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Big Brother 17 – Friday Live Feeds And Nominations



Remember the last week of complete boredom?  Well, throw them away because they apparently didn’t happen. Last night, John was evicted from the Big Brother house, gave Julie Chen an interview where she could hardly contain her laughter, and had won his spot back in the Big Brother house before Julie likely even left the building.

In one of the fastest ‘endurance’ competitions that I’ve ever seen, by the time I went from my living room to my computer and turned on the feeds, almost everyone was knocked off their ropes. Apparently it got down to all 4 jurors versus Vanessa. Good odds for a jury member to win HoH and flip the house, right?  You’d think so, but in the blink of an eye, 3 of them were off and it was down to John versus Van. She tried to make a deal for safety with him, but he said he needed to stay on because he had someone in mind (Austin peed his pants a little). However, about 30 seconds later, John was off and Vanessa was HoH.

I started writing my endurance post ready for a long competition, and by the time I grabbed a screenshot and began writing, the competition was over.  John was back in the house, and Vanessa was the new HoH.  Just like that.


Unlike last week, however, the nominations may be a bit different this week. While Austin and the twins expected John to be the replacement nominee, what they don’t realize is that he kind of bonded a bit with Vanessa and they still had an informal ‘deal’. He told her he refused her offer because he didn’t want it to be public, so she is happy with that and will probably use John down the line to go after a certain trio that threatens her game.  If James and Meg are indeed the new nominees like Vanessa is talking about, that leaves 6 people in the house (Meg just doesn’t count. She can’t win anything). Time is quickly running out for Vanessa to break up the trio, and is running out of weapons to do it with. She knows if she does it herself, it could cost jury votes, so she is forming bonds with John and Steve in an attempt to use them later down the road. It could, and should work, and it will be brilliant if it does.

Quick note: I am taking my daughter to a concert tonight, so in 4 hours I will be away. Hopefully you guys can carry updates in the comment section until I return.


  • 9:00am – The house is sleeping.
  • 10:30am – Vanessa is telling Austin about the plan to nominate James and Meg. She said Steve is the backup plan if veto is used. Maybe when James is sitting in the jury house, he’ll finally believe all the people who told him about that alliance.
  • 10:45pm – I should be better at pointing out the twins by now, but I’m not. I suck.  Anyway, when they talk to each other, I’ll call them Jiz and Julz.  So, Jiz said “I’m glad nobody else is coming back, now I can say mean goodbye messages again”.. Julz said “No you can’t, remember their jury votes”.
    • Why should someone be happy to be able to say mean goodbye messages?  Jeez
    • Vanessa talking to the twins. She said she thinks her girlfriend did something they did last February. After more vaguetalking, Vanessa is talking about a boob job, which surprises me that the twins had one. Well, she is talking to one twin, but I’d assume they both did, unless one got the procedure to match the other.  Ok, putting too much thought into this.
  • 12:00pm – The house is sitting around waiting for nominations. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to report them as I leave in an hour. You’ll just have to wait a few hours before I tell you that Meg and James are on the block.

Check back for more


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  1. Avatar

    I’ve heard the feeds were down for 20 seconds, and then all three girls were disqualified for being in the same position as John and Vanessa. Is that true?

  2. Avatar

    I read somewhere that Liz and Julia received nose jobs and boob jobs as graduation gifts from their parents.

  3. danmtruth

    Numbers numbers it all comes down to numbers. This is Vanessa specialty looking at odds & numbers. Organizing mass chaos keeping people looking at anyone but her. She is thinking about veto and the next HOH and how this eviction will get her closer to the end. She has already started to plant seeds of final 2 and potential jury votes to distract the Twins. Put bright shiny things in front of those two gold diggers and that’s al they can think of .
    Break up Meg and James to help solidify her self with Austwins. While starting to drive the wedge deeper into the three of them . Cracks are showing Julia never liked or trusted Austin so that was easy. Liz wants to be the head bitch that makes the big power move. Than in final 3 Vanessa feels she can beat the twins to final two Still a long way off but Vanessa is looking at option
    Still looking to use Steve and John to win POV and HOH to shield herself from Austwins and take people out Those two think doing Vanessa bidding gets them to final 3
    All sides think they can beat Vanessa with jury votes

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan: I totally agree with your comments. Especially the first paragraph. You said Van is thinking about Veto and the next HOH and how this eviction will get her closer to the end. That’s what they ALL should be thinking about. But unfortunately, the rest of the house have painted themselves into a corner so tight that the only thing they can do is worry and pray that they won’t end up on the block and out the door. Her planting seeds of doubt, can’t blame her for that one either. Distract them by keeping them so worried about other things, they either don’t have time to plan her demise or are to confuse to figure out how to go about it.

