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Big Brother 17 – Monday Pawn Meeting Coming Up



Good afternoon, everyone!  I know you’re all trying to recover from a long holiday weekend, so luckily it appears your brain won’t have to function too much this week when following Big Brother. From everything I’ve watched on the feeds over the weekend, it appears this re-nomination ceremony and upcoming eviction will be smooth sailing.  Of course, this IS Big Brother, so that isn’t always the case, but Da’Vonne is the target. She knows she’s the target. Meg knows she’s going up as a pawn. Nobody seems to have a problem with any of it.

Well, that isn’t entirely true.  Meg is putting on a brave face, but she is not really too thrilled about going up. Nobody would be… except Johnny Mack. I bet he’d get a kick out of it, since he gets a kick out of everything.

Last night, Shelli finally sat down with Meg to let her know the situation so she isn’t blindsided, and Meg said she basically already knew. Now, as Big Brother Network pointed out, that isn’t exactly in the rule book. You’re not supposed to tell people they’re being nominated until ceremony (for many reasons, but the most likely so they can capture the drama easier). Now, will anything actually happen because of this?  That is doubtful. While it would certainly be a shocking twist from production, they don’t seem to like giving out real penalties.


Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I am going away for two nights for a small vacation.  I won’t be away from the Internet, so I’ll be able to make the occasional update (although news may be delayed), but I won’t be able to update the header, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to give many live feed updates.

My next update will be later today letting you know what happened at the veto ceremony (spoiler alert: Meg is going up), but who knows, maybe Big Brother will toss them a penalty twist because of the renom rule that Shelli broke.

Also, there haven’t been any signs of the Kathy Phone in the house yet, but I expect that to also begin today.

Have a good afternoon!


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  1. Avatar

    They should have put the phone in first thing and let them stew for a few days then they would start to ignore it. Now everyone is going to be hanging around the phone. I hope they do penalize Shelli—-not likely though since production isn’t known for following their own rules and HG know it. Not the best of seasons so far.

  2. Avatar

    what’s the punishment for breaking the renom rule?

  3. g8trgirl

    This is turning into the same snooze fest as last year. They’re losing me..

    • Avatar

      It’s only been two weeks. Not enough gameplay to compare to last year. Last year Derrick took control of the house early. I don’t see a power alliance or member in this house. Which should mean more flips and drama. It’s also not fair to expect every week a huge fight, a last minute flip, failed plans, etc… That’s not how BB works.

    • Avatar

      I just said on the new Message Board that this cast is VERY BORING…And I believe that it because they picking the same people year after year?! The Stud looking Dude, The Sexy Girl, The Gay Person, the Black individual, The Country Bumpkin, The Model, and the Nerd/Geek… I’m American, but I absolutely LOVE BB Canada, they keep their show New, Fresh, &Iinteresting

    • Avatar

      mello one, I am right there with you!! Tired of the bland group of white people and token stereotypes. Why can’t they cast real people? Different ages, ethnicities, cultures… I can’t even watch After Dark with this group. I guess I’m not the demographic that CBS is aiming for, because this cast just annoys me.

  4. ChiKelz

    I never thought the “Kathy Phone” would make a difference. So what three people can’t vote! Instead of 12 votes to get out Da it will be 9!? I think Shelli is getting the “last laugh”!

  5. Sweet Bee

    Can someone please explain the “last laugh” thing to me? I’m confused. ?

  6. Avatar

    They need to put a collar on Jeff that shocks him every time he says “dude”.

    • Avatar

      Actually every time he speaks. I sped through the whole first hour of After Dark last night because he wouldn’t shut up.

    • Renee

      I agree with Sandra. I actually fell asleep waiting for him to shut up then when I woke Day and Jason were talking about the twins. I’m glad they figured it out too. I also agree with most posters also that this is just the same old cast with different names. I keep hoping every year it will change but I just don’t think they have it in them. Promises broken!

  7. Avatar

    Uh oh, sounds like Day has figured out Liz is the one with the Twin!! Could that help her stay in the house?!

    • Rita

      It might have helped her if Shelli put Liz up on the block but now that Meg is up I don’t see how it can help.
      I’m happy Day figured it out, I really do not want to see Liz and her sister both in the house. I just remember the last twins and they were soooo annoying.
      But now watch the house gun to get Liz out next week and Audrey will survive another week.

    • Avatar

      Maybe Day could work on Shelli/Clay stating that she found out a secret and how valuable she is…??? All I know is if Meg can survive this week, she’ll be safe for a long time. The house will go after Liz/Audrey next, then Clay/Shelli.

    • Avatar

      I missed that. How’d that happen?

      • Avatar

        Hey Sandra!! Good to see you on here again this year. I’m having a hard time getting to the comments people are making since the format has been changed. I’m kind of confused so far about what’s going on and kind of losing interest in the whole show

    • Avatar

      Day “could” have used the Twin Twist to advantage…But she told the WHOLE doggone house, so that is out the window?!

  8. CLangley

    What?!?!??! How did Day figure out Liz has a twin???

    • Avatar

      Christy, she noticed Liz sometimes had a skinnier face. And she stated the skinny one was being more nice than the other one. She was going to go tell in the DR to see if CBS would give her a prize by figuring it out. Um, CBS is probably pissed that she ruined one of their BIG TWISTS… haha…

  9. Rita

    Day just figured it out. She said she noticed a difference in her face and the more her and Jason talked the more they realized she is the twin.

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