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Big Brother 17 – Friday Live Feed Updates

Hello Everyone! It’s my last day writing, I have had a wonderful experience. I’m sure your ready for Steve to come back. He will be back tomorrow. But thank you for reading everything that I have wrote and accepting me. Now about the house guests. Becky put up a fight last night and is happy she’s still here. Clay is most likely safe this week cause of Shelli’s deal with James. Jackie and Meg are most likely safe also because they’re good friends with James the man in power. Will James stay true to Shelli, Johnny Mac, and Clay. We’ll find out sometime today! It’s nomination day! Julia is in and had a little fight with Austin already and she hasn’t even been in for 24 hours yet. So sad that Jason is gone it will be different without him. I’m having troubles telling who is who with the twins.

  • 9:30pm- They had the wake up call at 9 this morning and most of them disregarded it. But Johnny Mac is eating breakfast.
  • I figured out who is nominated. James nominated Clay and Shelli. Some of you are happy I am sure but I personally like them. So you can’t trust James he pretty much stuck a knife in both of their backs.
  • 4:30pm- Shelli and Clay are talking to James about why he put them on the block. He said because they will always have each other’s back so he wants one of them gonna and it benefits his game. Liz, Julia, Austin, and Vanessa are talking and trying to figure out what they’re gonna do their 2 alliance members are on the block. Meg, Jackie, and Johnny Mac are in the kitchen eating and talking about nominations.
  • 5:30pm- Austin and Vanessa are reassuring Shelli that they’re there for her and are her best friends. Clay is in the diary room. James main target is Clay. Most of the house guests are in the kitchen cooking.
  • 7:00pm- They’re not doing very much very very quiet this evening. Becky, Johnny Mac, and Clay are chatting about James betraying him.
  • 8:15pm- The twins, James, Austin, and Steve are hanging out in the bathroom. Shelli and Clay are in the kitchen making some food.
  • 9:30pm- Shelli and Clay are laying in bed and Shelli is very upset crying a lot and Clay is just trying to comfort her. Julia, Steve, and Johnny Mac are talking about Jason. Liz is upstairs talking to James and thanking him for not putting her or Julia up and she said she owes him.

Don’t forget to check out big brother after dark on right now on your cables providers POP channel! Again, thank you for having me I loved this experience!  I’ll be back in the comment section with the rest of you guy’s now and maybe I can help Steve out again one day! 🙂 Goodnight!


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  1. Jannie

    Thank you, Haley for filling in for stevebeans!! With such an exciting week(finally) glad you were here to keep us going 🙂

    Noms should come down soon…anyone have any predictions?? I think it will be a combination of Vanessa/Asstin/Liz. He will keep his word to Shelli and Clay, but may keep his options open if one of the nominees wins POV.

    • Avatar

      I second the thank you to Haley – what a crazy week and you kept us informed!

      I’m hoping that James has the guts to put up Clay and Shelli. Now that there is no BOB, HOH wins mean something and he was right when he was like…why pawns? Why not just put up the people you want to put up?

      I’m so excited for this week. I was really sad to see Jason go – not because he has been a great player, but because he is a superfan and fun to watch on the feeds.

      If he puts up Clelli, no one will be surprised and he will get serious cred from the viewers I think. Too many people in the house think Austin is stupid (true) and Vanessa is innocent (not so true).

    • Colby

      I’m hoping it will be Shelli and Vanessa. Or Clay and Vanessa. Otherwise I don’t know why they would have been saying that Shelli will cry.

  2. Avatar

    I think he will put up Vanessa and Clay, if one of those win POV he will put up Shelli.

  3. pkcable

    Well folks looking like Jakie and Meg are running the show and James will NOT be honoring his “deal” with shelli. Looks like Shelli is the main target. They seem to think she is the mastermind, not Vanessa, and they seem to want I work with Austin and the twins.

    If it were me I would have targeted Austin and the twins the stronger sub alliance in the six sense, BUT on the inside they don’t know what we know of course, lol!

  4. danmtruth

    Great Haley for keeping the site going it was very helpful
    I say it’s Clay and Shelli as payback With Vanessa as the Backdoor target Straight forward and not going to over think things

  5. Jannie

    Wow, it looks like James DOES have the cahones!! He just told Austin that he is looking to break up a power couple and it’s not him and Diz. Although they could be a replacement nominee. Who else could it be?? Clay and Shelli!! I didn’t think you had it in you, James…good job.