      She might be neurotic as hell but she’s brilliant at the same time. No, I still don’t like her, but I have to admire her resilience. She shows lack of control all while having the ability to control others.

      As for Asstin, who thinks he’s a “mastermind”, well, as my ole drunken Uncle use to say, if you can’t impress them with your intelligence, razzle dazzle them with your bullsh*t.

    • Jannie

      I totally agree too!! ?

      Vanessa may not be as likable as Derrick, but she is playing just as hard.
      I really like James and JMac, but let’s face it, they haven’t put in nearly the amount of work that Vanessa has in this game.

      But I still intensely dislike the Austwits…they are evil. ???

  4. Avatar

    Why was John shown goodbye messages this week while the previous 3 evicted houseguests were not?

    • Avatar

      I don’t remember Shelli or Jackie, but I know Becky got goodbye messages. I remember Vanessa saying something along the lines of you tried to get me out the previous week so returning the favor to Becky. And now that I think of it Jackie was second on double eviction night, so no goodbye messages. We might not have had time to see Shelli’s either since so much had to happen that night.

    • Avatar

      Becky had goodbye messages.

      There wasn’t time for Shelli. It was double eviction night.

      Jackie was also double eviction night. Nobody knew she was on the block, so no messages were recorded.

    • Avatar

      I think, and could be wrong, that Shelli did get messages, but Jackie didn’t as she was the second evicted, and no time.

  5. Avatar

    It was interesting to see Vanessa’s goodbye message to John in comparison to the others. It shows how much smarter Vanessa is at playing this game. While everyone else was telling John what a great guy he is, etc.. Vanessa was telling him how she fought to keep him in the house. She reinforced the message she delivered to him in the house before he was evicted and it worked since John’s proclaimed new target is now Meg.

    • Avatar

      For once I agree with ya Brett. I’ve been saying this for weeks now. Glad you and some others are seeing Van’s strategy finally. It’s by far the best. Even though you and most are not a fan of hers. (You have the rite not to be) Your analysis is finally fair. I just go by analysis. And strategic moves. Not who is fun to watch. Although I enjoy strategy. Still a long way to go. It’s almost a bad thing that Vanessa isint the main target as of now. She has been a master of being the target and escaping for 2/3’s of the season. Now she has some wiggle room. Key is Jonny and Steve.Like Steven Beens said in his post and ive been saying for weeks if she gets them to put up the austintwins. It will most likely work. Van can not be the 1 to put the Austintwins up the 1st time. 3 votes gone in jury if she is in final 2. Those 3 wouldnt vote best player. They would vote bitterness. 3 votes. Even 2 is crucial in a 9 person vote. Brialliant agian if she can pull it off. And with the #’s now, Jonny or Steve have odds in favor of winning next HOH.They need Van now. As she needs them. But they don’t know that as much as she does. She is stronger minded. Advantage Van.

    • Avatar

      You can’t worry about jury voters, even when they don’t like you, typically on Big Brother, jurors always vote for best game play!

  6. NKogNeeTow

    SteveBeans: I think during one of their late night chat sessions, The Twits mentioned something about getting boob jobs as a college graduation present from their Mom. That might not be exact, it was a few weeks ago. But I do remember them saying they got them.

  7. Avatar

    Hey. I snuck out of the house to invite ya to play me in poker after the show. Since according to most of you I am just lucky and a bully. It should be easy for you to take my money. You can find me at Ives room(it’s a poker room friends) at the Aria casino in Las Vegas.Don’t get felted! Shout out to Phill Laak. Who coined the phrase. Felted. Out of money and/or chips.

  8. Avatar

    I just met McCrae at the Minnesota State Fair and got to talk about this season with him. He is a big Steve fan and just like most people he finds John to be very entertaining. He also thinks Vanessa is playing a great game but can be so annoying on the live feeds.

