t really care.

    • Avatar

      Franco, amen to that. This is the worse season ever. Only reason why Vanessa is in control is of her bullying and whining. And all the other houseguest are so insecure and followers. Come on bb, you need equal power. Not weak players against a big bully. I’m so disappointed with is season. My husband came in and I was watching cnn. He said, where’s big brother? I said, I’m done! He said, Vanessa?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Franko, I hope everything turns out okay 🙂

  19. Avatar

    Vanessa, I can’t stand that name anymore. She’s a disgrace to all Vanessa’s. Bully and all about herself. Get her out already. I’m tired of biting my nails. Lol. Seriously, I can’t stand Vanessa. I’m seriously not watching anymore. Rggggg. I’m voting for James. Go James. Austintwins- BARF

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thursday BBAD:

      Show opens up with Asstin expressing some doubt to Van about Meg/James. He tells her that he was worried that they were going to flip on the eviction because they never came to talk to him or ask him what he wanted (which is a lie), and that they just assume they’re safe (which is another lie, he told them they were safe). Van tells him that James told her that he had to do the best for his game. Asstin tell s her that James is either going to put him or the twins up or he’s going to aline with JM. Van says he (James) is going to win next week, but he can’t do it alone and Meg is no help. She says he’s always thinking and he knows Meg was going to stay longer than him. Asstin says that’s dangerous and that makes him a threat. Asstin says that the other side of the house thinks they can pull Van away, but they don’t know about him and her (Asstin/Van). He says not even Liz knows about the 2 of them…(Oh really now..hmmm).

      Seems these 2 have a Final 2 deal. Van tells him that if he doesn’t want to stick to it, she understands because she knows he’s in love with Liz. He say he’s been thinking about that because he has always known that when it comes to the twins, he’s the 3rd wheel…(Sounds like our little love-struck Sasquatch has started counting dollars instead of heartbeats). He says he would pick Van over Julia. He says his family would kill him if he started thinking about some girl he just met over them. Van tells him to just tell her what his intentions are and he will respect it then maybe they could come up with something for the Final 3. He said if it was just him, Liz and Van in the Final 3, he might just bow out and let them fight it out and see who they want.

      She tells him that if he and the twins get to the Final 3, he know they are always going to pick each other. She comes up with a plan to offer the twins about the Final 4 and how they could work out the Final 3. He says Steve can’t win the HOH or the POV at the wrong time and the Final 5 especially. They decide to talk to Steve in case he wins HOH next week (apparently they’re already counting James as gone). Asstin says he wants to try to win without betraying Liz (good luck with that). He says he’s going to protect her as long as he can but he can’t justify giving somebody $500,000.

      Van tells him that Meg/James just told her that Asstin and the Twins were trying to cut her out last week. He tells her that he guarantees that his sisters are sitting at the computer shouting “trust her, trust her” (not if they are smart). Van is telling how she has gone against him. She said Shelli/Clay were against him and only trusted him because she constantly defended him and told them to. She and Asstin said they have always trusted each other.

      He tells her that if it Final 3 does come down to between him, her and Liz, he’s going to let them battle it out because both of them would pick him for the Final 2 (now aren’t we just full of self confidence). Van says she’s okay with that. She said she’ll take her chances because money wise she’ll be okay no matter what. She said the money would just give her and her girlfriend a huge start on the DJ thing and they wouldn’t have to worry about paying the bills and it would be wonderful, but would her life be okay without it, yes….(wonder if he knows she’s already worth $4.5 million?). He says his and Liz’s life will be okay without it (hmm..Sounds like he’s making financial decisions for her already. Wonder how little Lizzy-Poo would feel about that!).

      Van thinks that Steve doesn’t want to get rid of her or Asstin, and they both think he wants the twins gone for Final 3. She says as an alliance, she wants them to have a game plan down to the Final 2 because she doesn’t want anyone to get paranoid and start back stabbing each other. There is no mention of Meg/James/JM, so it’s safe to say they won’t have to worry about the final anything.

