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Big Brother 17 – The Final Countdown


If you’re the band Europe, you love a final countdown. It’s what you do.

If you’re a Big Brother fan, you dislike the final countdown. It’s what you do.

(I had to put that in there today)



Anyway, it is indeed the final countdown. Wednesday night, we will have a winner of Big Brother 17, and that will be it.  Sad, I know. In fact, watching the CBS episode last night put me down memory lane with all the good times this summer. While the final 3 may be boring as ever, let’s be real, this was a good cast. The problem with the cast is that the most entertaining people left way too early in the season. Sure, James and John are fun and they salvaged the last few weeks, but the first 2-3 weeks of the season were gold. Da’Vonne figuring out Liz. Audrey fighting with everyone. Jace being Jace. Furless bat before he crawled up Shelli’s ass.

While I may be a little biased because I got to attend a show this season, I still think it was a solid cast regardless. Even as the fun people left, the season was still entertaining. Vanessa got herself in and out of trouble all the time. She controlled the house, and … well, I guess that basically summed up the last month. I could have done without Austin and Liz, in fact I think everyone could have done without Austin and Liz, but I’d give this season solid grades.

During my time blogging, here is how I’d rank the seasons…

  1. Big Brother 14 – Dan’s masterful control of the house. Solid returning players who were entertaining. Of course, crazy Willie Hantz who should have stuck around longer (but was too much of a nutjob).  Grade – A
  2. Big Brother 17 – One of the most entertaining first months of any Big Brother season to date. They were able to keep the crazy while avoiding the racism that they got in BB15. Some extremely funny moments, especially with Austin running  like an ape during the veto competition. Grade – B+
  3. Big Brother 16 – Way too safe of a cast, especially compared to 15. However, any season that has Caleb, Donny, and Zach earns a solid grade. The Christine side story was also great, especially when zingbot called her on it. Grade  – B
  4. Big Brother 15 – The cast was absolutely awful, horrible people. The final 3 consisted of two terrible players (and people) and one mediocre player who was won because he wasn’t a horrible person. However, I will lie if I said the feeds weren’t entertaining. Those awful people made tuning in interesting, and it certainly created quite a national stir. The entertainment of putting a bunch of terrible people in a house together brings the grade up. Grade – C
  5. Big Brother 13 – What can I say about this season?  The newbies of the season were both boring and horrible players. The veterans completely dominated them, and one ended up winning despite being only 5 (due to Dick leaving). The only positive of the season was Jeff and Jordan, but they couldn’t save it. Grade – D-

Now, back to the current. I am watching the feeds right now, and the final month can be summed up in 5-10 minute conversation between Liz and Vanessa at 11:10am today. Vanessa is telling Liz that she’s taking her to the final 2 if she wins.  She is also telling her not to tell Steve that, and that is because Vanessa is basically telling him the same thing. The funny part is that Van is telling Liz if Steve does tell her about some f2 deal, it’s probably because he’s confused and thinks he has one because of the ‘scamper squad’, so just ignore it.

In the same breath, Vanessa is also asking that if Steve does take her, does she have votes from both Liz and her sister.  Liz says ‘absolutely’ and tells Vanessa she deserves to win this season.

Confused?  Let me summarize.  Van is telling Liz they’re in a f2 but don’t tell Steve. She is also letting Liz know that Steve could say he has a f2 deal with Van. While Van tells her to ignore it, she is covering her base because she actually does have a f2 deal with Steve as well. The reason she is so adamant about Liz not telling Steve, is because Steve is smart enough to believe it. Liz, on the other hand, isn’t.. so she will believe whatever Vanessa tells her.  That’s been Vanessa’s game this season, and it’s why I’ll be absolutely shocked if she doesn’t win this season.


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  1. AIO_7

    I have no doubt that Vanessa would take Liz to F2. Easy win for Vanessa.

  2. Avatar

    He shouldn’t have prepared a speech for her. He should just say, “In your own famous words Vanessa, I’m sorry dude but I gotta do what’s best for my game, do you understand. ” & then laugh in her face.

