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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Day 4



Good afternoon, Junkies. It’s the beginning of one of the longer weeks in the Big Brother house as it’s only Monday and everything has been done – at least that we know of.  I don’t know when they plan on doing BB Takeover, so that could come before Thursday, but other than that, it’s either Jace or Jackie leaving the house this week.


I obviously had a late start on the feeds today, so let’s jump right in….

  • 1:00pm – The house is relaxing right now.  Austin working out, Steve and Liz in the pool, some inside cooking lunch.  Jason was holding a conversation about movies, and getting bit by a dog for awhile. No sign of Audrey, so no paranoia yet.
  • 1:45pm – Jason gives an update on the house. Most people are sleeping or outside, Audrey is in the DR. Let’s go Audrey, stir some shit up.
  • 2:10pm – Jace is promising to not go out without a fight. He’s just biding his time for now.

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  • Random note, every time I hear Jeff talk, I think of Badger from Breaking Bad
  • 2:30pm – Shelli is randomly talking about the season with the twin. I wonder if people have suspicions this year.
  • 3:00pm – Jace is talking about his dream last night. He said god had him have a dream showing him who stabbed him in the back. Based on the way he talked to Austin today, I am guessing that’s who the dream was about.
  • 3:50pm – Austin is confirming to Meg that he’ll likely be voting with the house.
  • 5:15pm – Finished dinner.  Jackie, Jason and Meg are around the kitchen. Austin and a few others are outside.  Slow afternoon, but there have been some Audrey whispers, so I expect things will heat up in a few hours.
  • 6:00pm – Shelli and Vanessa are talking about Jace’s attitude so far this week.  Jace apparently went around whistling and singing to instigate production, then told production to f off.
  • I go to another cam, and Jeff, Meg and crew are talking about Jace and his dreams, then Audrey and her dreams. What are people going to talk about when they’re out of the house?
  • 8:50pm – My internet went out on my computer, I assumed it was the house. Took a nap, came back and realized I needed to reboot.  Anyway, here is a video I found.

    I’m shocked Austin didn’t catch that.
  • Audrey hasn’t really done a whole lot today, so the house is getting a breather.
  • Austin is chatting with Jeff about getting Audrey out. Her standing in the house is dropping quick
  • 9:50pm – Jeff is in the kitchen in front of a bunch of people saying that Audrey has to go. It’s becoming more and more of a poorly kept secret.




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  1. Avatar

    5:21pm …. go Austin! ???

  2. Avatar

    The Twin twist… Does anyone actually think she has a chance to win it all? As soon as both of them enter the house, they will be picked apart immediately. The only way the Twins can make it farther is if they have an alliance and having that extra person on the team tips the numbers in their favor. Even then, I have a feeling her own alliance will have to go after her due to it being a definite twin team.

  3. danmtruth

    Just don’t see the twins succeeding . People are talking about and looking for it . Plus I don’t see them being smart enough sorry to say .
    The house seems to be anti muscle head. I think a bit of a backlash from last season. It’s a shame for Austin thru no fault of his own . Audrey and DA’Vonne are using him as a pawn to rally the others We must get rid of him or he will win all the HOH. This is wrong 1) you sit out after you win 2) many of the comp are mind base also. Beside Audrey & Da’Vonne not many people are pushing for alliance
    Great to see so many people back

  4. g8trgirl

    Did you guys know that MANY of the people in the house have a twin? Yeah, blows my mind too.

  5. Avatar

    Its becoming apparent that no one in the house can keep a secret. The first week has been gossip and discussions between everyone ON everyone. I hope this is just the initial excitement of being in the game. Loose lips sink all ships.

  6. Avatar

    anyone know of a free live feed..total reality seems like its gone..I am credit card free so can’t pay for the cbs one

  7. Avatar

    Jason’s sassy gay nerd routine is getting old rather quickly.

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