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Welcome to Big Brother 17, Jackie. HoH Night Blogging



I’m just going to go ahead and assume the ‘BBTakeover’ this week is adding a new houseguest named Jackie. It’s kind of funny considering she was the part of the first takeover, but apparently she disappeared for a few weeks before returning tonight.  Seriously though, what is up with the takeover twist?  Are they just going to Chuck Cunningham it? I mean Julie simply doesn’t even talk about it any more. It was never a huge selling point of the season that they even had no no-names from The Amazing Race come in just to have Phil on for an episode.

I think I’m just going to use that as a verb from now on. When you want something to just go away, you simply BBTakeover it. Done. Gone. You break up with someone?  Nope, just BBTakeover them. You quitting a job?  Just hand in a note saying ‘You’ve been BBTakeover’d’ and walk out. Simple as that. Let’s make it happen.

Speaking of, I was wondering how CBS would handle Audrey tonight. Would they simply BBTakeover her if she remained in the room?  Like just come on air and say ‘Surprise, no eviction this week’ and never mention her again?


Enough rambling, let’s get to some feed updates now that Vanessa won HoH. Sorry, getting ahead of myself.  Now that Vanessa and Jackie won HoH.

Oh, and watch the live feeds here.  I forgot that I was supposed to be promoting them.


  • 8:30pm – Standard Thursday night. Everyone sitting around kitchen eating, chatting, etc. I’m sure Jackie and Vanessa will break off at some point (if they haven’t already), and Vanessa will tell her what to do. Warning, I am getting tired already, so if the updates stop, my head is slammed against the keyboard.
  • James and Jason are working Jackie in the bathroom. They are telling her that Vanessa is going to try to manipulate her, and Jackie asks them for help when she talks to her.
  • Jason thinks that Steve threw the competition
  • 8:50pm – Vanessa is giving Jackie her HoH speech. No backdoors of each other, etc.
  • There is talk about Austin and Liz as targets.  That should be interesting
  • Vanessa says that Austin / Liz broke her trust, so she has no problem going after them.
  • I don’t know how truthful she is being, but Vanessa is suggesting a longterm deal with Jackie/Shelli/Clay.  Of course Shelli and Clay because they’re just cruising to the end
  • They celebrate Jackie making jury, especially with the huge Amazing Race target on her back
  • 9:10pm – Jackie “She we ask her? (Liz)”… Jackie, keep up. The entire freakin house knows
  • 9:30pm – The two are still talking about who to put up. Austin/Liz talk has kind of dropped for now.
  • Nevermind, Vanessa is talking about Austin with someone and Jackie put up Liz with someone like John.

Check back for more


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  1. danmtruth

    Was that the most awkward exit from Big Brother. Everyone just stood up no hugs not much talking till Audrey got to the door. Than two quick hugs and bye-bye
    Austin throwing his vote to Johny Mack to cause doubt latter. Will not work because he won’t be able not to tell someone how smart he is . Once he tells one person the house will know soon enough

  2. Avatar

    What a night! Steve, you are hilarious! I love, love, love reading your blogs! I literally lol all the time while reading them!

  3. Avatar

    Vanessa is already playing Jackie.

    Let’s say they each nominate half of the Austin/Liz couple, and they have established that Shelli and Clay should be safe, then that means that two weaker players have to be nominated along side them.

    One of them ( Austin or Luz) will come off the block after the botb. If one of tge 6th sense wins the Veto, they will save their alliance member, and that leaves two have nots up for elimination on Thursday.

    I hope, but doubt that Jackie sees trough this.

  4. Avatar

    I feel very weird saying this, but I hope jackie stays hoh after botb. At least it will be nice to see the other side of the house worried for a change. Also why does no one ever talk about putting up becky??? Do the hgs forget she’s there too?

  5. danmtruth

    Jackie is not as dumb as many people in the house think she is” her stripper/ professional dancer ability to read people will see thru Vanessa. She knows and understands she would be a bottom tier member of the new alliance . Was she not the one last week who turned down the offer of protection? I could see her back dooring Vanessa if given the chance

  6. Avatar

    Disgusted with the air time given Audrey last night. After her actions this week, she didn’t deserve anything. That said, we now get ready for another week of the Shelli/Clay/Vanessa show. The weeks just get more boring as we go. The two HOH’s—-the shark vs the idiot!

  7. Jannie

    It was fascinating to watch Vanessa/Clay/Shelli scheming up in the HOH last night.
    Trying to cover their tracks, justify lies, scheme to sway Jackie’s noms, etc. etc etc…

    When Vanessa even suggested that Clay may have to be nominated, Shelli about lost it.
    And it seemed like Vanessa may have been setting Austin up to get “Jeffed” last night when she threatened him about lying to her.

    Again – do the other HG’s not think about the fact that those three were alone in the HOH for over an hour last night? Hey, at least Vanessa and Shay(Shelli/Clay) are playing the game. The rest seem to think they are at summer camp.

    We’ll see…

  8. Avatar

    Austin has a Master’s degree in Medieval Literature (or History). An advanced degree, but no assurance of common sense. I had hopes for him in the game and was pleased that he was flying under the radar. However, his hormones have gotten the best of him.

  9. Renee

    It seems each year it is getting more apparent that many of the houseguests openly talk about the fact that they are just as happy to make it to the jury house because they get a sum of money. I’m sure many people would be willing to give up a summer at their real job to be able to spend it in the jury house in a nice location. Producers either need to make that amount of money not worth it or make it a rule that they do not get their stipend or jury house money if it has been determined that they are throwing comps.

  10. Sweet Bee

    I’m sick of Austin. I’m really sick of Shay (Shelli/Clay).
    I’m super glad Audrey is gone even though she was the only person willing to start drama. I’m rooting for Jackie to change things in the house. If Jackie does what Vanessa wants her to do then she deserves to be evicted before jury.

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