  3. Avatar

    I have mixed feelings about this final 3. I hope it ends up being Steve and Vanessa somehow just because I don’t think Liz deserves any money at all. She knows nothing about this game. She was cast because she’s a twin. She’s been a mean girl and let everyone play her game for her. I can’t stand the way her and her sister sat and talked about people so mean and called everyone ugly names!
    Even tho Vanessa has been a bully, I do think she deserves to win. She played hard every single minute she’s been in that house. I don’t like the way she has treated people, but she has played harder than anyone. I understand its a game, but she didn’t have to talk so mean and say such obnoxious things to others.
    Steve has lived his dream and I think he played pretty well. It took him a while to warm up, but he ended up doing OK. I wouldn’t be devastated if he did win.

  4. Elaine

    I think Liz survived, in part, because the houseguests waited too long to get out the trio. I am glad that they got out 2 out of the 3, but if they had listened to me yelling at them about it (lol), the trio destruction would have started and probably finished much sooner.

  5. Avatar

    The way I see it if Liz makes it to f2 she has 2 guaranteed votes in her favor Austin and Julia. The only way to sway those 2 votes is to put Liz in jury but then it’s a throwaway vote because Austin won’t vote for Vanessa as bitter as he is; and the twins might vote for Vanessa but it’s not a guarantee. Meg and James will not vote for Vanessa either because Steve was their buddy from day one. So already Vanessa doesn’t have 3 votes and 2 are on the fence they may vote for her but not necessarily if it’s a bitter jury. So really Vanessa may not win because just about everyone in jury got evicted by something she did either directly being HoH or indirectly through persuasion to the HoH. But I honestly hope Steve makes it to the end and does the smart thing and take Liz and finally get the last laugh and evict Vanessa.

    • Avatar

      It would be satisfying to see Steve get to evict her…if he would! If he did, he’d probably throw up as soon as he done it! Lord, poor Steve! I also think since James is a gamer, he knows Vanessa played hard. I think she 100% has his vote.

    • Avatar

      Amber-James may be a gamer but he broke a promise to him about keeping him and Meg safe until final 5 so I think he’ll still be a little miffed about that especially since Meg got evicted during her rein as HoH and Liz got James out by influence of her plus Steve was on their side of the house from day one.

  6. Elaine

    If bitter, than Vanessa won’t get the votes. If not, then having a hand in a juror’s eviction is good game play. Jurors often reward that. Other than Shelli who has commented positively on the game play of Vanessa, I am not sure where the others will fall if she is in f2 with Steve….well dumbo Austin will still be bitter and barefoot…hopefully not shirtless.

  7. Avatar

    Did anyone else hear Steve on BBAD say he was a “Redskin” and that he milked affirmative action for everything he could get? I thought someone would have said something about it here but as far as I know no one did. Doesn’t Steve know that that term is very offensive to our Native Americans?

    • Avatar

      If you dig a bit deeper you will find that the controversy regardin “Redskin” is not from the Native Americans. I attend Pow Wow’s regularly and none of my brethren are upset with the term “Redskin”.

  8. Avatar

    All I want is for Steve to win HOH & immediately let Vanessa know her ass is about to catch a ride on the next thing smokin & head on over to the jury house. Lol

  9. Avatar

    So do you really think that Vanessa will take Liz to the final 2, assuming she wins the final HOH? Liz has guaranteed votes that Vanessa does not have.

    I am not at all a Liz fan. She has played a horrible game and she acts like a spoiled child. I am also not a Vanessa fan. She has done a great job controlling, manipulating and bullying her way into staying in the house and getting others to do what she wants. I hate to see that kind of behavior win. Clearly I am disappointed in two of the final three.

    I do agree that it would be entertaining to see Steve win the final HOH and evict Vanessa. That would be so worth watching. However, I have very little faith that he will evict Vanessa if he is the final HOH. Overall though I would like to see Steve win it all. He isn’t my first choice but my first choice is sitting in the Jury House.