    I feel like such a BB nerd that I am still so excited to have met a local BB celebrity.

  9. Avatar

    Jiz! That’s awesome, Stevebeans!!!! Still laughing at that. Even in the “nice” goodbye message to Johnny Mac whichever one it was was making snotty faces the whole time. It came across as completely insincere. These girls are horrible people. Shallow and rude!

  10. Avatar

    Is anyone at home and watching the feeds? I was hoping to find out if they had done nominations yet? (can’t get feeds at work, grrr)

    • Avatar

      Sorry, I should have thought of checking BBNetwork (I always come here first, but since SteveBeans is out for a while tonight…) and was able to pull up the Nominations. So if anyone wants to know, Vanessa did put up James and Meg, and told James after the ceremony that she had “no target in mind”.

      They said James and Meg seems shocked “James and Meg thought they’d be safe this week and maybe even get an opportunity to flip the vote if Vanessa put Austin up as a pawn.”. I find this part funny, as James and Meg didn’t make deals with Vanessa, they made deals with the Austwins, who were actually thinking about targeting Vanessa last week, so why they thought they would be safe is beyond me???

    • Avatar

      You can also check Jokers. It’s a great source of information. Are you the Christina from N.C.?

    • Avatar

      I remember you, Sadie, Keith, Midwest Middie, Yearbooks, and Jannie from a couple years ago! 🙂

    • Jannie

      Steve in the BY talking to himself… says if he wins HOH he is putting up Liz and Austin.

      GO STEVE GO!!!!

      BTW, I loved Steve’s speech last night. BB helping him socialize and fit is really cool.

    • Avatar

      Rob, I got on a little late this year, due to a loss in my family and just not really being up to talking about anything but I was here last year. As long as theres a BB and Stevebeans has BBjunkies, I’m sure I’ll be here. I haven’t seen many of the old names on this year. Did you get on any last year???

    • Avatar

      Sorry to hear about your loss Christina. I was dealing with the same thing last summer and would pop on here to read Steve’s write-up, but didn’t post anything.

    • Avatar

      I’m sorry Rob. Loss is not something that is easy to deal with. And loosing close family and friends isn’t the same as immediate family. I thought I had a grasp on it, after loosing my cousin a few years ago, when she was only 34… but loosing my dad… nothing has even come close. I was a one of his 2 main care givers, with my mom, he had Parkinsons, and just about everything except cancer, and went quickly down hill. Honestly, I believe he was just ready and when you are ready, well, it doesn’t take long to go. But It is for sure the hardest thing I’ve tried to deal with. Between my loss, and my 4 1/2 year old missing him (she saw him everyday, called him Big Daddy 🙂 ) it’s been tough.

  11. danmtruth

    His & juz is upset because they stilllll can’t say meannnn things about the other house guest because of jury . Ohhhh darn ,,, these two sicken me
    Steve made a nice speech the other day. Talking about how socially awkward person . But thru the game has grown. Watching other countries BB and even past BB America versions. Many house guest talk about this shared learning experience . Not the showmance that survive but the friendships they get. As I watch this cast I wonder how many people will want to hang out together

    • Avatar

      Idk, the ones that are enemies in the house have sometimes ended up being friends after their season is done. I was watching BBAD the other night, (which by the way, used to worth watching as they actually talked game every once in a while, in past seasons that is, and now it’s them “entertaining” us with these stupid games. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about keeping busy in that house, but I don’t watch BBAD or the Feeds to see everyone being nice and playing stupid games with foil and headbands, I want some GAME TALK.) and thinking I honestly would not be shocked if I turned it on to see them sitting in a circle braiding each others hair while singing Kumbaya.
      Well, I would be shocked, if they were told to stop singing by production, but other than that, not so much. Everyone is so worried about keeping alliances with the entire house going, no one ever actually does anything. That being said, I’m am about 95% sure the twins (mostly Julia) are basically evil, and being upset they can’t talk junk yet, is stupid and immature, but you can play the game without it being a session of Mean Girls.

  12. Avatar

    This link is the kinda Pros of Vanessa is used too competing agianst folks. It’s not that the HG’s are that bad. It’s simply that they look that bad because she is at a different level or should I say levels all together. In this utube video Vanessa is simply a bystander. As she folds. And these 2 dudes are just so maticlous. It’s rediclous.

