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Big Brother 17 – Live Eviction Thread



Man, at this time last week, I was sitting in the green room in the Big Brother studio ready to see the set for the first time. Now, I’m sitting at my computer with my cat staring at me.  Oh well, my cat rocks, so I don’t mind that.

With that said, it’s a good thing I’m home this week because the house blew up this afternoon and I’m still not really sure why.  Well, I know why, but I don’t know if it should have.  Apparently Becky told John that Shelli/Vanessa are going to go after him. That got back to Vanessa who assumed it was James who said it but then when James denied it, she assumed Clay said it. So, instead of brushing it all off seeing that it was no big deal, Vanessa had to be Vanessa and run to each person to confront them on it. This resulted in a near fight between James/Clay, Clay giving up on life, Becky panicking in the HN room, and Vanessa breaking down into tears begging John where he heard it from before Clay finally lied and said he did tell him.

Wild, right?  Also, pretty dumb, but that’s the way things go after so long. The smallest things get people worked up.  Vanessa may have been trying to emulate Derrick’s game, but she forgot to leave out the neurotic behavior.


Before I begin with the live updates, I was told that tonight will be another endurance competition!  My guess is either something like the egg/fence thing or the slip and slide (more likely the latter than former). So, get your feeds here for free so you can watch along as soon as they come back up!

  • 6:00pm – Ahhh, took like 10 minutes to load up my laptop. Came up just in time. Here we go!
  • Note – The warmup guy before the show tried to make sure we were the loudest audience. We definitely were!  I lost my voice for 3 days as proof.
  • Anyway, we jump into highlights from the week.  I’m not sure what there will be to show because they won’t have time to edit in this afternoon.
  • They are playing sad music for Shelli and Clay /puke
  • 6:15pm – Julie reveals that we’ll be seeing ‘the hitmen’ from last season (Cody and Derrick)

Commercial Break

  • We’re back – More clips about furbat and Shelli.
  • 6:19pm – Here is where Jackie starts putting the pieces together than Vanessa is shady.
  • 6:23pm – Derrick and Cody segment.  Cody pulls up in a BMW. I see he’s doing well (granted he wasn’t driving).
  • Not much with that segment, just game talk. Derrick said he likes James and he made fun of Clay for offering to go home for Shelli.  Then they talked about how hot the girls are

Commercial Break

  • 6:30pm – Live votes, but first Clay asks to be voted out.  Wow.
    • Vanessa – Clay
    • Meg – Clay
    • Austin – Clay
    • Jackie – Clay
    • commercial break
    • Liz – Clay (he’s evicted)
    • Julia – Clay
    • Steve – Clay
    • Becky – Clay
    • John – Clay
  • 6:40pm – Clay gives Shelli a kiss before he goes.  I’m so glad that showmance is done for this season.
  • Julie asks if it’s the real deal with him and Shelli, and he says ‘I think so’ … just wait until she gets a view of you sticking your face in Meg’s chest

Note – There will be a long HoH competition tonight

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  • 6:50pm – Julie says that everyone remaining is in jury but there will likely be someone coming back.
  • There are 3 prizes available – HoH (and end game), $5k, or a Never Not pass. As soon as someone claims HoH, game over

I will be starting a new thread for the endurance competition


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  1. Avatar

    Is the egg fence comp the one with random pairs… that would be cool if two non sixth sensors would win and have one nom each….please let Shelli go home.

  2. Avatar

    This week has proven how weak of players the whole house is. Shelli’s crying Wednesday night proved that the majority of the house only cares about making it to the jury NOT actually winning.

    The 6th sense is imploding because Vanessa can’t keep her cool. She should be drawing the floaters in tighter this week not interogating them.

    I’m intersted to see how tonight’s episode is edited.

  3. Rita

    Vanessa loves drama and she’s a nut bag! The battle started to save her game but I think it did more harm than good.

    • Colby

      I so agree she is very much a drama queen. I think she started the afternoon drama for multiple reasons. First, hoping to get James and crew to hopefully vote Clay instead of Shelli (which seems to have worked). Second, as someone said earlier, to give her an excuse to not honor her deal with James, if that is what she decides to do if she wins HOH. And third, Again if she wins HOH, to give her a possible excuse to put up JMac if she did decide to keep her word to James. Because she won’t put up any of the ‘sick sense’ that are left, she won’t put up Steve (because of their secret deal), so that only leaves Jackie, Becky, or JMac, and he is the biggest threat competition wise.
      And lastly, I think she is just not happy unless there is some kind of drama going on, so she creates it.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Okay Boys and Girls…HERE WE GOOOOOOO!

  5. Avatar

    Shelli is “the bad seed”. She actually thinks she is a “good girl,” as she put it. She just don’t know how bad she looks. She is evil.
    All the work James did putting his ass on the line knowing he would most likely be the next target. Now he’s getting done wrong. Jackie is right, something is up.

    • Avatar

      James took the Veto instead of 5K…his first HOH he told everybody his plan.
      …so they caved ….really …what a bunch of sheep… van must have spun more webs of lies

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jackie may have been right, but she and Meg STILL voted to keep the Jackal. What was that all about? What happened to all those proclamations to James about sticking together? At this point, even though I believe James is an over-sexed little toad, he’s the only one I like in the house. At least when he says something, he sticks to it (bar blindsiding Heckle and Jeckle, which he had to do to get them up on the block in the first place).

      Crazy Eyes is a good player, but she’s unstable. Come to think of it, the whole damn house is, on some level or another.

      This week will be interesting, to say the least….

  6. g8trgirl

    What a bunch of numbnuts!!

  7. g8trgirl

    Shelli cries like she’s at Clay’s funeral. Get a grip.

  8. Avatar

    COME ON Becky…draw the line ……clearly

  9. Jannie

    Meg is an idiot – seriously, she can’t move any faster than that??
    If James can make a new alliance with Jackie and others, Meg needs to go – she is worthless.

    • Avatar

      I was thinking the same thing, but then I remembered she had knee surgery last year. I know from experience that walking on something slippery is a bugger after something like that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Knee surgery be damned. She’s still as useless as a Eunuch in a whore house. She knew there would be strenuous comps when she signed up for the show. If she couldn’t compete, she should have passed and stayed home and let someone else fill the spot. After her vote tonight, I’m done with her.

  10. Avatar

    Wow, I’m curious to see James reaction.

  11. Avatar

    What a let down. They will regret this. Meg is useless. Just got interested. Now I’ll be watching sporadicly.

  12. Avatar

    If they had voted Shelli out maybe the so lovesick Clay would’ve self evicted & they could’ve been rid of both of them. If I was James I wouldn’t trust any of them after this crap they just pulled on him. They let Vanessa control everything from noms to votes to evicts. As Vanessa stands around no matter what she’s doing whether it be lying & plotting an eviction to sitting alone or sleeping, those crazy eyes are always rolling around in her head. She is bat sh*t crazy. Those morons better get a clue or just save themselves some time & sign over that $500,000 check to Vanessa.
    Can someone please tell me why Meg is on the show? She is totally useless.

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