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This certainly isn’t my last post of the season, but I wanted to clear something up for the final week of the season – nothing happens. So, I am not going to be posting feed update threads any more this season, but I will certainly be posting if anything happens, or if there is anything else to talk about.  I don’t want people to think I’m neglecting anyone, but the only thing that will happen between now and Wednesday night is that round 2 of the HoH competition will happen. We will then find out who will square off during the live finale for the final HoH spot.

While it’s slow, I want to thank everyone for the fantastic season and another great summer. I certainly want to thank people for the outpouring of support when CBS notified me of the trip I won to attend a taping of Big Brother this season. Between donations, moral support, and the understanding of slow updates during that period, you guys were fantastic. It was my first time flying, and the news happened just after we finished our yearly mountain summer vacation.  Funds were low, I was more nervous than I have been in a long time, yet you guys pulled through on both accounts.  In addition to the donations I received (I needed tip, food, spending money), I also received a ton of great flying tips that helped me get through it. The trip was fantastic, and we were briefly on TV!  You can read about my trip here, and another whole post about the live show here.  Definitely a summer to remember.

Enough about me, let’s talk about Big Brother 17 for a moment. If this is your first season, let me explain how the final HoH competition goes. They play 3 rounds of competitions. The first is the endurance competition that took place on Thursday night.  The winner of that gets a free pass to round 3.  The second competition is between the two losers of endurance, and the winner of that goes on to round 3.  The third round is played during the live finale episode, and it’s a basic trivia style competition.  The winner of that comp is the final HoH, and they choose who to go to the final 2 with.  Yes, they are forced to look at two people and guarantee one of them at least $50k, and the other gets nothing.  Rough.


Round 1 was a long, long competition (finally). It took nearly 4 hours to finish, but Vanessa emerged victorious shortly after Steve fell.  Once he fell, she quickly convinced Liz to drop and she’ll guarantee her final 2 if she wins round 3. Will she keep that promise?  Possibly, but at this point she’s not going to stress because she also has a final 2 deal with Steve.  And, the person getting evicted becomes the final juror, but it happens Wednesday, so they have no time to tell the other jury members how bad Vanessa screwed them.

Round 2 should happen either today or tomorrow, and it will be Steve versus Liz in a physical/mental competition.  It is typically a comp where they need to climb something quickly, but also arrange a puzzle of evicted houseguests. The winner of that will face Vanessa on Wednesday night to determine who gets to lose to Vanessa.

I kid… sort of.

Reality is, she will definitely beat Liz, and more than likely beat Steve (although it’s more of a coin flip). Vanessa is extremely intelligent and observant. The final HoH competition is catered to those skills, so Vanessa will have an advantage.

As far as CBS, there will only be one more episode before the finale, and that is Sunday night. It will likely only cover the endurance competition, as I don’t remember if they have time to squeeze round 2 in there as well. After that, it is finale night and we settle in for another long winter.

I will still be updating throughout the week, especially after the second round, so keep checking in


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    Thanks Steve, I know it’s a lot of work for you.

    I hope Steve somehow wins this thing but I wouldn’t bet on it. I think Liz will get 2 votes if she is in the final 2. Steve may be a little closer but still a loser.

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    Thanks for another summer of great updates, Stevebeans. It’s obvious that you have a knack for writing and your wit is spot on and makes it fun to read. I’m glad you were able to experience the CBS taping. I hope you and Malinda have a great winter. See you next year!

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    Steve,Thanks for all your hard work and time in maintaining this site. I can’t speak for everyone and it is very much appreciated. Will return to this site next year too.
    Hopefully maybe next year, there will be a much better selection of house guests.
    As much as I dislike saying this, Vanassa will win due to her game play alone.
    Have a great winter Steve!

  4. Jannie

    Ditto – thanks, steve for giving us a place to vent, cheer and just have others to communicate with during the BB season. Love having a lot of the regulars back, and happy to see new names…

    Even though Shelli seemed to favor Vanessa when they showed the jury house, I have also seen her call Steve and Jmac “her boys.” I think if it came down to Steve and Vanessa, she may vote for Steve to win.
    I have no idea if this jury will vote on merit or likability.

    Last night’s BBAD showed us, once again, the stranglehold that Vanessa has over Steve and Liz. For crying out loud, she was sleeping and the other two were playing Jenga in the LR. Not ONCE did they talk game.

    And Liz sat and tried to study the Memory Wall for about 15 minutes last night and then grew bored, picked at her nails, and decided to make some eggs. At the same time, Steve sat fervently sorting cereal and M & M’s into colors to map out the order of evictions, HOH’s etc…
    Seems Liz relied on Austin to drag her to final 4, and now is waiting for Vanessa to drag her to final 2.

    I am hoping for a Steve/Vanessa F2 and let the chips fall where they may.
    Sadly, I think they both(Steve and Vanessa) have plans to drag an undeserving Liz to F2.

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    I didn’t comment too much this season ,but I’m glad you keep up the writing, Steve. Thanks. Glad you had a good summer, and good trip.
    So, its pretty much Vanessa for the win. Ok, I still liked Jmac and James for my faves.
    See everyone next summer.