      Bathroom: Twits are talking about Meg/James. Julia says she doesn’t care about them anymore. Liz tells Julia that she needs to get her head in the game (DUH!). Liz says she’s scared. Julia says she’s not going to let this consume her “entire motherf*cking life, there is life outside of here and it’s Great”, then she does a cheerleader kick….(smh).

      Kitchen: Steve ask Asstin, if they’re keeping Van in the house. He says yes and actually its great and how he and Van were talking about who will take who to the end. He tells Steve that Van wants to be loyal to the end. Asstin tells him about his and Van’s entire conversation. Asstin thinks he got played by JM.

      Bathroom: Twins are talking about Van and how they protected her when Asstin wanted to back door her.

      Kitchen: Asstin said this show was so predictable and couldn’t BB do better than that….(For once he’s thinking the same thing all of us have been for the PAST FEW WEEKS). He wonders if there will be another twist (God, I hope so). Steve doesn’t see how.

      Bedroom: Liz is laying in bed looking like someone kidnapped her dog….until Julia comes in….then she closes her eyes like she’s asleep…(Looks like she finally realizes she’s in trouble, that silly smile is g-o-n-e).

      Kitchen: Asstin/Twits/Steve….idle chatter about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song. It turns into a debate. Now they are changing the words to The Twelve Days of Christmas. It is now The Twelve Days of Big Brother…(oh these people, THESE PEOPLE!). JM and James have joined the room but not the conversation. Now they are at the picture wall picking out relevant and non-relevant facial features on each picture. They are trying to look through the glass behind the pictures to see what’s behind it. More boring chatter. Meg ask who’s making hamburgers. She settles for salsa.

      Meg is pissed because BB took their headbands , they only have 3 now…(Yeahhhh! No more Sling Band!). JM wants his shirt he got evicted in back. Van got her HOH key. They are fawning over her pictures (wonder if they would do the same if BB had put up a picture of her Lamborghini and mansion?). She got a love letter from her girlfriend. It make here cry…(what doesn’t). She got a new beanie. This is the happiest she’s been since she’s been here (think it will make her any nicer?). She ask the room to please come up and keep her company all week because she doesn’t want to be up there alone. She even hugs Steve and tells him how happy she is…..(she REALLY must be happy). He hugs her and rocks her…(I can’t even think of a smart ass remark to insert here). Van is so elated that here girlfriend still loves her because she was afraid that America hates her and it got into here girlfriend’s head. Van is super paranoid about losing her girlfriend. She just keeps re-reading her letter and hugging Steve. She also gets a hand print of her girlfriend.

      Only Asstin/twins/Van left in the room. Van ask them if Meg//James ask them anything. Asstin says James ask him if they are still good. Asstin says he told him he didn’t now, they have to talk. Van says at least James finally congratulated her, but Meg didn’t….(Oh oh, watch out Meg). Van wants James out this week and wants to talk to JM about getting Meg out next week if he’s HOH. She will use JM as a back door if James or Meg comes off the block….(Guess I answered my own question. That love letter did NOT make her any nicer). Last week Asstin and the Twits loved James/Meg. This week, not so much. Van tells them Meg/James doesn’t know she’s still close to Asstin/Twins, so they don’t know that when they come back and tell her things. Asstin says he thinks the Jury thinks that he and Van are these big masterminds….(Vanessa maybe). Van say Steve is a good ally and also a whimp (glad she’s not my friend). She says JM will always make a good target in front of them. She says she feels like she could beat JM in more comps than she can James so he has to be taken out because he could crush her and her alliance and he’s the only who can match Asstin in physical stuff.

      Liz says she can read people and she read Meg/James. Van tells The 3 Stooges that if James had won HOH, he would have taken the first shot at them. The Twits say that when James was in Van’s HOH room, he was just sitting there staring and they didn’t like that…(what was he suppose to do, it wasn’t his HOH). Julia said it was sketchy. They laugh about Becky’s “zombie” toe. Van ask for reasons to give Meg/James for targeting them. They come up with a boat load of reasons.

