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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Updates



Good morning, everyone! I’m sure some of you are just checking in to work right now to see how the HoH competition went last night. Well, if you enjoy watching Austin and Liz laying in the HoH bed for a week, then you’ll be thrilled today!

As you watched last night, the competition was a track-style event where the entire house (minus Liz) lined up and sprinted for like 30 feet to hit a buzzer. The trick was, once they got in their 3-point stance, they had to wait until the screen said ‘Go’. This could take seconds, minutes, or even an hour.  Just kidding, not an hour. The whole competition was over in an hour. Gone are the days of the epic multi-hour endurance competitions late in the season. Each round, the last person to the buzzer was eliminated.

In the end, it came down to Austin and James who had an incredibly close finish, but Austin was the winner proving once again that Big Brother does not ‘fix’ these competitions. James wanted to go after Vanessa, which would have caused drama and ratings. Production easily could have just said James hit his buzzer first, but they didn’t. Austin won, and he’ll most likely be nominating and possibly evicting the fan (and production) favorite Johnny Mack.


With that, here are the updates today:

  • 8:30am – The house is still sleeping
  • 10:00am – The house is up. Austin has been talking to a few people.
    • Austin was floating around the idea to Meg of putting up Vanessa
    • He then goes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa
    • He is discussing putting her up against Johnny Mack using her as a pawn.  He said he can flip a coin between her and Steve as a pawn. She is ‘offended’ by it
    • She is telling him by putting her up, he risks her going home (duh) because Steve may flip and vote her out since he’s close with John
    • Austin doesn’t want to use Meg as a pawn because that starts a ‘pawn battle’ with that side of the house. He said they’d only be ok with her as a pawn if there is no other options.
    • He is going to have Liz talk to Steve and ‘soften’ him to the option of being a pawn. Austin wishes Vanessa was more willing
    • They said Julia heard John screaming in the DR. When they watch the show, they’ll realize that’s just his normal DR session
    • Vanessa mentions how she’s upset John didn’t want to be a pawn, yet she’s spent 30 minutes convincing Austin not to use her as a pawn
  • 10:30am – Conversation breaks up
  • 11:50am – Had to run out. I am back, and feeds down. Likely for HN, but could be nominations
  • 12:30pm – Feeds back. Smaller table, no havenots this week
  • Austin pulls Steve into the HoH room
    • Austin is floating some ideas by Steve
    • He says Vanessa told him that Austin’s gymnastic photo means for him to stick with the gay person (her)
    • Steve also can’t find the logic in Austin’s move. Nobody can
    • He said ‘don’t put me up next to Johnny. Put me up next to Vanessa’
    • Steve is saying there absolutely can’t be him vs John on the block.  He has to be next to one of Van, James, Meg
    • Steve keeps offering that by putting 1 of them up and sending Vanessa home, he guarantees 4 people fighting for Austin next week (Liz, John, Julia, Steve)
    • Austin promises he won’t put Steve up next to John. Austin said Steve better come through for him, and Steve said ‘Do you trust me over Vanessa on days’ (HoH competition)?  Vanessa thinks she’d crush Steve. Steve is looking forward to it.
  • 1:15pm – Steve leaves and Austin starts blaming Liz for not chiming in more and convincing Steve
    • Austin is thinking John and Vanessa. He refuses to put James or Meg up
    • Liz is saying Van / John.  Austin is wondering what to tell Vanessa. It will be hilarious when Vanessa convinces him otherwise
  • 1:30pm – They are still deciding who to put up. This is funny.  I am running to store, hopefully be back soon to update on nominations
  • 3:20pm – Back from the store. Nominations happened:
    • John and Steve are up
    • So, Austin broke his promise to Steve so he wouldn’t have to hear Vanessa all weekend.
    • Steve is pretending to not be mad, but this was so bad for Austin and so good for Vanessa. Austin broke a promise, so his word to Steve is crap now. This gives Steve another option instead of Vanessa as a target should Steve win HoH next week. There will only be 2 people sitting out of veto tomorrow, so odds are in Van’s favor to play and keep herself safe. That is why backdoor options are not as strong as they are in the beginning of the game because the point of the backdoor is to put someone up who didn’t have a chance to save themselves via veto.
  • 5:00pm – The house is sitting around the table eating and relaxing. Sounds like it might be another week like this, unless the veto is used
  • 7:00pm – Sorry for slow updates, but the house is that slow. I’ve been watching for two hours (from bed), and there is nothing going on. However, Austin and Liz are in bed talking….
    • Austin’s reasoning for today is Steve is less annoying to deal with. Plus, Vanessa is not guaranteed to play veto (though odds are in her favor).
    • Austin said ‘This is Big Brother, and if they (production) like Johnny Mack, he’ll win veto’ – yet he doesn’t see how he easily could have lost to James last night if production was rigging the game. Also, Johnny Mack got eliminated in a weird round where production came over the speakers and said not everyone hit their button. Again, they could have just said Austin didn’t hit his button. Dumb.
    • He ideally wants the nominations to remain the same, so he’s hoping ‘their side’ wins and doesn’t use veto
    • Anyway, Steve joins the conversation and says everyone else is sleeping.

