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Big Brother 17 – Final Two Slots Revealed?



I had a feeling we were going to find out who the mystery 15th and 16th houseguest were going to be prior to the show starting, but this may have been revealed due to a mistake on CBS’s part, and very eagle-eyed viewers.

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First, CBS decided to post a picture of messages that cast members left via post-it notes.



Two things about that.  First, there are 16 post-it notes, yet only 14 cast members revealed.   Second, the top left note is signed ‘Jackie’, a name not yet released, so clearly one of the two mystery guests.

Now, this is where it gets crazy because MissCleo compared the signature of Jackie to Jackie from The Amazing Race 26, and the writing is pretty similar.

Here comes the biggest mystery of them all…

Why make them surprise guests??

They finished 7th for their season, and aren’t exactly household names, so why in the world would they keep them a mystery?  Heck, Frankie Grande is more famous, and they revealed him right away.

This leads me to believe the only reason they kept them secret was to potentially mask the season twist.

  • Could this season be played out as partners once again? BB13 failed miserably at this.
  • Could the competitions be in a way where the last two teams in challenges go on a 4-person block? I doubt that, unless only one person leaves. The Amazing Race had 22 players last season, and still needed 3 non-elimination legs to fill out the season.
  • Perhaps people are somehow connected to each other in a way, and they need to find out who? The poker player/dealer connection is something very hard to just overlook. I don’t think that’s an accident, but yet I cannot seem to figure them all out.  If they did that, this would be my best guess….
    – Vanessa / Da’Vonne (poker player / dealer)
    – Austin / Jace (Wrestler / Trainer)
    – Becky / James (Retail Manager / Retail Associate)
    – Steve / Clay (Students)
    But, then we’re left with:
    – Digital Media Consultant
    – Cashier (who could also be considered retail)
    – Dentist
    – Server
    – Marketing Coordinator
    – Interior DesignerGood luck putting those together

I feel like all the clues are out there for some type of connection / pairing this season, but I am missing a piece or two.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Avatar

    The dentist/marketing coordinater
    The digital media/interior designer
    And the cashier/server.
    Those make sense.

  2. Avatar

    Like SteveBeans says I hope there is something more to these two because if this is a sample of the “twists” we can expect, we’re in for a boring summer.

    Here’s a thought I’ll toss out there. What if these two are just the first of a rotating HG spot. Previously there have been a number of relatively prominent reality show personalities that suddenly went silent on Twitter and other social media. Could they just be future HGs for the rotating slot??

    Now how this rotating slot would work for evictions and such I have no idea. Perhaps if you evict them people stop rotating in and the promise is future rotated HGs will be fan favorites or something??

    I dunno, I’m just trying to reconcile the secrecy with the obvious dud that this reveal is.

    • stevebeans

      Your suggestion could make sense considering the announced twist of someone new entering the house every week to announce a new twist. Perhaps it’s a pair of people and they remain in the house. Can’t be eliminated, but can cause trouble.

      Completely wild speculation there

    • Avatar

      Yeah, I have absolutely nothing to base my guess upon, and I think “could make sense” is giving it more credit that it deserves.

      Just trying to make sense of….well anything.

  3. Avatar

    I think you’d connect the cashier/server as a pair on their lowly jobs that interest w/ public

    You’d have Digital Media and Marketing consultant, both dealing with images one companies.

    Leaving the Dentist and the interior designer…only connection I can draw is that they work “in” something, one the mouth the other houses/rooms.

    But I’ve though the pairs from the moment I read their bios. Too odd that you’d end up casting a poker player and a poker dealer in the same season.

  4. Avatar

    Steve, wouldn’t the house too too full too quick. For every 1 person you’d have leaving per week, you’d have 2 more entering and staying?

    • stevebeans

      No, my suggestion would be the 2 ‘celebrities’ entering (like these TAR people) would have immunity and leave at the end of the week to be replaced with someone new who had a task to raise hell.

      Just a thought, though

  5. Avatar

    I think Austin looks a lot like Dan. Does anyone see it. He has a lot more hair but they look very close.

  6. Avatar

    Hopefully they get the HG good and loaded the first few nights. See who shows their ass, so to speak.

  7. Avatar

    Hello everyone. I’m not going to speculate about what the twists are. I like to find out as they go. Then I can be surprised. Also the bigger reason is I’m just too tired to think. Although I have thought maybe where they live could be a twist or makeup of teams. I know three of them are from Georgia which I find a little suspicious but like I said I’m tired and don’t remember where all of them are from so that was probably a worthless piece of a therory. I’ll try to do better when the game starts.

  8. Avatar

    It would be interesting if it’s a rotating 2 celebrities announce the twist and then stay although I think giving them immunity would be weird especially in later weeks and considering they’ve done a 2 HoH twist before and 4 on the block it would make sense not to give the celebrities immunity and make them either compete for HoH as a pair like everyone else or make them automatic on the block if either of them lose and the pair that wins decide what other pair to put alongside them when BoB competion happens they can decide if they’ll take the celebrities off or keep them on(since they didn’t get to vote the celebrities onto the block) Certainly would allow for some good backdooring strategy.

  9. Avatar

    Mrs Cleo thats some serious detective work, bravo….

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