      Kitchen: Meg ask James how do they all expect to win. He tells her they are all going to have to take each other out sooner or later. James said he was hoping JM would win the HOH.

      HOH: Van/Asstin/Twits/Steve, still bashing James. Steve leaves. Liz says James/Meg have been safe for 2 weeks now they are done riding on their coattails when they have all this malicious intent….(You mean like you/Julia/Asstin have been riding on each other’s? Like that?). Asstin says Meg/James are slipping through the cracks while they (Asstin & Crew) were doing all the dirty work. Asstin says Meg/James are good at the social game but not at strategy (have to agree with him there). Van tells them that they better have her back. The 3 Stooges tell her they have. Julia suggest Van talk to Meg/James individually because when you get them together, Meg does all the talking.

      Apparently Van is going to put them both up together because she says she’s not even going to warn them. She’s just going to put them up and explain later. She says they are so phoney. She’s just going to let them come up and talk to her and tell them whatever she needs to but is not really going to listen to them. She says she hasn’t worked with them through the game so she doesn’t owe them the benefit of the doubt. Van says that’s why she loves their alliance, because they always win. Asstin says they are going to tell them that they were in the HOH discussing putting up JM /Steve. Van says that when James goes she will try to latch on to somebody else because she can’t be alone. They decide to pretend to let her latch, just in case she wins HOH next week (in Bizarro World maybe). They laugh at her being alone. Asstin/Liz leaves and Van/Julia continue to bash James. Julia tells Van that she hates to blame Asstin but she wouldn’t have gotten that close to Meg/James if it hadn’t been for him and that Asstin kept defending them…(I smell a set-up).

      Van brokers a deal with Julia. She ask her if she gets to the Final 3 with anyone else but her sister, would she take her and if she gets to the Final 3 with anyone else, she will take Julia. They shake and hug on it. Julia assures her that she wouldn’t take Asstin over her. Julia said it bothered her the other day when she was talking about votes and Asstin said “What do you care. Stop talking about it, we’ve gotten our TV time, who cares”. Julia was offended and says she feels he genuinely does not care anymore and he’s here for TV and he’s got enough….(Maybe this chick ain’t so dumb afrter all).

      Julia leaves and in runs Meg/James……just as the show ends…dammint!

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    Vanessa is the worst!

  21. Avatar

    Perfect game move to go after James and Meg. She knows she is 4th on the Austintwins wheel. She cant put up any of the Austintwins. Its a horriable move forHER to do it 1st.If she is thinking long term, thats 3 votes agianst her automatically in jury. She knows Steve and John will need her as she will need them. Jonny or Steve will be forced to take out one of the Austintwins if they are hoh. Pov is critical this week. I can see if that happens. Van tells Austin. You have the votes. We have all done it. U are the pawn.

    • Avatar

      Opps. Meant to say if Meg or James win POV. And I am very confident noone will convince Van to put up Meg and James. Van will be forced to put up Austin. Not really. but that’s what she will do. He will have to be a game player like they all have and be a pawn. Then bye bye Austin. Just a senario. But if she does that it’s not her fault. Wink wink (;

    • Avatar

      If Vanessa wants to win this, then time is running out to split up the trio.

      With 8 people in the house, the vote can easily split 3-2.

      So let’s say it’s true tha she wants to nominate Meg and James.

      If the pov is used, she can put up a twin, saying that John and Steve were just up, and the twin has the numbers to be safe. But whoever comes off the block will vote out a twin, so will Steve and John. She can then blame Steve for the bad game play, then hope that him or John miraculously win an hoh to do ut again.

      OR….she can continue to not get blood on her hands, put up Meg and James, and backdoor John. That would really suck ( for a lack of a better word ) and it would be another slow boring week.

      This week has its possibilities. I think I am going to avoid the updates, and see how things play out on tv.

    • Avatar

      Her perfect decision to go after James and Meg is only perfect as long as the survivor doesn’t align with the trio and either JMac or Steve win the next HOH and do what she’s unwilling to do. Of course that also depends on Austin and the Twints being completely oblivious to her after all this time of watching her play.