    • Avatar

      I’m afraid if Steve wins final HOH he won’t evict Vanessa because he acts like he’s afraid of her. My first choice is in the jury house too but out of the 3 we have left, Steve is my choice to win it all & to see Vanessa be evicted. I’d hate to see Liz get the 50k but I’d hate even more if Vanessa didn’t get evicted by Steve.

  10. Avatar

    Monica21: I lived in Arizona for many years and they have a large Native American population and I had many as friends. They told me that it was a very offensive term. So I was going off of my personal experiences as to the offensive nature of that term. Maybe other Native Americans don’t have that same view. So if I am wrong I stand corrected.

  11. Jannie

    From Joker’s…

    “Liz is coming to the end of her birth control pills. She says that’s not good because she’s going to do ‘you know what’ on finale night”.


  12. Avatar

    Well another season is almost gone. I have to disagree on the shows rating Steve sorry. I loved certain people ie James, Jason, Johnny, Meg. Becky and Jackie but I just can’t stand Vanessa and the Austwins. They’re rude classless people. Just the table manners alone of the Austwins is a horrible thing to have to sit through. I don’t know why they had to eat every night when BBAD started but it never failed. Then last night Liz and Vanessa inhaled everything not nailed down. I don’t know maybe my parents just raised me to mind my manners better. But also they’re mean, hateful and spiteful attitudes. At least last year all we had was Frankie I’m not a huge fan of Steve just because he’s been hanging from Vanessa all year. But if Steve wins the last round of the HOH he’s going to take Liz and probably best her as she will have only get the other 2/3s of the trios vote. If it’s Vanessa and Steve then Vanessa will win as bad as I don’t want that to happen. Then again I was rooting for James at the end. Someone with humor, honesty and respect for the game.

  13. Avatar

    I think you are completely wrong in giving this season a B+. More like a C- or D. Guests who didn’t even know what BB was or even how to play and guests in it just to get TV time. Come on, score it lower than a B+.

    • Elaine

      I agree Jw…though I have only watched BB steadily the last few seasons, I peeked in on previous ones. This season was no B at all (-) or (+). The best houseguests to watch were eliminated early and we were left with…..well we all know.

    • pamela martinez

      this has been a D season for sure. boring peeps xcept james, Jason, becky. gotta give props to van. she played hard with her lies, bullying and crocodile tears. too predictable. james was the only one to try to make a big move. I did like to see a bb with more older, more mature players. james for fan fav.

  14. Avatar

    Hey Rob, Vanessa must have had one hell of a death grip on that wrecking ball if her vagina is black & blue. Of course Liz is used to Austin having his fingers in her pants so that wrecking ball didn’t phase her. Lol

  15. Avatar

    There are 9 jury members so it will take 5 to win. If it’s Liz vs Vanessa, Liz will have Julia and Austin for sure. Jackie, James and Meg said they would never vote for Vanessa—-I don’t know how Becky would vote, but probably for Vanessa. That’s 5 votes for Liz to win. IF they vote like they said they would.
    If it’s Liz vs Steve, Liz will have Julia and Austin, but I think that’s all. Not sure about Becky or Vanessa on this one.
    Steve vs Vanessa——Julia and Austin will vote for Steve. Liz is still drinking Vanessa’s kool aid, so she might vote for Vanessa. Becky will probably vote for Vanessa. Again, Jackie, James, and Meg said they wouldn’t vote for Vanessa so that’s 5 for Steve to win. Again, that is IF they vote the way they said they would. John’s vote on any scenario is anyone’s guess! I’m going to write this down and see how close I get.

    • Avatar

      I think Becky would be thrilled Steve got V out …and if Steve uses his speech to stroke V’s ego ..best female player ever ….maybe modify it to best player ever..he gets her too ……she will understand he made a better move than cody did, and has a shot to win.

      he has been counting EVERTHING in the house …in case of a tie breaking question ….i really hope he pulls this off , we might just see those hidden balls yet this year.

  16. Avatar

    Last night on BBAD Steve said that they BB did a casting call in N.Y. city and interviewed hundreds of applicants for this year’s show. It was some person named C.C. At the end of the day they went to dinner and ended up casting the waitress who waited on them….Meg!!! And she was the only person picked from the entire city! That pretty much sums up the tenor of the season right there!