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    I’m new to your blog this season, but I really enjoyed it! I’m with everyone else’s comments…Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your talents! I’ll be back next summer!

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    Thanks for another year keeping us updated—-especially when the HG are too loathsome to watch! Have a great time until next year. Hopefully CBS fires whoever is in charge of voting!

  8. Elaine

    Thanks Stevebeans for your posts this season. I have followed your blog for a few seasons, but never dabbled in the comment section. Though I visited some of the other sites, I like this one. It is uncluttered and easy to read. The comment section got me hooked and so I joined in! We can have high hopes for better casting next season.

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    “After that, it is finale night and we settle in for another long winter.”


  10. Avatar

    Steve THANK YOU!!!!!! Hard to believe this season and SUMMER are almost over. It has been fun and looking forward to Amazing Race, Survivor and on to Next Years BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!

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      Lots of us haven’t been able to vote since Tuesday.

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      I was finally able to vote again tonight.. We have 3 family members I vote for so we got first nights 60 votes Tuesday after show then unable to vote we’d or Thursday. Contacted CBS they said problems with site. Then tonight finally able to vote again but pretty sure I didn’t get all 30 votes for each person. Submit button does not work all the time so I have to hit it again so don’t know if those were votes or not. Counted 14 for sure with one name, 11 for sure with another and I got all 30 with last name. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get those votes in!! All for James. This season has been pits!! Missed many episodes, did not watch bad. Followed game on jokers, if it’s like this next year they might lose us.

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    Many thanks Steve, this truly is an mazing site.

    Thanks to Jannie for enjoyable posts – and your advise It was greatly appreciated. Thanks for the entertaining comments and chat with Mouse; Danmtruth; Colby; NkogNeetow – your comments were classic, hope the family issues work out well; and anyone else that I may have misses – even you racecar !

    All the very best to all of you & hope to see you back next year.

  13. danmtruth

    Not wanting to play follow the leader but Steve once again a well run forum for us to play around in . Thanks to all the other people for contributing to this What a good time

  14. Avatar

    Its only 9 months until BB 2016, wonder if they have a group kinda roughed out waiting to interview for next years cast, cuz in TV time its just around the corner until next season.

  15. Avatar

    from Jokers…3:09 PM Van to Liz:Getting worse-not better. Van says when she hit the wall a couple of times in comp she heard ringing in her ears.
    is V playing this up to be worse than it is …Liz was up there just as long

  16. g8trgirl

    Steve…thanks for all your hard work and dedication to keep this site up and running. I didn’t have too much to say this season. ..my mother taught me if have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. ☺
    So, I will say what I said at the end of last season in terms of better houseguests, we’ll git ’em next season.
    Go Gators!

  17. Alda

    Thank you Stevebeans for taking the time to keep us informed once again this season.Hope you have a great winter.God willing we’ll all be back next summer.Everyone stay safe and healthy and happy!!

  18. Avatar

    How awesome would it be if Steve wins the final HOH and cuts Vanessa’s throat on finale night! Great television right there.

  19. Avatar

    Thanks Steve for all of the updates you supplied. You the real MVP.

  20. Avatar

    Sorry i should have said Joker is reporting Steve won second part of HOH.

  21. Avatar


    While it’s slow and when you have a second, I’d like your thoughts on the jury votes for the various options. Odd personal dynamics can complicate this, but generally when you have three people left, you have one person who would beat the other two at the finals, one person who would lose to the other two, and one person in the middle. This means that one person just needs to make the final and it doesn’t matter who he or she is sitting next to, one person is playing for second place, and one person who could hold the end of the game in his or her hands.

    So the questions are (1) is that true this season and (2) who fills each role?

    FWIW, I think it is, and that Vanessa > Steve > Liz in terms of jury votes. So Van just needs to make the finals (and either of them would be dumb to take them), Liz can’t win (and thus is the best person to have sitting next to you at the end), and if Steve is there, it really matters who he’s sitting next to. But no one cares what I think–what do you think?


  22. Jannie

    C’mon beans…I know we are all getting to the end, but…

    Steve won part two of the HOH comp 10 hours ago.

    He is happy – Liz is pissed.

    She must think it was just suppose to be handed to her.

    According to BB Network…” Steve is elated, and Vanessa can barely manage a smile. As an added bonus, 11:27 PM BBT 9/18, Vanessa tells Steve he doesn’t even need to worry about winning round three. Heh. Nice try, Vanessa. Steve immediately tells her he’s not going to throw it. I wonder if we’ll hear more of those suggestions in the coming days”.

    • AIO_7

      Thanks for the update, Jannie. Steve is our only hope now.

    • Avatar

      This is a great move by Steve.

      All season long he’s been agreeing with her. She hasn’t had any worries.

      I know she can handle the stress from her poker career, but it will be in the back of her mind why won’t he throw it? And if he wont throw it, does it mean he’s going to go to the final with Liz instead of me (Vanessa)

      Real doubt can start to set in. Just like when liz was playing for the final 4 hoh right after Austin left. Extra stress on her, she couldn’t concentrate.