    • Avatar

      Playing poker she is sitting at a table, facing opponents with very specific rules and a each play is determined within minutes. It doesn’t involve much in the way of social interaction.

      In the BB house play is a matter of days, and what I see from her there isn’t the same as at the tables. She’s emotional, indecisive, conniving, confrontational, insecure and plain nasty. As for the other HSs, maybe they’d be better at poker but they are terrible at game play. Just look at Jason, the mega-fan. He laid around smoking, watching the main alliance growing stronger, allowing the twins to come into play and just sits there waiting for the axe to fall on him.

    • Avatar

      @titanium. VANESSA wasn’t in the hand dude. I told you that. There was ALOTE of talk and EMOTIONS from both the guys IN the hand. You obviously never played poker b4. And of course BB is for 90 days at a time. Poker tournaments last 7 days max. It’s a different game with similar deceptions.l and reads. Did you even notice the guy who lost said he had aces in his RANT(Seemed emotional to anone wathing it). When in fact he had queens? Was just showing the type of competition she is used to. C-mon man. U can’t be serious rite. It’s not that easy.
      You made my point reguarding Jason sitting around smoking. Super fans think it’s cool and easy to stay low and just form a group. Sit around and smoke or whatever. So thank you. Jason was gone so early I 4 got what he looks like. Exept for the pics here on the deleted gray board of him.
      Agian, I was just showing the competition and stakes Vanessa plays with in her main profession.

    • Avatar

      Yes, professional poker tournaments often last days, but plays are over in a matter of minutes, and that is where Vanessa’s game breaks down to pretty much survival of the not so bad and a little luck.

  13. Avatar

    Kinda surprised that Vanessa nominated James and Meg. John and Steve would have been less blood on her hands. (essentially, a repeat of Austin’s week as HoH).

    • Avatar

      She made a deal with JMac to not put him up. I think she also wants to have someone around to take out Austin and the twins.

    • Avatar

      I will agree with ya that hands (or plays as you call it last minutes) but in 1 hand you can be gone. Boom. Just like that. Thats survival in every single hand. In BB you have days to make a presuasuave comeback.And in poker it’s a no no to talk over people in a hand. But it’s very common to the players in each hand to comunicating to try and gather information. As well as table presents. Also kown as the intimidation factor. And yes rants and undecifness happens. All the time. Man I wish I could tell you guys some great stories of people on the felt.(poker cash games and tournments) Grrr. I cant. Personal reasons. Obiously BB is a different game. But similar in many ways as poker. She hasn’t gotten this far as the main target for almost 7 weeks and still there on her DJ skills. Van even admitted as much in her BBpre show interview you can find on utube. She says she loves stradagy. And BB is the ultimate stratagy game. She said, she will use her poker skills to play but its gonna take alote more than that. BB takes some luck as well. But it wont take you all the way.That I think we can agree on.We just agree to disagree. I think that’s fair.

  14. Avatar

    On BBAD last night…Austin in the kitchen talking with Steve…commented about how predictable the game has been with the various comps and a returning evictee. That’s what I’ve been thinking for the past few years. They change the players and the decorations in the house every year but the script just stays the same. Time to shake things up for a change….maybe bring in some new producers with some new ideas. That’s what I love about BB Canada….you never know what’s going to happen because they change things up every year. I’ve been wondering how it would work if they got rid of BOTB and just have the HOH nominate three people. Only those three people compete in the Veto and whoever wins it comes off the block and the other two remain as nominees. No back doors. Never liked them. I say give someone a chance to save themselves. Also change it to a 7 person jury. Maybe people will try harder instead of just playing to make it to jury. Anyway, my $0.02 worth. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Are you in the USA or Canada Rob? If your in the USA your .02 cents worth. Is worth .03 in Canada. If your in Canada with your .02 cents worth its still worth.02 in the USA. Go figure huh. True though.Weeeeee
      Ok… I had a vodka and lime or 3. Lol. Have a great night people. And get a cab if your drinking! (:

    • Avatar

      LOL Yes, I’m north of the border! And you’re spot on about the exchange rate right now. Cheers! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Rob, I absolutely “love” BB Canada! Remember last season when all of the HG walked into the BB House, and there was not a stick of furniture in?! The had to Compete for their Bed’s, Sofa’s, Dinner Table, and Kitchen items, Plates, Glass Ware, etc.