    • Jannie

      Exactly. Seems there are a few of us here that think this season no near deserves a B+

      Players are getting younger(no one over 33 this year), twists are too obvious, players go in having an advantage(Derrick and Vanessa), Casting based on looks and personality rather than actual applicants who love the show. Guests looking for fame and romance and treating it like summer camp rather than a game for $500K. And rumors that aspects of the game being rigged that are becoming harder to ignore.
      (FYI) Steve mentioned tonight that 7 of this years players were “cast” rather than actual applicants.

      I did enjoy the Ian Terry/Dan Gheesling season(14)
      And last year was OK(Victoria drove me nuts).

      Sorry, I give this season a C-.

      Haven’t seen a really good one since BB #12 with Britney Haynes and the Brigade.

      P.S. Janelle and Rachel would have wiped the floor with Vanessa. Would have seen right through her BS.

    • Avatar

      Yep ..just what she said ..except I would grade it a D+ …because they let me down with the promise of a takeover every week, that disappeared early …and I just kept waiting … and nothing

  17. Avatar

    Steve Beans we all absolutely love what you do on here! I have commented on your BB Junkie Blog for 3 years now, and I deeply respect your time, and appreciate your updates. My perspective on the Big Brother Seasons differ from your point of views tho, and I will get into that later in my comment.

    Big Brother 13 ~ D- (Totally Agree With )
    Big Brother 14 ~ A (Agree, This was Also a Very Solid Cast)
    Big Brother 15 ~ D (Not all of the HG, But mostly a Horrid Cast)
    Big Brother 16 ~ C (Very Milquetoast Cast – Only Saving Grace on this Cast was Donny)
    Big Brother 17 ~ D (See BB 16 – Very Milquetoast Cast)

    My Point of View ~ I am in the court of opinion that Big Brother U.S. is in dire need of a makeover. Maybe a change of Producer, & Casting Director would give the show the needed freshness, & new eyes that it needs.

    A lot of us are tired of the same cast of Characters being cast every Summer: The Model. The Gay/Lesbian, The Geek/Need, The Country/Cowboy Dude, The Surfer Dude, and the One or Two People of Color. I read on Jokers where BB might cast all of the previous winners of Big Brother, and I replied, “Great, that mean no African-Americans, or Mexicans will be on the show.” Diversity in age, & Ethnicity is a big issue on BB, because there is hardly none of it?! Big Brother is the oldest reality game show on CBS, but has “never” had African-American or Mexican-American winner, Whereas TAR, & Survivor have?! Instead every year we get the cast of the Real World of 20 somethings!

    The Casting Director needs to “stop” Recruiting contestants for Big Brother, there are hundreds of thousands of people who know how the game is played that can be cast for BB. Start having real Twist on the show again, what happened to Pandora’s Box, the Luxury Comp. and having Comps for food earned for the week? In my very humble opinion the powers that be on BBUSA have gotten lazy , and a lot of us who have been viewing the show since Season One see it!

    And Please stop having celebrity’s relatives cast (Frankie), and folks that know the art of Manipulation on the, i.e. Cops, & Gamblers. Lastly, stop the Battle Of the Block.

    I hope no one is upset by my take on BB, it is coming from of place of concern only, and love for the show. Thank you again Steve .

    • Avatar

      Oops….*Manipulation on the show,*

    • Avatar

      Yeah, what mello one said. You go mello one!!!

    • Avatar

      AMEN! Completely agree, Mello. This proves CBS doesn’t listen to viewers.

    • ShoeLover

      On Point!! I agree mello one! I have been pretty quiet this season on BB Junkies since the show, for me, was one I lost interest in. I am greatly appreciative of Steve and his BB Junkies keeping me updated on what’s what! Let’s hope next season will be more entertaining than this year!! See yall next summer!!!

    • g8trgirl

      Could not have said it better myself. I certainly hope someone from cbs sees this.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! I said pretty much the same thing a couple weeks ago on here. They definitely need to get new producers with new ideas. It feels like they gave up on trying to make this season interesting to save money and improve their bottom line.

