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Johnny Mac just watching from the outside - for now

Big Brother 17 Live Blogging – Will Jace Freak Out?

Johnny Mac just watching from the outside - for now
Johnny Mac just watching from the outside – for now

Good afternoon, everyone! Still two days away from eviction, and I think it’s going to be a long two days for some people. If you missed my recap this morning, Jace and Audrey had it out – again. Jeff has been running around openly campaigning against Audrey, even though she’s not on the block. And Austin has done a pretty damn good job keeping the peace with Jace, yet simultaneously distancing himself.  In fact, I think Austin may actually have a few more weeks in him, which is a big step up from a few days ago.



Jace keeps saying he’s going to go out cool and not blow up anyone’s game, but I am having my doubts. I think he’s due for at least 2 more blowups before he leaves the house on Thursday night. We’ll see if today is one of those…

  • 10:50am – Jeff, Austin and Liz are in the kitchen chatting about the Audrey situation and the mess last night.
  • Jeff is giving Vanessa and Johnny a re-tell of the situation last night.
  • In the meantime, he is basically telling them to do nothing for the next week because the target is already set. He won’t name the name, but it’s pretty obvious (Audrey)
  • 11:53am – Quiet afternoon so far. Just Austin and Jeff mostly on the feeds chatting about general stuff.
  • 1:oopm – HoH camera time just finished. Now Jason is outside taking to Audrey about the possibility of Jace getting violent before he leaves. Apparently last night worked up the house a lot more than I was able to express in my recap.
  • 1:30pm – Da’Vonne and Vanessa confronted Audrey about all the talking going on.  It ended with Day saying ‘Game on’. Be prepared for plenty of re-tells, this day could be fun


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  • Audrey to Day “I’m glad we don’t have to pretend to be friends any more”
  • Vanessa is freaking out because she hasn’t really been part of the game, but her name is being thrown out.
  • Jason is now screaming at Audrey about her stirring up shit
  • Day to everyone “I’m sorry for bringing you all in here to see that she (Audrey) is lying and at the end of the day I was not involved”  (paraphrased)
  • Day to Audrey – “My problem with you is you exploited my personal trust”
  • “Your shit has hit the fan, point blank and period. I’m gonna leave because it’s 2 seconds before I crack her in the face” (Day to Audrey)
  • (Day leaves – Audrey begins crying)
  • 1:55pm – So, Audrey is now trying to convince Vanessa that Day was the one spreading rumors about an all-girl alliance wearing black. Which is true.
  • Clay is trying to reassure Audrey that he and Shelli are with her, but they’ll have to do it in the shadows because they’re not going to screw with their game. He also said she really needs to try to win HoH this week, but Clay/Shelli are likely throwing comp
  • 2:15pm – The conversation is still going. Clay is saying to Audrey over and over not to listen to rumors, lay low and let things die down. She won’t. Audrey is obsessed with people talking about her, so she’s not going to let it go
  • Thanks are calming down a bit, and some re-tells going on.  It’s not over this week, guaranteed

Taking a small break for dinner, etc.  Will start a new thread for the night updates



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  1. Avatar

    ? gO Austin ???

    ??? I sure hope when aUdrey leaves that he takes that lil tulip Jason with him ????

    … jus sayn ?

  2. Avatar

    Johnny Mac is one strange fellow, but smart enough to stay out of the mess and just observe.

  3. Avatar

    Lmfao at aUdrey…. such a typical woMAN, starts drama, cries about it, then attempts to fix the problem by selling out everyone HA! He really has this chick thing down lol


  4. pkcable

    My feeling is that the guys are going to form an alliance now and pick off the girls 1 by 1 starting with Audrey. This year is gonna be just like last year!

  5. Rita

    Why do I feel like I just witnessed an interrogation every time Audrey “questions” people? Was she a cop in the real world?
    Audrey expects everyone to know exactly every word spoken by every HG in every conversation. Geez! What gets me is everyone else keeps trying to answer. So many times I heard myself saying “Just get up and walk away already”.
    Audrey was my favorite going in but I wouldn’t put any money on her now.

  6. Alda

    These people are so dull this season in comparison to other seasons.I dvr After Dark and I fly through it.I can’t honestly say I like any one of them.Do they know what the word alliance means?They are not game players at all.They don’t have any personalities like the guys from last year.

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