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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Day 1

bigbrother17-clayGood morning, everyone! If you were wondering why I labeled my last live blog day 0, it’s because it was only a few hours.  Today is the first official full day of the live feeds! I recapped most of what has happened over the past week in my post this morning, but to summarize, we’re on both a ‘Jace Watch’ and a ‘Vanessa Watch’. Jace, because the house is planning to backdoor him this week, and Vanessa because she damn near lost her mind last night.


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Here we go….

  • 11:45am – Austin and Liz are in the have-not room chatting about Becky, Steve, & Jackie. They are worried about the possibility of sending Steve home this week because them future people won’t trust them to be the BotB pawn going forward.  So, it sounds like Jackie was the target, and Steve was picked to ‘throw’ the competition (but let’s be real, he probably wouldn’t win anyway)
  • 11:55am – Audrey is in the pantry with James telling him that Jeff is paranoid about James. This is because James slept in the have-not room last night. The reality is that James slept in there because the HoH room is lonely to him
  • 12:00pm – James doesn’t mess around. He’s already sitting with Clay and Jeff explaining that there is no funny business. Big beds like that is just not him.
  • The conversation is still going on, and Jeff is going off on how sloppy Jace’s game has been.  Jace has made it no secret he is bff’s with The Mountain. That is bad for his game
  • The talk turns to hunting, after they declared their alliance ‘High Rollers’.  Meanwhile, Audrey is in the HN room telling Steve that the veto will probably be used, and he’s still safe.
  • 12:24pm – Talk over, group is in the living room doing yoga now
  • 12:30pm – Da’Vonne and Jason chatting about Audrey’s game and how she needs to get out soon.  To be fair, Audrey really is playing hard and fast. I don’t see her lasting long because of it.
  • Feeds cut to Jeff loop.  PoV competition probably. 
  • 3:00pm – Feeds are still down for PoV. Sorry took so long to update, ran some errands.
  • 3:15pm – Feeds are back, listening for PoV info now .Will update

Steve won the PoV!

He is safe this week. It must be the name

  • James is being open about who is replacing Steve on the block. As of right now, it will be Jace (who will then go home)
  • In other news, Audrey is in full damage control mode because Da’Vonne has slowly been putting a target on her back (for being aggressive).  Audrey is confronting the situation right now. It’s calm – for now
  • 3:30pm – This is getting wild. Something big must have happened during PoV because now Audrey and Day (Da’Vonne) are down confronting Austin and Liz.  I’m trying to piece it all together
  • Austin is telling Audrey that Day basically threw her under the bus. He is also saying he’ll try to control Jace. There are so many side things going right now.
  • Ok, now Jace is part of the conversation. Basically, if there is a large bus, just about everyone is under it right now. That’s the best I can sum it up.
  • The three pull in Liz and Day to try and find out who is spreading stuff about Audrey.  This is wild.  Remember, sign up to live feeds for free
  • Audrey keeps trying to push a ‘house meeting’ to clear the air.  Please let it happen!
  • 4:13pm – And now enter Jason. Pretty soon it will be a house meeting simply because the whole house will be in the room chatting about who is leaking stuff about Audrey.
  • Conversation is winding down as dinner is getting close. What it all resulted in was putting a huge spotlight on Audrey, while making Jace feel no so safe any more.
  • 4:40pm – Awkward.  Jeff comes up to the HoH room to use the bathroom. Tries to sit down and hang out after, and Audrey kicks him out because they’re having a personal conversation and do not want to involve him. Meanwhile, James confirms he is still nominating Jace
  • This conversation is talking about how Liz is very untrustworthy and needs to go
  • James is still with Day, Jason, and Audrey talking about their alliance, and mentions he wants it to be called “High Rollers”.  Did James get a secret mission to join an alliance named the high rollers?
  • 5:00pm – Clay, Austin and Jace are trying to figure out their own alliance now.  It’s going to be a long night, I need a coffee
  • Learned from my friend at Big Brother Network that Big Brother indeed gave both Vanessa and Day a one week immunity for sitting out. Seeing as the house promised them safety, they gave them away. Day to Liz, Vanessa to Austin
  • 5:30pm – People are settling down for naps, dinner, etc.  I am going to close this thread and start a new one for the late shift.

(all times pst)


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  1. Avatar

    so lost allready !! (me)

  2. Avatar

    Woohoo. So excited about this season starting. Steve, thanks in advance for all the updates. I just love them.

  3. danmtruth

    Thanks Steve for doing this again. You ran a great group last year. Early quick observation Can the dentist Dr. John stop yelling!! Not sure if the producers learned there leason from last year with this young whitebread cast.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for the blow-by-blow Steve.

    Something tells me that James might be a dark horse mastermind, of the humble Colombo cloth, we shall see.

  5. Avatar

    I’m lost already too. Sooo.. Is that alliance formed between Day, Audrey, & Liz (when they first entered the house) still together? Are they just trying to fake talk trash about each other?

  6. Rita

    I think I heard Steve won POV by spelling trombones.

    I agree about the Audrey covo. Listening to that was exhausting.

  7. Avatar

    Steve, I can’t remember what time it was but the first night it was on pop Audrey opened that hoh letter to John and passed it around. Saying something about it being America’s thing. Do you know anymore about that? I don’t know if it was supposed to be read? Curious to your thoughts on this?

  8. Avatar

    I’m not sure I care about any of these people yet. Remember when they cast a diverse group of people? I mean, sure, they were still mostly white, but at least we had different ages and sizes. Now it’s all young, white people, mostlly pretty… with a token minority here and there, plus the requisite flamboyant gay man. Hope Pee Wee Herman is more likeable than Frankie the attention whore from last year. Last year I was Team Donnie all the way. I don’t know if I’ll be rooting for any of this new crowd. BB = Meh. I’m just here to make fun of them and see how past posters are doing. Not seeing too many of the BB fans from past years. Hoping they are doing well ! (Frank? you out there? I sure hope you’re okay!!)

  9. Avatar

    Hey Steve I can’t get live feeds in Canada so I am so grateful that you do the blow by blow. I want to donate coffee money next week,so how do I do it? So far I like most of the houseguests but that could change lol. I found your site last year and really liked it so I decided to find you again this year and maybe even talk.

  10. Avatar

    Ahhh… i been trying to find out what Day did with her Power, now i know she gave to Liz… i feel better now, lol …☺…

  11. Avatar

    What happened between Day and Clay? Audrey and Day discussed ad nauseum. Jason was also involved in defending against something between Day and Audrey? What happened?

  12. Avatar

    …… ummmm the tranny is Vanessa lol all the chicks are gross and the guys all seem like lil b*tches… congrats messed up society … now bb truely reflects how screwed up things get when women and fruits take a turn at running things lmao

    Hi y’all ☺

  13. Avatar

    Hey!!! Not really sure what I think of this group yet. So far not impressed, nobody stands out.

  14. ShoeLover

    Good day everyone!! Another summer of Big Brother is finally here! I haven’t been able to wrapped my head around the new house guests just yet, still working out those kinks! Anyhoo, looking forward to an awesome season (pretty please) and all the wonderful BBJ FRIENDS!!!

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