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Happy Big Brother eviction day, everyone!  It is my favorite time of the week – live show time!  As a blogger of the show, Thursday nights are the best episodes of Big Brother simply because it’s all new to me, and I get to watch along with many other people. Unlike the other two shows, I don’t already know what has happened, plus the HoH competition is always so exciting.

Before I begin, based on my previous post (where I said I’m going to see a live eviction show in 3 weeks – eek!), I mentioned donations and had some ask where they can donate to.  Here is the link. Aside from my little link that auto appears midway through posts (with my other plugs), I haven’t really pushed my donations this year. Last year if you remember, my mother was sick and I asked for help and you guys really pulled through (as did she, I am happy to announce). I am not going to do the same this year.  I may actually pull the donation link from my social media plugs simply because I don’t want to seem like I’m begging this year.

Enough with that, time for the good stuff, the updates!…..

  • 5:45pm – 15 minutes until showtime
  • 6:00pm – Showtime!
  • (In Julie voice) but first, we go to flashbacks from the week
  • I am going to put it out there, I don’t think it’s a coincidence Da’Vonne sat by the phone at #7
  • Rob Gronkowski is the next BB Takeover.
  • After commercial break, we’re going to see some more Liz/Julia
  • Kind of mean describing one as the ‘fat’ one, seeing as they’re both toothpicks.
  • 6:24pm – Back from commercial. Julie announces the three people who can’t vote”
    • Becky
    • Jeff
    • Jackie
  • Here are the votes:
    • Jason: Meg
    • Clay: Da’Vonne
    • John: Da’Vonne
    • Audrey: Meg
    • (commercial break)
    • Austin: Da’Vonne
    • Liz: Da’Vonne
    • Vanessa: Da’Vonne
    • James: Da’Vonne
    • Steve: Da’Vonne
  • Da’Vonne is evicted 7-2
  • Julie asks if it was a mistake by telling the whole house before approaching Liz (yes, it was)
  • Da’Vonne suggests that Audrey is not being nominated because the house is scared of nominating her. She said they need to understand Audrey the person is not Audrey the player and needs to get out.
  • 6:42pm – BB Takeover Time
  • No have-nots this week
  • ‘Gronk-Pong’ – Like an overgrown beer pong. As I mentioned earlier, carnival game. Pure luck, but here are the scores:
    • Liz: 23
    • Jackie: 0 (I was going to call this lol)
    • John: 0
    • James: 23
    • Audrey: 17
    • Clay: 6
    • Jeff: 14
    • Becky: 0
    • Austin: 28
    • Jason: 0
    • Meg: 1
    • Steve: 0
    • Vanessa: 23
  • TieBreaker for HoH #2
    • Liz: 22
    • James: 35
    • Vanessa: 52
  • Apparently they’re not going to tell us what the twist is this week.

Check back for more


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  1. Rita

    Referring to Liz as “Thick em’s” was rude. I kept waiting for them to wake up and realize they are on TV but what do you expect from the age of the HGs this year?

    • leafhopper

      production knew what they were doing when they put the segment together – choosing the players words carefully – I am sure they are trying to create villains and will try to get the viewers to see things their way.

    • leafhopper

      But I totally agree with you – I hate that they used the words that they did to describe each of the twins.

    • Avatar

      production had nothing to do with Day calling her “thick-ems” on the live eviction… that was not nice editing to make a villain, she is just rude like that.

    • Rita

      Watching the feeds I can say they didn’t give production much to work with. They said Fat/Skinny, Helga/Cruella (Deville), Thick ems and more.

      I’m not bashing the HGs, just defending production on this one.

    • leafhopper

      i was referring to the the clips that they were showing the when they were comparing difference between the twins – production had everything to do with what was aired tonight. There were so many other ways they could have pointed out the differences between Liz and Julia other than their weight.

  2. Avatar

    Where is everyone?

  3. leafhopper

    Da’Vonne played a terrible game – she deserved to go. She was handed everything and she still managed to mess it up.

  4. Rita

    Why do they have 2 TV screens?

  5. Painter1

    Poor Mama Day just rotten game play at the end of the day. Had she just told her aliance she was counting things to prep for a possible game instead of acting all offended she probably still be in the house.

  6. Rita

    Voting time for the Live Feeders:

    What game do you want to ask the HGs to play this weekend?

    Truth or Dare

  7. Avatar

    agree Painter1

  8. Avatar

    …yep that was her downfall, just counting cars , you should count stuff too for later, comps , but she got piissed off to fast…she had no finesse, just attitude.

  9. Rita

    I’m already seeing this next week being annoying with Austin as HOH. Devin 2.0 possibility here.

  10. Avatar

    Wow, jason is an awful person. The whole twin conversation calling her fat then as i’m watching the feeds right now he says “Austin is probably going to put me up because i keep turning down his sexual advances.” Really man? You’re a piece of human garbage jason.

  11. Avatar

    Austin is really hard to get a read on. He does seem to be clueless about what is going on at times. Really don’t like him since he’s the reason Meg got put on the block. He seems to be friends with Jeff and Liz/Julia—-not sure if he knows about the twin thing. He doesn’t care for Steve, but Steve is pretty good at competitions. Vanessa seems to have teamed up with Clay/Shelli, so they are probably safe this week. I was SO hoping Clay/Shelli would be HN for this week.

    • Rita

      Vanessa told Austin about Liz/Julia this morning. Vanessa and Julia had a talk around 4:00 am confirming she is a twin.

      Clay, Shelli, Jeff and Jackie all volunteered to be HNs this week. Maybe next week.

  12. Avatar

    Glad to see davonne go she had a nasty attitude. Jason should be next or audrey.not because she is tran but because she seems kinda psycho
    Jason is like davonne with the attitude. Dayvonne said thre are scared to vote out audrey because she is tran but i don’t think so. I do think she will cry and say that is why if they vote her out though.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you “nuts for bb”. When the house does vote out Audrey she will say its because she is a trans. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. She does seem kind of psycho. I was watching her face at the non meeting and she looked all wide eyed and psycho. Now this is just my opinion so no one get mad or anything.

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