    Can’t wait to see Shelli’s waterworks all week.

    This move could just win him America’s player. If he succeeds, he will get my vote.

  6. Sweet Bee

    James has been saying since week 1 he isn’t scared to get “blood on his hands”. And honestly I’ve believed him. I have been hoping for him to win HOH and he won it at the best time. No more BOTB. I can’t stand double HOHs. I’m always rooting for the underdogs and botb just gave the stronger alliance more chances of running the game. Shelli does need to go. Vanessa is running the game but Shelli holds the group together. Shelli has her boy toy Clay, she’s sorority sisters with the twins and she’s Vanessa’s right hand. Take her out of the equation and things will start to crumble within the sixth sense alliance.

    • Avatar

      That is a great point. He didn’t have a problem whatsoever going after Jace week 1. Jace looked like one of those alpha males that many are intimidated to go after.

      Hopefully Becky doesn’t manipulate him and get him to make a dumb move.

      Speaking of Becky, she is playing both sides very well. I am really curious how long she can keep it up, and if she will be able to actually take control in some way shape or form.

    • Sweet Bee

      I think if one wins POV and saves themselves James will put up Vanessa or Liz. At least that’s what I’m kinda hoping for, but honestly it would be best if the noms stayed the same so we could watch the couple campaign against each other!

    • Avatar

      I hope the noms stay the same, and Shelli goes. Then lets see what kind of game Clay plays, besides being a prettyboy.

      I think it’s ridiculous that people go there for a showmance when there is $500k up for grabs. They both deserve to get the boot !

  7. Colby

    I’m disappointed he said he wouldn’t put up Vanessa even as a replacement because he thinks she would go home. I guess he wants to be sure either Clay or Shelli go, but he needs to not under estimate Vanessa. She and Shelli are the real threats in the game, and will still be, if it is Clay who goes.

  8. Avatar

    Thanks for the updates, Haley. As others have already said, It is very much appreciated.

    At least Steve now knows he can take the occasional break , knowing someone can step up to the plate for a couple of days. Right Steve ? Sometimes life is more important !

  9. Clangley

    Any updates on who went up?

  10. Avatar
    Willie Jones Jr

    Hey everyone.
    Haley did pretty good with the updates. Good job and thank you.
    So glad the BoTB is over. Its just not accomplishing its goal, production needs to rethink that.
    I try catching the show when I can. My cable provider is making us change to digital, and frankly (?), I don’t want to pay for cable.
    I still get free CBS, and a few lower channels, but no POP for the late show.

  11. Avatar

    Holy Smokes. James nominated Shelli and Clay!!!

    Pretty freaking amazing. I am so impressed. The game is on !!!

    • Avatar

      I am so excited!!! So nice to see someone playing hard and not worrying about blood!!!! So glad to see one hoh!!!!

    • Avatar

      No kidding! This is great. It isn’t a house flip, but it sounds like Clay &Shelli are throwing Vanessa under the bus. No loyalty is left there.

      Hopefully this carries over to next week , and they target each other out of anamosity, and their gameplay gets sidetracked a bit.

    • Avatar
      Willie Jones Jr

      Great! James has been my favorite from the beginning. He’s capable. I think he can take it to the end.

  12. Avatar

    Clay is mad. Guess he doesn’t like having done to him what he did to Jason. Shelli is crying to Vanessa that the sixth sense is over. Guess they can dish it out but can’t take it.

  13. Avatar

    Now this should be a very interesting week!!!!!

  14. Avatar

    I am definitely going to have to watch the show of nomination ceremony. Shelli is telling Clay he can’t blow up on James like he did at nomination ceremony

  15. g8trgirl

    Rumor alert : Jokers is reporting James nominated Clay and Shelli. Oh course Shelli is in tears and supposedly there was a not so nice exchange of words between Clay and James.

  16. Jannie

    Clelli up in the HOH room telling James that their word was “as good as gold” and that they never betrayed him. James not buying it and pointing out examples where they betrayed him. Meanwhile, Vanessa in the kitchen w/Jackie and Meg hearing stories of how Clelli always tried to say they were not involved in any of Vanessa’s decision making. Can’t wait to see the fireworks between Van and Clelli!!