Check back later for more


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  1. Avatar

    Becky showed herself to be a class act last night, but I didn’t buy her comments regarding Vanessa’s game play. Being in a strong position, simply because everyone else is utterly incompetent and timid, isn’t good game play; it just means you’re surrounded by idiots.

    Last night was the first show I’ve watched in a while, just to see Becky’s comments. I keep up with things here, hoping that something (anything) might happen to make the season entertaining…and I’m not holding out much hope. For me, this would be like watching three shades of ugly paint dry.

  2. Avatar

    I really don’t think Vanessa is in a good position to win. The whiners and the wrestler will use her as a shield then dump her. Those three will stick together and I don’t see the others helping Vanessa. She is basically on her own and the biggest target in the house.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you for the updates! Maybe Austin should grow some balls, stop acting like Liz’s clingy, needy, emotional boyfriend, and start playing the game by putting up Vanessa.

    • Avatar

      Austin is playing the game.

      Just a few weeks ago it looked like he was toast.

      He kissed Vanessa’s butt for a couple weeks, and for the moment, is king of the hill.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dmc, and by not putting her up, he is STILL kissing her butt. Not putting someone up because you’re afraid they are going to make the house a living hell is not a reason, it’s an excuse.

    • Avatar


      You are right. I am curious who us going to make the first move. Vanessa doesn’t have the numbers. She is going to have to get rid of ( or manipulate Steve or James or Meg to get rid of) two of the trio to have a chance to win. I bet that Vanessa will recruit whoever comes back in, and team up with the havenots to go after the trio right away.

      The trio want her out, but know she is a number in their favour for now. If Jackie or Shelli come back, the trio will try and recruit them, and take Vanessa down. Nobody comes back in the house after next week, so it will be easy to make a bold move without too much worry.

  4. Avatar

    I find Vanessa’s attitude really annoying. She can’t leave too soon for me, but it would be fun to have whoever comes back from jury win hoh and get her out.

    • Avatar

      Everyone wants her to leave, the viewers and the BB House but yet she stays, lol…she has those house guest playing SCARED.

    • Avatar

      He may not be nominating her now however to get her out when it is very possible for her to come back in the juror return and slaughter him and the twins is not a good idea this week because they will do the juror return competition before the HoH so the potential that Vanessa could come back in and then win HoH is extremely high so it is in his best interest to get rid of Steve with mental competitions coming up very quickly keeping Steve is a liability. James is good at physical comps, John is ok at mental comps physical comps not so great.

  5. danmtruth

    I stand corrected I was wrong on an early post there will be 5 votes. So Austin will not have a tiebreaker choice. It does sound like JMack is the target . Why I have no idea but why waste time looking for a logical reason with these people. It seems that Austin has convinced himself that John is a bigger threat to his game. . Again why I’m not sure just can’t see it.. One strange conversation was Banessa saying if she was to be put up that she just ask to be told before hand . What ?? Why would anybody tell you that ! One thing my daughter brought up is what if production has Austin girlfriend sends a letter in the basket! That would be fun to watch the cringe worthy reaction of him and Liz. Zingbot switch Cody and Christenes name with Liz and Austin .

    • Jannie

      No kidding…
      JMac told Austin that he is going after Vanessa – so why get rid of him?? Let him do the dirty work.

      Seems Austin’s problem is that he has promised to keep everyone in the house safe this week – interesting to see what he will actually do…

    • Avatar

      Austin is convincing himself that JMac bigger threat while thinking he is not Afraid of Vanessa and can handle her later, but the viewers are thinking “Austin Scared of Vanessa” LOL………

  6. Avatar

    Why does anyone need to have permission to put people up? That is stupid!

  7. Avatar

    So maybe I’m off here, but why aren’t “Have Nots” such a big deal or even mentioned on the CBS shows anymore? It’s a big deal, causing grumpy gusses in the house (meg, jmac, van mostly). Does no one care, or am I just missing something?

