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Could Audrey survive another week?

Big Brother 17 Nomination and BoTB Spoiler Results

Could Audrey survive another week?
Could Audrey survive another week?

I think CBS should give bloggers a schedule on events in the house, I mean it’s only fair, right? I went to bed last night around 3am with Shelli and Becky still talking to the house about who to nominate, and I wake up today to find out nominations AND battle of the block have been completed overnight.


Seeing as it’s the 4th of July weekend, I should have expected accelerated results, but wow.

First, to nominations. Becky was still pretty upset that Audrey floated around rumors about her being a racist and bigot, so it was no surprise she was going to be her target. The only question she had was whether or not to backdoor her or just put her up from the start.   Her answer?  Backdoor.  Becky found an immediate pawn volunteer in Jason, and then told Steve he was going to be the 2nd pawn (poor Steve). This means…

  • Becky nominated Steve and Jason

Shelli, on the other hand, had a different approach to the week. She decided it was in her best interest (see: Clay’s best interest) to keep Audrey for numbers, and vote out someone else. The reason being is that Shelli and Clay knew their place, which was near the bottom of an 8 or so person alliance.  Their thinking is that they can probably get Jason on board with them, but not if Da’Vonne is still in the house, so there was Shelli’s target.  While I understand the idea of keeping Audrey (because Audrey was not going after Shelli), Da’Vonne being a target is kind of a head scratcher. Another weird move was deciding to give Da’Vonne two chances to save herself with no real good backup option if she does.

  • Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John

John was on board with the plan, even to throw the botb competition, but this whole thing really smells bad. Even if Da’Vonne doesn’t win PoV, the votes are still already pretty close to risk it. If Austin does indeed stay on board, that does pretty much guarantee 3 votes (him, Liz and Vanessa), plus she has Clay and probably Audrey.  The rest are up in the air. Shelli is close with Jackie, so she may have her vote as well, and the whole plan could work, but it’s just risky.

Moving on, battle of the block competition…

I am going to assume that John went through with his plan to throw the competition because he and Da’Vonne lost the competition which means that…

  • Becky was de-throned
  • Da’Vonne and John remain on the block
  • Steve and Jason are safe for the week

Needless to say, it was a very late night in the BB house, and they’re just now getting some sleep, but I fully expect PoV competition and possibly meeting to be held today.  If not the meeting, than definitely the competition.  I can still see them saving the PoV meeting for Sunday/Monday, as it’s not that imperative they get that in before the holiday.

What do you think?  Was this a good or bad move on Shelli’s part?


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  1. Avatar
    willie Jones Jr

    What the heck?
    They don’t know what they’re doing.

  2. Avatar

    I’m really happy with these decisions because A.) Both HoH’s had their own plans and ideas. They weren’t both working together to nominate 4 pawns to backdoor 1 person. And B.) Shelli put her target up right away and isn’t doing the whole backdoor crap that happens all the time. If Day comes off, there are so many other people she could pop up to get rid of.

    The house is still pretty mixed on everything right now. Alliances are still being changed, opinions are still being developed. Kudos to Shelli and Becky for having their own plans and go after them. It sounds like no one else came in and told them what to do.

    Two thumbs up for independent choices!

  3. g8trgirl

    Steve, does it seem that things are moving at hyper speed? Hoh, noms and BoB all in one night. A little much or have I simply forgotten this is the norm?

    • Avatar

      Holiday weekend. Do everything early then they can just leave a skeleton crew to oversee things and the rest can go have fun.

    • Avatar

      From what I understand, CBS opens up the studio grounds to the public for some type of celebration thing, so not just employees will be roaming the lot over th holiday weekend. Because of this, they don’t let the HGs go into the backyard (indoor lockdown). They can’t have the BOTB comp over the weekend because of this. This is also the reason the POV was done today.
      This is not the norm, but it is the norm for the 4th of July weekend.

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    The HG for Momma Day are going to know John threw the BOtB and won’t trust him. It’s so hard with these people to figure out who is actually in an alliance. They are all over the place. I’m not sure Shelli even knows what is going on. Clay is the one who wants Momma Day out so that’s what she’s doing.

  5. Avatar

    stevebeans, when you say you went to bed at 3am, is that what time it was in the house? If the show is recorded in CA, and you are in NY, it would only be midnight in the house.

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    I would hate to see Day go. I find her amusing. This house is so boring to me this year. I do congradulate Becky for making her own decisions instead of going with a house vote. I wish I could say the same for Shelli but she let Clay make her decision. She needs to get Clays hand out of her back and do her own thing. It always amazes me that people meet up in the house and let someone make 500,000 dollar decisions for them. Totally stupid.

  7. Avatar

    Steve I like the improvements on my mobile.
    I also donated for now.please let me know
    If you got it cause it gave me a hard time at first just cause I never did before. I don’t like Audrey or Davonne so either can go and I’d be happy. Davonne is drama and Audrey seems a lot like Devin…a loose canon adding to their alliance when people are already sleeping..waking them up etc.

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