  22. Avatar

    Ugh. Sorry. *Convinced NOT to put up Meg and James. Darn auto correct. Lol

  23. Avatar

    Once again luck, the incompetence of others and the fear of actually making a real move become “good” game play. Then again, given the stupidity of these people this season, the jury probably would vote for her…if someone else does the job of taking on the trio before final four.

    • Avatar

      @Titanium.Lol. Ya it’s all luck?! C-mon man. The whole house has been targeting her for almost 7 weeks now and she managed to only go on the block 1 time. Vanessa has won 5 comps. Second to her is 3. The list goes on and on. The decison to put Meg and James is the best decision as of now. For reasons I stated. BOOM 3 votes gone in jury just like that if Vanessa makes it to final 2.Austin and The twins are that shallow to vote out of bitterness. No other way around it. Van Has to take the chance. Odds are Jonny and Steve will win next hoh. They will be forced to go after the Austintwins. bbad Austin doesn’t like that idea. Wonder why?! It’s bad for his trio! WoW. Are you watching the same show that I am?Have you ever played chess? Lol Vanessa knows what she’s doing.

    • Avatar

      @titanium. The twin or austin do not have the numbers if the pov is used. And 1 of them is on the block. 3-2 remember. Meg or James will not vote agianst eachother. Jonny and steve. Will not vote out Meg or james. Forget what you heard jonny say about Meg lastnight. He would vote out Austin in a heartbeat. That’s 3. Don’t be suprized if Austin goes home this week. Thats why he hates the idea of putting Meg and James up. Its a brialliant move to get Austin out by Vanessa without her doing it. Oh and Vanessa wouldn’t put up a twin. She would put up Austin. Y piss 2 people off and that will cling to her if Austin is gone.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t say “it’s all luck”, the stupidity of the others in the house who just laid around waiting to be picked off while they allowed the twins to come into play, as they watched one alliance take them out one-by-one, that had a lot to do with it as well. Has Vanessa played a good game? IMO, she only less badly then the rest of the house.

  24. g8trgirl

    Um, did I miss something? Where is John in all this?

  25. Bastosko

    First time commenting here though been following Stevie B for last couple of years. Been BB fan since first season. With all that said, by far one of the worse seasons for people not wanting to rock the boat and allowing themselves to be bullied and manipulated. Not since Evil Dick has someone bullied their way through the game this easy. Though I respect her game play, Vanessa is bullying and threatening the weak and manipulating the Austwins into thinking they are coming up with these great moves. When I heard Austin say “Vanessa, what do I do?”, you could here “And the winner of BB17 Vanessa!” Only interesting part to me this week is to see how Vanessa will make it seem like it is the Austwins idea to put whomever up on the block (Wasn’t my idea boo hoo, the rest of the house wanted it boo hoo, don’t be mad at me boo hoo). She will give herself deniability for the jury (if I hear no blood on my hands one more time…..I would create a Carrie competition so they are all drenched in blood!!!!)
    Next year, if I could change a competition (whatever happened to expect the unexpected), the four returning jury members would not only compete to return, BUT would be the ONLY ones competing for HOH. That would be a total twist and cause more thinking of who do I send to jury?

  26. Avatar

    I don’t understand why people hate on vanessa for making alot of money in her real life? just jealous i guess, she not the only person to play big brother who had some money outside the house….she is an accomplished poker player, went to law school and a succesfull dj…so why all the hate? since when does being succesfull in life make you a bad person, nobody knows her in real life oh and why no hate for johnny mac? i mean hes a dentist who makes good money

  27. Avatar

    Hey. I snuck out of the house to invite ya to play me in poker after the show. Since according to most of you I am just lucky and a bully. It should be easy for you to take my money. You can find me at Ives room(it’s a poker room friends) at the Aria casino in Las Vegas.Don’t get felted! Shout out to Phill Laak. Who coined the phrase. Felted. Out of money and/or chips.

    • Avatar

      Alright! So, who you bringing Steve or Johnny Mac to bid for you?

      If it’s possible, would you consider James. I’d like to meet someone who actually made a big play this season.

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