  8. danmtruth

    Yes Austin has made too many promises plus he is very aware of his ” image” on the show. I look at the rankings on other sites and he and Liz are at the bottom in most. That’s why I say it would SHOCK many of these players to see what the outside world thinks of them . It might be fun to see what would happen if two people got this info . How they might use it and depending on the person how truthful they would be telling other house guest .
    Back to real game play . So Austin only has one pawn in JMack . Who might be his target Steve is smart enough to know it’s too late in the game to be a pawn Vanessa is to paranoid to volunteer . Smart move on her part always looking at a Backdoor plan against her. Meg and James why make things easy on Austin . Might he suggest Julia just to help the team ,,,,, that would go over like a led balloon . He is being back into a corner let’s see him think his way out Add to that POV still needs to happen . Than the return of an evicted house guest . So all he does could blowup in his face .
    Of the jury house now . It sounds like Becky might target Steve or Austwins. Sheila targets Vanessa, the Austwins if she can convince Meg and James she won’t go after them till after the other 4 . Jakie big time Vanessa than Austwins .
    This week should be a bit more interesting than last week. Than again watching paint dry would had been more interesting

  9. Avatar

    What is wrong with these HG? You are HOH so quit asking people to go up. Decide what you are going to do and DO it!

  10. Boo

    Nolan twins for the win!

  11. Avatar

    Austin assured Steve he would not be put up next to JMac, LOL….to funny…If the group does not take out Vanessa this week she will round up her own group to take out the Austwins and their Power Block….

  12. Avatar

    A friend of mine sent me a link (not sure of the source but I think it was from twitter..?) to a recorded live-feed clip of Austin doing some naughty things to Liz under the blankets. I barfed a little in my mouth. Funny thing is, when she was “done”, she just rolled over and went to bed. How can Austin not see the truth in how she feels for him!? I just wanted to see if anyone else saw that! Sighhhh.

    **Sorry if this isn’t appropriate for the comments board but I think I kept it PG enough.

  13. Jannie

    Told y’all that Austin would be too chicken to put up Vanessa.

    Yeah, that Judas is a pretty scary beast….not.

    Hope Steve can kick his or Diz’s butt to the jury house next week.

    • Avatar

      “Yeah, that Judas is a pretty scary beast….not.” Jannie I had a good laugh at that statement. LOL. Yep Austin acts tough but can not put up Vanessa and throws Steve the guy he JUST promised he would not put up next to JMac. If Steve gets through this and it does not open his eyes to reality I do not know what will. This could push Steve to work with Vanessa to break up the Austwins….

    • danmtruth

      Ladies perfect all . Austin goes in for the big kis . He gets the dead fish kiss from her. Julia has tried to remind her family’s and friends are watching. Funny how Liz thinks turning off the lights makes it ok. Like no one can see. Did she figure it out seeing her sister get pranked by James . That you can still be seen in the dark

  14. Avatar

    Austin is following the Liz playbook. “I won’t put Vanessa up – someone else can take her out later.” That’s the impression I get.

    But think about it.

    “Austin’s Angels”. Total ego feed. And that’s what this guy is all about. No way he would put one of “his” angels up on the block. Not a chance.

    If Steve or John wins POV the sub will be Meg.
    And John or Meg will probably go home.

    Becky called it. And this is going down so predictably it is pathetic. At this point about the only reason I will watch is to be entertained by the idiots coming to the realization that they kept the best player around and allowed her to control their destiny and the whole game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think that if Steve or John wins the POV, James might go up. He’s a bigger threat at comps than that Useless Azz Meg. I’m so sick of her perkiness, at this point I’d rather see her go before Asstin. There! I said it. I can’t believe I said it, but I did. Oh WHAT is this world coming to, anytime I’d rather see someone else out before Asstin 🙁

  15. Avatar

    It is very frustrating to watch everyone tip toe around Vanessa, KNOWING she has had her hand in most of the folks going home. You Cross Vanessa you go home and the house KNOWS IT but fails to act. They are playing scared of Vanessa, its like leaving a lion on the prowl, you feed it and feed it and then when your out of food it east YOU! This is what will happen to the Austin and the twins, they will leave her in the house until its to late and they are on the block and Vanessa has that shite eating grin on her face like she did when Becky left the house…..what is a real shame is the people that wanted to take out vanessa had or have no power, Becky, JMac…The brave are falling fast…..