    • Elaine

      Nice summary. CBS is trying too hard to be diverse. Casting ends up being a typical person from each of those group types that mello mentioned. You can tell that the seasons are strikingly similar in that it is easy to substitute a previous houseguest’s name for a current one….whether on looks or game play.

    • Bastosko

      Totally agree as well. I have never watched any of the Canadian or Aussie version (unfortunately have seen the Philippine version and trust me, it can get a lot worse lol), but some of the ideas presented by those viewers (earn your food, have not being a punishment, major twists, even BB England (Celebrity edition granted) turned off the hot water because one house guest broke the rules so everyone suffers. It seems the only hard part anymore is the sheer boredom they experience and mental stress of who is talking behind who’s back. They have food galore, more sleep than me and I remember from season 1 and 2, the washing machine was a HUGE luxury someone (or was it the whole house) had to earn! Just imagine this season how nasty Austin would be then lol.

  18. Colby

    IMO, bottom line, BB prod is going to continue to do whatever they want. They get ratings because they are on in the summer when most other shows are re-runs.

  19. Avatar

    I think one of the reasons Dan was such a great player to watch was his backround. He wasn’t a professional liar and manipulator. He was a catholic high school teacher and football coach.

  20. Avatar

    I think James and John are both in the running for America’s player, however, with the 3 day voting glitch, both of them should be awarded the $25,000!
    BB continues to claim that BoTB is a fan favorite. They also continue to ‘say’ Franky is loved. GAG! I agree that production, casting, and the promotional staff all need to be changed.
    Last—WHY do they make voting so hard? Most people vote for one person, so how hard would it be to put a box in the corner of each houseguest to check if you want to give all 20 of your points to that person?

  21. Avatar

    There’s only two possible scenarios tomorrow night. Either its Vanessa/Liz or Steve/Liz. I think Liz is guaranteed the 50k and one of the other two will win the 500k by winning the comp. As for next year, I really hope its finally another All Stars. Its well overdue, and there are plenty of people to choose from over the last few seasons.

    • Colby

      I agree with you. But either way, Liz does not deserve to be in F2. But I guess it doesn’t matter because she and Austin will blow through that 50K really quickly because they think they are ‘all that’.

  22. Jannie

    I know I say this every morning, but how can Liz eat so much?
    When BBAD opened last night it was steak and a baked potato…then she decided she was still hungry, goes to the fridge and gets seconds – another entire baked potato covered in butter and sour cream(and more steak). Seriously, I don’t know any grown men who can eat two baked potatoes in one sitting.

    An hour later BBAD viewers vote to send in all the goodies to make candied apples – and Liz is squealing like a little kid. She quickly starts picking at all of the candy, cuts an apple and eats the entire thing, covered in caramel and candy. She also helped Steve eat his caramel apple.

    Poor Steve pacing and practicing his speeches…Liz over hears him, tells Vanessa and she is not happy – irritated that Steve is going over “victory” speeches.

    Set your DVR’s everyone – tonight DaVonne takes over BBAD with her “Da’Vonney Awards.” Also the last BBAD.
    But…also must see TV – Trump on the Late Show with Colbert…now THAT should be good!

    • Elaine

      She probably doesn’t eat that way outside of the house. She is bored and maybe stress eating. She probably has packed on a few more lbs of junk in her trunk. I can’t remember if Jason referred to her as the “fat twin” or the “skinny twin”. I hate watching people chew.

    • Avatar

      Jannie, what time does BBAD come on TV where you are in MN?

    • Avatar

      Elaine, Liz was the skinny one.

    • Jannie

      Usually 11:00 PM -1:00 AM(Central Standard Time). POP TV
      Sometimes, like the last couple of nights(and tonight), it’s been 10:00-1:00 AM.

      For all of the counting, pacing, practicing, and worrying poor Steve has done, I really hope he wins part 3 tomorrow night.
      Liz has done absolutely NO campaigning to Steve…what a moron. But he will take her anyway.
      She is a horrible player. After all of the times Vanessa has screwed her(telling Julia to pick Austin and then evicting Austin) she still just does nothing and waits for Vanessa to take her to the end.
      She really doesn’t deserve to be in the F2, But I guess we are picking the lesser of two evils…I don’t want Vanessa to be there (F2) even more.