    And JMac is looking like a Becky. He had a conversation with James and afterward immediately ran to Clay with all of the info(before the nomination ceremony.

    Let the games begin 🙂

    • Colby

      I am really disappointed in JMac for doing that. It was kind of a dumb move on his part. How did he think that might possibly help his game? I just shake my head all the time at some of their decisions.

  17. Sweet Bee

    The Big Brother Gods have answered my Big Brother Prayers!! James is now my favorite player, with Johnny Mac a close second! I am loving the tears and the anger coming from the two people who have been lounging in the HOH room all summer!

    I hope one gets the POV just to save themselves and breaks the other ones spirit.

    *insert evil laughter here*

    • Jannie

      Heh, heh, heh,…

      Unfortunately, Clay has already said that if he wins POV he will save Shelli…ain’t that sweet??

      Yup, the way they lounged around in the backyard giggling like a couple of lovesick teenagers – can’t wait to see them split up – hope they are both still on the block next Thursday.

    • Avatar

      I really hope they show the fireworks!

      Don’t get the feeds, I surf for updates. and it is really sounding like Clat &Shelli are going crazy.

      James made a bold move week 1, and a bold move now. He is there to play.

  18. Avatar

    I’m excited about seeing authentic Shelli tears.

  19. g8trgirl

    Finally, Big Brother is back!

    • Avatar

      amen to that!!! I would love to see one of them booted out. Of course… every other time I’ve wanted to see a power player go home, Production finds a way to keep them Rachel… Frankie… ugh. Hope they let this one play out without interference.

    • Avatar

      Finally! Break up the couples! Go for the jugular. Love that James didn’t backdoor someone like the the Sixth Sense have done since DAY LEFT.

      James lost Day, Jeff and Jason to the very same people who kept promising one thing and would do another. So, he’s not playing like a defeated chump. YES!!!! Can’t wait til Sunday’s show.

  20. Jannie

    Sadly, Meg and Jackie are still playing a dumb game. They told James that if they win Veto they want to save Clay and have James put up Diz. James said no, leave the noms the same. James wants Shelli gone.

    Gee, who would have thought that James was the smartest one of the three?

    • Colby

      I don’t think they should change noms, but if somebody does use the Veto on one of them I do think putting Liz up as renom is a good idea, if James is still not willing to put up Vanessa. It would be a guaranteed 2 votes (Austin and Julia) to evict which ever one is left on the block.

  21. Avatar

    By putting up Clay & Shelli, James has made a move that is more exciting than all of last season combined ! He has really stirred the pot.

  22. Avatar

    Hi guys! Is the next person evicted going into jury? I can’t remember.

  23. Alda

    Hail to King James!He made a great move.Jason must be doing back flips!!This will definitely shake up the house for the rest of the summer!I hate when people get so overly confident in themselves.I hated when Shelli and Clay talked about who they wanted to go home next week,and the week after.Well those days are over Mr.Jock and Ms.Cougar!!

  24. Avatar

    So, what exactly is Becky doing? She’s a floater and good with both sides? I understand that strategy but some players are so slimy. It seems weasel-ish. It’s less cunning (Derrick/Dan) and more rat-is, similar to Andy, the red head rat… Who won, right?

    • Jannie

      Looks like Vanessa is cooking up a plan to get James to back door Becky. I still want either one of the Clelli’s out, but it would serve Becky right to have the sh*t scared out of her.

      And I think, too that there is one more HG to go home and then jury starts. There are now 12 again(w/Julia) and they need 9 for the jury and 2 finalists.

  25. PAINTER1


  26. Colby

    Awesome move James! I think he realizes he is toast no matter what but trying to curb it a little. He has managed to draw lines in ‘the alliance’ and getting them to turn on each other sooner than they would have.
    Jury: I thought in recent years there were 7 on jury, which means they would need to be down to nine. But inside the house, Steve (the super-fan) told James he has made it to jury, so I am a little confused there.

  27. Colby

    7 or 9 on jury, either way I don’t think this is the last week before jury because Julia came back in. Jury has to be an odd number so there can’t possibly be a tie.

  28. Avatar

    thats some shady shit. this is the one season i am not rooting for one side over another. i actually like the 6th sense but i really like johnny mac and meg. i am not really crazy about james though. i would have never made a deal with him. i would have stayed up there until my fingers fell off. i guess i’ll have to wait until sunday to see what actually went down.

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