      Let’s hope Steve rocks it !

      If he throws Vanessa out, then he’ll get a lot of respect from the rest of the house.
      and hopefully votes.

      Liz will get Austin, and Julia for sure. She will also get votes for her hoh wins.

      It could end up being really close.

    • Jannie

      So Steve is messing with Vanessa’s head and I’m lovin’ it!

      Vanessa can barely manage a smile about Steve’s part 2 win and she’s telling Steve that it’s because she is in so much pain from part 1. Yeah right, she’s been running to the DR for pain meds every 4 hours and taking advantage, of course.
      So Steve is screwing with Vanessa by telling her that they should really sit Liz down(ala Victoria last year) and let her know that her game is over because, “you know, we have the F2 deal and all.”
      Vanessa who we all know is playing them both is in a panic and is telling Steve that “now is not the right time to do that.”

      Then Steve gives a wink and a smile to the cameras. He has Vanessa figured out and wants to mess up her head before part 3. Making her squirm…

      Go Steve!!!!

    • Avatar

      If he really wants to mess with her head he should agree to throw it, but really try to win. That would really mess with her head. While she’s trying to think of the answers and try to figure out what Steve is up to with all the calculations and percentages bouncing around in her head she may go on tilt!

      My PVR managed to capture an hour of BBAD last night. Steve was gushing about winning $50,000, but you could tell he was trying to gauge Vanessa’s reaction to what he was saying. She wasn’t buying it. She definitely has a knack for reading people.

    • Jannie

      Rob –
      So BBAD must be different depending on what coast you are on…
      I am Central Standard time and my first hour of BBAD was a replay of the last show and the second hour was some weird magician doing tricks at an Olive Garden followed by some BB house guest interviews(in the corner were the fish and the message “BBAD will resume after the competition”). Never got to see anything happening in the house…

      I hope Steve is thinking the same way you are and convinces her that he will throw it to her…and then kick her butt and throw her out the door.

      Not really wanting Liz in the F2, but I really want Vanessa on the jury – and the best part is that she will have no time to influence anyone else.

    • Avatar

      Jannie, I’m north of the border in S. Ontario. We get BBAD on Slice TV. It comes on at 4 a.m. and runs until 6 a.m. so I record it on my PVR and watch it the next morning. Last night’s episode showed as 2 hours long on my PVR but after an hour it switched over to some other TV show. BBAD didn’t even show up on the TV listings for the past few days so I was surprised it was on there this morning. Some days the show would be 3 hours long on Wed. and Thursday nights and the rest were 2 hours. I noticed on some of the BBAD reviews by NKog that she was providing information from the show that I hadn’t seen. So I guess it may be different depending on where you live.

      Anyway, the three of them were in the kitchen and Steve was gushing like a little school girl about winning $50,000. Vanessa wasn’t saying anything, just letting him go on. As I said, it seemed he was saying it to try to get her to say something, but she wouldn’t bite. Liz hopped into the shower, then when all three of them were in the bathroom, BBAD announced for them to go to the HOH room. Vanessa flaked out on the bed and Steve and Liz took turns listening to music. That’s about it. Almost as much of a snoozefest as Monday night’s BBAD. 🙂

  23. Alda

    Steve has won round two over Liz.So,It’ll be Steve and Vanessa in the final HOH.Who wins that will decide who they are taking to the final two.

  24. Avatar

    Finally, able to voted today! Lost 60 of my James’ votes. 🙁

  25. Avatar

    I hope Steve at least has enough sense not to let Vanessa talk him into throwing the next comp. I would rather see Steve take Liz to f2 rather than Vanessa. If Vanessa gets to make the choice, I think she’ll take Liz over Steve. Vanessa is probably trying to come up with a way to get Steve to throw the comp.

  26. Avatar

    I really just want to see the look on Vanessa’s face if she gets evicted.

  27. ChiKelz

    I agree BettyBoop! The look should be priceless as was Austin and Liz’s faces when he was evicted. Fortunately for us, it was the BEST episode of the season!!!

  28. Avatar

    Thank you, Stevebeans. This is my second year on this site, and I love how you see things coming in the house. I, too, am glad that you had the opportunity to go to L.A. Have a great winter!

  29. AIO_7

    Here is how I see the final jury vote:

    I think both would beat Liz, even with her baked in 2 votes.

    If Steve eliminates Liz….Steve 5….Vanessa 4 (Austwerps + Shelli…[though Austin might vote for Steve])

    If Van eliminates Liz……Steve 6……Vanessa 3 (the twins/twerps still vote for Van + Shelli)

    The thing is that Vanessa has already figured this out, so if I were Steve, I wouldn’t trust her to take me to F2.

  30. Avatar

    I don’t want big brother season too end!

  31. Avatar

    My biggest fear is seeing Steve win HOH and still taking Vanessa to F2 because he deems her a worthy opponent. Just think of Woo taking Tony to the finals in Survivor … and we know how that turned out. A $1,000,000 mistake!!

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