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Big Brother 17 – Fourth Of July Blogging



Ahh, I needed that break this afternoon.  I literally slept most of the day. Hungover? Maybe.  Feel better now? Definitely. Time for the Big Brother blogging!  First, I want to thank everyone for the recent donations! I means a lot to see that.

Anyway, the house is on indoor lockdown due to a CBS party in the parking lot (I hear), so they’ll be inside for a few more hours. Unfortunately, with no Jace and with Audrey being quiet recently, the drama has been kept to a minimum.  It looks like they’re taking it easy for the holiday, or just because they’re worn down from those crazy first two weeks (although I should say one week, but they’ve been in the house for a week prior to the first show).

Let’s check in on the feeds:

  • 2:40pm – Da’Vonne, Jason and Meg are chatting in the bedroom about various things, while Audrey is talking to Clay (who is taking a shower) in the bathroom. I want to spend one of my summers in that house.  I’m destined to.
  • Audrey leaves, Jeff enters and asks Clay if he’ll be working with Audrey.  I couldn’t quite get an answer from it, since he was in the shower.
  • Vanessa is now in the HoH room with Shelli, who is saying she doesn’t trust James at all
  • Austin and Clay join to talk about some conversation that happened last night. Austin feels Da’Vonne, James and crew talk about how they’re trying to set Clay and Shelli up as their own power duo.
  • Audrey pops in to ask something and leaves.  The group fears that Audrey is going to work on the other side of the house, which would be pretty messed up.
  • Shelli is contemplating putting Meg up because that should guarantee Da’Vonne goes home. She said that Meg talking to that group is putting her in danger, so Shelli may talk to her.
  • Liz joins and mentions how if she goes on the block, it’s not 100% safe.  Meg should go up.
  • Austin is on to Da’Vonne about her ‘teacher’ career because he has gone to schools to talk about injuries and stuff, and went to the school she said she teaches at.  He asked her about it, and she failed.  However, they think she may be an actor and that fight with Audrey was staged.
  • 3:30pm – My computer crashed, came back and most of the girls are up in the HoH room just chatting.  Time for dinner!
  • 5:45pm – Back. Clay and Shelli are in the HoH room talking. Apparently Audrey is trying to turn Shelli on Becky.
  • Jason is disgruntled because they’re stuck inside for the 4th
  • 6:30pm – The house is super dead.  Most are sleeping, but Steve, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are in the HoH room.
  • 6:45pm – John, Steve and Shelli are upstairs playing chess while Meg and a few others are chatting.  Most are just waiting for a hopeful party
  • Feeds cut to Jeff loop, sounds like it’s time for a party for the house.  Be back later!

Check back for more updates


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  1. Avatar

    Has the BBtakeover, phone twist been used yet (has it rung yet?).

  2. Avatar

    With this season, I find myself having to look at the header (where all the names are) so I can figure out who is who. ALL THESE J’s MAN!!!

    But I am also curious if the phone has rung as well. 😀

  3. danmtruth

    I hope that this new week we get to see more of the house guest personalitys . Most are just sitting back As in last year the producers are giving them to much free time and not enough chalengers. I like the idea of the house guest needing to win chalengers to get food . Now it is just a tanning and workout contest Force them to interact and depend on each other. Even the slop has turned into people just volunteering so no real decision is being made . Here is an idea have one HOH they chose 2 nominees than America chooses 2 nominees . At the reveal the HOH can if they want reveal who there choices were or not

  4. Avatar

    Just wanted to say thanks for all you do, Steve! This is the only forum I go to, you’re page is so easy to follow. Thanks!

  5. Avatar

    I agree. This is my third season following your blog (plus a little from BB14 I believe) and I check it constantly because you make it so easy to understand and I like reading your take on the situations. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. Avatar

    Contests each week. 3 losers have to cook, do laundry, and clean house. If they don’t do their job, they lose their vote at eviction. This year is beyond boring.

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