      Why in the hell can’t Big Brother United States change it up like that?! And I believe during Season 2 of BBCAN, they actually let the viewing public Vote out one of the nominees on the block. I’m American, but BBUSA, needs to make some drastic changes on their version of the show, it has become far too predictable, & stale… imvho.

      Only thing that I don’t like on BBCAN is Marsha the Moose, that is kinda fake, & phony.

  15. Avatar

    Finally decided to say something about this season of BB today. I picked Vanessa as probable winner from the start. I actually like her domination of the game MUCH better than the passive confidence game that Andy and Derrick played. C’mon. They won because they were low key and likable. Which IS a strategy, albeit a boring strategy.
    Vanessa is dominating this game with forcing other players to show their hand. It’s been surprising to me at this site especially that write her off as “crazy eyes” or “crybaby”, when it’s really been a great tactic in keeping everyone in the house offguard. This has kept others from overestimating her. Brilliant.
    She might not win, but I applaud her game play and have enjoyed watching her.
    We’ll find out if she figures out a way to tear down the double roadblock of showmance and twins to get the end

    • Avatar

      Ding dong. You hit it on the head. You win a prize. Ha

    • Avatar

      I see what you are saying, but I think Derrick actually did play a better game, at least to this point. He was likable, but he also could convince others that his ideas were their ideas, so it even kept the (and I hate this term now) blood of his hands, even in the persons eyes he had convinced. He had a great Dan G way about him, as Brittany said, he created a fog, that confused his pray long enough to get his way.
      Vanessa on the other hand, is using the crying game, to guilt the house guests into forgiving and feeling bad for her. She is kinda likable (I would probably like her in person), but they have been wanting (even without managing to do it) to go after her for weeks. If she can’t manage to breakup the Austwins, she will be in trouble, and they will get her out. The crying is a tactic, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a great tactic. We won’t be able to say until the end of the season if her tactic can be compared to a Dan or a Derrick, as it only works if she wins the game.

      I think one of the big problems will be, if Meg or James come down, she should go after the 3-some, but may cowar and put up one of her possible allies of Steve or John, if so, she’ll loose one more person to help her break up the teams. If she does put up a twin or Austin, they will be ticked, and there is a good chance, she wont’ have the votes to get them out. Best case scenario for her, Steve or John (heck even James or Meg) would be for her to get one of them out this week, John win HOH, and put up 2 of the threesome, with the 3rd as the backdoor option. If they get Meg out, and James doesn’t head to that side, to work against the 3-some, he may as well kiss any chance away as well.

    • Avatar

      agreed, Derrick made it look so easy, right? lol
      If either Meg (ha) or James wins veto, or are taken off the block because someone uses the veto on them, Vanessa could STILL put up one of the twins as a “pawn” and then convince steve and jmac to vote out the twin. She wouldnt get the “blood on her hands”.
      btw….does someone who is taken off the block allowed to vote? cause whichever one of james or meg come off the block would be motivated to vote out whoever is the replacement. (hopefully Liz, as that will cause the most destruction among austin/liz/julia.

    • Avatar

      Yes they can vote. And Liz would be the best option. Steven a JMack know they need to get out some of that threesome, so those votes Should be locked in. Plus, James isn’t going to vote out Meg, and vice Versa. Liz has the most chance to win HOH next week out of that three, so again, it’s the safest bet.
      Austin of course could win, but I think Steve, James and JMack are more likely to win. So it should be easy to go after them.

  16. Avatar

    Kind of ironic that Vanessa put up James and Meg after they blew up Becky’s game and saved her from eviction a couple weeks ago. Karma’s a bitch.

    • Avatar

      If Meg goes first next week James will probably self evict once he knows he’ll be in the jury house with 4 women!

    • Avatar

      Rob- The game player in me would say keep Meg around because if she makes it to final 2 with anybody the other person is guaranteed to win because she can’t win shit so unless she starts winning important comps like HoH not Luxury comps she won’t win the whole thing and she’s ditzy as all get out so she’s not a liability whereas Steve especially and James a little can win in mental comps so I’m hoping Vanessa nominates Steve and James or she can put up Steve and put a pawn like Meg or even Julia next to him. The last option since the comps starts to go mental especially on Double Eviction Night; Veto is usually the step down challenge in the final 6 so to minimize Steve’s chance of winning is possibly do the 2 pawns technique Johnny Mac may hate this but he’s the POV comp king put Johnny Mac up with James either of those 2 win take themselves off and then put Steve up and backdoor him.