    • AIO_7

      Rob, no, Davonne called Liz the fat one.

    • Avatar

      Hmmm, thought for sure she said Julia had the bigger thighs.

  23. Avatar

    HG have figured out how to use the Botb to their advantage. If production continues to use it, they should make the losers have 48 hours of isolation as punishment. Instead of these elaborate (expensive) sets for competitions, have more competitions that are simple and make the HG work for shower privilege, food, bedding. Have a draw each day for household chores. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Come on production give us something to change up this show.

    • Avatar

      How about drop the BOTB and just have one HOH who nominates three people for eviction. Only those three compete for POV. The winner takes themselves off the block and the remaining two nominations are up for eviction.

    • Avatar

      I like that idea mouse. I think it was BB Africa that I was watching & they have to compete & actually pay rent for the better living quarters. They compete for all the comforts you talked about.

  24. Avatar

    I wonder if Vanessa confronted Steve yet about his victory speech. She is going to put the fear of God in him. Sad to say that.

  25. Alda

    Steve isn’t scared of Vanessa anymore.He just has to concentrate on what he’s doing tomorrow night.He’ll definitely take Liz.I want Steve to win,and Liz to get the 50k.I don’t like her,but I detest Vanessa and her bullying.If she walks out with no money,that will be great!Can you imagine,all her shenanigans for over 3 months and -nothing!! Best news ever!

  26. Alda

    Oh,and as far as rating this season,I give it a D.I have been there since season one and this is one of the worst!

  27. Elaine

    CBS has figured on a formula to do as little as possible and get by with ratings. If they actually had to think of new ideas….are you kidding??? They know viewers will subscribe to feeds in which they watch the houseguests do very little most of the time. They come up with recycled games and sets for the primetime shows. The format stays very similar, which keeps costs down. If it is working for them, why change it up?

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure about that.

      This year the live feeds were being offered at a really low price. They wouldn’t do that if the live feeds were selling well.

      I am sure the casting is manipulated as a means to try to get people to buy into the live feeds. It seems like they think the formula is to try and cast horny hg’s in hoping that they might get caught in the act on the feeds. And if along the way they play the game so the broadcast show can go on, that’s all that has to be done.

      It’s too bad. A good cast of competitive hg’s will make the live feeds and afterdark exciting because they will be strategizing and backstabbing each other. That’s what this show is all about, and that’s whats missing. We need a cast of Vanessas, Evil Dicks, Dans and Amandas. Get a whole household of such manipulative players, and there will be action and excitement, because they will all try and fight for position, instead of sitting around inhaling smokes and working on the summer tan.

  28. Avatar

    Rob, Love your ideas!

  29. Elaine

    I would just like to see some competitors who are true BB fans and understand the game and go into the house to play. I am tired of houseguests voting with the house. There needs to be more close votes even early in the game. Those on the block need to talk to the other houseguests about the game, campaign, and strategize. I would like for the HOH to make nominations however he/she sees fit. Don’t ask for volunteers or seek out “reasons” from other houseguests to justify a nomination (i.e. Vanessa). And to future players, please remember that you don’t have to get permission from HOH or other houseguests to make a decision on how to vote. I realize that it is tempting to get in a house with strangers and not want to make waves. However, if you sign up for the game….then gosh darn it….play the game!

    • Renee

      I wish they would get some type of penalty if it is obvious that they are throwing a challenge.

    • Elaine

      Last year when Caleb refused to play with Frankie. Frankie did an awesome job of winning it on his own….and guess what?…Caleb still benefitted in the same way. Throwing these comps has gone wild. Also, the backdoor is used way too often. Most of the time competitors should be able to try and take themselves off the block. It makes them all lazy.

    • Avatar

      Elaine I agree, I don’t like the backdoor either. Anyone who is nominated should have the opportunity to get themselves off the block. That’s why I suggested that the HOH nominate three people and only one can save themselves…..no back doors and no one would have the incentive to throw a comp. or their butt could be going home.

