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Big Brother 17 – Is Jackie On To Vanessa?



First off, this is weird. It’s Wednesday, and I am not 100% sure who is going home tomorrow night. The Big Brother house keeps flipping back and forth to the point where it almost seems like someone will talk about keeping Shelli yet mention how they’ll handle Clay next week a few minutes later. Austin and the twins keep going back and forth on who they want to keep, James and crew seem to want Shelli out, while Vanessa flips back and forth but is leaning Clay out. It’s weird, real weird.

Meanwhile, last night, there was a fairly large house meeting minus the kissing buddies (Shay) and some floaters like John and Steve (sorry, Steve. You are a floater. Accept it. You may have committed your vote to the Vanessa side of the house, but that’s merely Adam-style gaming. You’re not actually doing anything to contribute to the alliance you believe you have). Woah, kind of went off on a rant there, so back to the meeting. It largely consisted of James, Jackie, Vanessa, Austin and the twins, and it was to discuss what happens when the double eviction (that isn’t happening) happens this week.  They also go back and forth on who to keep, but nothing really gets resolved because I think they all know Shelli is far more of a dangerous player, yet for some reason their gut is telling them to keep her.

However, after the meeting, Jackie and James continue talking and Jackie is clearly on to the rest of the house. She may be the only one, although James quite possibly be finally coming around. Despite being the first person Audrey told when she blew up her own alliance, James admitted last night that he didn’t believe her (at the time), and is now finally putting the pieces together.  Unfortunately, by believing her now rather than a few weeks ago, James really has no shot at winning barring any miracle alliances. If things continue the way they’re going, Jackie and James will be walking out the door as soon as they lose HoH power (which will probably be Thursday night).


When Audrey told James all of this, he had numbers and a reason to rally the house around evicting the power group.  Now, they have more of a reason, but much less numbers as they had a net loss of 2 last Thursday night (losing Jason, while Julia entered). Heck, 1/4 of their current alliance isn’t even really working with them.  James is pretty certain that he, Jackie, Meg and Becky are tight, but Becky is actually tight with John who has been voting the way of Vanessa.  Needless to say, it’s a mess, and I’ll do my best at sorting through it today as they will likely talk more and finalize who is actually going home tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the live feeds, and I also have to get to my power rankings which should be thrown all off as well.


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    Yesterday (or the day before) Becky told Johnny Mac that she isn’t going to play both sides of the house anymore – she’s committing to Jackie, James and Meg. I think she’s truly on their side now. She also agreed with Jackie that if they get HOH they’re sending Vanessa packing.

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    After eviction Thursday night I think we are in for a nerve racking week if Meg or Jackie don’t get that HOH.
    Why does James think he can trust Becky now? I thought he knew she wasn’t trustworthy after figuring out she told craddle robber (Shelli) & her poopyhead (Clay) about the plan to put them up.

  3. Elaine

    Interesting new plan with the eight to get out floaters (Steve, John, and the remaining member of Shay). Since Vanessa had them each promise (but not pinky swear) to not put up or backdoor each other through double eviction, it has to go smoothly…right?? lol Course many of them continue the revolving conversations of who to vote for on Thursday and Jackie’s throws in her frequent “it has to be a house vote”….or else.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Elaine, and one of the most laughable moments of the pre-meeting is when Rainbow Brite (Meg), told Woody Woodpecker (Jackie) and James the Lion Hearted, that they had to get out a floater like Vanessa …….WHAAA?!?!?!?…..mind boggling! As much as I dislike Crazy Eyes, you have to give credit where it’s due. She the only one who has ACTUALLY been playing the game from the get-go. Meg has been floating like a cloud in space, since the game started. She’s counting to much on cuteness and not enough on game play. She latches onto smarter players like barnacles to a rusted ship.

      Woody and her “or else” ultimatums are also hilarious. She has less pull than Meg and James. Nobody’s afraid of her, so her “they better not vote against the house” statements are pretty much moot.

  4. Avatar

    I think Vanessa will ultimately end up voting to evict Clay.

    She may be saying that she will keep him, but I think that is part of the poker player in her. A little bluff here and there to keep people off balance. I think she keeps a lot of strategies to herself. She guards them like she guards her poker hand.

    Also, strategy wise, it is easy for her to align with Shelli. She knows that sooner or later Austin & the twins will be targeting them, so it’s better that she get a good ally.

    Hope Jackie can pull off a miraculous hoh. Who knows, maybe even John might surprise us, and win an hoh, and target the 6th sense.

    That would be another dramatic turn of events. Speaking of which, this week has helped turn thismseason around a lot. If John or Jackie ( okay even Meg, but I doubt it) can keep the momentum going, the house will be really on edge.

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    In James words, ” this is the big brother house, you can bounce checks in here.” Nobody’s word is worth cocka doody in the bb house. That’s how you win.

  6. g8trgirl

    I’m glad I’m not the only person confused as to who will be sent packing. It’s like trying to keep up with all those Republican wannabes President.

  7. Avatar

    Does anyone really think Clay & Shelli will stay together after the game? I say NO!!!

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    Now crazy eyes, craddle robber & poopy head are getting ready to snitch on Becky for warning them ahead of time about being put up so now she can be next weeks target. They pull the same bull**** everytime they get ready to turn the house against someone so they’ll be put up & evicted. Thats exactly what Becky gets for running back & opening her big mouth.

    • Avatar

      Becky is an unknown. It is actually better for the havenots if someone from the sixth sense wins hoh, and has her on the radar.

      Besides, it’s so long asay. So much can happen in an hour, let 4 days. By the time nominations are made, anything can happen.

  9. Alda

    It’s a guessing game at this point who goes home tomorrow.It really should have been Shelli and Vanessa on the block.Then whichever went home you would be taking out a big player.If Vanessa wins HOH they might as well write the check now.I know it’s still early but I think she’s got this unfortunately.

  10. Avatar

    Jackie is the only one who has crazy eyes figured out but will James & Meg believe her.

    • AIO_7

      On BBAD last night, those three and Becky all agreed, that if on the block Vanessa would lose to anyone else in the house. After one of the love birds are gone, within the house, Vanessa is easily the least popular.

  11. Avatar

    I just hope that it’s the craddle robber that goes home. After that it would be nice if crazy eyes was the next evicted.

  12. danmtruth

    Jackie calling Vanessa a floater? Go sit in the corner with the clueless twins .
    I complain that people don’t think long term . But why do people talk about FINAL TWO already . Top it off its Clay and Shelli . Your on the block your not going to jury house Your not going to final two

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