    • Avatar

      Rob- There are only 2 people that are sure bets to the other person winning left in the game. Meg being one and Julia is the other. Liz is winning more comps and is in the showmance so the target on her back is just as big as Vanessa’s. Julia hasn’t really escaped her sister’s shadow so she won’t win in most cases unless it’s her sister beside her which and even that is a 50-50 shot because the twins are playing together still so it’s hard to tell who did what. But Vanessa has a lot of choices who does she want out she can target Steve who lied to her; she can target James, heck she can target Austin and Liz, or even Johnny Mac.

    • Avatar

      Kristine, Vanessa has already nominated James and Meg today. James has a chance of winning veto, but as you said, Meg can’t win anything – unless its a face planting contest. Vanessa wants to keep Johnny Mack and Steve to do her dirty work to get the twins and Austin out.

  17. Avatar

    Did I read somewhere that Friday will be another double eviction? That might actually be worth watching the show again for at least the one episode.

    • Avatar

      DUH…yes, Thursday. Sorry, I’ve really checked out of it this season.

    • Avatar

      well now that James won veto trick is now who to put up and evict first because if Vanessa is smart she’ll keep Meg around for the sole purpose of she’s a golden pawn whoever Meg sits next to almost a guarantee of going home because Meg has no enemies and really no jury votes so if she takes Meg to final 2 she’ll automatically and really anyone with the exception of the twins(more so Julia than Liz but it’s hard to differentiate between the two of them who did what) will win against Meg if they take her to the end. So to evict Meg would be stupid because she can’t win anything important, and if you sit next to her in the end you would win. So Wednesday and Thursday will be especially interesting now that James has won veto if she wants to keep Steve and Johnny Mack and James will pull himself off the block I wonder who Vanessa will target first Austin who can win competitions, Liz another competition beast, or Julia who hasn’t separated from her sister to play her own game.

  18. danmtruth

    Can I just rant about this over used ” Blood on my hands ” that everyone loves to use. What seems forgotten is that first part of the game is to evict someone each week. Next is the fact that in many cases the vote is unanimous . In other words the Whole HOUSE wanted that person out. That’s why at the end of wwII we put the generals and the people who did the executions on trial. Both are guilty . The blood on the hands is only when you go after someone in your alliance . Even that can be lessen if you can show that they were not loyal to the group. So stop the over dramatic I have so much blood on my hands. You were HOH when group think decided to evict one person most wanted gone anyway . This is where good game players come in . Get the majority of people thinking it benefits them to get rid of someone other than you. Last year Derrick did a masterful job of manipulating others to think it was there idea to evict people. All the time he was looking how to shield himself and move people out of the game. Without anyone noticing it his his choice. Compared to Vanessa who targets people than causes chaos and confuses people into forgetting who wanted the person out in the first place. Borrowing from Vegas magicians using smoke and mirrors with confusion and misdirection .

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more. James didn’t mind getting blood on his hands, and flat out saying he’s can write bad checks and break the deal in front of the whole house. And guess what, NO BLOOD. Clay was pissed, and Shelley was as well, but the rest of the house was just glad they weren’t up. So worst case, he has one jury member that won’t be happy.
      Vanessa, has used this nagging and crying technique. She’s basically talking people to death and getting them to agree with her, which they are. She’s got the most “blood on her hands” but it looks like the jury (Steve has even said it in his DR’s) giving her praise for her control of the house. He actuall blood will come when she chooses sides against the Austwins and votes one out. But, it would still be the best game move, as if with the 3 of them, at the final 4, if she doesn’t win HOH, she’s out. Same for the final 2, if she doesn’t win, they will not take her. She’s the low man on that pole.
      I still think Derrick and Dan G had much stronger games. No one knew what hit them until they were on the other side of the BB front door. Vanessa, everyone sees coming, just aren’t capable of doing anything about it.

    • Avatar

      One of her poker playing friends should bring a pair of gloves to her next game and give them to her; so she won’t get her hands dirty playing cards.

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