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What a week it was in the Big Brother house.  The 60 minute episodes on CBS can’t even give it justice because there just isn’t enough time to cover it all. There was tossing competitions, backdoors, house meetings, near house flips, fighting, screaming, and so much more. Best of all, it had Audrey and Jace, both keeping the live feeds going the entire week.  You really should get a feed membership, the first week is free and it’s super cheap anyway.

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Unfortunately for feed watchers and bloggers, Jace may be walking out the door tonight, but there is still plenty of drama already in store for week 2.

Anyway, time is running out before the first live eviction of the season, so I’ll start this thread now. Keep checking back for updates!

  • 6:00pm – Here we go!  We’ll finally find out the twin (Liz), that should be fun. Not so fun?  Kathy Griffin appearance.
  • Frankie is apparently sitting front row, I’m glad I was typing this out and didn’t notice. (thanks comment section for credit)
  • Highlights still showing Jace working the house after the veto meeting.  Keep in mind, they (him and Austin) had a good plan to stay, and it sounded good on paper but 7 votes are a lot.
  • 6:12pm – We’re at the point in the flashbacks now where Audrey blows up the house for no reason at all.
  • 6:18pm – The twin twist is revealed, it is Liz (shocker). Julia did slip at one point and refer to ‘Liz’, but Austin didnt catch it. He probably thought she was talking in the third person.


(votes to evict)

Jeff – Jace
Da’Vonne – Jace
Jason – Jace
Audrey – Jackie
Steve – Jace

Commercial break. 4-1 in favor of Jackie

Liz/Julia – Jace (Liz went into DR, Julia came out)
Austin – Jace
Meg – Jace
Johnny Mac – Jace
Clay – Jace
Becky – Jace
Shelli – Jace
Vanessa – Jace

Jace is evicted 12-1

  • Jace guesses Audrey was the one wrinkle vote
  • To be fair, Jace had a very classy exit. While talking with Julie, Jace apologized for yelling at Audrey and said he really does like her
  • 6:35pm – Kathy Griffin tells the house to get outside after an awkward sound bug that had radio silence for awhile.
  • 6:40pm – Julie is letting Kathy do some plugs.
  • The twist this week – The power of the last laugh.  This week a phone will appear in the phone. Kathy will call and the person who answers the 7th call will get the power of preventing 3 people from voting next week

HoH Competition:

  • Two groups will run the competition.  The winner each time will be HoH.  They need to run and assemble a puzzle.
  • First group: Liz – Steve – Vanessa – Becky – Da’Vonne – John – Meg
  • Becky wins the first HoH
  • Second group: Austin – Audrey – Jason – Jeff – Shelli – Becky – Jackie
  • Shelli wins the second HoH!

Well, that’s about it for the live blog.  Kathy Griffin is going to give the house a clue on her twist.  I’ll be live blogging the feeds tonight, so come back! But first, coffee


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  1. Avatar
    Luke Richardson

    lol Frankie was sitting front row

  2. Avatar
    willie Jones Jr

    Alright. I’m ready tonight.
    Hey everyone!

  3. g8trgirl

    Audrey voted for Jackie. Seriously?

  4. Avatar

    Blech on both slimeball Frankie and Kathy Griffin. Clay is over joyed since Shelli won HOH. My prediction: Audrey, Jeff and Austin will try to strong arm the two new HOHs into putting up their choice. This new BB twist doesn’t seem exactly fair to me.

    • Avatar

      If they are doing this battle of the block thing, then it would be interesting to have one hoh, and put up two pairs of nominees.

      The hoh is safe, but will potential target on their back the next week from 3 or 4 hgs.

  5. Painter1

    WOW whats with Audrey playing the *Devin* game? And than doing the *Amanda* I run this house from the HOH room even tho Im not HOH? LOL

  6. danmtruth

    would love to see Audrey and DaVonn on the chopping block come the vote Than watch the fireworks start

  7. Avatar
    willie Jones Jr

    Too many *sees filling seats right now for me to pick a frontrunner, although I like James and Day.
    Why are you here, Frankie? Shouldn’t you be off being a star .. Somewhere else?

  8. jimbo

    Unfortunately, BB messed up the twin deal. They SHOULD have made them have NO contact to strategize between switches. THAT would have been interesting and fun to watch, and also it would have actually been a challenge to the Twins. Otherwise, they look alike, and they also get to get their story straight — how hard is that?

    • Avatar
      Luke Richardson

      It’s actually insanely hard. They have a lot of contact in there and 15 minutes is not enough time to brief the other on every little thing that has happened. They do look alike, but a very observant HG could notice subtle differences. They also don’t exactly strike me as the brightest pair, either. That being said, the more they switch, the easier it will be for them to pull this off since they’ll get better at rehashing events to each other and also because the influx of information will become less overwhelming as time goes on. It has to be tough for Julia though, imagine responding to another name, the name of your twin, as if it were your own, on top of the challenges of all the little details that can’t be accounted for in 15 minutes.

    • jimbo

      15 minutes is enough to tell each other who youre onboard with, and any big events. You can say they look different, but they look pretty damn exact…what facial feature or body part would make someone assume that there are a twin by looking at them? I don’t think there’s one chance in a million that anyone figures them out. Moreover, I just think it would have been more fun watching them have to figure things out on the fly. BB is supposed to be fun for the audience.

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