    • Elaine

      Rob, I like that. If someone came off the block there would still be two nominees that had competed for safety.

    • Avatar

      Elaine, you hit the nail on the head. I totally agree with you.

  30. Jannie

    Someone here said it earlier, but they need to go back to having to compete for their food!

    Those people eat better than I do – steaks, chicken with marinades, fresh veggies, baking cookies every night, ice cream, etc..

    And were they always able to tell what time it is?? I thought in earlier seasons there were no clocks, and now there must be one in the kitchen, because they always know what time it is…

    They have all gotten spoiled and lazy – both physically and psychologically.

    And I agree – no more BOTB and enforce the rule that you can’t tell someone that they are going on the block – as a pawn or not. Tired of that.

  31. Elaine

    Part of the reason why there is so much laziness between veto and voting day is because the “house” decides who to evict and tells the houseguest he/she is being evicted. It used to be that the time between was used to campaign to save oneself or for others to help a person stay in the house. Even with the backdoor situation, that re-nom has that opportunity. I thought it funny that Austin was so livid that he had not been told he was getting evicted…how unfair it was. It is odd that now blindsides are something we see only on occasion. That should be happening as part of the ongoing game. Keeps the houseguests on their toes and talking game with others. It has just become LAZY!

  32. Avatar

    I thought the exact same thing about Liz, she hasn’t said one word to Steve campaigning! I mean, does she know she’s in the final 3 on big brother?!?!? Come on! Its the end, play just a little bit! Vanessa is not your parent or boss, you don’t have to “mind” her like a little child! I hate to complain, I love BB so much, but please get some people cast who actually know what BB is!

  33. Avatar

    Why is Van bothering to tell Liz she has a F2 deal with her? If she is going to take Liz to the finals, no need to tell Liz as Steve might learn in case he wins–Liz can’t send you home. If she doesn’t take Liz to the F2 after telling her that for a week, then she’ll cement the Autwins vote for Steve. Same for Steve, but that’s the price for trying to convince him to take you. It seems like the best play for Steve and Vanessa is to each profess undying loyalty to the other in the hopes the other will reciprocate if you lose the final HOH. Liz has no power left in the house. She’s a jury vote, but just one, and if she’s outside, she’s unlikely to convince Austin and Julie to vote for Vanessa anyway (if Steve sends her home).


  34. Jannie

    So Steve has spent the day today “re-nerdifying” himself(his words).
    He has chosen khaki pants and a button down shirt for finale night.(although the pants are a bit tight, we’ll see).

    He has completely shaved off all facial hair and Vanessa has given him a haircut. She is trying to tell Steve how good he looks with hair gel, but Steve is turning it down, saying that he wants to “leave the BB house the way I came in.”

    Steve, like Derrick, did change his look during the season and then went back to the original look for finale night. I liked Steve’s new look, but think it’s kinda sweet that he wants to look like original Steve, maybe for his Mom.

  35. Avatar

    I can’t wait for the show tomorrow night. I’ll be praying for Steve. Survivor comes on tomorrow night also.

    • Colby

      Looking forward to Survivor.
      Not sure I’m going to watch BB finale. I actually haven’t watched show since I knew JMac was getting evicted because I am just disgusted with the rest of them. (I do want to watch the video of Austin going to the jury house, but haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet. I need to just fast forward through everything else and just enjoy that part).
      With who is left, I hope Steve wins. But I’m not sure he deserves it either.
      But, I will miss all of you here

    • Avatar

      Me too Colby. I’ve never missed a season of Survivor. As for BB, I’ll watch the show tonight to the part where the HOH is determined. If it’s Vanessa, I’m done. If it’s Steve and he takes Vanessa, I’m done. If he takes Liz, I’ll watch the rest. I’ve been thinking also, if they start out next season with BOTB (because its such a crowd favorite) then I’m done with the show.

  36. Elaine

    Jannie~ this is for you. I am watching BBAD at 9:30 MST. Guess what?…..Liz is eating again!

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