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Big Brother 17 – Down But Not Out Live Feeds



John, don’t you know that on Thursday’s in the Big Brother house, you’re supposed to lounge around and accept defeat?

To summarize this morning… John pulled Meg into the HN room and spilled everything he knew to her. He started by talking about double eviction how John wanted to send Vanessa home, but Steve wanted Jackie out for whatever reason, and they couldn’t come to an agreement on it. At that point, John and Steve had a general pact not to go after each other, and could almost say kind of aligned. So, John wasn’t going to go against his buddies wishes and use the PoV to screw up his plan.

John went on to tell Meg about Steve being the lapdog of that group and this is their chance to actually take him out rather than send another person home and likely lose James next week (which is exactly what I said would happen if John goes home in my rankings thread). To be fair, I said James really screwed things up when Audrey spilled everything to him and they had a great chance to control the house, but he’s been given quite a few chances, and this may be his (and Meg’s) final one.


Let’s jump right in…

  • 1:20pm – I wasn’t able to mention, Meg spoke with Austin earlier in the day, and he reassured her everything was ok. He did defend Steve quite heavily and Meg was curious about that, but that was about it. Now, the feeds are back live, and they’re talking again…
    • Austin is trying to defuse the situation yet again. He said he and the twins chose Meg and James to work with over Steve and Vanessa
    • Meg is sounding like she is buying it
    • Meg thinks it feels ‘schemey’, wondering why John waited until today to talk to them.
  • They finishes up with Austin and Meg goes to Steve
    • Meg said she is coming to Steve because she doesn’t believe what John is saying.
    • Steve said in the future, when he’s on the block, he’ll approach them for a vote. This is because Meg was concerned Steve wasn’t even campaigning
  • 1:35pm – Talk breaks up. Meg and James alone now
    • Scratch that, they whispered a little before Steve came in.
    • Steve said he didn’t realize until zingbot how much he talks about his mother.
  • …. And that’s about the end of John’s game.  Talks have broken up. Nobody cares. They will probably vote out John tonight and then James/Meg will wonder where their game went wrong.
  • 1:50pm – Austin having a quick talk about how dangerous John is and how he’s wearing his headband like Rambo.
  • 1:58pm – After things settle down, Vanessa heads to bed. John enters the room to change…
    • Vanessa tells him sorry, she has to go with the house. It’s too risky. She’s one person. She tried
    • Note – Very smart by Vanessa to give John a secret shot. It’s going to make voting for her much easier if she’s in the final 2.

Check back for updates


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    It is amazing to me how vanessa gets a little bit of information and grills everyone until she knows the full story, but whenever anyone else in the house finds something out they basically shrug their shoulders and ignore everything. How many times does james/meg have to be told that v is working with austwins? Even if john wasn’t being truthful you would become the top of a 3-4 person alliance, depending on who comes back in the house, instead of being on the bottom of a 5 person Alliance. I don’t get it. It’s simple math right there.

    • Avatar

      So true.

      If Meg & James fail to see that they could be more in control by teaming up with John, instead of being the fourth & fifth wheels with the trio, then they deserve to lose. Especially after they had the chance to team up with Becky to throw Vanessa out. Imagine if Vanessa would have been gone, Steve wouldn’t have had Vanessa there to scare him, and maybe, just maybe he would have put the trio up on the block ( the third being the backdoor).

      It will be pretty entertaining to see Meg and James taken out, and when they eventually watch the replays, they will see how easily they were played.

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    I am so freakin’ tired of the Austin, Vanessa, twins crew that I could scream!! I was a Vanessa fan in the beginning because she actually thinks strategically and plays hard but her bully like approach has become too much for me! Austin and the twins think they are big and bad and are playing this phenomenal game and their arrogance about is more than I can stomach. They aren’t playing an impressive game at all…they are just surrounded by people who aren’t playing at all. I was really pulling for the “other” side of the house to get power and flip things but now it appears Meg and James are suddenly loyal to Austin and the twins. I really thought James could change things and make another big move but now I’m questioning whether or not he has the balls to do it. I hope that the returning juror member wins HOH tonight and puts up Austin and Liz with Vanessa as a backdoor option, although at this point I think the best move would be to get Liz out because if she goes, Austin and Julia will both fall apart. I really need something big to happen this week because I don’t think I can take another week of Austin, Vanessa, and the twins running things!!!

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    If we end up with a final 3 of Austin and the twins, ugh. I am done w/BBAD and probably the show, although I will probably tune in to see them evict each other. Wait, silly me, in a final 3 it will be Thing 1 and Thing 2 voting out the Hairy Monster. UGH. Oh well.
    Meanwhile, I just saw that Frankie is a judge on some dance show on MTV now. WHY!?!?!?! God he’s such a disgusting human! I can’t believe the fame whore is getting a career now.

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    I’m as sick of seeing Austin & Liz lovin up on each other as I was of Clay & Shelli! Super dull season of wretched SHOWMANCE! Big Brother has just lost me this season. What a drag of a summer. Gee, it would have almost have picked up if BB had automatically given HOH to the person that won their way back into the house! At least then, we would have had about 5 minutes of something else besides POTBALL & Austin begging for Kisses! Vanessa and her whining, fears, & endless plotting has simply caused my fanship to weaken. We’ve canceled our final episode party. Some of us just don’t have the stomach for this cast. The twins behave like 8 yr olds. Repeating the same things over and over is just annoying and dragging a person’s name out is embarassing! James, at least, has a shred of imagination! Good heavens. I do have a DVR, and I can painlessly fast fwd thru these poorly selected contestants! It certainly doesn’t have the ability to etch out the grossness of an over tatooed lugg or the self centered, OCD riddled Vegas nutcase. 2 double evictions in a row would put us out of our misery! Donate the money to charity!

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