  16. Avatar

    I really think Production wants a Showdown between Austin, Twins against Vanessa and her group she Will put together. Austin just threw Steve over to Vanessa

  17. danmtruth

    Not putting much hope in it but we still have POV. Austin will shit if Steve or John use it on themselves . You know if John wins Austin will say don’t use it as Steve is the target How dumb do they think John is. Now you will have Vanessa all over Steve trying to turn him on Austwins . At the same time spending as much time by Austin to keep him in control

  18. Avatar

    Ugh!!! I wish Austin would grow a pair!! I liked Vanessa in the beginning but now she’s so annoying! I love J Mac and Steve is growing on me. I hope one of them wins Veto (more Johnny than Steve!) so Austin HAS to put up Vanessa. He should just man up and be like “Sorry, I just can’t trust you anymore. It’s a game and it’s a matter of who gets who first”

  19. Avatar

    This has got to he the most boring, jr hi group of BB players yet! And how many times do you need to use the F bomb in each sentence? And have you notice, Meg is starting to talk like the twins?
    Becky was the only one with some backbone. Hope she returns and drops a bomb on Asston. The twins won’t know what to do without him! ???

  20. Avatar

    As much as I dislike Austin and the twins, I realized today that I don’t hate them anywhere NEAR as much as I hated Frankie last season! Remember how we all loved Frankie at first, and then as we saw more and more of the real person, we were all just wanting him OFF our TV’s? I don’t want to look at Austin, the twins are entitled little snots, but at least none of them are trying to be as naked as they can on TV. Frankie was just gross. Austin is… well, I don’t like the hair and the tattoos, but he’s got the important stuff covered up. Thing1 and Thing2 are shallow, but no worse than a lot of “mean girls” out there. Frankie was just a wannabe fame whore. Austin at least has feelings for dipwad Liz.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD In A Nutshell:

    Last night after Asstin won, Tweedle Dum and Dee were telling him that it wasn’t the right time to take out James and Meg….and guess who runs in all wild eyed and crazy….WITH A PLAN?!?!?!…You guessed it! (Oh and did you hear Dirty-Ass-Tin bragging about his win?).

    Anyway, the first thing she wants to know is if Asstin has a deal with JM. Then she starts in on James (how he wasn’t giving up the win easily so there isn’t 100% trust there). Then she ask if he ‘wants her idea, so he won’t get blood on his hands’. She tried to convince him to put up James/Meg with plans to backdoor JM or put up Steve/Meg and backdoor JM or Steve. She said she would volunteer if she knew the vote would be secure but she can’t trust Steve (poor Steve). None of them liked JM’s speech. Crazy Eyes just thinks JM is a BAD player. She says to put up Steve and tell him James is the BD target (to keep Steve calm). She tells Asstin not to worry, she will make sure he has a good reason that Steve will believe. . Asstin then tells her then “we have to put JM and Steve up….Another mission accomplished for her! Asstin says he’s just glad he gets extra TV time 2 weeks in a row . Asstin keeps saying he wants to talk to everybody first. Van is dead set against it and trying really hard to not let him. Then she lies and says Shelli told her that Clay told her that JM/Steve had a final 2 (Ladies and Gentlemen, this is called a “by any means necessary” play…when all else fails LIE!).

    Asstin is gathering his clothes and singing “I Believe I Can Fly”. I’m making up my own song in my head, “Spear Through The Troat”…..to harsh?

    Johnny KNOWS he’s in trouble. It’s written all over his face.

    Asstin went in the BR to talk to Meg/James. He told them that JM is his main “front door target”. They discussed JM’s speech and laughs at him for pulling his hamstring during the comp. James told Asstin that JM told him to vote him out (I don’t remember him saying that but stranger things have happened). Asstin told them that if JM thinks he’s a pawn, maybe he’ll throw the POV thinking that he will take him off the block. He also tells them that worst case scenario, it’s Vanessa out but if Becky comes back she’ll “go there first”. He tells them that Van has already given him 5 million things that “she” wants “him” to do. James ask him “who is her new target this week”. He says JM. He told them she lied to him to get him to put them up. He seemed pissed that she’s trying to take over. He tells them that “she only did that because it guarantees she won’t be up there”. . He said she’s NUTS! . He told Meg/James EVERYTHING that Van said. Asstin think that if JM goes and comes back “he’s the least likely to hold a grudge”….. But he did say that if JM wins the Veto, then it’s Bye Vanessa…(I’ll have to SEE it to BELIEVE IT). Asstin says he hopes Jackie comes back.

    Vanessa was still in the other room working on Julia the Oblivious. Julia wants to backdoor James. Vanessa ask Julia if Asstin trust her. Julia assures her he does. Van said she didn’t want to be a “shape-shifter, like Becky”.. (Where IS my Voo-Doo Doll???). She tells Julia how she thinks of them as her little sisters. Van tells her James HAS to go because if he wins, he’ll get to the Final 4 (this fool doesn’t know WHO she wants out). Now she wants James AND Meg out, in case Jackie comes back there will be 3 of them. . Vanessa says that if Asstin doesn’t get James out this week then she will win next week and take him out because he can’t come back.

