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Big Brother 17 – Live Eviction Thread



Wow, only 5 episodes to go after tonight. Can you believe it? It’s been a long and fun summer writing about this show. But, I just took a final glance at the remaining schedule and it really crept up on me.  The last episodes are: Tonight (eviction), Sunday (regular), Tuesday (eviction), Wednesday (eviction), Sunday (regular), Wednesday (finale).  Just like that.

Anyway, to spare you details, I spent most of the day in the bathroom. I have no clue what is going to happen tonight, but unless something major changed over the past 24 hours, it will be Julia.

Before I get into the update, there are not many chances for final plugs. Next season, I don’t plan on asking for any personal donations (unless I get a surprise LA trip again). Instead, a goal for my wife and myself is to start doing a lot more charity work. I already have a few walks up lined up for next summer, but that’s next summer. My wife is going to participate in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s. All proceeds go directly to the charity, and I would assume they are tax deductible.  So, if you’d like to donate to this cause – click here for her page. Any amount is appreciated!


Alright, updates:

  • 5:15pm – Watching the terrible NFL pre-game show. Big Brother can’t come on soon enough
  • 6:00pm – Ok, here we are. Big Brother time!
    • Julie – Tonight, the curtain closes on the sister act.
    • Time for clips of these past few days.
    • There will plenty of whining and crying in these clips of Julia/Liz
    • Julia is Liz’s knight in shining armor!
    • Vanessa talks to John about Austin and Liz still being a target.  Well, duh.
    • (note: I bet they’re wishing they held on to Becky one more week. Only one with the guts to go after Vanessa)
    • Ohh here are Vanessa’s 3 demands lol
    • Liz can’t believe Vanessa is asking for those demands. Really? Where have you been all summer. Of course Vanessa is asking for demands.
  • 6:17pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:19pm – And we’re back.
    • Julie does a quick talk with the house.
    • Tells them it’s been 85 days
    • She is going to give them videos of their families (Steve may wet himself)
    • John’s family… Austin’s siblings… Vanessa’s girlfriend… Twins family… Steve’s mom.. and he is losing it
    • They should have had Vanessa’s girlfriend in one of her fancy rooms in the mansion.
  • 6:24pm – Commercial break
  • 6:26pm – We’re back.  Jury clip time
    • James has to come into the jury house and scare everyone. Love him.
    • James – whine and whiskey = lingerie parties lol
  • Votes –
    • Liz gushes over Julia in her speech
    • Julia does the same to Liz.  Kind of sweet speeches.
    • Austin – Julia
    • John – Julia
    • Vanessa – Julia
  • 6:38pm – I saw Julia enter the house. I wish I was there to see her leave.  I miss LA
    • Julie tries to hint how stupid a move it was to pick Austin for POV
    • Julia – ‘when he started to date my sister, I kind of joined in’.. woah. score for Austin
    • They showed goodbye messages, but none of Vanessa.
  • 6:49pm – HoH time
    • This is the competition where he the players have to bring 10 eggs from one side to another through the chicken wire.  It could take a little while.  I’m not sure how much they’ll show on the feeds after this, so I won’t even recommended checking it out.
    • Early notes – Austin is cruising. Could be his competition. We get to hear about how JUDAS TOOK OVER
    • Anyway I’ll start a new thread to update this competition. Let’s hope it’s on the feeds. Last year they skimped out on the egg comp

check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I try the walk the walk for autism every June :). They are all dumb if they don’t get rid of Liz. 1 she is stronger, and to win comps and 2 anyone going final 2 with Julia has a better chance to win not so much if Liz is there.

  2. Elaine

    I think Liz and Julia have worked on these speeches more than they have put effort towards in a good long time. Oh and I am really ready for Judas to be gone….the dual personality with Austin leading the way has just been obnoxious and creepy. Judas was a betrayer….Austin has had to spin that one a time or two before to the houseguests.

  3. opium4damasses

    In honor of the loss of Julia, maybe I ‘ll call Liz “Jiz” from here on in.

  4. Elaine

    Good riddance to Julia. Now my remote mute button might get a reprieve! Now she can join James and his harem.

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