    Asstin got a letter from his parents instead of his girlfriend, dammit! His mother sent him a shirt (there is a God!).

    In the HOH Room, Asstin, Tweedle Dum and Dee, Meg and James are talking about Vanessa. Julia tells Meg that Van says Meg never talks game with her. Meg says that’s because she doesn’t want to talk
    game with her. Asstin said it’s because she’s trying to secure herself with everybody and if she had it her way she would secure herself with everyone and everyone else would be in-fighting while keeping her safe, when she’s the most unsafe person in the house. He said he memorizes everything she says because he’s waiting for sh*t and she’s always withholding info until after the fact. They’re bashing Vanessa pretty bad (not bad enough to get her outta there though). Then Meg says “Well obviously if I win next week, you guys are not going up either”(and she even said it with a straight face)…..Meg, of funny Little Meg….Beautiful Dreamer…..Again, Asstin is worried that if Vanessa goes this week then comes back it will be holy hell in the house (These people are driving me NUTZZZZ!). Meg is talking like she thinks she’s ACTUALLY playing the game…imagine that! Meg is pissed that Vanessa tries to run everyone’s HOH. Asstin is pissed because he said instead of her being happy he won, she ran right in and started with plans and ideas and info on people who aren’t there anymore.

    That’s it in a nutshell…..BBAD over.

    PS: I finally figured out who Vanessa reminded me of. Do any of you remember those old black cat wall clocks with the big eyes and tail that went from side to side as it ticked?

    PSS: Does Steve remind anybody else of Josh Groban?

    • Avatar

      Great recap !

      Vanessa reminds me of the agent in the last Bourne movie, that was sent with a team to kill the doctor whi looked after all the ‘Bourne agents’ .

  22. Avatar

    I read Liz blog from her HOH. All the time she telling Julie she doesn’t like Austin like this. Here is what she said in her blog. Her and Austin live after BB17

    while we’re on the subject, ahem ahem, as I’m sure you all have seen, Austin and I have been getting pretty close 🙂 He makes me laugh so much, and in this house you really need that! We love to cook together, work out together, hang together, and the best part about him is that he lets me yell at him and takes it like a champ. 😛

    Although he and I have been having a blast in the BB world together, it’s sad to think about life outside this house because he lives here in L.A. and I’m across the country in MIA. Things are going fantastic with him, thus far, so it will be interesting to see where we will be once we step back into the real world.

    We are both hopeful we’ll make it work, so we’ll see where the journey takes us!

  23. Avatar

    Just saw this on Jokers and thought I’d post it since it was discussed on a previous thread and I was curious about it too. 65% of the people are recruited!! Wow!

    8:21 PM Steve now counting who are super fans. Steve tells that Audrey is a super fan & Austin screams. He starts naming and BB yells “you are not allowed to talk about production”. They keep saying who and BB keep saying it and they figured they are talking to them. -jaguar3
    8:20 PM Steve counts–10 of 17 HGs were recruits. -Dolffie
    8:18 PM Steve discussing who was recruited on their season and who was a superfan. -Dolffie

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, it’s Pot Ball Night and I just can’t…..I’m going to bed. Have a nice night everyone! 🙂

  25. NKogNeeTow

    I couldn’t go to bed without making this 1 final comment….Why does Julia add “ahhh” to everything and everyone’s name…..Jamesss-aahhh…….Steve-aahhh…..Meg-ahhh..

    Shoot me-ahhhh….

  26. Avatar

    Just finding this thread! Late to the party, as usual. But thanks to whoever keeps updates coming. Also, the twins make my ears bleed a little. That is all.

  27. Avatar

    I’m just ready for this season to BE OVER!! I quit watching BB for a couple of years and then came back. Now I wish I’d skipped this year. Of course as usual, I will half a$$ watch the rest of the season just to see how much worse it will get. I certainly won’t pass up an opportunity to do something else if it comes up. In the past some years I have been glued to my tv every time BB came on. This year……I give up. Will watch butddon’t really care who wins at this point. NOBODY HAS A SPINE to do what needs to be done.

    • Avatar

      Hi, franko! Haven’t been on here myself much. Pretty much over BB after this season. I’m not sure if the HG only seem younger every year because I’m getting so much older, or they are just choosing bat crap crazy contestants. LOL

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